The Lost Victim of Ted Bundy

Surviving victim of multiple kidnappings by Ted Bundy comes forward. Law enforcement knew of such a survivor prior to his death. She has been coming forward since 2001 with fragmented memories and severe PTSD – but the memories contain details of the case which are factual and which had never been released publicly.


Reconstructing Sara Is Being Withdrawn From Release To Be Professionally Rewritten

“Reconstructing Sara” will no longer be available in a few days. It is being removed from public sale to have it professionally rewritten and organized with more documentation of my┬átravels, locations and other factors, supporting statements by people who knew me, independent investigation of specific situations, as well as more case information that is critical […]

Severe PTSD in the context of Severe Brain Injury

Severe PTSD and Severe Brain Injury: Makes it Even Harder for a Victim like Myself to Come Forward I have just received my first negative reaction to my book “Sara”. It was criticized as boring and repetitive and is posted on another website and not this one. I’d like to share my feelings/reactions to this […]