Ted Bundy: WA Crime Sites Itemized

This website isn’t as much about me anymore as about justice process in the Bundy case.  Keppel’s original efforts to become the face of the case suppressed important case information that should have been worked [actual evidence] – his suppression of Bundy’s comments about Rule’s book sending it to psychiatrists instead of into evidence and suppression of Bundy’s comments about Michaud’s interview being possibly not all fact [Bundy claimed some was done by Bundy for effect] shows his willingness to protect his buddies behind the scenes and also to lessen any evidentiary probe into possible facts that were included in Bundy’s complaints [its not always just psychology – Bundy claimed Hawkins was found at Tiger Mountain with Ott and Naslund and the records appear to support that]; even the attack on me over the years as to my character was an effort to redirect any investigation away from the facts of my experiences versus what actually happened with Keppel’s control of the case:  a psychological behind the scenes gas lighting of me – no one was evaluating the correlations and facts of my experiences objectively.  Keppel walked the line between “author” and “expert” for decades, “updating” as “new” what was already in evidence years earlier, using the inherent protections of both roles to cover up his original transgressions.  He was empowered to misrepresent the facts of the case and law enforcement officials stayed silent for decades. This type of loophole in current justice system standards needs new laws. 

Keppel knew about finding human remains at Taylor Mountain that included skeletal remains of victims there because he personally told Bundy about it in their private face to face meeting the day before the execution and he mentioned the types of remains found specifically but did not include all of it.  This statement is also supported and documented by the original notes and internal memos of that time period legally released to me.  It is further supported by the DNA testing in 2005. 

Keppel then went out and committed fraud to the public by claiming that “nothing was found” and Bundy was “dumping” evidence out his VW window when in fact over 100 pieces of evidence including clothing and other items were documented and itemized back then at Taylor Mountain alone and in multiple detective notes and search and rescue notes of the time period.  Keppel’s statements to Bundy the day before the execution that he [Keppel] knew skeletal human remains were found is direct proof that he fully intended to commit fraud and lie to the public. He was before the media playing snippets of Bundy’s “confession” within 2 weeks of the execution and was sensationalizing the case for media play nearly immediately after the execution.

Keppel also met with Bundy in prison privately without attorneys present in 1988 to have Bundy help him develop questionnaires that appear to be related to either HITS or VICAP while Bundy had appeals  that impacted his life.  Bundy was a serial killer so I don’t give him sympathy for that but Keppel’s actions in this situation to me,  including suing for Bundy’s notes after the execution and his completely false depiction of the interview in his book “Riverman” is so far outside of what I perceive to be the ethics and laws of the Justice system that it boggles my mind.  Who empowered Keppel and why did so many people who had to have had knowledge of some of this keep silent?

In the original map of the Taylor mountain crime scene, the numbers noted by the blue stream/river are:  43, 57, 58, 80 and what appears to be a second 80 [which is noted as being a bone, possible leg].  Leg bones [tibia and fibulas] were sent to the ME office marked only as “Bundy Bones Taylor Mountain”.  There is also a notation with an “X” of clothing pile.  Skeletal remains of the known victims associated to Taylor Mountain were found there along with the skeleton of an additional girl who was never identified according to records.  It is implied in the records in multiple places that Hawkins was found at the same site as Ott and Naslund although some chain of custody documents seem to be missing.  Skeletal remains found and which could have identified her were sent to the ME in March of 1984 without paperwork and then there is no record of them after that.  Even the ME internal memo states they believed the remains were those of Hawkins.  There is a lot missing in chain of custody. There are multiple scratch offs of information throughout the original records of pertinent information.  There were several obvious correlations between WA and Utah that were never pursued and instead seemingly shut down by Keppel.

Issaquah list:  found in September of 1974.  Much of the evidence was publicly stated as “lost” by King County and the officials settled with the families of Ott and Naslund per newspaper accounts.  However, the skeletal remains were found on site of at least 1-2 additional young women per the search and rescue and multiple reports of that time period. It is very apparent by the street files and public statements made by Keppel over the years that the Bundy kill sites found, and Tiger Mountain evidence, were never cross correlated – nor were they correlated to other states and jurisdictions because the hard evidence was being denied and in memos destroyed by orders.  There is also a question of whether Tiger Mountain, across from Taylor Mountain [across Highway 18 – the crime site] was actually publicly referred to as Issaquah…if true that raises serious questions about crime scene process and protections of evidence.

Document #1:  ESAR finds Issaquah– September 1974 = [120 finds] – KCSO FILES

  1. Bone [found 20’ up search line 1]
  2. Depression [found 120’ up search line 1]
  3. Unknown substance
  4. Shoe [found 15’ up search line 1]
  5. Small bottle [found 40’ up search line 1]
  6. 2 bones [found 120’ up search line 1]
  7. Hair, black mold [found 150’ up search line 2]
  8. Bone [found on search line 4 66’ from search line 1]
  9. Shovel [found 30’ from base search line 2]
  10. Hair [found 162’ from base]
  11. Small bone [found 120’ from base]
  12. Small bone [found 7’ from find #11]
  13. Bone [found 20’ from search line 4 100’ mark]
  14. Lower jawbone [found 120’ from base]
  15. Small bones [dog] [in base]
  16. Loose dirt [found 160’ from beginning of search line 2]
  17. Small bones [found 2/20” from search line 1, and 30’ up from search line 2]
  18. 4 sections vertebrae [found above search line 4 in line with jawbone]
  19. Leg bone [found search line 1 40’ from search line 4]
  20. Leg bone and vertebra [found 30” from search line 4 in line with jawbone]
  21. Black Towncraft belt [found search line 4 100’ down road]

****     Sequence Missing

  1. Mold
  2. Mold
  3. Hair [found 110’ 3” from beginning of search line 2]
  4. Animal dung
  5. Steel wedge [found 66’ from beginning of search line 2]
  6. Small flat bone [found 66’ 11” from beginning of search line 2]
  7. Mold
  8. Mold
  9. Mold
  10. Mold
  11. Plant mold
  12. 16” diagonal patch mold
  13. Mold
  14. Hair [found 27’2” from intersection A]

****     Sequence Missing

  1. Small bone [found 35’ from intersection B]
  2. Spinal column [found 85’ from find#71]
  3. Small portion spine [found 8’ from find #72]
  4. Mold
  5. Hair [found 11’ from intersection A]
  6. Mold
  7. Hair [found 6’ from intersection A]
  8. Hair [found 5’ from intersection A]
  9. Tooth [found 13’ from intersection A]
  10. Hair [found 15’ from intersection A]
  11. Hair [found 17’ from intersection A]
  12. Hair [found 15’ from intersection A]
  13. Hair [found 20’ from intersection B]
  14. Jawbone [found 38’ from intersection B]
  15. Leg bone [found 29′ from intersection B]

****     Sequence Missing

  1. 2 teeth [found at location of find #79]
  2. Ribcage [found 6’ from find #101]
  3. Hair [found 10’ from beginning of search line 1]
  4. Skull without lower jaw [found 18’ from find #101]
  5. Tooth [found 36’ from find #101]

****     Sequence Missing

  1. AA old [found 47’ from beginning of search line 2]
  2. Toenail and small bones [found 56’ from beginning of search line 2]
  3. 2 small bones [found 77’ from intersection B]
  4. Vertebrae [found 47’ from beginning of search line 2]
  5. Decayed flesh [found 36’ from beginning of search line 2]
  6. Comb [found 44’ from beginning of search line 2]
  7. Decayed flesh [found 40’ from beginning of search line 2]
  8. Screwdriver [2nd] [found 24’ from beginning of search line 2]
  9. Book [found 38’ from beginning of search line 2]
  10. Mold
  11. Skin [found 57’ from beginning of search line 2]
  12. Mold
  13. Hair [found 60’ from beginning of search line 2]
  14. Cement
  15. Moldy matter
  16. Dung containing bone [found 113’ from beginning of search line 1]
  17. Hand bone [found 128’ from beginning of search line 1]
  18. Femur                                 [found 12’ from interior of main road and search line 4]
  19. Hair [found 24’ from search line 1]
  20. Tooth [found 38’ from find #317]

****     Sequence Missing

  1. Overturned earth [found 38’ from find #317, which is a femur]
  2. Brown camel hair coat [found on road directly above base going east]
  3. Animal dung with hair [found 87’ from the intersection of B]
  4. Rib bones [found 62’ from intersection of B]
  5. Brownish hair [found 71’ from intersection of B]
  6. Large flat bone [found 75’ from intersection of B]
  7. Women’s underwear  [found 26’ from upper end of the “J” shaped road]
  8. Pantyhose     [found 14’ from upper end of the “J” shaped road]

****     Sequence Missing

  1. Hair [found 25’ from 150’ mark from search line 2]
  2. knife sheath [found 22’from beginning of search line 2]
  3. screwdriver [found 35’ from beginning of search line 2]
  4. hair [found 18’ from 150’ mark from search line 2]
  5. hair [found 20’ from 150’ mark from search line 2]
  6. rib bone [found 13’ from 150’ mark from search line 2]
  7. hair [found 32’ from 150’ mark from search line 2]
  8. hair [found 13’ from 150’ mark from search line 2]
  9. hair [found 43’ from 150’ mark from search line 2]
  10. bone in animal dung [found 47.5’ NW 2 to old road and along it 140’]
  11. sweater and scarf [found 300’ beyond road for find #409]
  12. bone in animal dung [found near main road intersection]

****     Sequence Missing

  1. vertebra [found 21’ from find #502]
  2. plant mold
  3. plant mold
  4. gray hair not plotted
  5. animal dung [found 101’ from search line 1, 200’ mark]
  6. bone hip socket [found 19’ from find #502]
  7. fruit pit not plotted
  8. bone [found 79’ from find #504]
  9. hair in animal dung [found pipeline road above I-90]
  10. broken bones in dung [found pipeline road lower side above I-90]
  11. gold earring [found pipeline road – not plotted]
  12. arm bone [found 87’ from search line 1]
  13. hair curler [found near earring – not plotted]
  14. animal dung [found 81’ from find #504]
  15. large joint bone animal
  16. animal dung [found 19’ from find #513]
  17. green sock [found 48’ from find #517]
  18. bicycle shift cable [found 91’ from search line 4, 250’ mark]
  19. bone in animal dung [found 17’ from search line 4, 400’ mark]
  20. bone [found center of road 160’ north of Base]

The following list is of evidence found at Taylor Mountain and also at Tiger Mountain in March of 1975.   This evidence was denied as existing by officials including Robert Keppel for decades.  There was a massive well organized search by many professionals on site of this area and several agencies were involved.  I have the lists of all personnel who were there.  Keppel publicly denied any of this and according to him, very little was found and no one was on site but he and his partner.  He even made sure to publish a photo of just two cars at the site implying that was all that was involved.

Also found at this area of Bundy kill sites were the skeletal remains of the known missing girls as well as at least one additional skeleton of an unknown young woman.  The ME who examined the evidence stated that “heads were with the bodies” in a detective note in Keppel’s personal notes at that time period the site was found:  Keppel claimed evidence of skeletal remains did not exist.  This finding of skeletal remains is confirmed by findings by search and rescue teams. If you compare the two lists it is obvious that these were well developed sites and not “dumping grounds”. Additionally, any clothing and items that did not match the known missing girls could have been evidence of other not yet identified missing young girls from not only within WA but also other states such as OR and CA.

It is already proven that Bundy took victims from OR to kill in WA.  That’s out of state transport of a victim.  It is a travesty of justice that the forensic methodical working of these cases and the cases of Bundy as a whole were never protected from media release to ensure that the sanctity of the evidence and the preservation of the evidence was protected.  Bundy wasn’t the first serial killer the FBI and other officials had worked with:  there were others.  DNA was in its infancy and they were fully aware of its development just as they were aware of the true findings of the two sites in WA.  Just as they were aware that Bundy had been working with the Crime Commission, the Justice and Planning division on a recidivism project, and for the Republican party in the Secretary of State’s office and that he was known to high ranking Republican officials.  Just as they were aware there was critical evidence in Utah that should have been cross correlated to WA State.  Just as they were aware that Bundy wasn’t mysterious and they had work records on him and other documentation.  There were questions being raised about him as a suspect [naming him specifically] before the end of 1974 per the records.  For Bundy to be marketed over the years, as mysterious and so elusive, and never working [officials stated publicly Bundy’s work records were sparse and Keppel even refused to help other states and jurisdictions working their investigations by stating to them Bundy’s work history was sparse when he and McChesney had both been put in charge of it per internal communications], and for officials then failing to integrate and correlate the evidence raises serious questions of ethics and violations of crime scene investigation and victim laws.  They failed to do their jobs as law enforcement officials.  They failed the public in my opinion. They failed me as a survivor of that time period severely traumatized and with documentation to prove that statement.  They knew there was a survivor all along and they threw me under the bus to silence me: tampering with a witness and victim and intimidating a witness and victim should be crimes.

  1. bone fragments
  2. little piece white moldy stuff
  3. plant mold
  4. hair [found at 55’ in 1000/1000]
  5. blond hair [found at 60’ in 1000/1000]
  6. piece of bone
  7. piece of bone
  8. bones
  9. nylon cord [found 56’ 1000/1000]
  10. clothing [find is not noted as to type or location]
  11. bone (animal)
  12. animal dung
  13. clothing [find is not noted as to type or location]
  14. some large bones [find is not noted as to type or location]
  15. ladies blouse, bright yellow print [find is not noted as to location – Rancourt was noted as wearing a yellow short sleeve sweater at the time of her disappearance – summer sweaters, short sleeved, can be mistakenly called blouse]
  16. flesh [find is not noted as to type or location]
  17. bone [1’ long] [find is not noted as to location]
  18. bone
  19. hair (black) animal
  20. jawbone (animal)
  21. bone
  22. skull [found at 13’ A]
  23. bones and animal remains
  24. part of yellow coat, white sweater [Rancourt was wearing a yellow coat at time of disappearance – it is noted in her missing persons report]
  25. chemical bottles [Bundy showed Liz a date rape drug he’d made in Utah]
  26. bones
  27. thermos bottle [found near a victim skull – could have been used for imbibing]
  28. bones, arm rib [find is not noted as to location]
  29. T-shirt/blue cloth, blue sock [could have been tested for DNA if protected and preserved]
  30. blue jean material [several girls missing were in jeans – on map near #55, a tennis shoe]
  31. bone
  32. bone [found at 130’ in 1000/1000]
  33. bone [found at 130’ in 1000/1000]
  34. part of skull [found 6’ from #22]
  35. 10-12” bone [found 31’ D]
  36. bone fragments [location not noted but found by CAP – Civil Air Patrol]
  37. jawbone [found 36’D] by CAP (Civil Air Patrol)
  38. bone fragment
  39. scapula [found 46’ D] by CAP (Civil Air Patrol)
  40. bone 1” long/1”wide
  41. fragment bone – fresh?
  42. bone fragment 4” long [found 145’ D]
  43. jacket (purple) Keppel find [found 30’ from base truck on list – on map near creek and #57]
  44. hair short blond
  45. clothing [what kind of clothing – in one notation bras were found – why weren’t they protected and tested?]
  46. bone 4.5” long [found 71’ line 50 – No to A]
  47. clothing [location not noted/CAP – again what kind and description?]
  48. rodent hair in dung
  49. bone animal? [found 75’ D – CAP] CAP = Civil Air Patrol
  50. blue scarf/red oilcloth [was the oilcloth from the type of a backpack]
  51. chewed bone 10” [found 75’ line 50]
  52. bone animal? CAP
  53. flesh decayed area [location not noted]
  54. shoulder blade CAP
  55. tennis shoe, black or dark blue [Bundy wore white tennis shoes abducting Ott and Naslund – were these men’s or women’s and why weren’t they tested and preserved]
  56. 2 vertebrae [location not noted]
  57. clothing [location and type not noted]
  58. green coat [location not noted in list but on map near creek and find #43, #57]
  59. wedding invite
  60. leaf mold area
  61. red cloth [location not noted]
  62. receipt shell casing 30/30 [location not noted]
  63. jawbone [CAP – found at 33’ E]
  64. jawbone [CAP found 2’ from find #63 in E]
  65. hair 2 clumps [CAP – found 3’ from find #63 in E]
  66. skull fragment [found 38’in E]
  67. tooth [found 15’ in E]
  68. lean-to shelter, plastic line tarp, soup can [found together in 136’ F]
  69. animal vertebra [found 199’ in F]
  70. animal jawbone [found 60’ fence in F]
  71. animal vertebrae [2] [found 70’ fence in F]
  72. light brown hair                 [found 21’ in E]
  73. light brown hair [found 19’ in E]
  74. light brown hair [found 23’ in E]
  75. hair divided in 2 segments [found 28’ in E]
  76. hair light brown [found 26’ in E]
  77. rubber fragments – orn – balloon? [found 88’ in E]
  78. silver jewelry clasp [found 52’ in E]
  79. shotgun shell [found 195’ in G]
  80. bone (leg? 10”) [found CAP 126’ in E]
  81. bones and hair (dung) [found 48’ in G]
  82. hair (dark brown 3” x 8”) [found 57’ in G]
  83. human hair [found by CAP at 76’ in G]
  84. 5 x 0.5” bone                                 [found by CAP at 76’ in G]
  85. shotgun shell [found at 143’ in H]
  86. hair light color [found by CAP at 60’ in G]
  87. bone fragment [found at 55’ in J]
  88. bullet, 22, slug only [found at 88’ in G]
  89. bone small [found at 62’ in H]
  90. shotgun shell [found at 51’ in J
  91. many bone fragments [found by CAP at 74’ in G]
  92. bones (animal?)
  93. bone fragment [found at 65’ in J]
  94. hair in dung [found by search dogs no location noted]
  95. bone fragment [found at 12’ in H]
  96. bone 8” x 1” [found by CAP at 74’ in G]
  97. blond hair [found by CAP at 72’ in G]
  98. black pen [found at 145’ in H]
  99. bone fragment [location not noted]
  100. hair blond                                 [found by CAP at 74’ in G]
  101. bone fragments [found at 142’ in I]
  102. bullet slug [found at 157’ in I]
  103. bolt, nut and washer [found at 275’ in F]
  104. jaw fragment [found at 36’ in J]
  105. 22 slug [no location noted]
  106. cork, shoe material [found at 165’ in J]  Hawkins was wearing clogs – were they cork material?
  107. hair blond [found by CAP at 74’ in G]
  108. bone fragment [found at 212’ in F]
  109. hair in dung [found by search dogs, location not noted]
  110. bone, small [found at 111’ in H]
  111. skull [found at 48’ in 1000/1000]
  112. jawbone with teeth [found at 88’ in 1000/1000]
  113. jawbone [found at 70’ in 1000/1000]
  114. skull [found at 114’ in 1000/1000]
  115. brown hair [found at 114’ in 1000/1000]
  116. blond hair [found by CAP at 146’ in G]
  117. not identified [found by search dogs – no location given]
  118. bone fragment [found at 56’ in I]
  119. 38 and 22 hollow bullets [found at 124’ in I]
  120. 22 bullet [found at 115’ in I]
  121. jar
  122. bone [found at 57’ in H]
  123. (2) 38 cal casings sp. [found at 57’ in H]
  124. woman’s underwear [found by dogs at 156’ from Int. of A and B]
  125. empty potato chip box [not noted as to location]
  126. plastic baggie [not noted as to location]
  127. bone fragment in dung [found by dogs not noted as to location]
  128. possible grave [found at 56’ in F- very important as similar find to Issaquah]
  129. rubberlike material [no location given]
  130. plastic snug tie Keppel [found 16’ from find #124  Int. of A and B – could be evidence of bondage of the captive girls]
  131. 22 slug [found at 79’ in I]
  132. 22 slug [found at 57’ in H]
  133. 3 slugs 22 caliber [found at 146’ in I]
  134. small bone [found at 173’ in J]
  135. shotgun shell [found at 108’ in I]
  136. 4 beer caps, sandwich wrapper [no location noted]
  137. fur, skin
  138. bone fragment [found at 123’ in H]
  139. screwdriver Keppel [found 177’ inter. A & B – a screwdriver was also found at Issaquah]
  140. bone and fragment [location not noted]
  141. bones, rib, teeth [location not noted]
  142. explosive device [location not noted]
  143. bone in animal dung [found at 53’ in K]
  144. bone 10” long [found by search dogs]
  145. bones [found by search dogs]
  146. blue suitcase [no location noted]
  147. sweater [location not noted]
  148. no item listed [find noted at 78’ in K]
  149. bone 0.5 x 6” [found by CAP at 104’ L]
  150. bones [found by search dogs, no location given]
  151. bone [found 54’ in M]
  152. small bones in dung [found by CAP at 9’ in L]
  153. 4 small bones [found 170’ inter. A & B]
  154. part of a tooth [found 155’ in M]
  155. bone chips [location not given]
  156. toenail in dung? [found by CAP at 66’ in L]
  157. bones [no location given]
  158. small bones [found by a detective on scene, location not noted]

Internal memos show that evidence was ordered destroyed in 1981, 1999 and in 2011 to 2012 evidence was moved into an area of records away from normal routes and access by the public. The cases were shut down by the FBI in 1992 with a statement “we’ll never know” in their report when cases remained unsolved and again by the AG Office of WA in 2011 with a statement of only DNA would be considered, even while the records of tampering with evidence, and destruction of evidence were being moved into the usually never accessed area possibly for destruction before they were released to me. I was coming forward from at least as early as 2000 that I can document trying to testify [though with broken and shattered memories and severe PTSD so had trouble expressing myself].  The movement into the Archives of material and the DNA testing of remains that had been there all along was started in 2005, four years after I continued to persist in challenging the public story.  The 2011 directive of using only DNA was put forward at the very time I had gone to the FBI regional in Seattle with a complaint against Keppel and the AG Office of being blocked from the Justice System and I was directed to go there by the Department of Justice. Shortly after I filed my complaint the 2011 directive of only using DNA and that they “found” DNA of Bundy was released.   I was threatened by Keppel, blocked from the justice system, defamed, discredited, publicly ridiculed and dismissed.  No one is above the law in America?  I take issue with that positioning.  A few weeks ago I swore I was done and I took everything down and for awhile it felt good to let it go.  But I can’t do it.  It isn’t my fight alone.  There were victims thrown away by the conduct of the officials back then, there were laws broken and bent by people who should have known better [noble cause corruption] and the marketing of a killer as mysterious and a cultural source of interest above and beyond the actual working of case forensics is something I just can’t accept as a survivor.  It cost me a normal life – the ability to be heard and heal.  And the girls potentially lost forever by the mishandling of evidence?  It cost them everything.

Bundy held me captive for over four years through a visceral fear created by the initial stalking and violent rape that nearly killed me: not only of being physically hurt or killed but also that people I loved, my brother especially could be framed and hurt .  I knew Bundy was connected to law enforcement. I knew he worked at a very high level with the Governor and with the Secretary of State.  He told me.  He knew where I went and he knew I was at the Governor office and Secretary of State office when I had never told him about it.  It was the weapon to silence me when he stalked me continually and raped me so violently in high school and continued to make contact and abduct me randomly.  He didn’t “pick me up” and it wasn’t “consensual”. His own words stated that “he was releasing” a repeat victim.  His own words apparently were that he had a “terrible secret”.  That secret was the control and abuse of a young vulnerable girl – me.   The justice system in general and people in this case specifically have all been extremely discriminatory towards me without even evaluating the context of all the evidence.  I don’t even know how to convey what I feel sometimes.  It’s been overwhelming.

I was manipulated by fear into silence by Bundy and for a short time in the fall of 1973 I did acquiesce for a bit but I can’t honestly remember much of the intimate details – I do remember the fear and there are many black holes in memory during those times.   I was trying to gain control over a situation I did not want and I was trying to move away from it without being hurt as a consequence.  My actions were naive and they did not help my situation but they were never done because it was what I wanted.  I wanted a relationship with someone else.  I wanted to be a normal high school and college girl.  I wanted him to go away.

By January of 1974 I was living in terror of him and being increasingly hurt in the abductions as well as not being able to remember full details of what had happened.  The blame game on me has got to stop and I want a public apology for all the defamation that has occurred.  Something has been lost in all of this that needs recognition:  I was just a young girl of 16 when it started; he was 8 years older and already in my opinion killing; I had a right to date who I wanted to date and to choose who and when and how to have a relationship.  That right was stolen from me by Bundy when he took control of me through violence and fear and it was stolen from me by the justice system, Keppel, Rule, Michaud and all the others who participated in silencing me and believing apparently everything Keppel and Bundy and John Henry Browne concocted as Bundy’s attorney who I believe now was holding somehow rights to Bundy’s story [based on Browne’s office manipulation of me to obtain records], including McChesney and Hagmaier in positions with the FBI putting forward as “fact” false premises such as his work history was “sparse” and he was “mysterious”.

I reached out to Browne’s office for help as an attorney twice and his office requested the information and records I had at the time and I sent them the information and then they told me they couldn’t represent me because they “represent” Ted Bundy.  After they had the information.  Isn’t that disclosure supposed to happen BEFORE confidential information is sent?  I still have the email exchanges to prove this statement.  It was yet another betrayal by a group of people who were all reinforcing the same information and lies about the case.  I was being blocked and manipulated everywhere I turned for help.

For so many years Keppel used the same tactics on me that Bundy had done of weaponizing his insider position and power within the justice system as the Bundy “expert” and “spokesperson” to terrorize me, taunt me and defame me both publicly and behind my back.  He shadowed me everywhere for awhile just like Bundy had done; he lied about me just as Bundy had done; and he manipulated the truth and the evidence just as Bundy had done.

His buddy book authors and law enforcement colleagues participated in that practice.  I lost my home because I was afraid Keppel would put a hit on me as his shadowing and defamation of me were so intense even taking it to a public level in his books and tv programs along with Rule also doing that and Michaud participating in some of the books and tv programs.  They didn’t name me directly but I knew who it was and so did others who knew me.

I lived in fear all the time during those years.  Fear of the memories, fear of the retaliation against me for whatever reason by law enforcement who were supposed to be there to help victims and were not and fear of the public ridicule which I ended up enduring anyway though not specifically named.  It was emotionally devastating.

Sometimes I still do have worries.  I worry about the corruption and the power the justice system insiders have over this case, the buddy system of justice that seems to exist in general, and their continued silence and power over me.  But it’s only worry and not fear now.  My understanding of what happened to me over the years has become clearer as I’ve assembled all the pieces of memory with the evidence.  I used to protect the records thinking they were my only protection for the truth.  But I have disseminated them now and many people have them.  The realization that others have the information is like a blanket of comfort.  This website is now my voice.  Not everyone may hear it or even know it exists.  It doesn’t matter.  Truth is a powerful ally and it’s on my side.  It’s also on the girls’ side we never knew of and who never came home.