Who Is Sara? Sara -Early Victim of Ted Bundy Challenges Officials on Public Story – Records show tampering with evidence and a cover up of those years….

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This  blog post and site is not about personal publicity.  I’ve been coming forward now for nearly two decades and initially never had any intention of going public.  People need to know that officials have been lying for years about this case and hiding critical evidence which is essentially obstruction of justice as cases were and still are, open and not solved.  They continue to perpetrate those lies through their “documentaries” and other spins on the cases and what happened but the actual case records dispute them.  Lying to the public I’ve learned this week is not a crime in and of itself – but in the Bundy cases, it is more than that…evidence was tampered with….moved into a sealed area to prevent its disclosure….critical evidence such as skeletal remains were thrown away per internal memos....including the remains of at least 3 unidentified victims per the original records and the officials knew all along that human skeletal remains were found at both Taylor Mountain and at Issaquah, critically important to the Bundy cases and something that has been categorically denied by WA State for decades.  Officials also lied about Bundy’s close working relationship with top officials which in itself does not impact his crimes unless you consider whether or not they covered up this evidence to hide the fact that he was considered a colleague among them …. Bundy was working with the FBI, the DOJ, the Attorney General Office, the Republican Party and a powerful political action group in the Seattle area called CHECC.  Were they interfering with the investigation to protect a colleague?  You have only to look at the actual original tape recordings to know that Bundy was talked to not as a criminal but as an “insider” and valued colleague – no matter what  the public story about these conversations is, the actual tapes and files refute that story.

You have only to look at the history of the statements by officials and what has been published in books and TV programs and newspapers over the years – it’s focus on Bundy and what he didn’t or did say but never anything about their investigations and ongoing forensics [DNA was being used in the courts before Bundy was executed] – and compare those statements against the actual records to see just how extensive and how purposeful those lies were orchestrated.  It should be a crime that has no statute of limitations in my opinion. Those girls they threw callously away are forever lost.  As are the critical pieces of evidence that they failed to work in a timely manner and which they did not protect – instead publicly misrepresenting elements of the case such as Taylor Mountain evidence.  Bundy was a serial killer not unlike other serial killers….they muddied the waters and treated him like he was a cultural icon.   They personally profited from it.

Documents released to me in 2014 and 2015 after years of coming forward were scanned from files hidden in a sealed area and they show that officials threw away evidence, ordered evidence destroyed and essentially lost, destroyed and otherwise tampered with critical evidence from Bundy crime scenes including the remains of three girls found at Taylor Mountain and Issaquah sites whose skeletons did NOT match those of the missing girls found at each location.  Remains found on site at Taylor Mountain [not the three girls at Issaquah found there, it appears those remains were “lost” for years ] were identified on site in 1975 and assigned evidence numbers, per original records, and then the remains were sent in March of 1984, the same time the AG Office took over the Green River investigation coincidentally, to the ME where they sat until 2005 when they were sent to TX and determined by DNA to be indeed the girls found originally on Taylor Mountain.  These remains are noted in multiple places in the detective notes and search and rescue notes of that original search period and cannot be disputed – the records do not support and never have the so called public statement of decapitation nor the public statement that nothing of significance was found on Taylor Mountain but a few skulls and pieces of jawbone – there was so much more.

Why am I posting this?  Because I’ve tried to get an attorney but no one has the time to go through these records and when I did get an attorney who would try to help that person was interfered with by those very authorities connected to this case.  The very people who continue to be the media faces of the case.  They interfered with directly or indirectly over 50 attempts I made and I can document that statement.

I’ve also been threatened behind the scenes, stalked to places where I should have felt safe such as victim counseling organizations [my records were falsely removed from there and mysteriously “disappeared”], I was shadowed and defamed behind the scenes and blocked by one person over and over when I attempted to gain access to the justice system to get an investigation done.  To this day, the officials in WA State refuse to give me a legitimate investigation, refusing to answer my multiple requests at investigations of those who hid evidence back then, refusing to correct the false stories being put out to the press. And I have their refusal in writing.  To me that’s obstruction of justice and abuse of power – it’s bullying with a badge.  All I wanted for nearly 20 years was an investigation and a case number because at least a few cases of Bundy were directly connected to his stalking of me during that time – I was blocked from accessing the justice system by at least one person discrediting me behind the scenes and by coming in to  attorneys I would contact and defaming me.  That same person and Ann Rule also defamed me in the media and blocked my attempts to get that defamation corrected.  These actions are a huge over stepping of boundaries.  In the case of the lies put before the public they were published in the book Riverman and done under color of law while still employed and while cases were still open.    I cannot understand how this was empowered and allowed and sanctioned unless other authorities were complicit.

I want accountability….I want justice for those girls that the officials essentially threw away by “losing” evidence, denying evidence and not working the cases thoroughly.  I want the public to hold them accountable for their responsibilities to the public and to the institutions they serve in principle, duty and ethics – because in the end that impacts all of us, regardless of whether Ted Bundy was executed.  The Attorney General Office of WA State and the FBI are not agencies which are above the law: they are funded by, and serve, the people. This fight with them has transformed over the past 20 years from a fight to be heard as a critical survivor and witness to a purpose to hold them accountable for a deep betrayal of public trust and to the girls who didn’t survive and the families who had believed in these officials to do the right thing only to be betrayed by their actions.

It took me three years to go through these records.  They were not released to me organized by any means.  There were pieces embedded into other pieces in random order much like my own memories were scattered and shattered.   But I saved all the paper trail, I saved all the files as they were originally released and I made sure to preserve the records that I did receive as they may be the only thing that is left to be the voice of the victims those officials left behind.

The records in WA State show serious issues in evidence tampering; lies to the public perpetrated by several high ranking officials; movement of evidence forward to Superior Court direct from the crime scene of Taylor Mountain rather than to evidence rooms and local police jurisdictions; movement to and from evidence rooms later where sign in and sign off were not implemented or did not line up; detective notes that were retrofit or back dated by several months; critical evidence that was taken into custody by several detectives some of which were later to develop careers with the FBI and lies by the FBI itself to the public that it wasn’t involved with Bundy until 1977:  it was – working with him directly on a project with a division of the DOJ in WA State in 1973 and the FBI was present in Utah BEFORE Bundy was transferred to Colorado by a judge who per the records was pressured into doing that.   The FBI was also behind the scenes in Florida helping facilitate Bundy reaching out to a judge in Tacoma and to the task force for the Green River killer case.

It begs the question of all these people involved – why?  Just look to the same old faces that are consistently profiting from the story in the media about this case and repeating the same old narrative.  At some point, I hope someone in a position to bring it out publicly calls them on it as to me they have committed the most atrocious of crimes as a group and they’ve gotten away with it.  I’ve tried over the years to call attention to it by going through proper channels only to be silenced and told [and I have this in writing] that they don’t plan to investigate it or don’t have the time.  I guess corruption within the ranks isn’t worth their time.

The FBI and the DOJ branches are not above the laws they represent.  It is not their right to withhold evidence that is crucial in solving the cases of missing and murdered girls and it is not their right to interfere in the justice process but in this case that is what they’ve done though they would have the public believe they are ethical and worked hard to solve it.  The truth is anything but that.  They worked hard to conceal the cases and to bring it to the media for sensationalism, glorifying Bundy and their own roles in the process – never once considering the protection of the evidence or their duties to the public.

In the radius around King County alone, in 3 counties, 58 young girls were missing – that doesn’t even count at least 5 girls at Taylor Mountain and Issaquah whose remains were carelessly lost or destroyed per the records by the authorities. I say at least because outside of skeletal remains found and “lost” there were multiple items of clothing, food items, bondage, weapons and other things that suggested the two sites were active killing grounds and animal activity had been present in both scenes.  The evidence was never protected nor preserved and the only testament to that statement is the records that were released to me by someone behind the scenes who authorized their release – those records stand as the “voice” of the victims of Ted Bundy who did not live.  Who did not survive his cruelty nor the callous disregard of the officials who betrayed them. Other cases as old as Bundy’s have been preserved and solved using the new forensic tools developed over the years and DNA was in its infancy before Bundy was executed so they knew that solving these cases was possible yet they shut them down.  That’s irresponsible conduct at best and highly questionable with respect to the law and their roles in the justice system.  If I seem harsh I have a reason to feel that way:  I lived through that time period as a victim; I knew someone he killed as a friend; and I’ve seen and studied these records for several years and I know for fact what they have been putting forward in many instances is nothing short of deliberate lies.

Truth has a way of finding its own route, much like water flows its natural course. I think that given the present time, and the political environment of today, and even public attitudes now, that accountability and transparency are critical to our justice system and in this case, so far, they have done nothing to correct the injustices or lies which have been put forward.  Mistakes can happen in any given situation in a real time series of crimes that are fast -paced…that’s understandable…..but purposeful and willful withholding of evidence and misrepresenting evidence to the public for decades is a different story.

                  All truth passes through 3 stages:

                   First it is ridiculed.

                   Second it is violently opposed.

                   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

Alfred Shopenhauer