Who Is Sara? Early Victim of Ted Bundy Fights For The Truth

Photos:  Age 16 Tacoma when stalking started; Age 17 1971 fall high school where I cut my hair after the rape; 1973 late summer before nursing school started, modeling photo, living at sorority annex;  Ludlow Kramer ofc high school 1972 where Bundy worked at the time or at least was active there behind the scenes [I was also at Gov Dan Evans office]; Seattle [not Seafair] summer 1972 age 17 [I was in newspapers and TV through pageant and modeling frequently since before I moved to Tacoma and this is how he followed me initially].  Age 12 y/o.  I lived in proximity to his parents in Tacoma and to him at University of WA. There are over 50 points of correlation.

I have posted everything I can think of that happened to me years ago that may help those investigating this now. I’d like to thank them for their time and for the commitment to investigate it. Ted Bundy left a living victim: I was that victim. I have been finally able to articulate what happened to me that I can remember because I finally started to heal but that process took most of my adult life. It was not consensual as claimed by Robert Keppel who worked this case for his own ego and benefit for decades. I believe he pushed that scenario because he believed everything Bundy said in order to push his own desire to be “super cop” and so that no other person or law enforcement individual would ever work the real unaltered records and discover the case manipulation he’d done or the true activity of Ted Bundy who was killing long before 1974.

Shame on whoever accepted Keppel’s fraudulent assessment of the case at face value and never questioned it. What Keppel was pushing never made sense: never matched the case files. The case records I reviewed show multiple areas of altered records, denied facts, and questionable behavior and statements by Keppel. It needs to be repositioned to the truth and what the records support – those case files that are left and weren’t destroyed. That is up to others. I’ve fought for decades to be heard and now I feel I have been heard. My memories time and date stamped matched records which had never been made public and in some instances were referred to internally as sealed. In addition, I line up to the case in so many ways back then it is like DNA – it can’t be denied.

Keppel blocked my access to the justice system and so did Ann Rule by not helping me get the law enforcement help and review I’d been asking for and Keppel especially by defaming me and putting forward false information about the case to discredit me – telling the police not to even talk to me. I personally feel those two should have been charged with obstruction of justice for a victim trying to come forward and I hope policies in WA State are reviewed and changed as a result of this investigation into what happened to me. It is incumbent on police agencies to investigate objectively aspects of cases and not refer victims away from them to “book authors” as what happened to me with being shut out of the justice system and only allowed to talk to specific people outside of law enforcement and the justice system [Rule, Keppel and in one instance Michaud and others] – all who had vested interests in their own opinions and views being represented as they had income stream from those views. All who weighted Keppel’s versions as fact when in reality his perspective did not reflect the actual case files accurately. People put more stock in what Bundy said and Keppel put forward behind the scenes than what the evidence showed and the fact law enforcement knew someone had survived – it was documented by the FBI back in 1992 there was a survivor. They sensationalized Bundy in media and threw me under the bus. I fought to be heard for decades. Now I hope that is what is happening and I would like to believe that my concerns and experiences are taken seriously – I believe this time they are.

Thank you to all those who listened. It has helped me through the final stages of healing although I doubt you ever really heal from severe trauma; but I have grown more settled with all that happened and am more at peace and I am grateful for that. I just hope that something positive results from my struggles to come forward especially for victims needing to access the justice system to verify memories due to head trauma and for restructuring cases like these high profile cases where one cop should NEVER get control of the case and its interpretation and serial cases should never be closed such as what happened to Bundy’s cases where everyone just gave up with “we’ll never know” and wrote me off as the surviving victim. I hope it never happens again to a surviving victim. – Sara

                  All truth passes through 3 stages:

                   First it is ridiculed.

                   Second it is violently opposed.

                   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

Alfred Shopenhauer