Who Is Sara? Early Victim of Ted Bundy Fights For The Truth Against the Fraud Committed Originally By the FBI and WA State in the WA State sites of Taylor/Tiger MTN and Issaquah

website-high-school-photo1 resized  Sara 1973 Sara at Ludlow Kramer Office 1972

Above:  Sara, aged 17, Tacoma; Sara, aged 18, University of WA, Sara at Ludlow Kramer ofc, Secretary of State WA in 1972 where Bundy worked

A few points before the discussion:  First and foremost:  I am noted in the FBI records and in the 1992 FBI report  – there WAS a survivor of multiple abductions – they have silenced me and covered it up due to the fraud put before the public of nothing found on Taylor Mountain and the fact that the FBI was involved in the cases as early as 1974 and NOT 1977 like they claim.  I say fraud because it was willful intent:  those records were not “lost” like they claim now.  They existed back then and further, the intent of Keppel in the days immediately following the execution was a deliberate misrepresentation of fact to the press.  He knew what was found on Taylor Mountain as he was there and so did the FBI.  It was public deception.

1] the records [original street files such as actual detective notes, autopsy reports, search and rescue documents and so forth] prove that the story put before the public about Bundy originally and for decades afterwards was contrived and false and authorities knew it and purposefully orchestrated the lies ; 2] there was always evidence that a survivor existed in these original documents and when I first started coming forward it wasn’t denial of a survivor but rather it was a redirect and challenge to me of my experiences on purpose  [the abductions were “consenusal”, you were in a “relationship” which I was not; “you have some explaining to do” and “you just want publicity” which I did not for years].  The FBI report of 1992 specifically states Bundy had talked of a survivor who he had kidnapped, drugged, assaulted and released in a compromised state and so did the discussion behind the scenes after his execution talk of a survivor.   These were law enforcement officials who gave Bundy special considerations behind the scene and blamed me, a surviving victim, for my own trauma related to kidnapping.  Victim blaming to the extreme.

Their push back at me as being “consensual” was a direct contradiction to actual evidence in their own files which showed Bundy was drugging and imbibing his victims per autopsy reports and Bundy’s own indirect statements about such activity – challenging my memory problems was a way of attacking me as a vulnerable victim.  If there was never a survivor as they claim now publicly [“no one believes her”  “she just wants publicity” “there was never a survivor”] then why the immediate redirect of my experiences to “consensual” and when that didn’t work the other attempts to discredit me were put in place [I can prove each and every statement I just made]- it was all done to prevent me from being recognized primarily orchestrated by Robert Keppel who records show was responsible for many of these public lies [such as his decades-long statements that nothing was found on Taylor Mountain]; Keppel has been guilty of bullying me into silence as has Ann Rule, Stephen Michaud [in a program he did with Keppel on TV and in a book which he and Keppel later revised and edited out but point is these people all defamed me publicly], and a few others I could name here 3] there are over 50 points of actual alignment and correlation in my case; 4] there has never been a program or public discussion of the actual records -not suppositions of Bundy movements and evidence or what Bundy says or doesn’t say [something officials and book authors always focus on more so than any other serial killer before or since] but actual records and documents in a public program about Bundy correlating the forensics [the true forensics and facts-not only within WA kill sites but also to other states – they never did it – recent attempts at it have skirted critical evidence and is only used to support pre-existing misinformation] nor have the original unaltered audiotapes of his supposed confession and discussions with officials behind the scenes been played – only Robert Keppel’s version of events which was altered from the originals and carefully edited to direct the storyline  away from the truth.  The original audiotapes show many areas of concern:  officials talking to Bundy like he was a colleague even sharing information with him that he hadn’t asked for;  officials sharing information about another suspect with him violating that person’s privacy rights and to me misconduct; officials talking about other officials in disparaging ways with Bundy and about things Bundy had no right to know.

Keppel’s book Riverman as originally released was a fraud and his comments publicly over the years were patently false to the records and that can be proven by the facts in the case files.  These files that were released to me were in an area of the state of Washington archives not reserved for the public and in my opinion had been moved over there for destruction.  Someone behind the scenes ordered them released to me.   I still have a paper trail of all communications that I’ve saved over the years.   I simply get blocked from getting this out to the public.  I don’t have the financial means to hire an attorney outright and my attempts at finding one through victims rights were also blocked for many years when I did attempt to come forward and try to set the record straight and get justice for all the victims that were potentially thrown away by the way the critical evidence had been mishandled.

This website is an attempt to fight back.  I worry about it now as I heard the officials behind the scenes were trying to go back and “rebuild” the case by supplementing DNA investigations that were never done originally.  The ultimate cover up-and again, since when is what a killer says or doesn’t say more important than the actual forensic evidence?  5]  Much was made of FBI and Keppel and book authors of the “ruse” used by Bundy to lure victims yet nearly all serial killers use a ruse of some sort and/or a combination of that and stalking.  The Hanson killings in Alaska near the same time as Bundy used a ruse [photograph the girls]; the Green River Killer used a ruse [photo of son to make the girls feel safe]; the Hillside Stranglers used a ruse [pretending to be police officers] and so on.  Much was made of Bundy preselecting kill sites as though somehow he was so unique and that preselection is a hallmark of a serial killer – they plan for their killing so they don’t get caught.  It just seems like authorities were desperate to make Bundy seem so unique and different when the reality is he was no different than most serial killers.  He wasn’t mysterious – he was identified to them early on [records show he was identified by name and location by the end of 1974 and that FBI was involved with the cases at that time]- and his crime scenes were not sterile – there were many items of evidence – over 300 in WA state alone including the skeletal remains of his victims which again Keppel denied over the years claiming only heads were found.  It’s such a failure of an investigation.  They focused on the profiling and psychology but how do you understand a killer unless you understand and work the actual evidence?  How do you profile when all you analyze and rely on is what the perpetrator/killer says?   It’s so focused on their roles instead of on case forensics and the victims.  They still glorify him in documentaries by focusing on what he says or how mysterious he was- again never an in-depth analysis of the hard evidence and forensics.  Then in 2020 they claimed in a documentary that “lost” files were found.  The files were never lost – the records prove that the files were ordered sealed with a note for 75 years.  That forensic analysis and protecting and preserving evidence was their job and they failed to do it.  They ordered evidence destroyed in 1981, 1999 and 2010 to 2011 moved to an area where it could not be accessed or worked and that too is in the actual records in their internal emails and memos.

I published a book about my experiences before I was ready to do so – a knee jerk reaction to the extreme stress I felt of being stalked, bullied, discredited and vilified by Robert Keppel, Ann Rule, the FBI, the local officials and by members of the public who believed the lies being put forward.  I was traumatized by what was happening and I wanted the book to be my testimony even though my memories were still very broken and shattered and even though I had not yet gained the confidence to find my own voice — even though I had not yet realized what the records released to me actually showed.  I was at the time trying to prove what had happened to me. Broken and shattered memories such as I had and still have in some areas are a hallmark of severe trauma – both psychological as well as symptomatic of moderate to severe head injury.

I lined up to the case in every way – from locations, to characteristics, to shattered memories and evidence of personal and physical trauma.   My detailed statements matched records never publicly released – those details contradict Keppel’s public accounting of those years in the original edition of “Riverman” and his public statements over the years. They knew of a survivor – They looked away from Bundy back then even when he had been identified to them directly by the end of 1974, they hid the incriminating evidence, denied it, and destroyed it to protect Bundy who was a colleague…orders to destroy evidence were made in internal memos in 1981, 1999 and it was also stated that evidence was to be moved into a sealed area for 75 years – that’s a generation – that’s hiding evidence in a serial case that should have been actively worked as not all missing girls’ cases were closed at the time and not all Bundy victims were known. 

I was threatening to them, especially Keppel, as his lies would be exposed.  What isn’t as clear is how involved Keppel was in orchestrating the whole thing [did he act with the AG office knowledge of the misrepresentations] and for what purpose and why the AG Office and FBI either participated in it, condoned it, assisted the actions, or were unaware of just how much evidence was being interfered with and how many  laws were being broken in the investigation and the overall justice process.  Nothing about the Bundy cases is within the boundaries of normal investigative process and judicial process if you really look at all that was with-held and  hidden.  The so called documentaries should have been pulled from media years ago as many are fraudulent in what they present as “fact”.

Just because a person wears a badge does not automatically convey ethics, morals and actions that are in keeping with the enormous responsibility that person bears with a badge.  My statements are not directed on this site against everyone in FBI or in AG Office or police departments but on those that are the faces of the case who have lied to the public for decades and on those who have looked the other way and empowered those lies and failed in their supervisory capacity and civic responsibility to the public to act and correct the lies and punish those who violated the laws.

One critical area of dispute between officials and me is Bundy’s claim that he walked Hawkins back up the alley, crossed over past the fraternity on 47th and to a dirt lot.  There are several flaws in this scenario that anyone who lived there would have known:  that direction would have taken him and his victim right past the very place she had just left and where people would have seen them.  He got away with her abduction because he parked directly behind the Theta Sorority in a parking lot in a spot near the alley where his car was hidden by a large bush from view.  And he drove away from that spot by leaving his lights off and cutting to 16th and taking it up to 50th. That is the truth and that is what I’ve told the authorities for years because I witnessed it back then – not the whole abduction but I was with her when he approached us, I saw him leave with her, I was a victim he’d been stalking and abducting and raping [and thought it was just me and that I was for some reason which I didn’t understand back then a target for him and I was vulnerable as I had a broken family structure, had not lived in WA state very long and had nowhere that I felt safe to go at the time] –the night Georgann was abducted I heard a sound like a body dropping and peeked out the window and saw his car pulling away from the spot outside my window.  I did not know she was in his car at the time.  I never saw her past the time she walked with him and they were heading back up the alley.  I checked with the sorority the next morning to make sure she was ok and I was told by a girl there that she was ok and had stayed out later with her boyfriend.  I took my final that am and I left Seattle.  I never knew what happened until months and years later.  We didn’t have cell phones back then…our “news” especially in college was word of mouth and I left the next day for home in Tacoma and then was back on campus in the dorms for nursing school that summer.  I never heard anything.  I was sheltered and sequestered.

I was also a survivor struggling with signs and symptoms of PTSD from being abducted and that too [that he had been abducting and “releasing” a victim] is in the 1992 FBI report.  Keppel just wants his version to be believed because he,  like Bundy, wants to control the case for different reasons. Keppel has known for decades the significance of the finds at Taylor and Tiger Mountain and especially when correlated to Issaquah and to other states and areas where girls were missing but he has denied that Taylor Mountain was ever a significant crime scene.   Keppel withheld that vital information from other jurisdictions who had missing girls not only in WA but also in CA and OR.  And that withholding evidence and information is in the records in multiple places where he failed to help officials in other states and jurisdictions who were asking for his help in letters and meetings.  Not to mention the betrayal of his actions to families missing loved ones. To me he should be prosecuted for evidence tampering and witness/victim intimidation [what he’s done to me for years].  For Bundy, control was part of the serial killer persona, for Keppel, it has been a case that has defined him for decades and its been a reliable income stream for him over the years.

Media was courted over investigative principles to portray a scenario about Bundy that was never based on forensic science or even case fact.   i.e. if you tell a falsehood often enough it becomes factual to other people when media are used to distribute those false bits of information.  What I struggle with understanding is the why, and how, it was empowered to begin with.  To me that very aspect is crucial to why they hid evidence and why they continue to espouse their lies.

Files prove Bundy was traveling the I-5 corridor to kill girls from out of state and out of jurisdiction [the evidence found on Taylor Mountain]; files prove that FBI was collecting evidence as early as the end of 1974 on Bundy [detective notes mentioning FBI involvement] – yet the FBI supposedly was never involved until 1977 [per their own website]…Files prove that multiple correlations could have been done between Utah and WA that would have and should have provided enough evidence to charge Bundy but were instead denied….files prove there was a survivor of multiple kidnappings but I was actively blocked from the justice system by the very people who were profiting off the case. 

Like many victims of violent assault, I had trouble with memory back then and for years afterwards due to head injuries, physical injuries documented in medical records back then, and the imbibing that Bundy did to victims which is documented in original records and autopsies.  In fairness to officials I was not coherent when initially coming forward years ago, was still in a state of severe PTSD and memory impairment [shattered and scattered memory bits out of alignment and context] but at the core of all of it is that the cases of Bundy were not protected by ethics but rather pushed forward to the public falsely and for profit.  Evidence chain of custody in a major serial crime series was completely ignored and critical evidence and witness statements were suppressed and even ordered destroyed when so many families were suffering and there were at least 50 cases of unsolved missing and murdered girls just in a 3 county area around King County in WA alone.  It’s unforgivable.  And the treatment of me, suffering from memory impairment and PTSD during the years coming foward, went beyond the bounds of normal police protocol.

This memory impairment I suffered from and still do to some extent, is today recognized as symptomatic of severe PTSD as well as moderate head injury, and it was weaponized against me by the officials associated to this case especially Keppel.  Science supports me; the records support me; yet the justice system from top to bottom denied me and was threatened by my coming forward.  If the public ever knew all that had transpired in the efforts to render me silent and suppressed, those profiting off the case would not only face embarrassment; their ethics and legality in handling the case would also have come into question. They continue to block me and defame me even to this day.  I don’t want to be misunderstood in this website…law enforcement has my respect…but only those who act according to the laws they expect others to follow.  It does not extend to the public faces of the Bundy case who have lied, altered evidence, destroyed evidence and failed to use forensic science while they manipulated media for personal profit.

“Sara” is a pseudonym.  My memories predated the release of the records to me that verified me as that survivor by over a decade.  My real name I have protected due to the negative and intensive push-back at me from law enforcement which included ridicule, denial, and public defamation.  Posting this blog website is my first step in moving into the public eye and challenging officials.  It has taken me years to feel safe to do so and now that I have the records to prove my assertions and their cover up of those years and now that I have healed enough to feel confident in my ability to stand up to them and their lies it is time to come forward and hold them accountable to the truth. Gradually releasing evidence and admitting to things they initially denied isn’t truth….Some have been lying for personal profit for decades.  Multiple girls were and are still missing…and/or murdered… with the cases never solved or even worked against the case forensics which lay in storage for decades and initially denied.  These victims were somebody’s children….they deserved a timely and thorough investigation based on science and forensics and they never got it.  Other states and jurisdictions also deserved the truth and never got it.  Keppel especially needs to be held accountable to the case misrepresentation as his book “Riverman” as originally published is essentially fiction with multiple lies that he KNEW were lies as he personally had logged in evidence from Taylor and Tiger Mountain and he knew the full extent of what WA state had in its possession.  He published that book while still under color of law and still employed in public service.  You can’t claim license to create for drama as an author while simultaneously representing yourself as the face of the case and its “expert” while all the time profiting off cases that were not being protected or worked.

In order for justice to be served in the Ted Bundy cases, it is necessary to first undo the belief system about what happened back then perpetuated and put forward by Robert Keppel and others.   For the specifics of the correlations between my experiences and the actual unaltered original records, please see the blog on the “she said” of the story.  I will also be posting soon a blog devoted to the memory loss and recovery and the data points in that memory recovery that lined up to the case files.  It will be more of a point by point statement/list.

My behavior is very consistent with the behavior of other young people who were held captive in not coming forward and staying quiet about the abuse.  The difference in my case was that I also suffered drugging/imbibing and head injuries and jaw dislocation and internal injuries that impacted memory from a very real physical aspect.  According to what I’ve learned in the past few years [long after coming forward]  head injury can cause similar scattered and shattered memory patterns that severe trauma does.  It felt to me that someone had put my life for nearly 5 years back then on glass and then thrown it against the wall where it shattered and broke into all kinds of disconnected pieces, some large and clear and others small and hazy and I had no road map and no overall picture of what had happened at first because I couldn’t remember it and hadn’t for many years.  What differentiates my case is that my memory bits, time and date stamped to precede the records by many years, nearly a decade in some cases, lined up to evidence and case FACTS that Keppel had denied and which had never been publicly released.

Robert Keppel, per emails to me from FOIA requests at the AG Office of WA State and per statements to me behind the scenes from that agency was given private ownership of some of the Bundy case files when he moved to the AG Office in 1981.  I was told by the AG Office when I requested files seeking documentation for my experiences that they had nothing and I needed to contact him.  The FOIA federal law was in effect from 1966 to the present time and I am questioning now whether this represents a violation of federal law.  I would like a full inquiry into that time period and a full accounting of all the evidence that was given to Keppel for his private use [moving it out of any reach of public disclosure] and also a full accounting of all evidence that was destroyed in the orders of 1981, 1999 and designating it sealed for 75 years as well as who ordered those actions.

The early assessments of Bundy’s killing that it all started in 1974, that he was traumatized, and that he was deliberate stranger who just abducted random opportunity victims is a deliberately orchestrated lie:  he surveilled victims, preselected victims, tortured victims once in his possession, drugged and imbibed victims in his possession [proven by autopsy], and did not decapitate them.  They knew this even while they put out the false statements to the public.  They had the evidence. It was all there. He held several victims for hours at a location he preselected – either his apartment in Utah or places in WA [there were two abandoned homes near each of his WA state kill sites] and he held me multiple times for hours before letting me go in a compromised condition [drugged and/or imbibed].

He did terrible things to me repeatedly over a four year period except kill me – once he had me that first time in his possession for a violent rape and kill attempt that failed [he had gotten to know me too well during the stalking period] and I did not report him, he knew he had a repeat victim he could use periodically. And he did.  Bundy knew my home situation – he knew I was new to the area and with few friends who’d known me very long – he knew I felt vulnerable and alone in a new state and new school and new place and he worked all of it to his advantage.  He even told authorities that the phone was a good way to lure a victim.  I was coming forward long before I knew this.

Authorities know all of this….they had the records of him using a victim repeatedly and that the victim lived and yet to this day they deny it even while they know the victim is me.  I can prove that their public statements don’t match the original records but my experiences back then as a survivor can be proven by the correlation of memory fragments to hidden evidence. However, my continuing obstacle is being heard – of having a voice.   To prove it to the public it requires an investigation by someone of authority with the power to review it objectively – something I have been denied for over two decades – while I am constantly berated, belittled and defamed — the only thing they can attack is my character through defamation and ridicule which they’ve done many times.  I’ve even been accused of being a “bundyphile” [wanting publicity] when for the first ten years I specifically stated I didn’t want it and by the very people who package and repackage the case for years and years for their own profit and egos.

They can’t attack my claims of a messed up investigation back then, of altered and destroyed records, of lies about evidence and so forth because the original files prove those statements and that no one ever worked the forensics, especially Keppel. When witnesses were describing Ted Bundy and his vehicle, Keppel was off pulling licenses of men who had absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to witness statements.  And Keppel was a key player in the intimidation tactics used against me and the defamation of me behind the scenes.

If only the public could see these Bundy street files: what’s been denied, destroyed, lied about, altered over the years.  Their continually shifting story that covers up their original transgressions in misrepresenting Bundy’s years in WA and their lack of efforts to correlate his cases to those in Utah and earlier years. [prior to 1974] If only they had acted in responsible and ethical ways to involve other jurisdictions and states in his killings immediately as all the evidence that he was traveling the I-5 corridor to kill and seek victims outside of King County and outside of WA was there all along.  They acted irresponsibly to hide and deny clothing and jewelry evidence and skeletal remains – who knows how many girls were represented by that clothing and other evidence?  The damage can never be undone and yet still these officials profit off their “documentaries”.

If only I had been given a chance to talk about what had happened to me during those years, the severe trauma that it had caused and the struggle to recapture my memory of all that had happened.  Perhaps my experiences could have helped the justice system in general understand the hidden consequences of repeated rape and head trauma in assault victims.  Perhaps I could have healed sooner and it wouldn’t have impacted so many areas of my life over many years.

I couldn’t remember for many years due to psychological as well as brain trauma.  I suffered repeated concussions back then.  I had all the symptoms.  My jaw dislocations are documented in dental records.  My head trauma symptoms are documented in medical records.  But I did not know, and could not remember at the time when the trauma had occurred because of head injury and the drugging/imbibing Bundy did to me.  I was asked over and over by medical and dental professionals if I had been assaulted or struck in the head and I couldn’t remember.

My memories that emerged years later as the body and mind healed [to a certain extent but never fully] were in pieces, out of alignment, fragments that at first made no sense.  It took me years to recover in part because I was denied the verification of those memory fragments by law enforcement so that I could heal – so I could make sense of each one and trust the memories so that even if some were missing parts, I could still move forward.  It’s difficult to describe to someone who has never been through it but I still to this day, want to tell the public what it feels like and how devastating it truly is so that if someone they know or love ever suffers this kind of trauma they can help them get through it.  When law enforcement was telling me and the public that I did not exist [despite knowing I did] and telling me during trauma recovery that I only wanted publicity and imagined the whole thing, it was emotionally crippling.  It was gas lighting of a vulnerable victim.   Proving the series of events with Bundy happened was totally dependent on the records which law enforcement held, had hidden and denied.  I finally got the records after decades of coming forward but they still deny me today even while they hide behind their lies and facades.  A few of the officials have actually stated to me that they were afraid I would sue: unbelievable that they would deny a surviving victim the right to heal and be heard because of their own selfish concerns after making money on the case for decades.  The most important things to me right now are the right to be heard and set the record straight and the ability to use my voice to advocate for change in how evidence is protected and chain of custody is implemented as well as increasing transparency laws.

Keppel especially is guilty of manipulating truth and evidence.  But then, Keppel has profited enormously personally off the Bundy cases at their expense.  I can’t think of another case where a cop has repackaged a case multiple times for personal profit knowing full well that the storyline he is putting forward is false in multiple places.  That it continues to be broadcast even to this day is a testament to just how far the USA justice system has dissolved into corruption and how media take at face value anything officials like Keppel and FBI tell them:  I tried to get media to listen to me and was denied. I have no voice except this blog and if anyone reading these blogs does have social media accounts that can help bring awareness to this site I would appreciate it: not because of publicity but rather to use what has happened in the Bundy cases as a platform for legal changes to enact new laws in how evidence is protected and how police unions and officials address crimes of interference with evidence.  There should be NO statute of limitations:  no immunity.  You mishandle evidence in any crime situation or report it falsely to the public with intent as Keppel did and you get charged with criminal conduct.  Not a misdemeanor and not “forgiven”.  He knew all along what he was claiming in his initial public comments and “Riverman” original edition  was false as he personally logged in the evidence.  And he published for profit while still employed as a public official “Riverman” 20 years after Bundy was picked up and 6 years after Bundy was executed and none of this evidence was ever worked under his watch.

Bundy had been identified to authorities by name and location by the end of 1974 and he should have shown up on DMV reports that officials ran on persons named Ted in WA state who drove VWs.  Additionally, there was full awareness behind the scenes that Bundy had left a survivor of multiple kidnappings.  It’s documented in the files in multiple places…surveillance records show him going repeatedly to my locations at the time.  He stated to others he had been “following” a sorority girl and that he had been kidnapping a female repeatedly to assault.  Keppel’s denial of this publicly goes against multiple documents just as his decades old denial of evidence found at Taylor Mountain is in direct contrast to the actual evidence.  Officials have done nothing to correct the injustice and corruption and have instead focused almost entirely on silencing me and preventing the truth of the original records from becoming publicly known.

I am the ONLY one who could be that survivor….the evidence hidden and denied by Keppel et al for years and the evidence contained in my memory bits [over 50 points of correlation] which lined up with what they hid from the public is irrefutable proof that I did survive….it is impossible to know details that were never released unless I was there….it is impossible to retrofit myself into locations that can be PROVEN where Bundy was and never released….they knew I was the survivor.  My memory fragments are time and date stamped to precede the records by many years.  It’s devastating to me that the justice system, something I once felt I could trust and one which I should feel safe with, I no longer do trust and I don’t feel safe with anymore.  I came forward to testify for Georgann Hawkins as I had seen him with her the night she disappeared and for other victims that I felt may be connected to his stalking of me because their cases were not solved and I did so as soon as the memory fragments started to return in good faith.  I never expected to be treated so badly.  I never expected to be ridiculed, defamed and bullied.  But that is what happened for at least 20 years.  Read Bundy’s report on rape on this blog site.  He knew exactly what he was doing to me and to other victims.  He had researched it in 1971.

They have stolen my voice, my rights as a victim…and delayed my ability to heal.  They actively blocked my attempts to get an attorney and be heard, by direct actions with attorneys and with media.  The trauma back then interfered with most of my life’s directions.  I had trouble with PTSD and building a career, I never married and was struggling to get out of the home, I don’t have the financial means to fight them.  I suffered physical injuries: internal injuries, a dislocated jaw multiple times, head trauma and bruising.  The concussion damage left gaps in my memory back then even so that there are memories of him where I knew I knew him but didn’t know why.  The concussion damage was moderate at least with severe headaches after kidnappings back then to the point where I had to put my hands on my head and apply pressure just to walk across the room where I lived and I didn’t know why the headaches were so bad because I couldn’t remember at the time – not until decades later.  My symptoms line up with moderate head trauma.  The memories that came back line up with evidence never released and that I couldn’t have known.  Taken together it is proof that I am that survivor and that my experiences that spanned four years with him were important.  The psychological symptoms of PTSD were graded a 9.5 out of 10 in severity by a psychiatrist who examined me and was court certified.  PTSD can occur not only in severe trauma but also can be combined with severe brain trauma.  I also had other symptoms of brain trauma back then such as severe sweating and elevated galvanic skin response so much so that I was actually approached by nursing instructors who were concerned about me.  The galvanic skin response showed up on a test I had to volunteer for in nursing and that in combination to the severe sweating and bruising seen on occasion led to the questions by a few people at the time.

I needed a public voice and every time, in over 50 attempts, I got close they came in behind me and shut me down with false claims that what I was saying wasn’t true.  It was bullying and discrimination on a grand scale and Keppel especially is behind much of it.  It isn’t just me.  Records show him bullying others and misrepresenting even his own colleagues to others in an effort to maintain control of the case himself.  Keppel was even going to charge Liz at one point with obstruction of justice if she talked about things which ran counter to his public story in her book.  He aligned himself with Rule and Michaud and made sure the story went one direction – and he started this process per the records as far back as 1980 when he asked his superiors to start communicating with Bundy after talks with Rule and Michaud on their own projects.

Being able to talk about trauma is critical to healing.  I was stifled as I was struggling to recover and to testify.  And that goes for the FBI as well….they have participated in the silencing of me as that survivor.  There isn’t anyone anywhere who fits into this case on more levels and more ways than I do as that survivor. And there are multitudes of original records that support me – but I have been blocked and silenced for the past 20 years and manipulated like I was a suspect instead of a traumatized victim.

Policy changes need to be made:  to prevent those that keep profiting and perpetuating the false scenario and the hiding and manipulation of evidence and documents behind the scenes – to silence them if not charge them for fraud, witness tampering, tampering with evidence and tampering with remains.  Police can be guilty of excessive force but there is also a critical justice system issue in this country about the hiding, altering, lying and manipulation of evidence.  Ted Bundy cases are a prime example of this type of problem and there is absolutely nothing done about it by those in supervisory power and too many protections from prosecution for the police and detectives and officials who commit this type of crime.  They get immunity.  Those protections need to change.  They impact all of us no matter your race, sex, occupation.  Evidence is critical in any crime and its preservation and protection [against tampering, destruction, etc] is an essential element of our concept of the scales of justice.

For over a decade I came forward, often in tears and deeply traumatized trying to testify that I’d seen him with Georgann Hawkins the night he abducted her, that he’d parked outside of my window where he’d frequently parked when stalking me, because it was all over the internet that her case was unsolved and her remains never found and they needed verification of his comment that he took her.  Now, knowing that the whole time they put this out there, and denied me an investigation, they knew without question she’d been found.  They knew I was the survivor and they refused to open a case for me, refused me access to the justice system, and refused me access to victim benefits such as counseling and the ability to talk about the trauma.  They denied me victim rights which the FBI states is a law [what a joke] and my dignity and respect.  It’s a deep betrayal of me and it’s a betrayal of public trust.  Keppel even taught all of his lies and misdirection of the case at universities to students, to investigators, to people who were trying to solve cases.  People have been studying Bundy based on Keppel’s narrative and it’s false and a fraud.  Was it because Ted Bundy was deeply ingrained in the justice system and Republican party of WA State?

An example of some of the documents that support me:  I was coming forward for over a decade stating Bundy had been stalking me in high school and giving specific examples of this such as him working at Ludlow Kramer’s office in 1972 and knowing I was going there with Daffodil in the spring of 1972 as a senior in high school.  This association of Bundy to Ludlow Kramer was never in the public release of the case. I also knew the color of car he was driving [and yes, he did drive a car during that time] and I was in close proximity to him in Tacoma as well as in the Seattle area even modeling in the tea room of Nordstrom where he was known to shop.  I reached out to Ann Rule trying to get her to help me not realizing that she too was manipulating me and assisting with the blocking of my access to law enforcement investigations.  She even defamed me in her book without naming me and I have an email to prove that statement [that she put me in under a pseudonym without my permission and had misquoted me and misrepresented me].

Interesting in that Rule was closely aligned with Keppel and even interacted with him behind the scenes in the Bundy case –she totally blew off the Ludlow Kramer connection [one of many she discounted].  Keppel himself in his detective notes verified with two different people high level in the Republican Party that Bundy was working with Ludlow Kramer closely during that time and in fact was part of his re-election campaign and was being paid by his office.  This fact was in Keppel’s personal detective notes.  Yet Keppel behind the scenes was telling people not to listen to me and that I only wanted attention when in reality he was the one lying and has been for decades.  That to me is a direct action by Robert Keppel to suppress critical case information and to intimidate a surviving victim.

In my opinion some of the things he’s done with the Bundy cases should have been grounds for charges against him and prosecution yet he continues to be the face of the case and to espouse his lies and manipulation of the case evidence.  Even in documentaries….he re-positions evidence to make it seem like one thing when the actual context is something much different.  An example of this is all over in media programs where he creatively edits Bundy’s statements related to the Green River killer in 1984 to make it seem like a] they were either different than what Bundy was saying or b] that it was Bundy talking about himself [edited to make it seem like Bundy was talking about himself when in reality it had nothing to do with that].

The story about Bundy being so mysterious in WA State is a fraud.  They had witness statements, over 300 pieces of evidence much of it incriminating to Bundy, and very specific pieces of evidence that tied him to crimes in other states before he was ever transferred from Utah. They had his name, location, the witness accounts from multiple sources that nearly matched and sketches in WA that matched what witnesses in Utah were describing hundreds of miles away.  They purposefully looked the other way and empowered him to keep killing.  The correlations not only within WA but also to Utah were all there in plain sight.  I’m not a trained investigator and I could identify them.  The FBI was also involved in all this process taking in evidence very early to process for fingerprints [and there are documents in there that latents were indeed there] and working the case behind the scenes long before Bundy was executed. Long before their stated involvement of 1977.

The hiding of evidence, lying about evidence, and supporting this kind of behavior in police, detectives and administrators all the way to the top in the justice system is a problem that is nation-wide.  It was a problem in the Bundy cases and there were girls who were never identified who never got their justice and there was me, a survivor of multiple kidnappings by him documented behind the scenes who was denied the right to be recognized so I could heal and move forward and there were the families of the victims who were told their daughters’ heads were only found when the truth was that their daughter’s bodies had been found at Taylor Mountain all along.  It’s unfathomable but it’s true.  It should have resulted in charges against those who perpetrated it but instead, these people were out in front of media capitalizing on the case for their own personal financial gain.  And if it is present in the Bundy cases, it is present in other aspects of the justice system as well.  How many people sit in prison who are innocent due to this type of unrestrained and unpunished behavior?  To me it would be staggering if it were ever researched thoroughly and this hiding of evidence is not limited to high profile or racially motivated targets – it can happen to anyone.  It happened in my case and I was a survivor and a victim.

I’ve tried many times as I want changes and more laws to strengthen accountability, transparency and disclosures…I’ve tried nearly every route open to me as a citizen including going to over 50 attorneys and every branch of the justice system all the way to the top tiers and even to the media for help; but I’ve been blocked behind the scenes by the authorities [including FBI] and I’ve failed. I was told by several attorneys that the “feds” were blocking me and they had to drop the case.   It wouldn’t have been so traumatizing to me if it was just a situation of not being heard – but that was not the case over these past 20 years.  I was belittled, ridiculed, told I was having “fantasies”, told it was “consensual” and purposefully defamed in public media programs without being named directly- – just the act of denying that there was a survivor when it is documented multiple places in the records and that the survivor was in WA is unbelievable treatment for a victim trying to report that some of the unsolved cases may have been, and probably were, associated to my travels because he had to keep me under control and under surveillance as he’d let me live. I was in many of the places near or at the time he killed and he abducted me prior to killing them – and the records and my travels support those statements.

I may have lived [though he did try to kill me multiple times between 1974 and 1976 when I fled the state in severe shock and trauma] but the damage to me lasted a lifetime. I needed the help to verify my shattered memories so I could heal – so I could be heard as that surviving victim because the records that they took such great pains to hide verified me.  They knew it.  They withheld from me the right to get my life back and heal.  It was cruel treatment by the justice system.  I hope another survivor never has to go through it but to accomplish that we need reforms in the area of police immunity and we need better protection of evidence and greater accountability that has no end point – i.e. you don’t get to “retire” and then be immune.  You don’t get to be immune if you lie about evidence and misrepresent it.  You get held to a higher level of scrutiny if you attempt to profit off cases you were paid to work as a public servant.  Especially when they are not all solved.

Authorities in Alaska caught Robert Hansen in 1983 long before Ted Bundy was executed and he operated very similar to Bundy:  he was ingrained in the community, knew members of law enforcement, traveled to many locations to kill his victims, abducted and held his victims alive for awhile before killing them, and kept items from the girls he killed, holding them initially in a location where he felt comfortable and could torture and abuse them. He planned his kill sites and holding sites just as Bundy did and authorities knew of him before Bundy was executed so Hagmaier’s statement to the press in May of 1989 that Bundy was unique in pre-selecting sites and that he used an intellectual approach simply wasn’t in line with what serial killers are noted to do.  Hanson preselected his sites based on wilderness locations that were accessible by his private plane.  FBI BAU worked that case.  Hagmaier knew Bundy wasn’t unique. The BAU spin on Bundy that he was “traumatized” was also a spin.  Bundy told Keppel specifically in 1984 and in 1988 that serial killing was based on possession and trauma had nothing specific to do with it.  It was a combination of many things. Interesting in that this never made it into public awareness of the case until after Rule and Keppel orchestrated the trauma scenario.  Equally interesting is that Keppel with-held a single spaced document that Bundy had typed which was 33 pages disputing the accuracy of Rule’s work and that Keppel also with held a statement from Bundy that Bundy had given Michaud and Aynesworth information that “was done to pander to a reading audience” and was per Bundy “a lot of fiction” and that Bundy had an agreement with them that per Bundy they did not fulfill.  Keppel was working with Michaud as far back as 1980 and with Rule behind the scenes telling Bundy that Rule was a “cooperating agency”.  She wasn’t an agency.  She was a media personality and an author and the Bundy cases should have been actively worked and not parceled out to media.  Keppel asked to get in touch with Bundy on his own in 1980 and in 1981 when he moved to the AG Office he was allowed to keep “personal files” despite the case being open and unsolved and despite Keppel being a public servant -.the cases of Bundy were not closed and the evidence hadn’t been worked and Keppel knew for years that decapitation had not occurred at Taylor Mountain because his own numbers were on the skeletal remains and he had in his own detectives notes the report from the ME at the time that the heads were with the bodies so his entire career before media has been nothing but a lie and a fraudulent accounting of the time period.

Bundy bragged he had a PhD in serial killing and he worked the authorities like he worked his victims and they fell for it.  Keppel sought him out for advice in the Green River killings and in the development of the questionnaires and Hagmaier commented in 1989 that his kill sites were so unusual because unlike other serial killers Bundy planned his sites [this is not true that Bundy was unique – serial killers plan their kills specifically so they can get away with it and continue to kill].  Ridgeway did it.  Hansen did it [who was caught before Bundy was executed so Hagmaier should have known that] Others have done it. Part of Bundy’s advice on the Green River killer came directly from his own research in 1972 when he was working on the rape paper as Assistant Director of the Crime Commission.  The FBI BAU had ample evidence of other serial killers who planned their activity and who developed kill sites long before Bundy was executed and absolutely decades to correct the public image but they never did.

It seems to me they wanted to glorify Bundy and their own roles in “knowing” him. Why would they tell the public that kill sites with multiple bodies as well as evidence such as clothing were NOT planned?  It simply doesn’t make any analytical sense.   Why did they lie and say nothing was found and it was just Bundy throwing things out a window of his car wildly when clothing was found at the crime scenes?  Why did they claim it was so mysterious and there was simply no evidence at all at either of Bundy’s kill sites in WA State when the opposite was true.   A killer like Bundy abducts one or more girls a month and it was just “all of a sudden in 1974” and he just randomly dumps girls’ bodies at the exact same location along with evidence of bondage, clothing and jewelry?  No– multiple documents prove the authorities knew the skeletal remains of victims were there on site in 1975 at Taylor Mountain.  They were requisitioning leg xrays of known victims who had disappeared at the time.  You wouldn’t do that if there was only heads. They were actively sending articles of clothing and other evidence to Superior Court of WA.  You don’t do that if “nothing was found”.  They also knew that there were many pieces of additional evidence that proved Bundy was killing long before 1974.

The only way all those items were found in the same place at Issaquah and Taylor/Tiger Mountain is that the location was planned.  Bundy did all of these things at both of his known kill sites in WA State and he did so in Utah [in Utah behind the scenes documents show he took girls home to his actual place to kill so he pre-selected that location as well and in WA State he took me to a location that by my memory smelled “musty” and there were abandoned homes near both Issaquah and Taylor/Tiger Mountain so my memory was accurate].  The sites of Taylor/Tiger Mountain/Issaquah were well developed crime sites.  There were multiple victims, known and unknown at each location.  Both kill sites had girls’ clothing, jewelry, evidence of a possible weapon, evidence of possible bondage and drugging, evidence of possible graves and of animal activity and both sites had full skeletal remains of girls who were missing.  Girls who were out of the jurisdiction of King County and the State of WA.  Who knows how many other sites he had – it’s a lost opportunity and I blame the authorities.  Were they trying to soften and lessen his crimes?  Bundy told police upon his capture in Florida [in the records] that he had “powerful” friends.

Note:  Some of what I say below begins to get repetitive and I need to clean it up.  It’s a result of trauma not only from Ted but also from the treatment of me by law enforcement during the recovery years when I was so vulnerable and fragile.  It was devastating to me to see just how involved with this cover up the FBI was behind the scenes and continues to be even today.  I had reached out to them multiple times over 10 years and also to the AG Office of WA when I couldn’t get the King County or Seattle police to even talk to me.  It was shocking to me how involved the AG Office of WA is in covering up what happened. These are institutions that the public is supposed to be able to trust and in this instance, that trust was abused.  Where do you go as a citizen when the corruption goes all the way to the top and they have the power to block you and do that repeatedly?  They’ve never reached out to me.  They’ve done nothing but empower the lies.  I had one interview with an investigator in the AG Office who shoved my evidence back at me, never took a note, told me I was wasting his time and he was only there to talk to me because he had to and showed no interest in the evidence I tried to present that showed and proved the cover up.  Then at the end he stated “maybe it was domestic violence”.  I was shocked.  The kidnapping of a young girl by a serial killer is nothing more than domestic violence?  I was just 16 y/o and never had a boyfriend when it started in 1970 and Bundy was 8 years older and already an experienced killer [per what the records behind the scenes strongly suggest].  His actions towards me were deliberate and well rehearsed.  He wasn’t a beginning killer.  Police need sensitivity training to sex crimes badly in this country.  In Bundy’s cases the police did not listen to the witness statements which despite being from many different people in many different places did in fact identify Bundy by accurate description and by vehicle and they did not listen to me, a surviving victim supported by multiple documents they hid from the public and by over 50 points of direct and indirect correlations. It was NEVER a computer that caught Ted Bundy – it was the public.  Bundy claimed in the 1984 interview with Keppel who was bragging to Bundy about his computer identifying him that he [Bundy] wondered if the information being given to the computer was retrofitted.  My personal opinion after reviewing the records is yes, it probably was. Computers cannot predict the human behavior of a serial killer.  Computers can only analyze data in a serial crime AFTER the fact.

Keppel lied about the evidence found at the locations in WA to the public.  If he had actually worked the case and other detectives had actually worked the case from 1974 to present,  it wouldn’t have been so badly represented to the public over the decades.   I could have come forward and they would have known immediately [and perhaps they did] that I was the survivor Bundy had talked of only I am sure that Bundy skewed what he said to be discrediting to me as a victim.  I would have been a risk to him if I could have remembered it all earlier.  If they had protected the evidence, cases could have been worked by other officials in other jurisdictions; cases in other states where Bundy traveled the I-5 corridor could have been more diligently evaluated as other officials besides King County were trying, and finally the public could have been educated on just how valuable they were in providing information.

If only….And why wasn’t the FBI correlating the actions of Bundy to the actions of Hansen and Ridgeway – the evidence and actions were similar.  BAU for decades did not profile Bundy correctly at all.  They have claimed he was “mysterious” his movements were not known [yes they were, it’s all there in the documents] and he was “traumatized”.  No he wasn’t.  He was killing for possession – he even suggested that behind the scenes to Keppel in 1984.  He was going after a type – neither his girlfriend in CA nor Liz were of that age group.  They were older than him not younger.  Neither was in a sorority.  And I certainly didn’t traumatize him – I was a tiny, small boned, naive 16 y/o girl in high school when he started in on me – he targeted me as a victim, stalking me at my home when I had just moved to Tacoma from out of state in the fall of 1970, calling me to establish “friendship” before I ever met him in person and luring me out for a violent rape and murder attempt in 1971, leaving me harmed and traumatized and afraid to say anything due to perception of rape at the time and because I knew him over the phone as a friend.  I was only 16 at the time, very inexperienced and naive, and he was 8 years older than me.

I wonder sometimes if that failed kill at the end of that initial rape was why he maneuvered me into a repeat victim where he could use me intermittently to keep from having to kill someone as he knew I wouldn’t tell.  I couldn’t remember most of what happened and I had no support system to go to at the time.  There was a kind of trauma bonding that occurred, a kind of Stockholm Syndrome based on violence and repeated trauma, where it was effectively maintained for nearly four years but in the end, in June of 1974 he was ready to end it.  Georgann Hawkins who was a friend of mine at the time, came down the alley when he’d cornered me and she stepped in to carry that briefcase and he killed her.  He had come that night to kill me – I am convinced of it because he said he put the crowbar under the car that night specifically to kill a victim and he was leaving WA and I was a risk.  He parked outside my window which was behind the Theta sorority and faced a parking lot on that alley.  There was a bush at the corner that shielded his car from being seen and he parked there often when he was stalking me I believe in looking back to intimidate me – I never knew when he would be out there and I was living in a constant state of heightened awareness and hyper-vigilance.  I never knew she was a victim until much later.  The police were not out immediately – the statement that they were out the next day is false.

His parents lived near my father who was a doctor in town and our photo had been in the paper.   I also struggled to come forward back then because he had drugged me before the attempt so I couldn’t remember it very well.  He knew our family at the time was in shambles due to divorce.  He had been surveilling our home and showing up when the parents were gone – coming by “coincidentally” to talk to me when I was outside alone and neighbors were gone.  No he was experienced [and autopsies of some of his victims show this imbibing]  He even told Keppel behind the scenes in 1984 that the phone was a good way to lure a victim.  I found this AFTER I had been coming forward for years.

They claim “it all started in 1974”.  No it didn’t.  His kill sites were developed with multitudes of evidence including skeletal remains of the girls known to have been killed there and with evidence that could have shown other unknown girls killed there.  The sites of Issaquah [or Tiger Mountain] and Taylor Mountain were well developed and had at least three young girls collectively that were never identified in addition to those known.  They were sites of an experienced and active serial killer not an “all of sudden” in 1974 reactive killer who was killing at least one girl a month – girls found in the same predetermined spot of Taylor and Tiger Mountains.  Girls being brought to Tiger/Taylor Mountain/Issaquah specifically to kill from other jurisdictions and at least in one instance [Parks from Oregon] out of state.  Officials had all of this back in 1974 and 1975.  Ted Bundy was experienced when he started stalking me in 1970 to 1971, when he tried at that time to kill me after a violent rape and as he continued his activities against me of periodic abduction all the way through 1974.  He knew what he was doing.  He had been reported for rape in 1972 and the police had that report; he wrote a paper on rape [on this site] that highlighted the problems women had with reporting it as a crime so he knew how to use that information to perfect his crimes; and he studied recidivism and the weaknesses in the justice system that empowered repeat offenders not to get caught.  He didn’t learn from detective magazines – he worked among the very people who would be hunting and prosecuting him developing friendships along the way.  The hidden files prove that beyond doubt.  He had been killing for years. The evidence of his kill sites found in 1975 proves it.

No one looked at the forensics.  But then, Keppel and the BAU marketed the super cop theories [this “super cop” approach was actually discussed with Bundy by Keppel in 1984 on the original unaltered audio tapes of Keppel’s meeting with Bundy in prison] and what Bundy said or did in general terms glossing over key cases rather than the actual forensics of the case; rather than correlating and analyzing the forensics of multiple states.  They ignored over 300 pieces of evidence in WA State alone.  FBI had critical evidence of crimes Bundy had done in WA and in Utah -in Utah they had the key found at the abduction scene of another girl that matched DaRonch’s handcuffs [for prints] and in WA state they had access to his taped jack handle, prints removed from a photograph and multitudes of other evidence.

How can you understand a killer when all you focus on is what they say and claim to say behind the scenes – when you totally ignore and destroy the evidence of their crimes and throw away victim remains in one state and never evaluate all the evidence collectively in all the states the killer has killed victims in – it seems to me that the bigger understanding comes from how they treat the victims and that only comes from actual forensics and survivors like me and the evidence at the serial crime scenes which in Bundy’s case was denied, destroyed on purpose [per orders in internal memos] and never worked.  The records that were hidden prove that they did not work the crimes thoroughly.   I lived through what Bundy did to victims while he had them in captivity before they died and I know what he did – at least those parts I can remember –  and the records bear my experience and my statements out. I suffered internal injuries and a dislocated jaw.   Carol DaRonch is so very blessed that she managed to escape.  Once he had you in the handcuffs or tied [and he did both to me after rendering me unconscious] it was totally up to him what you endured, how long you endured it, and whether or not he decided to release you.  I don’t know why he did me except he knew I had nowhere to go and so he could continue to use me as a repeat victim.  That too is in the records. He told officials he was picking up a woman and releasing her to test his skills.  I did not know of his statements when I was first coming forward with shattered memories.   FBI and WA knew all along there had been a survivor of multiple kidnappings.  I lined up….on all levels….instead of doing a thorough investigation on what I was saying as my experiences lined up to some unsolved cases they did everything they could to discredit me, intimidate me, silence me and try to make me go away.   My coming forward threatened to expose their public lies.  The records prove the deception by the FBI BAU and by Keppel and others.

Knowing so much should have been done is very distressing to me as a survivor – the faces of the case are not honest nor are they trustworthy.  Before you judge what I have to say below…give me a chance at some future point to speak publicly about the documentation that supports me and the lies that have been put forward to the public about this case for the past several decades.  It’s not oversight – it’s outright  lies.

Victims killed by Bundy and never identified were thrown away – not only three bodies of young girls but also multitudes of evidence from the crime scenes that was “lost” or ordered destroyed.  What kind of professional entity would “lose” evidence and order evidence in a serial case where not all victims are known destroyed?  That evidence, those clothes, bras, jewelry, shoes, etc. may have been from girls missing from outside the King County area.  We know Bundy took Roberta Parks and Susan Rancourt to the Taylor Mountain kill site – two girls outside of the King County area and the state of WA –  so why on earth would King County and Keppel not consider all evidence from the crime scenes of Taylor and Tiger mountain critical to preserve?  Keppel knew critical evidence was there all along – he personally logged it in and sent it forward to the Superior Court of WA.  Why did Keppel immediately after the execution go out to the media with a sensational story about Bundy decapitating victims and only leaving heads on Taylor Mountain and no evidence existed as it was just a “dumping ground” when there were over 158 pieces of evidence and the remains [full skeletal] of girls brought there and found on site in 1975 showing those girls were killed there?  The ME report of that time period also in the records confirms that bodies not just heads were found during the search of Taylor Mountain in March of 1975 and the remains were human remains not animal as Keppel has claimed publicly.  He knew at the time how critical the crime scenes were of Taylor and Tiger Mountain and that his story to the public wasn’t true because he’d been on site and logged some of it per his own detective notes of that time period.

Why would the FBI and FBI BAU go along with a scenario supporting those actions? The only reason I can think of is that it was political….Bundy per the records was working on a confidential project that the FBI was a part of at the time.  FBI essentially closed the cases of Ted Bundy that were not solved in their report in 1992 and so did the state of WA. Girls were still missing in several states Bundy was known to have traveled to.  Girls were missing in WA – over 50.  Evidence in the street files was altered [examples:  a map of Tiger Mountain search area whited out from the original and a detective record back dated on 8/1/1975 to 3/1975 to change the finding of “heads with the bodies” and skeletal remains found to “what would be needed to say decapitation had occurred” and so on], lied about, destroyed, and “lost”.   I have both the originals of those records that were changed as well as the altered documents so I can prove those statements.

Officials didn’t try to find him in WA State – he was identified to them long before he was charged in Utah.  He was identified by name and location in Utah before the end of 1974.  It was never that he was identified by computer.  The records show he was identified by the public.  It seems to me that they wanted to hide the fact of how long he’d been killing and how ingrained he had been in the political system and the justice system of WA State – a process he was starting in Utah.  And he isn’t alone as a serial killer doing that.  Again, Hansen in Alaska was known to the community as a “nice family man”.  Gacy was known to the community.  Herb Baumeister was a suspected serial killer who was married and so was Ridgeway and so was Robert Yates.  There is nothing unique about Bundy.

Bundy was working with the FBI, and DOJ in 1973 and was Assistant Director of the Crime Commission in 1972.  He was also in charge of a small Republican precinct according to the records.  It is an extreme example of “cronyism” or what I have come to call “buddy justice”.  Friendship cliques behind the scenes empowering and promoting scenarios which look the other way when corruption occurs and which foster a culture of alliance and almost cult-like adherence to a group think process even if that direction flies in the face of actual facts and truth.

My experiences of 1970 to 1974 related to Ted Bundy and proven beyond doubt by sealed files and by documentation are being denied and suppressed because they prove Bundy was active as far back as 1970 and my experiences are also supported by another account documented in police files by a woman who was also raped by him in 1972.  Bundy had used imbibing on me when he attempted to kill me after raping me in 1971 when I was in high school and he also used imbibing on this woman when he raped her and threw his arm over her throat.  She complained to the police and was dismissed as “imbibed”.  There was a young girl found murdered earlier than 1974 less than 10 miles from the Taylor Mountain kill site in another location.  It is not known for sure by the files if that victim is his but the tragedy here is that his cases were shut down and evidence was destroyed on purpose [by orders] without ever being fully investigated via objective techniques such as forensics.  There is a lot about Bundy that WA State has covered up over the years.  My case alone, that has been denied an official investigation, has over 50 points of direct correlation as well as documents that support it.  I was told after years of complaining that my “case number” was buried in Georgann Hawkins case file but by doing that it would a] limit the scope of the investigation when Bundy’s stalking of me lasted over 4 years and b] blocked me from ever being able to know what exactly was being “investigated”.   For most of the past 2 decades actions of WA State law enforcement have been to bully me, deny the evidence that supports me, and block me from support normally entitled to victims programs such as counseling and rape counseling services.  Keppel was shadowing me for years blocking me and my access to the justice system and I heard that from private investigators, law enforcement officials off the record and by attorneys who were also told not to represent me.  All I wanted was the investigation because I had been to several areas where Bundy had killed girls and he had been stalking me and kidnapping me and leaving me with head injuries and memory problems.  It is all supported by the actual records – my memories lined up exactly to multiple records that had been hidden from the public.

Keppel’s version of events has so many points of lies and misdirection I stopped counting after a few pages of his book.  I question why Richard Larsen’s book went out of print nearly at the same time as Keppel launched his.  Larsen had some accurate references in it even though his premise that Bundy was a “deliberate stranger” was wrong – Bundy per the actual files did surveillance on many of his victims prior to abducting them including me.  Was Larsen’s book blocked since it mentions key cases such as Laura Aime in Utah where there was a witness that could have identified Bundy or key comments that showed Bundy was active prior to 1974?  Keppel wanted to charge Liz with obstruction in 1981 when her book was released “depending on what it said”.  Liz was interviewed in the fall of 1974 by a detective after Bundy was in Utah killing and she identified him by name and that detective thought the information was important enough that he reported not only internally in WA State but also to Utah.  She was also interviewed several other times before Keppel wrote that letter to Utah.  Keppel has categorically denied witness statements that were critical ever happened as have other officials while they put out their own false scenarios.  An example of the silencing and bullying behind the scenes.

I posted the photos of me years ago to prove my assertions of those years and of me currently to defend myself against the discrimination and bullying that has occurred of me behind the scenes.  When I came forward as far back as 2001, I was denied a police investigation [and still am] despite having evidence and an overwhelming amount of facts that line up to details they had hidden from the public.  I was told to contact “the book authors” and Keppel.  Ann Rule told me in an email in 2009 when I had reached out for her help that I was “menopausal”,  a mid-fifties woman who’d lost her looks and who was having “fantasies” about being raped by Ted and I should see a psychiatrist.  She said these devastating comments to me despite having evidence in her hands via emails of memories that lined up exactly to what officials had hidden all along.   Those memories, time and date stamped contained very specific details of the case that lined up exactly to what WA Officials, most notably Keppel, had denied for decades. Additionally, my memories lined up to the facts of the case: Bundy had left a survivor of kidnappings [its there in the street files] and WA State did not want the public to know that Bundy had been working closely with WA State AG Officials, Republican Party, and the regional WA State FBI during the times he was killing which was PRIOR to 1974.

Bundy had also researched and written a rape paper as Assistant Director of the Crime Commission in WA State [on this site] as well as done research for FBI and DOJ/Law and Justice recidivism project that was “confidential” and involved following people without their knowledge or permission.  Bundy had full access to the court documents and information, without supervision.  This work by Bundy occurred during the years 1972 to 1973 and correlated to the years he was raping me and following me [1970 to 1974 in Tacoma and at University of WA] and I used to wonder how he always knew how to find me.  Now I have an inkling of what may have facilitated that stalking – he had insider access.  Bundy also stated behind the scenes that his “sickness” escalated during the years 1971, 1972,1973 where it was taking up more of his time.  That indicates to me a window where his serial killing more than likely was being honed as I personally don’t believe that the kill sites of Issaquah and Taylor/Tiger Mountain were his first. They were too well developed.  And this time period 1971, 1972, 1973 was also the time where he was very active against me in terms of that rape, the stalking, the threats against a family member, the exertion of control over me.  I wonder how many missing and murdered girls whose cases are not solved were never thoroughly evaluated for Ted Bundy as a suspect including some out of state.  The opportunity was there before his execution and Keppel wasted that opportunity.  His “interview” of Bundy to me seems rehearsed and it was all over the board and not at all focused on what it should have been.  Bundy was used for profiling in the Green River Killer case in 1984 and in 1988 he was used to help develop questionnaires that appear to be for HITS and/or VICAP but again his cases were not worked and all this was done secretively without his attorneys present.

Details of the cases hidden in the files, I could not have known unless I was the survivor Bundy had talked about and unless I was telling the truth.  Rule told me she and Keppel and others were “working together” behind the scenes and allied herself strongly with whatever Keppel said as the face of the case.  She got him his first editor for his book Riverman she told me, she did his preface, [not another official] and he in turn supported her book by never allowing the public to know and with holding a 33 page single spaced typewritten letter Bundy wrote detailing errors in her book about him. Keppel called Rule in his book a great friend to law enforcement and referred to Canova at the AG Office as a buddy.  Some of this is simply law enforcement friendships but in situations where a crime series is at stake and people are profiting and controlling a story line that is not factual to the actual case documents is something that needs to be thoroughly evaluated for the influences over the years.

Rule published a defamatory writeup on me in her 2008 edition, told me Keppel wasn’t aware of me and therefore I couldn’t be telling the truth and never asked my permission to even include any mention of me in her book and her writeup was entirely fabricated as an account.  She quoted me as saying things I never said and doing things I never did. I can support all these assertions as I have in writing emails time and date stamped and saved in original context to original servers so I can prove the exchanges.  I was told by one official in the AG Office who talked to me that I only “thought” I was a victim, by another that I “only wanted publicity” and by still another that what happened to me with Ted was “consensual”.  I was also told only Keppel could verify me.  I was told by every single entity of law enforcement in WA state including FBI that Keppel was the only one allowed to look at the case.  He controlled the public media about the case. Keppel refused to even look at the evidence but that’s because Keppel had altered evidence, lied about evidence and misled the public for decades about the case. When I tried to get an attorney to sue, I was blocked from an investigation by all WA State entities and by the FBI and DOJ.  Even some of the attorneys are part of this buddy justice problem, cronyism problem, that exists in WA State.  No one would even look at the actual evidence.  No one to this day, talks about the forensics that should have been done or the evidence that was thrown away and it is significant – not one or two pieces.

Robert Keppel suppressed evidence that raised questions about his friends Michaud and Rule’s accounts and put forward altered evidence that supported his own account and denied evidence that showed the story put forward for decades was fabricated.  How much Michaud and Rule were aware of what Keppel had done behind the scenes is something I do not know – only that the evidence he suppressed if released would have raised doubts about their books.

I was very traumatized by the events of the last 20 years and the law enforcement bullying of me and what I saw in the records.  It took me years to overcome the initial trauma by Ted and the betrayal of me by law enforcement was the last straw.  This blog is about an overview of who I am and why I am fighting to be heard.  Quite simply it is a fight for the truth.  My memories, documented and time and date stamped, match sealed never released records years before I got those records. The spin on this series of events as they occurred in WA State were manufactured[made up] by Keppel and there are many documents that were tampered with, evidence that was destroyed, and other acts that to me should be crimes.

There appear to be efforts now by officials involved in the cover up to slowly admit to decades of denied evidence such as the truth about Taylor and Tiger Mountain and some elements of the case that have been misrepresented – but that is just the tip of the iceberg in all that was done to hide the elements of the case back then. It is too little and it is too late.  At some point, I hope this entire case gets fully investigated for corruption.  I have grown more vocal about it the past two years as the lies continue to be broadcast and the gatekeepers of the case continue to be given media time over the victims represented by the evidence this group of people denied and destroyed.  I have been denied my voice as a survivor of that time period by these people to the point of intimidation tactics and defamation, assassination of character even to the point of having attorneys who initially were going to help me shut down in their words by “the feds”.  I’d really like a chance to be heard and a review of everything that’s happened over the past 20 years because it is a lens on a very problematic justice system.  Being able to talk about trauma and what happened to me is critical to healing.  I was captive to Bundy and I am captive to law enforcement as I rely on them to do their job objectively not hide, alter, lie and deny the facts and the truth of the Bundy years.

Evidence was ordered to be sealed per internal memo for 75 years shortly after Bundy’s execution…a generation…when cases of Bundy were never solved.  Other evidence was ordered destroyed in 1981, the same year Keppel moved to the AG Office.  Evidence was ordered destroyed again in 1999, the same year Keppel “retired”.  Evidence was ordered moved to another area away from public discovery in 2011-2012, the years I was contacting the DOJ and FBI complaining of a cover up.  Keppel asked to get in touch with Bundy after initial meetings with Michaud and Aynesworth in 1980 and between 1980 and 1984 those communications appear to be given to him for his personal ownership as I was told off the record by the AG Office and confirmed in emails by the records department that Keppel had private possession of Bundy records.  Allowing an official to have private ownership of a case that is still open with not all victims known for his own profit and media exploitation seems to me a huge violation of trust and ethics if not the law.  Private citizens are also not accountable to FOIA laws – critical case files should never have been privately held for any reason.

A vial of Bundy’s blood was “found” in 2011, one month after I first contacted the FBI, and it was found in Florida, per their release, and was originally taken in 1978 upon his capture.  But why it would be taken?  It was never used.  Where is the provenance?  Has it been carbon dated by an outside independent lab?  No explanation or background was ever given by the FBI.  They used it to close Bundy cases in a DOJ letter in 2011 to law enforcement agencies stating from now on [from 2011] only DNA would be used  – but DNA degrades over time and evidence was destroyed in Bundy cases in WA and never protected by chain of custody.  By issuing the edict they were also denying and preventing the multitudes of other evidence such as witness statements, orders destroying evidence, and allowing other information on Bundy’s movements to be hidden forever.

Before you believe that there is nothing to this other than simple law enforcement progression of a case and the time period back then look at the money trail of those involved….look at how other older cases are being worked on the basis of evidence….how much money have they made over the years on Bundy and how well they knew him versus the forensics of actual evidence while the evidence of the case [over 300 pieces]was never worked and was discarded, while the girls found and never identified on Taylor and Tiger Mountain never got justice [at least 3 girls whose remains were found in 1974 and 1975 were never identified and “lost”], and when the survivor they knew all along existed [me] was denied the simplest of help [request to help verify the pieces of memory so I could heal and put the fragments together].  Not to mention the unknowns of the case – the possible victims represented by all that evidence that they so callously mishandled, ordered destroyed or hid.  Again, Bundy did not just kill in WA State and they knew, without question, that he transported victims to WA State and from other areas outside of King County at the time Taylor Mountain/Tiger Mountain crime scenes were found:  there is no excuse for their actions. Taylor Mountain was a significant crime scene with multiple victims.

The irony and tragedy for me is that once the records were released to me, I became aware of what had been done behind the scenes by officials and most important to me at the time, I was able to put the pieces together and verify my memories.  If they had helped me initially and interviewed me objectively which would have confirmed I was telling the truth, I never would have known of the cover up because I wouldn’t have fought for the records.  God works in mysterious ways sometimes.  I look back on all of it now and wonder whether my purpose in living is not only about speaking out for the victims who were “lost” by the destruction of evidence but also about effecting changes in the protocols in how evidence is handled and accounted for.  You also should not be able to retire and be immune from prosecution if you mishandled evidence in a manner that is either gross incompetence or willful tampering.

I’ve been coming forward now for nearly two decades [I can document since 2001] and initially never had any intention of going public.  I had witnessed Ted with Georgann Hawkins the night he abducted her as he had been stalking me and had parked outside of my apartment window by a bush near the alley – something he had done frequently. That location [my apartment] was a daylight basement apartment which had a large window that was directly at ground level of the parking lot behind the Theta house.  There was a large bush at the corner near the alley that shielded his car from view and he used to park his car there when he was stalking me.  Keppel even mentions this location exactly at the beginning of his “Riverman” book and then by the end he shifts it to a vacant lot.  Bundy would have been seen if he had walked George anywhere that night.  He wasn’t seen because he had parked behind the Theta house in the spot behind the bush that was right outside my window.  I rarely looked out the window as living in that unit was like living in a fishbowl and there was no view.  I was in nursing school at the time and swamped with class work so even when I was in the apartment I was tucked away at my desk studying.

I was not able to come forward back then.  I had head injuries from multiple abductions by him [he stated this behind the scenes] and suffered psychological trauma so extreme that my memories were shattered, scattered fragments out of alignment and it took years for them to emerge on their own, without counseling influencing any of the recovery.  Back then I was struggling for months trying to overcome the trauma even though it showed only subtly to other people:  headaches, jaw aches from it being off the joint [dislocated]; severe sweating [a sign of head trauma as well as severe stress], bruising about the wrists and back of the neck, difficulty retaining information so I had to study and study and still struggled, and so on.  These symptoms are all documented in multiple records associated to me back then, and by friend accounts, and medical records.

I was once a good student, but after the stalking and rapes started by him when I was just 16 in high school and once he had me fully intimidated into submission [he had surveilled me and knew the family was in chaos and I had no support both within the family and external to the family as new to the whole state] I was “captive” by him and I had nowhere to go that I felt safe. I was on my own and totally ill equipped to handle all that was occurring and back then there were no resources for rape help let alone at the level of the situation I found myself in.  Ted was ingrained in the justice system and political scene back then and he made sure I knew it.  I had absolutely no power and no voice.  He had threatened back then to frame a brother I was very close to and send him to prison-something I knew he had the resources, connections and power to do.  He was cunning and he was manipulative and he knew how to work the justice system, the political system, and people in general to his advantage.  I loved my brother and he was struggling at the time with some family issues and was smoking pot and other behaviors that he normally never did.  He had a strained relationship with our parents and he was very vulnerable at the time. My parents would not have helped my brother and I was terrified for him. My brother had also seen Ted stalking the home and with the parents divorcing and gone a lot he was often “the protector”.   It was something Ted knew as he’d surveilled the family starting the first months we were there and our family photo appeared in the newspaper. Ted controlled me with that fear from the time it all started when I was a junior in high school until my brother went away into the navy in the fall of 1973 and then I started rebelling against the forced “relationship”.  The kidnappings escalated, the danger escalated, and it culminated in the death of one of my friends…Georgann Hawkins.

Ted studied psychology and in addition, he was working in “insider” positions in all these justice system entities.  He always seemed to know where to find me and there was always in me a fear of retaliation.  I was in a state of trying to continually appease him, not rock the boat, not do anything that would set him off if he did capture me again – something he did periodically.  Contrasting that were the times he was “nice” to me and did not capture me.  It was psychological torture and I think to his predatory nature,  it was a game and a challenge to him to see how long he could keep it going.  That is not a scientific assessment just a personal feeling looking back at all that happened.  My experiences as purely fact can be proven. I was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, and severe stalking and captivity trauma.  When you are terrified for your life and perceive that person to have power over you and that person isn’t a stranger, the trauma is extreme – at least it was for me.

The faces of this case, who have denied me my right as a victim to speak and who have belittled me, defamed me, and accused me behind the scenes and in public of being “consensual” need to actually study trauma in victims and captivity repeated with violence and rape.  I was blamed for memory problems that are proven today to be associated with severe trauma exactly like I had been describing.  Not once have I been given an apology.  Not once has anyone even modified their stance and publicly disclosed all that was hidden.  These people should not continue to be seen as “experts” for many reasons not the least of which is the failure to work the actual forensics of the case.  BAU cannot claim to profile this case without understanding or working the forensics and their willingness to go along with the treatment of me begs the question as to their professionalism.   For decades all the BAU and Keppel et al talked about was what Bundy told them.  They never discussed the in-depth forensics of all found in WA State [over 300 pieces of incriminating evidence].  They would put forward the public notion that Bundy was so “mysterious”.   No he wasn’t.  If you review the evidence he is very similar to other serial killers who seek to possess a type of victim – there is no trauma there and even Bundy told Keppel in 1984 it wasn’t based on trauma but on possession. Not only was Bundy identified by multiple witnesses in WA State before his transfer to CO; but he was by the end of 1974.  They ran a DMV check on men named Ted with VWs and he should have come up but they were pulling information on men who weren’t even named Ted and who didn’t even drive a VW. They were investigating men who didn’t even match the multitudes of witness accounts – something I find totally unprofessional.

The same type of behavior was being applied to me.  Immediately, the policy towards me was to discredit.  To look not at the facts, but to skew anything they could to try and lessen my ability to be heard.  Even to the point of threatening to refute me publicly as being willing to be bound and raped by Bundy.   Being compliant out of fear of being hurt is not the same as consensual.  Bundy even stated he “released” his living victim back then. Bundy stated at one point his living victim was an outlet for rape where he didn’t have to kill and he used the word rape.  Release is not a term you use to a consensual partner.  Bundy stated his living victim was a “dry run”.  A dry run is a target.  They totally misread and misinterpreted this case and I question whether it was ever out of ignorance or rather that they wanted to cover up the fact that Bundy was working for the FBI, the AG of WA State and other officials including those in the Republican party at the time.  They were paying him for various projects.  That is in the records.

Severe emotional and physical trauma- which for me was severe rape and captivity trauma – blunted my emotions and left me then with little immediate memory of events so I struggled with what was happening to me.  Especially during the fall of 1973 to spring of 1974 months when that behavior against me was escalating.  Ted was doing so much to me repetitively that I never had a chance to recover in a timely fashion. Stalking alone is traumatizing and if you couple that with a continued pattern of rape and imbibing forcibly while in captivity it is no wonder my memories shattered and I was a very vulnerable accessible victim. I couldn’t express what was happening to me to anyone.  I couldn’t remember and integrate it all myself let alone to anyone else.  And I was very tiny back then wearing junior clothes.  I was 5’3″ tall and barely over 100 pounds.  I was fast [running] but I wasn’t strong.  I had no way to fight him except with my wits and I had no psychology training.  It was pure instinct and for the short term it kept me alive.  I thought I was a target – a sole target – I did not know or appreciate the concept of a serial killer and perhaps that naivete kept me alive also.  I didn’t know until Georgann disappeared [finding out much later in the fall] that Ted could be as dangerous as he was.  But by then, I was in fear for my life and having severe memory problems where sometimes I couldn’t remember anything that had happened during those abductions which lasted several hours.  Collective head injuries can take years to heal – in my case, it took decades.

Very little was known of rape trauma, head trauma or stalking trauma back then.  But the symptoms of these, understood more now, were present in documented witness statements about me, medical reports, and by my memories themselves which contained very specific details of Bundy never released to the public.  I tried to get interviewed by police over the years but I was told I could only talk to the “book authors”.  Specifically to Rule and Keppel and Michaud.  Interesting since cases were still open and this deference to them also came from the Attorney General Office which informed me that Keppel had private ownership of some of the case materials and that he was allowed to take those with him when he “retired” in 1999.  When case materials are in the hands of a private citizen like Keppel they are not bound by the FOIA disclosure laws enforced by the government entities like the AG Office and police.  Keppel has made a lot of money over the years constantly being the “face” of the case, and wrote “Riverman” in 1995 before he retired so still under color of law for profit and he continues to be out front as the face of the case even though much of what he said in “Riverman” and in documentaries over the years is patently false when compared to the original records. His version of events was essentially a smokescreen to the truth as evidenced by the records.  It’s fraud on a large scale as it was taught as fact for years.  And it’s fraud by the FBI which participated in that misrepresentation by supporting narratives they know to be false. [again, compared to the records].

Bundy had told officials including FBI behind the scenes prior to his execution that there was a survivor:  that he had been kidnapping a “woman” as a “dry run” and releasing her unharmed to test his skills.  The FBI writeup about it also stated Bundy had not said who the person was – but they knew there was someone.  Bill Hagmaier mentioned this survivor behind the scenes at the investigator meeting after Bundy’s execution.

A dry run by every definition I can find is about practicing against a target.  This target comment of Ted’s lines up directly to my experiences, to his stalking of me, to the escalation of the kidnappings against me in the spring of 1974 and to my statements, which although broken and shattered contained details, very specific, that had never been released publicly.   This dry run, this target concept is very important to my experiences with Bundy.  I was in many of the locations within the state of WA and other states nearly simultaneously to times he killed.  He was stalking me continually and it wasn’t because of a relationship or because he cared about me – it was because from the first attempt he had made to kill me which failed [thought it came close, I suffered internal injuries which hadn’t been caught at the time] he kept tabs on me because he had let me live and because I was an outlet for him – a “catch and release” victim that he knew he had control over.

And this is not hindsight on my part – my memories, time and date stamped, preceded the records release by decades. Bill Hagmaier has known of me for years and has also participated in the suppression of my experiences to protect the lies they have collectively put forward about the cases in general.  Bundy was working with the FBI and high ranking Republican officials during the years he was killing.  And they know he didn’t just start in 1974, he was reported to them by multiple witnesses and they had critical evidence against him by the end of 1974 including of prior activity. They had him positively identified by several people before he was ever transferred to Colorado.  But they refused to charge him.

Robert Keppel for decades denied that any evidence other than skull fragments and hair was found on Taylor Mountain but that is patently false.  I have posted the list of evidence on this website.  Further, it was Keppel himself who logged in the skeletal remains and put his numbers on those remains and photographed them.  Those numbers left a paper trail over the years that can be followed and that trail mirrors Keppel’s activity behind the scenes:  the remains were transferred to the ME office in March of 1984, the same time frame that Keppel stepped in over Reichert to take control of the Green River investigation.  Evidence was destroyed per internal memos in 1981, the same year that Keppel moved to the AG Office as its investigator.  Evidence was also destroyed in 1999 per internal memo the same year Keppel “retired”.  In 2001 I started coming forward to police and continued to persist in doing so.  Behind the scenes, the case started being cleaned up.  That is borne out by WA State sending the girls’ remains to TX in 2005 to be tested for identification DNA – 30+ years AFTER the remains had been in their possession.  30+ years after Keppel’s denial that any remains were even found on Taylor and Tiger Mountain.  By 2011 I went to the FBI complaining of a cover up by the AG Office and WA state police jurisdictions associated to Bundy [I did not yet have the records] and a memo was issued by AG Office, a directive that only DNA was going to be used in the Bundy cases as a vial of Bundy’s blood had been miraculously “found” by the FBI in Florida supposedly taken in 1978.  So officials refused to talk to me on that basis.  In fact, they refused to acknowledge me until records were released to me in fall of 2014 and I complained of the cover up and then in the one “interview” I had, the person who interviewed was incredibly hostile, telling me I was wasting his time and never took a note.  He did say though at the end maybe the experiences I had back then were the result of domestic violence.  Ted Bundy was a serial killer, his actions were the result of his own pathology and not the result of a relationship, I lined up and could prove my memories matched sealed records which the investigator blew off and lastly, since when is the stalking, rape and repeated abduction of a young girl starting at the age of 16 a situation of “domestic violence”?  Ted Bundy was 8 years older than me.  He was 24 and I was just turned 16 and he was a developing serial killer and I was a girl who had moved around a lot and never had a boyfriend and rarely even dated.  The prejudices and biases of the WA State and FBI group of investigators is intolerable. Those prejudices and discrimination remains to this day.   I was muzzled as a victim and being able to talk about your trauma is a very critical element to healing.  Not only that but Keppel continued to put me down behind the scenes telling media and other investigators and any one he thought might actually listen to me that I wasn’t real and shouldn’t be believed when he was the one who has been lying for years and corrupt as they come in relation to this case. There were even buy and bury attempts made on my story to silence me. Those attempts orchestrated by the AG Office failed.

Ted Bundy, by victim autopsies, was known to imbibe his victims with alcohol or drugs that he held captive and he didn’t kill them immediately – he kept them for hours or days.  The evidence at Taylor and Tiger mountain proves those actions as do his own statements to Keppel in 1984 that Green River Killer may have used imbibing as a means to “take the edge off” as well as the fact Liz found him in Utah with a date rape drug in his possession per her book.  It also lines up to the fact that he stated behind the scenes that both Laura Aime and Melissa Smith were held for hours or days; that Roberta Parks also suffered the imbibing and was held; and that the living victim released [myself] had been a “practice” target.

It also lines up directly to the fact that he parked outside my window the night he abducted George [Hawkins]and that my location at the time was directly behind the Theta house and there was a large bush at the corner outside my window that shielded his car from being seen.  I had complained for years that he was imbibing me and that when I was released it had felt back then like waking up from surgery and I never knew about the imbibing of victims because that was only in the street files and the autopsies – something never released.  So my comment about the drugging was prior to the records release and there had been no public release about that information.  Bundy told people he was “following” a sorority girl – it’s in the witness statements.  Following is stalking.  I lived only 3 blocks from Liz at one point on the same side of the street and I lived behind the Theta house at the very spot from which he abducted Georgann Hawkins who looked like a sister to me and who he knew I knew as a friend.  It was devastating.  He told officials that alcohol had been used when he had girls captive.  There is absolutely no reason that false details about the Bundy cases should have been put forward let alone taught as fact in criminal justice learning environments.

I never knew Ted was out there [outside my window] although I did encounter him in the alley and George did approach us and we all three talked before she walked off with him – but at the time I entered the alley to take my puppy out to potty I did not know he had been out there – he cornered me by the Theta house.  George was a friend of mine and he knew it.  We didn’t have cell phones back then, we didn’t watch TV much.  I never knew George was missing as I was in nursing school on campus that summer sequestered away and wasn’t watching TV.  Months passed and by then, the head injuries and jaw dislocation were taking a toll on me.  I had to have my jaw repositioned by a dentist and I was already showing severe signs of PTSD unable to be in enclosed settings without extreme nervousness and I couldn’t remember why ….. concussions were happening so repeatedly that I couldn’t regain the memories.  It took decades for fragments to return and they were out of alignment and emerging in pieces over a period that took well over a decade.

I’m not the only one bullied behind the scenes:  in 1981 Keppel wrote a letter to another state’s detective stating that he intended to charge Liz with obstruction of justice because she had a book coming out and depending on what it said he would charge her.  Liz had already reached out to the police several times, including being interviewed by Keppel.  She was a victim.  It’s bullying and he also did it to Richard Larsen, working with the FBI behind the scenes in Utah to suppress what Larsen had access to – Larsen’s book went out of print about the same time Keppel released his book “Riverman” which was a fabrication of the facts of the case and inaccurate in many places.  Keppel also made sexist and derogatory remarks about Bundy’s attorney in Florida.  It’s been a pattern with him.  My question to the FBI is how much were they sanctioning and even encouraging this type of behavior.  What are these people hiding?

The evidence and statements show clearly that Bundy didn’t just grab anyone in his pattern of abductions – in a few of the core cases, such as me and Laura, he stalked us ahead of time, conducted surveillance on us, and held us in captivity. There were witnesses who saw Bundy with Laura, who knew of his stalking activity towards her, and these witnesses have been suppressed over the years by authorities. His activity with me began when I was only 16 and new to WA State, living in Tacoma.  My parents were divorcing, my father was a prominent physician and Bundy started calling me immediately after the family photo was in the local papers in the fall of 1970 and very soon had ascertained that the family was in shambles, I was new, alone essentially as the parents were frequently gone, and very vulnerable. I was also very tiny – wearing junior clothes and barely over 100 pounds and only about 5’3″.  He called on the phone identifying himself as “Teddy” but I never met him directly for months.  I was begging practically for authorities to pull my phone records as they may have proved the calls but they didn’t.  Regardless, the memories [time and date stamped to precede the records] do verify my experiences and are not able to be challenged.  Perhaps that is why they continue to do everything they can to silence me in ways to me that go beyond normal justice system behavior.

Ted stalked me as a stranger to me during the early months of 1970 through 1976, driving by my home, talking to me at a ski resort, and staring through the windows of my home.  But initially I didn’t know the stalker side of him as “Teddy”.  I did not know the stalker who I was terrified of was the same person who I was bonding to on the phone called “Teddy”.  Teddy was the older big brother figure that I was so in need of being new to the entire state, new to school and with a family in shambles due to divorce.

Teddy is mentioned in my yearbook and he lured me out, pretending friendship before he drugged me at a party and violently raped me nearly killing me and using an implement.  I didn’t have a situation where I could tell anyone and once that assault occurred, I felt trapped by the violence of it and afraid to say anything as he kept the contact up calling me and driving by, apologizing for it and my memory was already fragmented due to the trauma.  It set me up for repeated control.  For over a decade, Keppel has been discrediting me behind the scenes telling people there were no survivors in WA State, and that any memories were “consensual”.  He had a spin he wanted on this case series of Bundy and he wanted to make sure his interpretation of all that happened was the only one people ever heard.  But he was wrong and he was manipulating evidence to force the case in a direction instead of listening to the evidence.

Robert Keppel has been lying to the American public about this case for decades. He protected his friends [Rule by with holding a 33 page letter Bundy wrote detailing false statements in Rule’s book “Stranger Beside Me”; by with holding a statement Bundy made that what he had given Michaud and Aynesworth was in large part fiction “done to pander to a reading audience” and that they had broken an agreement they had with Bundy; and he misrepresented entirely the 1984 interview with Bundy that Keppel had with him; stating publicly it was to teach Keppel about how to interview a serial killer when in reality the 1984 interview was more the cops asking Bundy about profiling the Green River Killer and in 1988, the interview was Keppel per his own words in a letter to Bundy, a reason he “snuk” over there to the prison was to meet with Bundy on how to develop questionnaires that appear to be the basis for either the HITS program of WA State or VICAP.  He was using Bundy for profiling and designing questionnaires but not working the cases which were still unsolved in WA State.  That is suggested by the off the record statement by the AG office that Keppel had gotten private ownership of the case in 1981.  Keppel had also requested to begin contacting Bundy in 1980 before he moved to the AG Office.

Keppel maintains there was no evidence but there was….it was all there on Taylor and Tiger Mountain and at Issaquah if it had ever been reviewed in full and correlated properly….my memories lined up to what was found in those kill sites.  Bundy held me, Laura, Melissa, and Roberta Parks in a location of his comfort level and choosing where he imbibed us, restrained us, and raped us for hours and in some cases over days.  I suspect that he did this to the girls found on Taylor, Tiger Mountains and Issaquah as well based on the actual evidence on site which included a lean-to as well as abandoned homes nearby. Red matter was collected from the basement area of these walls back then.  I can’t tell what happened to it as it isn’t in the final accounting of what was left after things were ordered destroyed or as one officer wrote in an internal memo “crime scene junk”.

WA State cops and the FBI and even all the way to the DOJ turned their backs on the information the records contained and refused to even objectively interview me – the core facts of the case they turned a blind eye to–acting more like gate keepers of secrets than objective investigators.  There were over 50 missing and murdered girls in the 3 county area around King County at the time Bundy was killing – approximate years per records indicate 1971 to 1974 in WA.  They also destroyed evidence – documented in memos in 1981, in 1999 and in 2010-2011 – something that makes it hard for me to understand and very angry as a result – they cared nothing about the victims.  Even now, we fail to hear from the actual attorneys who defended Bundy or prosecuted Bundy in the court setting and what they saw of or know of in terms of evidence.  Even now, the “gatekeepers” continue to be the same faces over and over – even when victims are in documentaries they are only shown if the same people are shown:  Keppel, McChesney, and Hagmaier frequently and recently John Henry Brown and to a lesser extent Michaud and Rule who may have been unaware of Bundy’s statements behind the scenes but who essentially parroted whatever the official story was.

Keppel never caught or charged Bundy in WA though WA state had more evidence against him than any other state; McChesney was a junior detective at the time and didn’t catch him either though she took in personally some critical evidence known to be his such as an axe and its cover, a taped jack handle and a bead and leather necklace [an article that was found on the bodies of at last 2 victims in another state]; and Hagmaier always talks of how much time he spent with Bundy and Bundy called him his “best friend” but none of these people have ever once gone in depth on the forensics of the case nor empowered the other investigators and legal teams that may differ in case assessments.  For years, decades even, they kept silent about all the evidence they knew was suppressed – at the expense of other investigators in other states who had unsolved cases, the families of victims known and the victims who were found on site at Taylor Mountain and Tiger mountain and were never identified – not even today.  Three girls never identified were found before Bundy was picked up in Utah and to this day they remain unidentified not because they were not found but because officials failed to protect them in death.  Bundy may have killed them but the officials who are profiting on this case threw them away like they didn’t matter at all.

All these people knew the evidence behind the scenes was incriminating to Bundy – all of them know the public story put forward about not having enough to convict him in WA State is false.    They could have charged him before Colorado, before Florida.   I’ve been told behind the scenes “off the record” that much of what happened back then was “political”.  Political has many nuances and meanings but just exactly what was political about Bundy. He was a serial killer.  He wasn’t any different.  Several serial killers were well known socially and people never suspected them.  He’s been turned into this media legend but I question why – he’s not any different than the other serial killers.  If you look at the evidence, the REAL evidence and not what these people constantly spin as the real evidence, you’d see that Bundy wasn’t special – Hanson in Alaska, Ridgeway in Green River Killings, the Toy Box killer, Dahmer, etc…the common thread seems to be predatory, surveillance and accessibility, and the need to possess a type of person. Bundy even states such to Keppel in the 1984 and 1988 interviews…yet Keppel publicly stressed Bundy was “traumatized” and protected the ex-girlfriend.  He let his buddy Rule go forward with similar assessments.  It was a sexist interpretation – if Bundy killed it must be because it was a result of trauma from a woman.  That is how it played out for years. Rule defamed me in her book and I was powerless to stop it even though it traumatized me and devastated me and I can prove those statements due to the email trail between us.  She manufactured an entire scenario about me only changing my name and published it even though it had no basis in fact at all and no basis in anything I had ever said.  She assigned quotes to me I never said.  And she told me it was me in an email – the ultimate abuse of power as she knew I couldn’t touch her legally.  Not without an investigation which Keppel was actively blocking at the time.

Keppel’s statement that Bundy wouldn’t talk to anyone but him in the prison interviews isn’t even true:  Bundy specifically reached out to Green River Task Force and Reichert and stated he did not want to talk to Keppel initially but he was forced to do so when Keppel stepped in over Reichert according to the conversations.  The FBI was initially involved in these communications and Keppel references the FBI to Bundy telling Bundy he hadn’t received a letter that the FBI had not yet forwarded.  Bundy wasn’t executed yet.  Why is it that so much was going on behind the scenes when he had appeals and a trial still pending?  Is that a violation of constitutional process?  Keppel ignored many incriminating statements by Bundy and completely ignored the actual evidence.  My question is why and who all knew that the direction the public story was taking was false?  Keppel even sued the state of Florida to get Bundy’s notes when he could have had copies.  The extremes of violations of policy and procedure are incredible when you really evaluate the evidence in the street files and actions of the officials.

In the final interview portion redacted from the public, Bundy states 1972 as the first year of killing with actions he’d done leading up to it and then quickly walked it back to 1974…the year Keppel had been pressing him to give and Keppel makes a comment “we talked…”  very cryptic.

There is also evidence in the files that suggests strongly that Hawkins had been found on Taylor or Tiger Mountain back in 1975.  Now I’ve heard that there is a slow admission to the evidence of Taylor Mountain and Hawkins.  How many decades later and only because someone released the records to me and I disseminated them to media.  I issued multiple complaints to the authorities desperately trying to work within justice system channels as high up as I could go including to the DOJ itself…and they never responded but some police behind the scenes did tell me I was being blocked. So too did some attorneys – asking why are the Feds so threatened by you?  FBI investigated the disappearance of Dorothy in Wizard of Oz yet failed to investigate this abuse of power in the Bundy cases.  Their continued silence to me says a lot about guilt and cover up.

I am that survivor that Ted talked of….the reason he started with Georgann Hawkins in that taped “confession” and the reason he stated to Keppel “someone may have seen me” when he talked of walking with Georgann.  I am a survivor of multiple kidnappings by him where I suffered tremendous harm and I was terribly damaged by all that happened to me.

The argument against me by Keppel and King County, the FBI and the AG of WA is that I am somehow “not real” that I am only pretending to be that survivor.  My response to them publicly now in this blog is that oh yes I am and if you ever reviewed the records against my claims without prejudice and bias you would know it beyond any doubt.  I could not have known as far back as early 2000 where he was parking [exactly] as logged into the surveillance records of that time [which at that time were never released]; I could not have known he was working behind the scenes at Ludlow Kramer’s office in 1972 [and he was per multiple records];  I could not have known he was driving a VW in 1972 as that is what he was in when he raped me [that too is in the records and verified by more than one witness – he was driving a VW before his publicly stated car of 1973.]  And there is so much more in my time and date stamped memory fragments that emerged on their own over 12 years.  Including a statement by people who knew me back then that supports many of these memories — my room mate at the time of Georgann’s abduction had Bundy show up at her parents’ home during the time he was trying to actively hunt me down and kill me and her father reported him but the police never followed up.  The police have never even asked me for the multiple pieces of evidence and statements that I do have from those years including the photo of me at Ludlow Kramer’s office and my early statement [time and date stamped] that Ted had been working there and knew I was going there with a pageant when I was in high school – I have photos and a letter from Ludlow Kramer confirming I’d been there.

My locations, my size very tiny at 5’3” and 105 pounds all line up.  My symptoms of PTSD line up.  They’ve been documented for decades.

As to me….I appeared “normal” back then at times, but the physical symptoms of shaking, sweating profusely [a sign of traumatic brain injury, so too are the shattered and scattered memories I have], bruises and panic attacks I suffer which are documented by other people from that time period and in my evidence– all of these support the rape trauma, the head injuries, and the nightmare I was living at the time. In addition, there are over 50 points of direct correlation to the case: locations, physical characteristics, travel, social correlations, proximity and much more.  These locations, characteristics, correlations are used by police behind the scenes to work the cases but in my instance where there were many, and more than any other victim and which could be verified, were denied their very existence and police refused to even evaluate them.  I  can’t tell you how many times someone told me that if Keppel didn’t know about me I couldn’t have existed or if Keppel didn’t investigate it I wasn’t legitimate.  Keppel…the man who had lied about the case for decades.  I felt like I was reliving a nightmare.  I was captive all over again but this time not by Bundy but by Keppel and the denial of the truth. I was invisible.  I was hurting and I didn’t exist in the eyes of the officials who were more focused on their own profit and careers and keeping this case in the media for their own benefit than on the truth and the victims who never lived or who are still unknown or in my case who have been silenced.

Example of documentation:  I was in the public eye modeling around Seattle Tacoma much sooner than I was mature enough to understand or realize that it could be dangerous.  I modeled frequently at the tea room at Nordstrom in Seattle, a store Ted was known to shop in – never publicly released.  All of this is proven by photographs and statements – I can’t reinvent myself or retroactively place myself.  I have photos of me at Ludlow Kramer’s office and it was in 1972 the very year Ted worked there and which is in witness statements never released. I have photos of me modeling.  My sorority and my location in that apartment behind Theta sorority [where Georgann lived] are reflected multiple times in the surveillance records of him in 1975.

Ted’s family unpublished address also supported my memories as his family home was less than a mile from my father’s home and so did my addresses at the University of WA which put me behind the Theta house the night Georgann Hawkins was abducted and at my sorority which was only 3 blocks from Liz’s residence at the time[never published] on the same side of the street.  My parents had an expensive set of pots and pans stolen from their home while he was living at home in Tacoma in 1974 that summer, and surprisingly such a set was found in his home in Utah.  Another correlation that supports me.

Why do I continue to fight?  I want accountability….I want justice for those girls that the officials essentially threw away by “losing” evidence, denying evidence and not working the cases thoroughly.  I want the public to hold those responsible accountable to the public and to the institutions they serve in principle, duty and ethics – because in the end that impacts all of us, regardless of whether Ted Bundy was executed.  The Attorney General Office of WA State and the FBI are not agencies which are above the law: they are funded by, and serve, the people. This fight with them has transformed over the past 20 years from a fight to be heard as a critical survivor and witness to a purpose to hold them accountable for a deep betrayal of public trust and to the girls who didn’t survive and the families who had believed in these officials to do the right thing only to be betrayed by their actions.  I was deeply traumatized not only by Bundy but by the very justice system I had always believed in and which I had sought out for help. It was devastating. I don’t want another victim in a high profile case with political undertones to have to go through what I have been through.  I want reforms in the way evidence is protected and handled and I also want the public to do some soul searching on the entertainment value and promotion of crime and murder in media and its impact on our society.  How much does it influence the outcome of cases?  In the Bundy cases it has fueled corruption and callous indifference to the truth just so a few people can get in front of cameras.

Truth has a way of finding its own route, much like water flows its natural course. I think that given the present time, and the political environment of today, and even public attitudes now, that accountability and transparency are critical to our justice system and in this case, so far, they have done nothing to correct the injustices or lies which have been put forward.  These misrepresentations of the case have even been taught as “fact” over the years to students in university settings – the impact on public perception of this case and the ramifications are enormous.  It needs to end.  Mistakes can happen in any given situation in a real time series of crimes that are fast -paced…that’s understandable…..but purposeful and willful withholding of evidence and misrepresenting evidence to the public for decades as shown by the original records when compared to the actual public story released is a different story.  Those types of actions are intentional and predatory and they should be treated as criminal acts.

                  All truth passes through 3 stages:

                   First it is ridiculed.

                   Second it is violently opposed.

                   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

Alfred Shopenhauer