I survived multiple kidnappings by Ted Bundy – it took me nearly my entire adult life to heal enough to testify

I was a victim that survived multiple kidnappings but not without damage. My life was a struggle for decades. The proof of that statement in the title is in the case records, the references to the survivor used as a “dry run” and in FBI report/files, the facts that correlated to my experiences documented in memories time and date stamped to precede the records which had never been publicly released at the time memories came back, the locations, the fact that my memories contradicted Keppel’s public statements about the case, and so much more. What was released to me legally in 2014 and 2015 are over 1000 pages of original documents and over 12 hours of original audio files.

What was put before the public for decades by Keppel and others especially early on has been incomplete, misrepresented, fabricated and blatant lies. That is proven by the original records never released. Keppel set the tone of the case from the beginning and made sure he was the face of it but his positioning of the case was inaccurate at best and self serving. He made every effort he could for years even after he “retired” to use his connections to the justice system and to media to silence me and continue to control the case as the “expert” but from what I see in the records some of his maneuverings in the case files were illegal.

I question also the actions of WA State officials such as the FOIA [giving Keppel private ownership of case files] and hiding evidence. Keppel’s statements to press were false and misleading about the case in general in WA. His grandstanding and sensationalism of the case having Bundy throwing things out of the VW window and nothing but heads on site was never true of the actual evidence and he knew it. He knew it as he logged the evidence in himself in his personal detective notes. He knew clothing had been found including bras: that jewelry, evidence of bondage and possible captivity, skeletal remains, and evidence possibly associated to the killer [such as a thermos, lean to, candy wrappers and so forth] were on site in both locations. He knew. He personally assigned numbers to the skeletal remains found on site in March of 1975 at Taylor Mountain and those numbers can be tracked through the years to the their eventual DNA testing in TX which confirmed they were indeed the girls. Keppel’s statements in the original Riverman book which brought him into the limelight in media and set the tone for the case were entirely lies: He stated that no skeletal remains were found on site and that they were only animal bones confirmed as such by an anthropologist at the time. Not true. Human remains were documented on site in multiple records back then. These were later confirmed as victims through DNA tests. Keppel has in his notes a statement from the original ME examining the human remains found back in March of 1975 that the “heads were with the bodies”. It was later right before Bundy was picked up in Utah in August of 1975 that Keppel back dated a record to March of 1975 to ask a different ME what would be needed for a find of decapitation and that is what Keppel went forward with. That is altering findings.

Keppel told Bundy in his last private meeting with him before the execution that they had found five “femurs” on site at Taylor Mountain. Bundy stated several times in interviews that animals were active with scattering remains. Again what Keppel was doing was pushing the “profile” and findings in a direction he wanted them to go -he was whitewashing to Bundy in that final moment what all had been found. Why bother to tell him? What was the point the day before the execution of the disclosure of finding femurs and not the whole scope of evidence? They found fibulas and tibias on site at Taylor Mountain and ordered leg x-rays because Georgann Hawkins could be positively identified in that manner. That is why in multiple records back then she was confirmed as being found. Then later, they declassified her as found and put her again as missing. This could have occurred back then because someone, and I think it was Keppel, sent the tibias and fibulas that were found in an unmarked box without paperwork to the ME around the time Keppel took over the Green River investigation. This was in 1984. Why did Keppel tell Bundy they had found human remains at his sites right before Bundy’s execution [except for Hawkins] and then later go before public and play audiotapes of Bundy talking about things Keppel knew conclusively were not true and yet Keppel brought them forth as facts – such as Bundy decapitating victims and Hawkins not found and how mysterious Bundy was when it wasn’t true – they had him identified by the end of 1974 and they ran DMV records in the summer of 1974. Why did so many law enforcement people stay silent about all this? I just can’t understand it. When I called Seattle PD to ask about Georgann I was told by the officer on the phone that she was found even while publicly she was listed on various sites as missing and not confirmed by Bundy’s confession and even while Keppel was stating publicly nothing was found in his so-called documentaries and multiple media statements. No one, not even FBI, contradicted Keppel. Why?

I do not have records what happened to this evidence related to Hawkins after that time [1984 when it was sent to ME] except for memos that confirm it happened. The ME at the time in an internal memo stated she believed the remains were Hawkins and possibly it had something to do with Green River [i.e. Keppel]. It was later in 1992 or close to then that Hawkins was declassified as found [“erroneous”] and put back in to the missing data base. This was around the time the FBI released its report that “we’ll never know” all while naming an unknown victim Bundy was using as a “dry run” “releasing unharmed” to “test his skills”. A dry run is against a target. “Releasing” implies captivity. And unharmed is just the killer’s rendition – I was alive. I was very much being harmed. Again, how much the FBI knew of all of this behind the scenes maneuvering by Keppel I am not sure about but one thing I am sure about is that his actions back then appear to be very manipulative and directed to gaining control of the case and what he put before the public was deceptive and not true to the records and he knew it.

WA State claimed publicly and to other states and jurisdictions [its in the records] that they had no knowledge of Bundy’s work or travel activity when in fact they had multiple documents of his work for the Crime Commission studying rape, his work for DOJ and WA government for a study on recidivism [where he had unfettered access to court documents] and to his work with the Republican party [close to top officials in the party and at least for a short time a precinct chairman of a smaller precinct]. Per records, the work history of Ted Bundy with these entities was requested to be turned over to two people handling the case at the time: Keppel and McChesney. Both of whom worked with FBI later in their careers. Keppel behind the scenes and McChesney in various positions including top positions. Keppel appears sometimes in the records to be angling and manipulating to become the “expert” profiler of Bundy based on his actions and statements behind the scenes but he never evaluated evidence and seemed driven to direct the profile in a certain way instead of letting the evidence, Bundy’s actions, develop the profile. As a result what he put forward for years was entirely wrong and fabricated. Look at his original press releases, his sensationalism of the case, and the original publication of Riverman. None of these reflected the records which to this date remain never released in their entirety as a cohesive investigation correlated to all that they had back then.

Bundy also worked for DES, the department which was on site at his crime sites in WA and subsequently which sites were essentially denied as being important in terms of evidence. His sites in WA had multiple bodies each [skeletal remains] and over 100 pieces of evidence at both locations including clothing that matched the description of what at least some missing girls were wearing. This evidence found on site appears per record sheets at the time to have been earmarked for Superior Court of WA. Why was it denied as existing by Keppel? Whatever happened to it since it was never publicly acknowledged? Work history may not be related to murder but it is related possibly to why this evidence was suppressed and denied over the years and why so much false information was put forward.

Missing girls found at WA State sites of Bundy were even from out of King County jurisdiction [Rancourt and Parks] and out of WA State [Parks]. Yet the public claim for decades was that this expanse of evidence never existed. That evidence from one site was lost and per Keppel [who became designated spokesperson for the case before and after he retired] nothing existed at the other site [Taylor/Tiger Mountain]. Interstate abduction of a young girl [Parks] and FBI was never called in when skeletal remains were found on site? Shouldn’t they have been involved the minute it was known that she had been found in WA State even if only a jawbone? It was still interstate abduction for murder. And what about Rancourt? Why did King County and AG Office and State of WA shut everything down except Keppel’s version of events which is false to the actual records and data held behind the scenes? In a case this critical and this big? Why was the whole scenario with Hawkins made up when she was found on site per records and documented as such in multiple places? Why was so much emphasis placed on Bundy being traumatized when the sites that were found in WA clearly showed planning and him returning to them time and time again with victims and with abandoned homes nearby each site as well. That’s not trauma. That’s proactive, planned serial killing. He was at the time studying rape and why it was under reported and victimology of rape, analyzing recidivism, and working closely with entities in the justice system. He knew exactly what he was doing the whole time. He studied psychology also – he knew how to manipulate.

Multiple bodies at two major crime sites per records and search teams? Keppel claimed years after the sites of Bundy were found in his book Riverman that only he and his partner at the time were out on site searching but that was a public lie he gave while under color of law. He tried to downplay the actual search by publishing a photo of the area with only two cars when there were many agencies on site, helicopters and multiple cars and investigators. Why did all these people stay so quiet over the years when they knew what Keppel was putting forward wasn’t accurate? I don’t understand that unless they tried to complain to authorities and they got silenced just like me.

Private ownership and profit off a multiple serial case by one cop who works the media and case for sensationalism all while still under color of law to the detriment of the cases and families and victims?? There needs to be some answers and accountability. I firmly believe having seen so many of these records that Keppel attacked me publicly, blocked me from the justice system, and labeled me publicly and behind the scenes as a “consensual” survivor knowing full well that I was a victim because he didn’t want anyone in law enforcement not connected to the decisions and actions back then to review the case and realize all that he had done that was not only unethical but also in my opinion appears to be illegal. I reached out to Keppel directly several times as instructed to do so by Seattle police and the WA AG office and he never responded to me instead using the media to directly defame me and try to intimidate me by playing snippets of Bundy saying the survivor was consensual. He also shadowed me for several years and I was told that by law enforcement officers I met with and by attorneys that he was blocking me and shadowing me. That’s terrifying and traumatizing. That is abuse of power as well as defamation with intent from what I experienced in emotional trauma.

Keppel didn’t want Bundy cases reviewed and the records reviewed prior to the 1974 date and never in total. He perceived me as a threat to his secrets. I know why Bundy would have claimed something like that and it was for similar reasons: self protection and deflection of his many years as a killer. He didn’t start in 1974 and he wasn’t traumatized. I was never supposed to live. He just didn’t succeed in that final act. The irony is that if law enforcement had actually helped me verify the pieces of memory running counter to Keppel’s public claims, I would have never fought so hard; I would have never gotten the records ultimately released to me that I have and I never would have gained the strength to come forward on a public level. My sole purpose in the beginning of all of it was to verify my memory fragments so I could finally heal: it’s a terribly frightening experience to have part of your life randomly emerging in fragments that are out of order and that you never knew you had lived through. It was only by verifying the details around them that I could start piecing what had happened to me together [such as Bundy had a car in 1971 and 1972 that he drove frequently – denied by Keppel, Rule and others; that my locations such as the sorority, the annex, and my father’s home [only a mile from Bundy’s parents Tacoma home and where in summer of 1974 my dad’s expensive set of pots and pans were stolen from the home and Liz spotted some expensive pots and pans at Bundy’s in Utah and wondered how he afforded them]; were spot on to records; to knowing Bundy was working at Ludlow Kramer’s office when I was in high school and having a photo of me there – never acknowledged publicly] and many, many more correlations.

I was coming to police for help verifying the memory bits because I’d seen him that night with Georgann as he was continually stalking me over a four year period, because counseling wasn’t the issue, facts were the issue and they were withheld from me, and because I knew I had suffered head injuries, jaw injuries and internal injuries back then. Counseling has a place and a purpose but so does factual verification of important witness and victim memories. God works in mysterious ways sometimes but in this instance, the path was one I was placed on without any underlying understanding of it on my own – only in hindsight have I begun to understand it, have I begun to believe there was a reason I survived. I hope my case changes the way head injuries in the context of crimes are viewed and I sincerely hope my case is evaluated by physicians and others who study head injuries that result from concussions committed during an assault against you. I couldn’t remember things at times back then. I struggled with some of the most basic skills sometimes. I had nowhere to turn. Not much was known about those types of things back then. I sincerely hope this case gets reviewed and serious changes are made in how cases are protected and worked because of how badly the Bundy cases were handled.

I added some information back to this plea for review of this case because I don’t want it forgotten. What happened to me is important as Bundy was following me [stalking and following by papers and TV] in high school, he raped me violently and tried to kill me in high school and then gained control of me as a repeat victim, and I was traveling for modeling around western WA, and to OR and CA frequently during those years – but I alone am not the reason I have been fighting for so long. This case of Bundy’s overall has had far too much media play and far too little professional evaluation. For now, this is what I am going to post. I have used this platform to communicate events that happened to me back then which I felt comfortable doing so. I took some of the personal details about the assaults down for it is now in the hands of others in law enforcement. I don’t believe that all law enforcement is bad or that the justice system is all bad. I do however believe that bad people are bad people whether or not they wear a badge. This series of cases from WA to Utah to Colorado to Florida needs review by good people with “good eyes” to bring closure to the girls who have no voice anymore as well as to me. I hope I can find that closure before I pass away. At least I know I tried as hard as I could.

What happened to me back then is being investigated and so too I hope is the behind the scenes maneuvering that favored the killer instead of the victims and for now I am going to defer to, and trust in, those who have committed their time and expense to giving what happened back then the comprehensive, objective investigation it warrants. I’ve fought very hard over the past few years to protect these records against those who wanted to take them from me associated to the case. I tried multiple times to get them in front of the public through various media not for publicity but for truth and closure. For a voice.

I am grateful the investigation is being done for my own sense of closure. The Bundy cases were never an example of good police work though some did do their jobs faithfully. And it is not just me who was defamed: many of Keppel’s colleagues were ridiculed by him publicly in his book unfairly and untruthfully per records while he was still under color of law and I don’t recall that anyone ever publicly defended them. Those who were wronged should have the right to be vindicated even if no longer with us. Again, go back to that first edition of Riverman. That set the tone for the decades that followed: not his subtle attempt to alter it back to a more academic approach. He was manipulating the entire time. He was controlling the case for his own professional and personal gain without any regard to the actual evidence or victims. Keppel was a real piece of work.

In my opinion, having healed enough to process some of this it was at least partially about politics and I say that because I don’t think he acted entirely on his own although I am not sure if anyone else knew how much he was manipulating things. I think Keppel took advantage of evolving law enforcement practices in serial cases in order to secure a financial avenue for himself through media. I think he noted what other book authors were getting in terms of media play and he wanted to be part of it. He had a friendship relationship with Ann Rule [who got him his first editor] and he was meeting with Stephen Michaud behind the scenes on the case as early as 1980. He also understood the politics of a serial killer being embedded in the very law enforcement entities that would be hunting him.

Those politics continued into the present day and the stalking, threats, and intimidation tactics used against me to prevent any of this from coming into public awareness always seemed to be connected to Keppel. Even when I had all the records and could prove what I was saying the AG Office refused to help me telling me “not at this time” in a letter and verbally that Keppel was in ill health. I was suffering terribly at the time too. I have been for nearly 50 years. What about me? It makes me sad and upset that politics back then over-rode common decency and that politics continue to influence the silencing that occurred decades later even to the degree of blocking me in my attempts to find an attorney – I was told that by several attorneys. That’s intimidation tactics. The Bundy cases deserve a new investigation for many reasons. It needed to be done.