Who Is Sara? Sara -Early Victim of Ted Bundy Challenges Officials on Public Story – Records show tampering with evidence and multiple areas of concern….

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This  blog post and site is not about personal publicity.  I’ve been coming forward now for nearly two decades [I can document since 2001] and initially never had any intention of going public.  I was a surviving victim of that time period with documents to prove it and I had witnessed Ted with Georgann Hawkins the night he abducted her as he had been stalking me and had parked outside of my apartment window by a bush near the alley – something he had done frequently.  The only reason I had not come forward sooner was that I had suffered head injuries at the time, drugging during captivity, and severe psychological trauma that had resulted in severe PTSD symptoms which were not recognized back then and had fractured, fragmented and disjointed memories that made it difficult then [and now at times] to express myself. All of my memories, although shattered and broken, contained details which authorities had hidden and never released – proving beyond doubt that I was the survivor Bundy talked of to the FBI behind the scenes – a survivor again they have denied over the years.  My memories contained details which lined up to evidence which had been hidden for decades by authorities.

Robert Keppel has misrepresented this case for decades, denying evidence that was critical to Bundy cases in WA State including the fact that chemical bottle[s] were found at Taylor Mountain and potentially at the Issaquah site [if in fact Issaquah site existed and the site was not actually Tiger Mountain which is in the records].  Denying the fact that skeletal remains were found and not just heads – denying the fact that WA State discarded, “lost” and failed to work 300 pieces of incriminating evidence that could have, and should have, been used to charge Bundy in WA State.  They had him identified by the end of 1974 by a credible witness as well as statements by prior witnesses that positively identified Bundy with missing girls before he was transferred to Colorado – vital information and details that were never really worked.  Much of the case was never worked if you review the records of that time against the public statements over the years and the shifting public story.

I appeared “normal” back then at times, but the physical symptoms of shaking, sweating profusely [a sign of traumatic brain injury], bruises and panic attacks documented by other people and in my evidence, all supported the rape trauma, the head injuries, and the nightmare I was living at the time. In addition, there are over 50 points of direct correlation to the case: locations, physical characteristics, travel, social correlations, proximity and much more. The memories emerged on their own without counseling and over a period of nearly 12 years in a random, disjointed scattered and shattered manner and all of them are documented – saved and time and date stamped to precede the records.  They are still in areas shattered due to the trauma.  Some of the damage to me was permanent.

What changed for me in coming forward publicly was obtaining the records in 2014/2015 which showed that the public story about Bundy during the WA years was false [nothing found on Taylor Mountain when the bodies of the missing girls as well as over 150 pieces of evidence and at least one unidentified girl was found there and other critical documents].  I was also angry at the obvious biases of investigators back then against women in general and the way some of the evidence was treated.  It was very unprofessional in conduct and in comments.

After years of being intimidated, threatened, followed, and manipulated by people associated to the case I finally had the documentation I needed to fight back against them and regain my voice and my right of a victim to confront the perpetrator  – not only Ted but the people associated to this case who have abused their power, profited from the case at the expense of the evidence and the victims and families and who have done the justice system a terrible disservice by their role within it.

In addition, other evidence showed witness testimony that could have charged Bundy in WA before he ever was charged in Utah and the involvement of the FBI much earlier than publicly stated on their website.  To me, that was a betrayal of public trust if not against the law and I started pushing back against the concerted efforts of certain people associated to the case to silence me even while things were put to the media for profit and the story that was false continued to be put out as ‘fact” in documentaries and media time.

My case and my memories lined up to hidden evidence authorities suppressed for decades and that can be proven beyond any doubt. It was important to me to be believed because I had been in many locations where Ted had killed, some of his victims looked eerily liked my friends, he had been kidnapping and releasing me in a compromised state where I couldn’t testify against him as impacted my memory [it is noted in FBI reports]and also the trauma and terror combined put me into a state where things felt suspended, broken into pieces, and in a fog.  I was being terrorized and I had no family support, was new to the area, and had nowhere to go – friends had not known me long enough to confide in them and back then rape wasn’t something you talked about and some of what happened to me was violent and terrifying.

Example of documentation:  I told officials over and over that Ted had been calling me since I was 16, I lived in Tacoma, my father lived less than a mile from Ted’s parents and that he’d been stalking me and had been in the office of Ludlow Kramer when I was there for a pageant in 1972 and knew I was coming and called me about it.  I didn’t really know him at age 16 or 17 – he was using the phone to establish himself as a “friend” – a friend I never had met at the initial time and one that I did not realize was the stalker who I was very much afraid of.  I didn’t know what “stranger dangers” or stalking was back then and I was in the public eye modeling around Seattle Tacoma much sooner than I was mature enough to understand or realize that it could be dangerous.

I was ridiculed for making things up and just wanting publicity and there were attempts by people associated to the case to manipulate my memories and me and claim I only wanted publicity and wasn’t truthful – but years later, in 2014 and 2015, in those sealed records was a statement from a Republican official that Ted was indeed working in the office of Ludlow Kramer in 1972 and not only did my memories line up but I have a letter from Kramer talking of my visit there and a photo of me with him [at age 17] to prove it.  More than one official corroborated Ted’s role in working in Ludlow Kramer’s office in 1972 – the very year I had claimed.  These witness statements are in the original records.  It had never been released publicly.  Ted’s family unpublished address also supported my memories as his family home was less than a mile from my father’s home and so did my addresses at the University of WA which put me behind the Theta house the night Georgann Hawkins was abducted and at my sorority which was only 3 blocks from Liz’s residence at the time[never published] on the same side of the street.  Ted even stated behind the scenes that he’d been following a sorority girl – that girl was me.

That’s only a few examples of over 50 points that lined up.  All of these memories are time and date stamped to precede the records by years if not over a decade and I kept all the correspondence and records of all the attempts to reach out.  I was stonewalled and threatened but I’ve never stopped trying to get the truth of those years out.  A friend of mine, Georgann, was killed by him and my memories documented he was with her that night and her case is still open because authorities did not have a witness who could corroborate it [so they say publicly but they refused to even interview me and when I finally did get interviewed only after the records release all the detective did was sit there and not take notes and tell me I was wasting his time and he had better things to do – he was hostile, critical and threatening.  I was a severely traumatized critical witness and victim and I was also a survivor – a survivor Ted had mentioned behind the scenes and I was turned away and discounted and ridiculed by law enforcement telling me “You only think you’re a victim”].  I did not realize back then in initially coming forward and not even until recently, that the reason the officials in WA State would not recognize me or investigate it had nothing to do with me at all but their own internal corruption and the fact that Hawkins had been found, Keppel knew she’d been found on Taylor or Tiger Mountain, and he and they [including FBI] had purposefully and willfully with held that information from the public.  It’s all there in the records they tried to seal away.  I have been shocked and angered by the deception.

My experiences in WA State are that they are the most unprofessional people I have ever met in law enforcement. But WA State is not the only state keeping quiet and with holding vital evidence – other states have done this also as the records release to me encompassed more evidence than just what WA State held and there was indeed a concerted effort to hide the truth of those years and to with hold evidence that would have been damning to Bundy.

Officials have been lying for years about this case and hiding original files that were critical back then, and still are, to open and not solved cases.  These include the evidence of Taylor Mountain and of Tiger Mountain, witness statements never worked or correlated, internal documents that clearly state the cases were closed as well as statements to me that cases were closed.  It also seems suspicious that during this initial contact with authorities that the cases behind the scenes started being worked in the sense that evidence was being collected and moved over into hiding as proven by internal memos and emails to me by others that evidence was indeed moving into a sealed area and therefore not accessible.  The interesting thing is that the very same evidence they were trying to conceal was released to me – was someone behind the scenes growing a conscience or was it an accident?  Regardless, this release of evidence saved my life essentially by giving me back my voice and it also saved forever the voices of the victims who did not live and who were callously disregarded by those in power who wanted media attention and to make a name for themselves.  When I initially came forward I was denied an interview and told to contact the book authors.  Then when I did as I thought it was my only option, I was criticized for only wanting publicity and manipulated.  Who does that as a law enforcement professional?  I had documentation and my memories were lining up to elements of the case they had never released.  Memories that were time and date stamped to preserve them.  Meanwhile the public narrative was false and people were profiting off it.

They continue to perpetrate a narrative that does not match case records through their “documentaries” and other spins on the cases and what happened but the actual case records dispute them.  Evidence was tampered with….evidence was thrown away, the remains of young girls were “lost” and the list goes on….critical evidence such as skeletal remains were denied their existence [Robert Keppel in his book “Riverman” and in interviews for decades claimed nothing was found of any consequence at Taylor Mountain except skulls and jawbones], as a result, cases were never worked in a timely fashion and evidence/witness statements important to the overall cases were thrown away per internal memos which stated that orders had been given to destroy Bundy evidence – an action [destruction] that was implied in the public announcement by the FBI and DOJ in 2011 that they had “found” a vial of his blood in Florida despite an order that evidence be destroyed  ...the evidence in WA state included the remains of at least 3 unidentified victims per the original records. Bundy told investigators before he died there were 3 girls killed unaccounted for in WA State alone and I personally believe that there were more than just 3 as his statements behind the scenes imply he was active as far back as 1969- there were two to three girls never identified at his kill sites in WA – they were found and therefore known, but the authorities simply threw them away either by intentional action or by careless and unprofessional conduct — critical evidence [losing the remains] –and claimed these girls were “unknown” when the only reason they aren’t known is that they weren’t protected.

The book “Riverman” is not accurate to the records in multiple places with statements such as carrying out empty boxes from Taylor Mountain – no such thing happened – there was a lot of evidence found there – 158 items – they were photographing items and sending them to Superior Court – critical items such as clothing that matched by description what the girls were wearing at the time of their disappearance, human remains [skeletal] and other. Why WA State never charged Bundy when they had his name, his vehicle description, eyewitness accounts in both Utah and WA by no later than the end of 1974 and had in their possession by spring of 1975 nearly 300 pieces of critical evidence from 3 major crime scenes [Issaquah, Taylor Mountain and Tiger Mountain] is something I’d like reviewed and thoroughly investigated by people who are objective and independent. Frankly, I’d like the laws changed to hold law enforcement more accountable to tampering with evidence – I want laws strengthened to charge them even if cases are old.  People’s lives are impacted, people suffer. It is not their right to with hold critical evidence.

Officials knew all along that human skeletal remains were found at both Taylor Mountain/Tiger Mountain crime scenes and at Issaquah, critically important to the Bundy cases and  that has been categorically denied by WA State for decades. In fact, those skeletal remains were documented by Robert Keppel on site [he photographed them and assigned them evidence numbers which allow those human remains to be tracked through the years until they were confirmed to be human remains in 2005].  Some of that evidence was moved for no apparent reason to the ME office without paperwork in March of 1984, the same year that the AG Office under Keppel took over the Green River investigation.  It is one thing to with hold evidence to work cases and another to with hold evidence and tamper with evidence to prevent its discovery and to personally profit from cases which are not yet solved.  I am calling this out publicly because I have tried to get it corrected now for nearly two decades only to be stone walled by nearly all branches and divisions of the Department of Justice.  And it is not the only case worked by Keppel and Canova where evidence was missing – the case of the guy and the horse that Ann Rule wrote about in “One Trick Pony” also had key evidence not available at the trial that couldn’t be used and the accused was convicted when the missing evidence originally exonerated him.  I also have questions about conduct in the Green River killings per the records released to me and what they show – to me, there are some serious issues in the ways things were being handled back then and even now as the cover up continues.  The abuse of power and bullying continues…the records show discussions with Bundy where investigators talk to him in detail about suspects they had. This wasn’t Bundy on a rampage – this was Keppel asking him specific questions about an innocent man that Keppel thought was a suspect.  I cannot understand or fathom how this was not a violation of that man’s rights.  He was innocent and he was discussed as a suspect with a known serial killer.  It’s absurd.

Officials also lied about Bundy’s close working relationship with top officials which in itself does not impact his crimes unless you consider whether or not they covered up this evidence to hide the fact that he was considered a colleague among them …. Bundy was working with the FBI, the DOJ, the Attorney General Office, the Republican Party and a powerful political action group in the Seattle area called CHECC.  Were they interfering with the investigation to protect a colleague or to protect their reputation?  You have only to look at the actual original tape recordings to know that Bundy was talked to not as a criminal but as an “insider” and valued colleague – no matter what  the public story about these conversations is, the actual tapes and files refute that story.The audiotapes in their original non-redacted form show conversations between Bundy and officials as full of disclosures not normally provided to criminals and a role of consulting which was far beyond the level of what was stated publicly.  Instead of working his cases with all the evidence gathered from his WA crime scenes they were meeting with him privately without his attorneys to have him help them analyze the Green River killings and help with the development of questionnaires.  Never once questioning him about all that evidence or the 58 young girls in a three county area that were missing or murdered during the years Bundy was killing. It wasn’t just coming from Bundy – it was the officials who were actively requesting his help.  yet none of this help he gave was given weight at trial – is that even legal?  Not to defend him I’m not but to me again it seems like a violation of law.  No one was working the 158 pieces of evidence from Taylor Mountain, nor the evidence from Tiger Mountain, nor the evidence from Issaquah.  Within days of Bundy’s “confession” Keppel was before the media playing snippets from Bundy’s confession and gruesome details of how he had decapitated victims including Hawkins when the reality is there is absolutely no evidence to support that Bundy ever decapitated anyone – the evidence actually recorded and found shows completely the opposite  – the clothing, remains of the girls, and evidence of the killer were all on site at the crime scenes of Issaquah and Taylor/Tiger Mountain.  The ME at the time who examined the remains initially also stated that the heads were with the bodies and so did the search and rescue teams.

Witness accounts putting Bundy near the crime site of Taylor Mountain and Issaquah [at the exact entrance of Taylor Mountain] were suppressed as were items of evidence forwarded on to the FBI and the fact that authorities had identified Bundy as early as October of 1974 by witness statements.  They had a description of Bundy, his name, his VW description, witnesses, and missing and murdered girls in two states [UT and WA\ and all of this in both locations by the end of 1974.  By March of 1975 they had Taylor Mountain, Tiger Mountain crime scenes, and the evidence there.

Remains found on site at Taylor Mountain [not the three girls at Issaquah found there, it appears those remains were “lost” for years ] were identified on site in 1975 and assigned evidence numbers, per original records, and then the remains were sent in March of 1984, the same time the AG Office took over the Green River investigation coincidentally, to the ME without customary paperwork per internal memo and that is where they sat until 2005 when they were sent to TX and determined by DNA to be indeed the girls found originally on Taylor Mountain.  These remains are noted in multiple places in the detective notes and search and rescue notes of that original search period and cannot be disputed – the records do not support and never have the so called public statement of decapitation nor the public statement that nothing of significance was found on Taylor Mountain but a few skulls and pieces of jawbone – an ME examined the remains found on site at Taylor Mountain in March of 1975 and declared in his findings that the heads were with the bodies, negating decapitation and findings of animal dispersal and activity at the crime scene site also supported that the girls found there had skeletal remains in that location as they did in Issaquah. Search and rescue notes of the day also support that.  Hair samples were sent to the FBI.  A key found at the scene of an attempted abduction in Utah just after DaRonch associated to Bundy was sent to the FBI and it matched the handcuffs that he’d put on Carol DaRonch per the original newspaper report but somehow that information appears to have been relegated to the back burner right afterwards. i.e. The fact it matched should have made it to his trial for DaRonch’s kidnapping or at least into public awareness.

I’ve tried to get an attorney many many times but few are willing to expend the time to go through these records when I do not have the money to pay them and when I did get an attorney who would try to help that person was interfered with by those very authorities connected to this case.  The very people who continue to be the media faces of the case.  They interfered with directly or indirectly over 50 attempts I made and I can document that statement.  When I made complaints I was stonewalled; when I attempted to reach out to Seattle police, King county police and even the HITS division of the Attorney General office I was ridiculed, defamed, treated badly and never given a proper investigation of my concerns and I have all of this documented.  It took me a while to realize just how much I was being manipulated because of the severe trauma I had suffered back then and because I trusted law enforcement.  That trust was misplaced. I was in a state still of severe trauma with fragmented and fractured memories and instead of helping me the efforts were focused on discrediting me; of leading me into statements; of denying the truth that the details of my memories contained – they were real – they lined up in a way that no one would know except someone who had lived through it because they matched the sealed evidence.  It was unprofessional and to me looking back it was interfering with a witness and victim trying to come forward. To me, it’s criminal conduct – witness tampering and intimidation.

I’ve also been threatened behind the scenes, stalked to places where I should have felt safe such as victim counseling organizations [my records were falsely removed from there and mysteriously “disappeared”], I was shadowed and defamed behind the scenes and blocked by one person over and over when I attempted to gain access to the justice system to get an investigation done.  To this day, the officials in WA State refuse to give me a legitimate investigation, refusing to answer my multiple requests at investigations of those who hid evidence back then, refusing to correct the false stories being put out to the press. And I have their refusal in writing.  To me that’s obstruction of justice and abuse of power – it’s bullying with a badge.  All I wanted for nearly 20 years was an investigation and a case number because at least a few cases of Bundy were directly connected to his stalking of me during that time – I was blocked from accessing the justice system – I was denied the very justice system that my taxes and the Constitution give me the right to access.

Ted Bundy helped the AG Office of WA State, while he was in prison, develop questionnaires that appear to be related to the HITS computer program;  he also met with the FBI while in prison in Florida, and not just Bill Hagmaier but with another FBI official without attorneys present and was able to circumvent normal prisoner access to the outside world let alone unrestricted access to key high ranking officials in the justice department. Bundy’s escape in Colorado raises questions when you review what Bundy told Florida officials about it when he was initially captured there; Bundy’s transfer to Colorado from Utah appears to have been under pressure and against a judge’s wishes per the original unredacted tape recordings.  There are so many things that happened in this case that were outside the parameters of what to me seems like normal due process of a major crime series. Bundy wasn’t in prison for white collar crimes – he was in prison for serial murder – the murder and torture of many young women. They had the evidence proving the sadism and yet initially they released the story that he was traumatized by his ex-girlfriend totally discounting the actual evidence that they did have in their possession that proved beyond doubt he was a dangerous killer.  It is shocking to me the extent of some of the political measures that were taken in this case and the “good old boy” mentality where females are devalued and if Bundy was killing, a woman must have been somehow the cause – he was just a good guy that was traumatized – the biases are evident in the original records and in the way the story was put to the media and played out over the years.  Facts were diluted and replaced by theory, fiction, and false statements.  A prior rape complaint against Bundy in 1972 was never weighted in the light of missing and murdered girls and witnesses who came forward who could identify him and who did identify him.

I want accountability….I want justice for those girls that the officials essentially threw away by “losing” evidence, denying evidence and not working the cases thoroughly.  I want the public to hold those responsible accountable to the public and to the institutions they serve in principle, duty and ethics – because in the end that impacts all of us, regardless of whether Ted Bundy was executed.  The Attorney General Office of WA State and the FBI are not agencies which are above the law: they are funded by, and serve, the people. This fight with them has transformed over the past 20 years from a fight to be heard as a critical survivor and witness to a purpose to hold them accountable for a deep betrayal of public trust and to the girls who didn’t survive and the families who had believed in these officials to do the right thing only to be betrayed by their actions.  I was deeply traumatized not only by Bundy but by the very justice system I had always believed in and which I had sought out for help. It was devastating.

It took me three years to go through these records.  They were not released to me organized by any means.  There were pieces embedded into other pieces in random order much like my own memories were scattered and shattered.   But I saved all the paper trail, I saved all the files as they were originally released and I made sure to preserve the records that I did receive as they may be the only thing that is left to be the voice of the victims those officials left behind.  I care because I know what those girls went through even though my memories are not clear and ordered and are still broken and shattered and missing pieces due to brain trauma, they are still reflective of details which accurately line up to the case evidence that was sealed.  I know how terrifying the captivity was….it has influenced my life and still cripples me today.

The records in WA State show serious issues in evidence tampering; lies to the public perpetrated by several high ranking officials; movement of evidence forward to Superior Court direct from the crime scene of Taylor Mountain rather than to evidence rooms and local police jurisdictions; movement to and from evidence rooms later where sign in and sign off were not implemented or did not line up; detective notes that were retrofit or back dated by several months; critical evidence that was taken into custody by several detectives some of which were later to develop careers with the FBI and lies by the FBI itself to the public that it wasn’t involved with Bundy until 1977:  it was – working with him directly on a project with a division of the DOJ in WA State in 1973 and the FBI was present in Utah BEFORE Bundy was transferred to Colorado by a judge who per the records was pressured into doing that.   The FBI was also behind the scenes in Florida helping facilitate Bundy reaching out to a judge in Tacoma and to the task force for the Green River killer case.

In the radius around King County alone, in 3 counties, 58 young girls were missing – that doesn’t even count at least 5 girls at Taylor Mountain and Issaquah whose remains were carelessly lost or destroyed per the records by the authorities. I say at least because outside of skeletal remains found and “lost” there were multiple items of clothing, food items, bondage, weapons and other things that suggested Bundy crime scenes in WA State were active killing grounds and animal activity had been present in all sites.  The evidence was never protected nor preserved [per internal memos] and the only testament to that statement is the records that were released to me by someone behind the scenes who authorized their release – those records stand as the “voice” of the victims of Ted Bundy who did not live.   Other cases as old as Bundy’s have been preserved and solved using the new forensic tools developed over the years and DNA was in its infancy before Bundy was executed so they knew that solving these cases was possible yet they shut them down.  The DOJ via the WA State AG office issued an edict in 2011 that only DNA evidence would be used after they “found” a vial of his blood from 1978 – coincidentally within a month of me coming forward to the FBI for the first time complaining of a cover up.

DNA degrades over time and Bundy evidence was lost and never protected so to me it is a good way to make sure that all and any investigations are stonewalled.  If they had the blood evidence in 1978 why wasn’t it entered at his trial?  How was it stored and why was it taken then in the first place and what condition was the sample that was “found” in?  No one but me seems to be asking these questions yet to me they are vital to the health and function of our justice system.  If we, the public, don’t start standing up to corruption and lies we won’t have a justice system anymore and right now there seems to be little accountability internally in our justice system and very little accountability that punishes those who alter outcomes by interfering with the evidence.

Truth has a way of finding its own route, much like water flows its natural course. I think that given the present time, and the political environment of today, and even public attitudes now, that accountability and transparency are critical to our justice system and in this case, so far, they have done nothing to correct the injustices or lies which have been put forward.  These misrepresentations of the case have even been taught as “fact” over the years to students in university settings – the impact on public perception of this case and the ramifications are enormous.  It needs to end.  Mistakes can happen in any given situation in a real time series of crimes that are fast -paced…that’s understandable…..but purposeful and willful withholding of evidence and misrepresenting evidence to the public for decades as shown by the original records when compared to the actual public story released is a different story.

                  All truth passes through 3 stages:

                   First it is ridiculed.

                   Second it is violently opposed.

                   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

Alfred Shopenhauer