Who Is Sara? Early Victim of Ted Bundy Fights For The Truth -Evidence tampering in Bundy cases by Keppel and others, Misinformation and fraud as well

website-high-school-photo1 resized  Sara 1973 Sara at Ludlow Kramer Office 1972

Above:  Sara, aged 17, Tacoma; Sara, aged 18, University of WA, Sara at Ludlow Kramer ofc, Secretary of State WA in 1972 where Bundy worked

I’d first like to acknowledge that the name “Sara” is not my real name.  I have used it to protect myself as the tactics of intimidation used against me by Keppel behind the scenes over many years prior to his death [shadowing me, blocking me, defaming me] created severe stress and fear as to what he was capable of.  In my opinion looking back on it, he did not want the records released to me legally, and in my possession, out in the public.  Especially given that most of the hiding, altering, lying and misrepresenting evidence at Bundy kill sites in WA State was associated in some way to him and/or his actions behind the scenes. I have emails, internal documents, and other that supports the statement of his actions.

A few points before the discussion:  First and foremost:  I am noted in the FBI records and in the 1992 FBI report  – there WAS a survivor of multiple abductions – they have silenced me and covered it up due to the public lies of  “nothing found on Taylor Mountain, Bundy was keeping heads, no evidence of importance was ever taken in against him, he was so mysterious and so forth” and the fact that the FBI was involved in the cases as early as 1974 and NOT 1977 like they claim.  The FBI/DOJ put out a bulletin to law enforcement stating only DNA would be used going forward from summer of 2011 even though behind the scenes the WA State AG and police agencies were quietly and deliberately moving critical key evidence from the Bundy years showing their corruption and incriminating evidence to Bundy that they had in their possession forward to an area where it could be destroyed and away from public discovery.  This type of behavior isn’t exclusive to the Bundy case:  its been shown to have occurred in several high profile cases nationwide  including Death Row cases.

In addition, during the meetings with Bundy in prison without his attorneys present, it is mentioned that the FBI BAU was in process of investigating and possibly building a wing to house serial killers at Quantico.  Whether this was ever done or not I don’t know but I think it is interesting that Bundy has always been touted as important in FBI BAU profiling and that the case as originally presented to the public was false in its claims, that Bundy was cremated and ashes scattered, that his DNA was “found” in 2011 [while I was coming forward] and FBI/DOJ issued a directive to police agencies to only consider DNA and not records anymore all while the original records were being moved over for destruction in 2011 to 2012 in WA State [I have this in writing in internal memos and emails] and those records, intercepted and moved over to me, prove conclusively that WA AG, police, Keppel, FBI BAU and FBI were all misleading the public and essentially committing crimes of tampering with evidence, moving body parts around, hiding evidence, and lying to the public.  Was the continued emphasis by these entities on Bundy and media designed as a campaign with which to ensure/create/underscore funding for the FBI BAU and/or that wing?  It is an interesting question and one I do not have an answer to.

Serial killers have existed in our society since before Bundy’s cases and after Bundy’s cases yet the FBI BAU and WA State officials and all those that keep marketing Bundy over and over seem to be frozen in that time period. It’s like the Bundy cases are all they have to promote themselves with – did they ever do anything else besides Bundy and Ridgeway?  It raises questions about why they keep marketing his case for their own profit and exploitation for their own careers over and over for decades.

They also behind the scenes apparently believed that the kidnappings of me were “consensual” and that I was dating Bundy or into S and M and enjoyed being assaulted, abducted, hit on the head and drugged during captivity. Ann Rule, a Keppel crony, and some of the HITS investigators even suggested that to me [probably due to Keppel’s corrupt and biased direction of the case for his own profit].

The response to me has been to try and discredit and silence anything I say. Whatever Bundy told them behind the scenes it was a failure of their job as an objective law enforcement investigator to investigate the full truth of the actual evidence instead of burying it or worse yet, believing everything Bundy told them over the forensic facts – that is discriminatory. Whatever Keppel was pushing behind the scenes was false due to his suppression and false accounting of evidence. Why was Keppel given private ownership of the Bundy cases in 1981 by the AG of WA?  That question needs a public answer and accounting for considering that it is against FOIA laws and over 50 girls were missing in and around Seattle.

I have multitudes of evidence related to my experiences with Bundy that they have refused to even look at for decades. I have the original records which prove beyond doubt the fraud that occurred back then and criminal conduct by case officials related to moving body parts around without chain of custody, altering evidence and so forth [internal memos, detective notes, departmental notes, etc].  I can’t emphasize that enough as the faces of the case continue their campaign of fraud in media documentaries and interviews  trying to alter the story and soften it over time to disseminate any blame or wrong doing that occurred.  But they can’t escape the forensic facts of the case and the records that still exist despite their best efforts to bury and destroy them.  The victims of Bundy never identified in all that evidence have a voice and that voice is crying out for justice.

My nightmare with Bundy started in high school in 1970 when I first moved to Tacoma WA.  Bundy was 8 years older than me and it started with him stalking me, luring me, and by a violent rape at age 16 and repeated contact and control and assaults.  That is not “consensual”.  I was in proximity to him in many ways back then all documented and I was modeling at Nordstrom [which he frequented] and on TV and in public appearances and in newspapers which is why he became aware of me and tried to establish a “friendship” over the phone initially as the big brother type of person.

Bundy’s own words in some of the records show he stated he was “releasing” the repeat victim.  Release is a term that implies captivity. Bundy also told FBI the repeat victim was a “dry run”.  Dry run by every definition is a target.  This discrimination by law enforcement was very much known to Bundy – he was well versed in it as he had studied such behaviors by the justice system when he was Assistant Director to the Crime Commission in Seattle.  He wrote a report on rape and how the justice system essentially ignored women’s complaints and failed the victims. Another woman reported Bundy for rape in 1972 and officials refused to do anything because as Keppel said in statements behind the scenes “she was imbibed”.  Well, Bundy had been imbibing as an MO in his rapes and killings and that is in the records.  He forcibly imbibed victims that were captive before killing them.  He did it to me.  Imbibing is a well understood and classic move by a predator and yet FBI BAU and Keppel and AG WA completely ignored it and pushed the theory of psychological trauma.  Bundy was predatory, calculating, and proactive.  Trauma by a woman had nothing to do with his actions.

Bundy knew exactly what he could get away with and how to manipulate the officials and the sad thing is that to this day, even after his death, by ignoring the forensic evidence in the case and putting forward to the public the false and fraudulent story that they have for decades, the officials still defer to Bundy and give him his way.  The media didn’t make Bundy into a cultural icon the law enforcement community did.

I want to add my voice to those who are trying to make changes in the justice system to increase accountability, remove immunity, and for me, restructure how some of this evidence gets handled internally and limit the ability of law enforcement to “hide” evidence and move it into areas where it can be destroyed or removed from other investigative efforts like what happened in the Bundy cases by Keppel.  The Bundy cases should be in the public eye for corruption and self serving appropriation of a case by officials.  Not for how they have positioned it through the decades.

Keppel was even given private ownership of the case in 1981 when he moved to the AG Office of WA which allowed him to control the public messaging, move evidence around and interfere with the investigation [alter evidence, lie about evidence, deny evidence and so forth] and essentially direct the case and how it was perceived by the public so that he could personally profit from it.  His book “Riverman” was published before he left public civil service and while under color of law and it was fabricated and fraudulent.  I can prove all of this with the records I have in my possession if I ever get the chance to finally be heard.  But was Keppel acting at the direction of those higher up?

When Bundy initially started stalking me and calling me as a voice over the phone who I’d never met, I was in high school and not even 17 yet.  Mind you, back then, stranger dangers were not talked about – this was the early 1970s. I couldn’t have been more naive, more susceptible to maneuvering, and more vulnerable to assault as new to the area with a broken home.

The FBI was starting its BAU unit back then.  I believe the Bundy case offered them an opportunity to prove their “profiling” could predict behavior but that too is a false premise.  It was based on false evaluation of the case and false assessments of Bundy’s actual kill sites, MO, and intent.  He wasn’t traumatized by a girlfriend, he was proactively killing.  FBI was involved behind the scenes with evidence as well as tracking Bundy prior to 1977 and per the original audiotapes with Keppel FBI was on site in Utah when Bundy was transferred to Colorado over the objections of the Utah judge.  Colorado had little evidence against him and Utah and WA State had mountains of evidence against him and could have convicted him at that time before he ever got to Colorado.  Its one thing to be mistaken in a case or do something you believe is right – but bending the rules [noble cause corruption] hoping for an outcome is still illegal and regardless, this evidence is known and should have been corrected but it hasn’t.  Even as they release “new” evidence in their documentaries it is not “new”.  It is still a cover up for illegal behavior back then by law enforcement.  Especially the faces who have profited.

I say fraud because it was willful intent:  those records were not “lost” like they claim now.  They are in my possession now – these records –and have been since 2015.  They existed back then and were deliberately sent to an area where they could not be accessed.   Further, the intent of Keppel in the days immediately following the execution was a deliberate misrepresentation of fact to the press by playing snippets of Bundy’s “confession” that were contrived [such as Bundy throwing clothing out the window as he drove away; Hawkins and other girls decapitation – he kept heads per Keppel which wasn’t true- and the crime scenes in WA being sterile with essentially nothing there when there were articles of clothing, weapons, evidence that suggested drugging and captivity of victims, skeletal remains of the girls verified by an ME at the time and so forth].  He knew what was found on Taylor Mountain as he was there and so did the FBI.  Keppel knew because he personally logged in the evidence.  FBI knew because they were following the case early on.  Those WA crime scenes had the full bodies of the girls and per an ME at the time who examined remains “the heads were with the bodies” and the remains had been scattered by animals.  This is all documented by original detective notes and internal memos.  The whole marketing campaign and media campaign by these original players is a fraud.  That fraud is ongoing because they refuse to admit the cover up.  And it was empowered by the “buddy justice” attitude that exists within various aspects of our justice system in the “blue line”. 

When I went in to talk to the AG office investigator finally after years of coming forward, I was told right off that he was only there because he had to be and it was taking him away from other “more important” work.  He refused to even look at all the documentation I had brought in [a full 3-4 inch binder full] telling me I was wasting his time.  He talked to me for two hours but never took a note or asked a single question until one time he said “Oh I guess it must have been domestic violence.”  That is investigation?  I left feeling grateful I had finally gotten an interview [Stockholm Syndrome with law enforcement after years of being bullied] and later angry that the comment had been made.  How is the rape and stalking and repeated kidnapping of a girl 16 years old to 19 years old “domestic violence” when the perpetrator is 8 years older and a known serial killer?  The AG office of WA has major problems in its investigative division.  I was there with all that documentation and made it fully available and he pushed it back at me and didn’t want to see it.  The same thing happened around the same time with FBI Seattle.  They refused to look at it but it was the evidence that also was incriminating to Keppel and law enforcement and to the FBI.  There is a huge problem in our justice system with people in power positions in these organizations either participating in corruption or looking the other way when it happens.

Important point:  Investigators always have more information than they release to the public and they can lie in interviews with suspects to elicit information but what happened in this case with FBI and Keppel is that the lies were directed to the public and to other law enforcement agencies trying to solve cases and the information put forward to the public was false and designed to benefit their own professions and persons.  The misinformation was also put forward to other jurisdictions [nothing found at Taylor Mountain and Bundy was decapitating victims in WA and keeping heads – not true per records]- investigators elsewhere trying to do their jobs and  trying to solve cases of missing girls.  It is proven by internal memos and letters that those investigators never got any information from WA that could have helped them.

But even after Bundy’s death Keppel and Hagmaier did not divulge to those investigators that the crime scenes in WA state had multitudes of evidence; that the crime sites in WA actually showed that Bundy was traveling the I-5 corridor to kill [Rancourt and Parks found there w/  skeletal remains] . Keppel and Hagmaier did not help the other jurisdictions solve cases in a timely manner. There are multiple instances of investigators in the records asking for their help and instead of being given accurate fact-based information, Keppel especially, but Hagmaier also, gave false information [nothing found, Bundy kept heads and so forth] which essentially stopped investigations from progressing.  Further in 1992 the FBI report stated “we’ll never know”.  The FBI gave up essentially.  They turned their backs on the victims, on the cases and on the families.   They monopolized the Bundy “story” pushing it in a direction that was not only false but which was harmful to families of victims, surviving victim [me] and the interpretation of the case worldwide.  Keppel taught the case at universities to future criminology students using his book and his contrived accounting which was false and he knew it and did it anyway.  He knew because the records show that much of the altered evidence, lied about “facts” and direction of the case had his name on it.

The storyline put forward benefitted Keppel and BAU but did not honor the victims or the duty they had to the public and to the profession.  All of it done while these men and other participants in the misinformation campaign profited while still under color of law and employed as public servants.  The girls in Colorado and Florida died at Bundy’s hands because of the gross misconduct of WA State [in particular Keppel] and the FBI [who participated in the denial of evidence and misdirection of the case away from the actual evidence]. That statement is borne out by the internal memos, the autopsy reports and the other internal documents which were never supposed to be released and which were released to me in 2015.  I believe they were moving the evidence over to an area of archives of WA in 2011 to 2012 to destroy it.  It was intercepted and copied and released to me after I had been coming forward for over a decade.  I can prove all of this with internal memos and emails to me from departmental personnel.

There were over 300 pieces of evidence at Taylor Mountain/Issaquah alone.  Keppel himself logged in much of the evidence.  Detective notes of that period prove it beyond doubt as his numbers are assigned to the evidence.  He personally logged in the skeletal remains of the girls with his numbers and those remains were proven conclusively to be the girls in 2008 via DNA  – remains found originally in 1975 as the detective numbers he put on them were on the remains when they were sent to TX for examination.  Keppel’s detective notes also have the ME statement at the time that no decapitation had taken place and that the bones found were indeed human and the girls and not “animal” as Keppel claimed in his book “Riverman”. 

The King County note to Texas also stated that the girls were found on Taylor and Tiger Mountain in 1975 as skeletal remains in their request for DNA analysis. That request was in 2005 yet still the AG office of WA and FBI continued to put forward the “nothing found on Taylor Mountain” into the present time through all their documentaries including those done in 2019 and 2020.  Profit off a case at the expense of the victims – fraud put forward to the public to glorify themselves.  Promoting Bundy as an icon and blaming the media and public for the interest when it was the FBI and Keppel and his cohorts that promoted the falsehoods.

In all the years since 1975 and through the recent past to present Keppel has been lying.  There is another note in the records from the ME office – an internal memo – that the girls’ remains had been sent to the ME at one point in 1984 without any paperwork at all [and some even in a box of elk bones which had no numbers assigned] at the very time Keppel had taken hold of the Green River investigation and the ME note even states perhaps it had something to do with Green River. That’s moving evidence around without chain of custody and it is also tampering with human remains.  Two of those bones, which could have identified Hawkins, were apparently tossed out with the elk bones or lost as they are never mentioned again in the records. The records are filled with cross offs, white outs, altered documents [as I have both the originals and the altered documents] and back dated records and nearly every one is  associated in some way to Robert Keppel.

Have doubts that the FBI would misrepresent their involvement with a statement that they were not involved until 1977?  Check the Utah newspaper accounts of that time period.  FBI is mentioned there as taking in evidence like a handcuff key and being involved with the investigation behind the scenes in 1974.  Why wouldn’t they be?  Girls were disappearing at an alarming rate in several states.  But why deny the early involvement?  FBI is also noted in the detective records of both WA and Utah back then as involved.  Again, so why the public lies?  Why the decades long intimidation tactics against me when my memories date and time stamped precede the records released to me by many years and also those memory fragments, again time and date stamped, line up to specific case documents exactly in details that they sealed away, hid and denied for years.  They KNEW I was that survivor.  If I was put before the public with those details, their lies would be exposed.  The FBI BAU would come into question as to the profiling value and role in this case and the FBI in general would come into question for the cover up.  That is the truth of this whole mess.

Ted Bundy worked with the Crime Commission in 1972 and in that capacity wrote an in-depth report on rape and how it was treated [ignored] by law enforcement and the impact on the women and how and why rapists in situations got away with it [Keppel claimed in his books and public works that this report didn’t exist but Bundy’s report is in the files along with statements of Bundy’s peers and supervisors that he in fact did write it].  Ted Bundy worked with the state government and FBI on a confidential recidivism project in 1973 and filed a report on it two weeks early and he was paid by “confidential secretary”.  Ted Bundy worked in several paid and unpaid capacities for the Republican party:  with Ludlow Kramer during all of 1972 leading up to the election and as a small party precinct chairman and this too is in the records.  Bundy quoted some of his research on rape to the detectives [Keppel and Reichert] who flew down to see him about the Green River Killer acting as though he was providing them details he had thought about.  His “insights”  were part of that research.  All of this experience gave Bundy insights into his own killing and looking back at what happened to me it is very clear to me now that Bundy was experienced when he first started stalking me in 1970. I’d really like to know why so much of this case from its inception to conclusion to current day has been misrepresented, denied, and suppressed.  I’d like answers on how these public officials were empowered to lie about evidence, profit off the case for personal gain, and essentially commit massive widescale fraud while they were still much of the time employed as public servants in the justice system and under color of law.

1] the records [original street files such as actual detective notes, autopsy reports, search and rescue documents and so forth] prove that the story put before the public about Bundy originally and for decades afterwards was contrived and false and authorities knew it and purposefully orchestrated the lies ; 2] there was always evidence that a survivor of multiple abductions existed in these original documents and when I first started coming forward it wasn’t denial of a survivor but rather it was a redirect and challenge to me of my experiences on purpose  [the abductions were “consensual”, you were in a “relationship” which I was not; “you have some explaining to do” and “you just want publicity” which I did not for years].  The same thing happened with Jaycee Lee Dugard in terms of law enforcement over looking obvious signs of captivity. The same thing happened in the serial killing cases in Alaska with Hanson – again, law enforcement in the beginning would not even consider Hanson as a suspect because of his position in the community and his friendships with law enforcement.  He was identified early on.  They looked the other way.  Same with Ted Bundy.  He was identified to them by a credible witness in 1974 and they had evidence to charge him in 1974 and after his execution they KNEW conclusively all he’d done and what Taylor Mountain and Tiger Mountain and all his kills in all states had been and they minimized it to the public and pretended he was so “mysterious” while they lied about evidence, about what they’d done to avoid charging him and so forth.    In my case, they put a false public spin on the case for profit and career advancement and when I tried to come forward, they had to deny my existence because it brought into question the aspects of the case that proved they were guilty of fraudulent conduct.  Keppel was stalking me and actively bullying me using his power and connections behind the scenes even threatening me with public humiliation if I ever dared speak out [I was informed by multiple people of this also behind the scenes].

The FBI report of 1992 specifically states Bundy had talked of a survivor who he had kidnapped, drugged, assaulted and released in a compromised state and so did the discussion behind the scenes after his execution talk of such a survivor[me].   I line up to the case in over 50 points of correlation including supporting documentation.  These were law enforcement officials who gave Bundy special considerations behind the scene and blamed me, a surviving victim, for my own trauma related to kidnapping.  The records supporting me far outweigh the maneuverings that they have done and continue to do over the years.  One day I hope I get heard finally by the public and that those who perpetrated these lies are held accountable and changes are made in how evidence is treated at the detective level and higher.   Corruption is present at all levels of the justice system and problems exist in all levels and until there are more checks and balances and  until police unions stop protecting their own this is never going to change.

Their push back at me as being “consensual” was a direct contradiction to actual evidence in their own files which showed Bundy was drugging and imbibing his victims per autopsy reports and Bundy’s own indirect statements about such activity [ discussed in the 1984 interview with Keppel]- challenging my memory problems was a way of attacking me as a vulnerable victim.  I told the AG Office [tried to] and Ann Rule [tried to] that he had been contacting me and stalking me since I moved to Tacoma in the summer of 1970.  I knew he worked with the Republican Party in Ludlow Kramer’s office [he told me he knew I was going there with the school pageant before I ever even went there] I knew he worked with the cops and high level officials because he bragged about it.  It was a form of intimidation after a violent rape where he got me to trust him over the phone and then raped me at an isolated location, with an implement, before nearly killing me.  This initial violent rape was in the summer before my senior year of high school.

My parents at that time were divorcing – my father at the time believed a woman who was raped probably “brought it on herself” much like others of that generation and my mother felt I needed “experience” as I never dated as we moved too much [23 times by the time I was 16].  They were not people I trusted I could go to and I was afraid at the time back then of retaliation as Bundy was still stalking me and calling me [phone records may prove that if they are still around].  The parents were never around as always warring and with Bundy’s connections to high level politics and police as a young girl in that time period it was terrifying.  I was completely reliant on my own wits at that point and that was how it moved forward for the next four years that he stalked me and manipulated me.  He stated the kidnappings of me were to “test his skills” and I think those skills extended to more than just rape and release.  There was more to it and it was something that law enforcement has greatly missed over the years in their assessments of Bundy as a stalker and killer out of the refusal to believe me. FBI BAU got it wrong initially but was it on purpose as they had knowledge of his cruelty and drugging/imbibing through the autopsies and kill sites and they still denied that information and put forward this big deal about psychological profiling when their “trauma” assessment of him was completely wrong.  He wasn’t a reactive trauma-driven killer but rather a proactive, strategic thinker who killed for possession and control.

I was so vulnerable to him and to law enforcement prejudices at that time.  I was new to the WA State area, no one had known me very long, Bundy was established in high profile positions and worse, he had imbibed me by spiking my coke with something the night the rape happened after he had gotten to know me over the phone and lured me out positioning himself as the understanding “friend”.  This is ALL documented in my emails to public officials going back decades – absolutely decades.  And my statements back then were not just statements – they were supported by actual case documents in the files of the FBI and AG and Seattle police.  The evidence supported me 100% and I couldn’t have made anything up as that evidence had never been publicly released.  Ann Rule lied about me in her book  [updated in which she assigned me a pseudonym WITHOUT my permission and I can prove that] and Keppel blocked me at every turn and I can prove this also.

It was all done to prevent me from being recognized primarily orchestrated by Robert Keppel who records show was responsible for many of these public lies [such as his decades-long statements that nothing was found on Taylor Mountain].   Keppel has been guilty of bullying me as has Ann Rule, Stephen Michaud [in a program he did with Keppel on TV and in a book which he and Keppel later revised and edited out but point is these people all defamed me publicly], and a few others who claim to be “experts” and which  I could name here.   There are over 50 points of actual alignment and correlation in my case; There has never been a program or public discussion of the actual records that have been withheld [the “documentaries” now talking about “found” records still do not address all the hidden files and are only used to support, not reveal, their lies] -there is no program built entirely on the case records and files and facts and not suppositions of Bundy movements and evidence or what Bundy says or doesn’t say [something officials and book authors always focus on more so than any other serial killer before or since] . There has never been a fact-devoted public program about Bundy correlating the forensics [the true forensics and facts-not only within WA kill sites but also to other states – they never did it].  Recent attempts at it have skirted critical evidence and is only used to support pre-existing misinformation] nor have the original unaltered audiotapes of his supposed confession and discussions with officials behind the scenes been played – only Robert Keppel’s version of events which was altered from the originals and carefully edited to direct the storyline  away from the truth.

The original audiotapes show many areas of concern:  officials talking to Bundy like he was a colleague even sharing information with him that he hadn’t asked for;  officials sharing information about another suspect with him violating that person’s privacy rights and to me misconduct; officials talking about other officials in disparaging ways with Bundy and about things Bundy had no right to know.  Laura Aime was an important case and they leave her out of most programs – like me, Laura was abducted and kept alive by Bundy and drugged/imbibed.  This is in her autopsy.  I was released [but compromised by drugging/imbibing and physical and emotional trauma].  Laura was killed.  There were witnesses in Laura’s case who saw Bundy with her and knew he was stalking her and they were never factored in. They were correlated to the abduction of Carol DaRonch.  They should have been.  There were critical pieces of evidence found in WA and in UT which were never cross correlated and used to charge him.

Roberta Parks was kept alive and drugged/imbibed and so was another victim in Utah kept alive for a period of time.  I suspect by the evidence found at the WA kill sites other victims were also kept alive for a period of time.  There were abandoned homes near each of the kill sites in WA State.  They were not dumping grounds.  They were kill sites.  The authorities knew all of this.  That they would put out such a false and self-serving narrative for so many years is incredibly offensive to me as someone who has suffered life-long consequences of that trauma.  That the media took everything they said at face value and never investigated it even when they were sent a portion of the original records by me is also offensive.

Keppel’s book Riverman as originally released was a fraud and his comments publicly over the years were patently false to the records and that can be proven by the facts in the case files.  These files that were released to me were in an area of the state of Washington archives not reserved for the public and in my opinion had been moved over there for destruction.  Someone behind the scenes ordered them released to me.   I still have a paper trail of all communications that I’ve saved over the years.   I simply get blocked from getting this out to the public.  I don’t have the financial means to hire an attorney outright and my attempts at finding one through victims rights were also blocked for many years when I did attempt to come forward and try to set the record straight and get justice for all the victims that were potentially thrown away by the way the critical evidence had been mishandled.  In California, for example, attorneys were told not to help me and I was told this by a law enforcement official at the time who was bothered by the way I was being treated.

This website is an attempt to fight back.  I worry about it now as I heard the officials behind the scenes were trying to go back and “rebuild” the case by supplementing DNA investigations that were never done originally.  Much was made of FBI and Keppel and book authors of the “ruse” used by Bundy to lure victims yet nearly all serial killers use a ruse of some sort and/or a combination of that and stalking.  The Hanson killings in Alaska near the same time as Bundy used a ruse [photograph the girls]; the Green River Killer used a ruse [photo of son to make the girls feel safe]; the Hillside Stranglers used a ruse [pretending to be police officers] and so on.

Much was made of Bundy preselecting kill sites as though somehow he was so unique and that preselection is a hallmark of a serial killer – they plan for their killing so they don’t get caught.  Keppel tried to give Bundy a break saying that he was so traumatized by what he [Bundy] had done in killing a girl that he panicked and wildly threw things out of his VW.  No he didn’t!!!  the evidence was at the crime scenes in WA State that he never did that.  Keppel lied and so did the FBI.  They all did.

It just seems like authorities were desperate to make Bundy seem so unique and different [and poor Bundy was “traumatized” by a girlfriend, again blaming the woman] when the reality is he was no different than most serial killers.  Keppel and FBI BAU orchestrated the case to reflect their viewpoints and not the facts and the viewpoints that served their purposes instead of those of victims and families.  They needed Bundy to be an example of “profiling” and Keppel wanted to own and control the case to make sure that message got to the public and also to promote his own career [working with the FBI] and financial bottom line.

I published a book about my experiences with multiple abductions before I was ready to do so – a knee jerk reaction to the extreme stress I felt of being stalked, bullied, discredited and vilified by Robert Keppel, Ann Rule, the FBI, the local officials and by members of the public who believed the lies being put forward.  I was traumatized by what was happening and I wanted the book to be my testimony even though my memories were still very broken and shattered and even though I had not yet gained the confidence to find my own voice — even though I had not yet realized what the records released to me actually showed.  I was at the time trying to prove what had happened to me. Broken and shattered memories such as I had and still have in some areas are a hallmark of severe trauma – both psychological as well as symptomatic of moderate to severe head injury.  The book was terrible.  It was an attempt by me to put on the record the truth of what had happened and I was criticized and publicly humiliated by Keppel et all to the point of being re-traumatized and having to withdraw it.

Just because a person wears a badge does not automatically convey ethics, morals and actions that are in keeping with the enormous responsibility that person bears with a badge.  My statements are not directed on this site against everyone in FBI or in AG Office or police departments but on those that are the faces of the case who have lied to the public for decades and on those who have looked the other way and empowered those lies and failed in their supervisory capacity and civic responsibility to the public to act and correct the lies and punish those who violated the laws.

One critical area of dispute between officials and me is Bundy’s claim that he walked Hawkins back up the alley, crossed over past the fraternity on 47th and to a dirt lot.  There are several flaws in this scenario that anyone who lived there would have known:  that direction would have taken him and his victim right past the very place she had just left and where people would have seen them.  He got away with her abduction because he parked directly behind the Theta Sorority in a parking lot in a spot near the alley where his car was hidden by a large bush from view.  And he drove away from that spot by leaving his lights off and cutting to 16th and taking it up to 50th. That is the truth and that is what I’ve told the authorities for years because I witnessed it back then – not the whole abduction but I was with her when he approached us, I saw him leave with her, I was a victim he’d been stalking and abducting and raping [and thought it was just me and that I was for some reason which I didn’t understand back then a target for him and I was vulnerable as I had a broken family structure, had not lived in WA state very long and had nowhere that I felt safe to go at the time and he had all the power and connections to me] –the night Georgann was abducted I heard a sound like a body dropping and peeked out the window and saw his car pulling away from the spot outside my window.  He had  parked directly outside my window where that bush was located.  A spot he had used on me frequently.  I did not know she was in his car at the time.  I never saw her past the time she walked with him and they were heading back up the alley.  I checked with the sorority the next morning to make sure she was ok and I was told by a girl there that she was ok and had stayed out later with her boyfriend.  I took my final that am and I left Seattle.  I never knew what happened until months and years later.  We didn’t have cell phones back then…our “news” especially in college was word of mouth and I left the next day for home in Tacoma and then was back on campus in the dorms for nursing school that summer.  I never heard anything.  I was sheltered and sequestered.

I was also a survivor struggling with signs and symptoms of PTSD from being abducted and that too [that he had been abducting and “releasing” a victim] is in the 1992 FBI report. I was also struggling with symptoms of moderate head injury/concussion.  You don’t “release” a consensual victim.  You don’t “commit an act of rape as it were” [Bundy quote]  if you are not a rapist, stalker and psychopath.   Keppel just wants his version to be believed because he,  like Bundy, wants to control the case for different reasons. Keppel has known for decades the significance of the finds at Taylor and Tiger Mountain and especially when correlated to Issaquah and to other states and areas where girls were missing but he has denied that Taylor Mountain was ever a significant crime scene.   Keppel withheld that vital information from other jurisdictions who had missing girls not only in WA but also in CA and OR.  And that withholding evidence and information is in the records released to me in multiple places where he failed to help officials in other states and jurisdictions who were asking for his help in letters and meetings.  So did Bill Hagmaier.  He is as guilty of it as Keppel and that is supported by his actions within the records that they tried to destroy.  Hagmaier was asked specifically by other investigators after Bundy’s death if there was any evidence that suggested that Bundy might be traveling to other jurisdictions and states as they had cases they thought might be correlated and Hagmaier backed Keppel and talked about the “heads” which is entirely false and a lie and Hagmaier knew it.

Media was courted over investigative principles to portray a scenario about Bundy that was never based on forensic science or even case fact.   i.e. if you tell a falsehood often enough it becomes factual to other people when media are used to distribute those false bits of information.  What I struggle with understanding is the why, and how, it was empowered to begin with.  To me that very aspect is crucial to why they hid evidence and why they continue to espouse their lies.  How many girls were forever lost in that carelessly handled evidence in WA is distressing for we will never know.  And I blame these people.  To me they are guilty of destroying the foundation of justice for the girls never identified in all the evidence they destroyed.

Like many victims of violent assault, I had trouble with memory back then and for years afterwards due to head injuries, physical injuries documented in medical records back then, and the imbibing that Bundy did to victims which is documented in original records and autopsies.  In fairness to officials I was not coherent when initially coming forward years ago, I was still in a state of severe PTSD and memory impairment [shattered and scattered memory bits out of alignment and context] but at the core of all of it is that my memory fragments matched exactly details in never publicly released documents and that the cases of Bundy were not protected by ethics but rather pushed forward to the public falsely and for profit.  Evidence chain of custody in a major serial crime series was completely ignored and critical evidence and witness statements were suppressed and even ordered destroyed when so many families were suffering and there were at least 50 cases of unsolved missing and murdered girls just in a 3 county area around King County in WA alone.  It’s unforgivable.  And the treatment of me, suffering from memory impairment and PTSD during the years coming forward, went beyond the bounds of normal police protocol. Even when I came forward with a 4 inch binder of supporting documentation the police from the Seattle to King County to the so called Criminal Investigation division of the Attorney General office refused to investigate anything.  One official even told me I was wasting his time.  Then, the AG office named the Criminal Investigation division after Robert Keppel – an official who lied to the public, profited off a case before leaving his position and who did so in a fraudulent manner, a man who altered evidence, back dated a record to create a false scenario [asking an ME what would be needed to find a diagnosis of severed heads] and refused to help other investigators in other jurisdictions and states who needed access to the evidence that Bundy was indeed traveling the I-5 corridor to abduct and kill.  By claiming only heads found at Taylor Mountain and that Bundy was moving body parts around [Keppel in his public statements and in his book Riverman] Keppel was blocking other states and investigators from thoroughly investigating their missing girls as Rancourt and Parks found at Taylor Mountain could be discounted as only heads and therefore an unexplained anomaly.

This memory impairment I suffered from and still do to some extent, is today recognized as symptomatic of severe PTSD as well as moderate head injury, and it was weaponized against me by the officials associated to this case especially Keppel.  Science supports me; the records support me; yet the justice system from top to bottom denied me and was threatened by my coming forward.  If the public ever knew all that had transpired in the efforts to render me silent and suppressed, those profiting off the case would not only face embarrassment; their ethics and legality in handling the case would also have come into question. To keep this suppressed only serves to show others that corruption in the American Justice System is okay as long as you are a cop or a high ranking official within its walls.

I am telling the truth:  I am that survivor.  I can’t retrofit where I was, who I was, or the fact that my memories time and date stamped matched never released details of the case and are preserved now as evidence.  I was in the public eye modeling around Seattle Tacoma much sooner than I was mature enough to understand or realize that it could be dangerous.  I modeled frequently at the tea room at Nordstrom in Seattle, a store Ted was known to shop in – never publicly released.  All of this is proven by photographs and statements – I have photos of me at Ludlow Kramer’s office and it was in 1972 the very year Ted worked there and which is in witness statements never released. I have photos of me modeling.  My sorority and my location in that apartment behind Theta sorority [where Georgann lived] are reflected multiple times in the surveillance records of him in 1975.  I was talking about locations in high school and college that hadn’t been released and I had documents that put me in those locations; I had the look and characteristic [very tiny] and I had a note in my yearbook mentioning him by name.

Ted’s family unpublished address also supported my memories as his family home was less than a mile from my father’s home and so did my addresses at the University of WA which put me behind the Theta house the night Georgann Hawkins was abducted and at my sorority which was only 3 blocks from Liz’s residence at the time[never published] on the same side of the street.  My parents had an expensive set of pots and pans stolen from their home while he was living at home in Tacoma in 1974 that summer, and surprisingly such a set was found in his home in Utah.  Another correlation that supports me.

Why do I continue to fight?  I want accountability….I want justice for those girls that the officials essentially threw away by “losing” evidence, denying evidence and not working the cases thoroughly.  I want the public to hold those responsible accountable to the public and to the institutions they serve in principle, duty and ethics – because in the end that impacts all of us, regardless of whether Ted Bundy was executed.  The Attorney General Office of WA State and the FBI are not agencies which are above the law: they are funded by, and serve, the people. This fight with them has transformed over the past 20 years from a fight to be heard as a critical survivor and witness to a purpose to hold them accountable for a deep betrayal of public trust and to the girls who didn’t survive and the families who had believed in these officials to do the right thing only to be betrayed by their actions.  I was deeply traumatized not only by Bundy but by the very justice system I had always believed in and which I had sought out for help. It was devastating. I still struggle with the trauma.  My mind scatters sometimes from the stress of remembering the only bits and pieces of it that I have left [but those pieces are factual].  I don’t want another victim in a high profile case with political undertones to have to go through what I have been through.  I don’t want another victim with severe psychological and physical trauma to go through the ridicule that I have been through both privately and publicly even though the events I experienced back then are factually supported by the evidence.  I want reforms in the way evidence is protected and handled and I also want the public to do some soul searching on the entertainment value and promotion of crime and murder in media and its impact on our society.  How much does it influence the outcome of cases?  In the Bundy cases it has fueled corruption and callous indifference to the truth just so a few people can get in front of cameras.

Truth has a way of finding its own route, much like water flows its natural course. I think that given the present time, and the political environment of today, and even public attitudes now, that accountability and transparency are critical to our justice system and in this case, so far, they have done nothing to correct the injustices or lies which have been put forward.  Mistakes can happen in any given situation in a real time series of crimes that are fast -paced…that’s understandable…..but purposeful and willful withholding of evidence and misrepresenting evidence to the public for decades as shown by the original records when compared to the actual public story released is a different story.  Those types of actions are intentional and predatory and they should be treated as criminal acts.  The FBI BAU and Keppel’s legacy need to be accountable.  Keppel’s name needs to be removed from the AG of WA Criminal Division as it represents the very worst of what law enforcement is and can be.  I want to be heard and I want the whole truth, and these records in their entirety, truthfully put forward to the public. I want changes.

                  All truth passes through 3 stages:

                   First it is ridiculed.

                   Second it is violently opposed.

                   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

Alfred Shopenhauer