The Lost Victim of Ted Bundy

Reconstructing Sara:  The Lost Victim of Ted Bundy was published September 16, 2016.

It is now available through retail outlets.

Reconstructing Sara is about my story as a survivor of multiple kidnappings by Ted Bundy.  I have been coming forward to authorities for over a decade since as far back at least as 2001.  My story, and my struggles with PTSD and brain damage from repeated concussion, is supported by details of the case which were never publicly released.  It took over 14 years before I was able to obtain the case files from the State of Washington to prove that my memories, time and date stamped over at least 15 years, contained details which I could not have known unless I was who I said I was:  the girl he had told FBI about before he was executed. The case files, which I received through FOIA requests and which I paid for, I do not believe were ever intended to be released.  The over one thousand pages of documents that I obtained in November of 2014 and again in June of 2015 taken together raise questions about the investigation back then and all that happened after Bundy was executed.sara-ted-bundy-victim             Sara:  Ted Bundy Victim [high school, 1972]

This page is to create awareness for the release of “Reconstructing Sara:  The Lost Victim of Ted Bundy”.  It is going to challenge some of the theories of what happened back then and hopefully creates a reevaluation of all that occurred not only in the cases associated to him but also behind the scenes in what happened in the investigation.  Real time serial crimes such as Bundy’s which span years and jurisdictions are difficult even for today’s law enforcement.  But my concern is for  how cases are managed when it becomes focused on publicity and elements of the case are not protected and/or released too soon.  Two books based on original documents are already in release.

Reflections on Green River contains actual documents:  the writings of Ted Bundy [letters] to the Green River Task Force from prison as he wrote them and the transcribed interviews done with Bundy in prison in 1984 and in 1988.  In Defense of Denial is the transcribed interview just before his death in which he confesses to murders in the state of Washington.  It was provided to me in a form already transcribed by the King County Sheriff Office.  Much of the material in these books has been previously published – but never in its original form. The originals, in context to each other,  differs from what has been presented publicly up to now.  These books are available online through retailers or can be ordered directly through Grass Butterfly Books by contacting customer service at

The purpose in publishing this information is actually two-fold:  it serves to undo some public perceptions about the case in general and it also provides a platform for discussions on policies and procedures related to cold cases, in particular high-profile cases, where not all victims are known, not all cases are solved, and theories begin to supersede the case facts.  I hope the publication of Sara raises questions.  I hope it changes how these types of cases are viewed and worked.  There is much about this case of Ted Bundy overall that needs public discussion and awareness of information that was withheld.


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