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Author: Sara: A Survivor

Sara is a public pseudonym for me and I am a survivor of multiple kidnappings by Ted Bundy in WA State during the years 1971 to 1974. He talked about what happened back then to me with the authorities before he died, but it was in very vague terms and he sought to lessen what he'd done to me by lying about the entire circumstances of those years...just like he'd lied about a lot of his activity. He tried to throw me under the bus as "consensual" and "participant" and I wasn't...I was being hurt, drugged at times and severely traumatized. I suffered from delayed PTSD, and traumatic amnesia symptoms both from psychological trauma and head injury for decades. Bundy had written a rape paper - it's in the files and it is confirmed by his former supervisor at the crime commission [the story he didn't publicly is false], he knew WA State authorities were terrible back then at believing the woman and prosecuting rape. Bundy was also deeply embedded into Wa State politics and into the justice system – working for the crime commission, working as a research consultant on repeat offenders and how they were able to repeat studying weaknesses in the justice system. Bundy didn't just start killing in 1974, he was active before that, not only with rape but with killing and they know it and there is evidence to support that statement. He was reported for rape in 1972 by a woman and was never investigated fully for it not even when the girls were disappearing and the Sammamish disappearances happened and the name “Ted” with a VW became known. WA State knows of my existence and has known of me since at least as far back as 2001 - yet they refused to interview me and instead referred me to "book authors" taking me out of the protections of police witness and victim treatment where the author could try and manipulate my memories and deny the accuracy of the details they contained and thereby discredit me. WA State has fought hard to suppress me even going so far via a former investigator of that era to try and defame and discredit me on a public level through media in addition to the author - they were friends and reinforced a false narrative about the Bundy years in WA. In 2014 and 2015 after over a decade of coming forward and fighting with officials to undo the damage of the false narrative being put forward, I finally received over 1000 pages of records that had been moved into a sealed area of The Archives, first in 1999 and again in 2012. Those records prove a cover up of vital information and also raise serious questions about the narrative of Taylor Mountain: there were over 150 pieces of vital evidence found there during the initial searches of that site as well as skeletal remains of the girls known to have been killed there: there was NO decapitation of victims by Ted Bundy. Additionally, there were the skeletal remains of at least three girls found total from Issaquah and Taylor/Tiger Mountain that did not match the girls known – in other words, three unknown victims. They weren’t “unknown” because they hadn’t been found and police didn’t know about them. They were “unknown” because WA State covered up and denied their existence, even going so far behind the scenes per internal memos as ordering evidence to be destroyed or “lost”. Evidence such as clothing that per description matched what the murdered victims on Taylor Mountain were wearing when they disappeared. Other vital evidence such as weapons, food wrappers, a shelter, jewelry, drugging or imbibing and bondage were also there. Keppel lied about "nothing found on Taylor Mountain". The FBI supported those lies. How do you “lose” that much evidence critical to a series of homicide investigations? All of the sealed evidence raises questions about misconduct and corruption. The whole 1989 interview with Bundy before his execution when you review the files that were sealed raises serious questions about whether it had been orchestrated. WA State has failed its public duty to uphold the values of the justice system and has failed to contain the false narrative that continues. My hope at this point, with so much contamination of the Bundy cases in WA State by public narratives that are not truthful to the evidence and years of media release of this inaccurate information, is to get the truth out there and to raise awareness of what really happened so that practices, policies, and even laws are strengthened to protect victims, criminal cases, and evidence. It seems in this particular set of circumstances too many loop holes existed back then to allow and empower public officials to hide critical evidence and never be accountable for their actions. I don't want another victim, witness or person or family to go through what has been done in this series of cases. It's not right. Our justice system is well designed on paper and in theory but like anything on paper it relies on people at all levels to respect the principles of the institution they serve. If they don't we don't have a justice system. It makes it difficult for those officials and officers who do try to do the right thing function when others around them are able to get away with spoilation of evidence and corruption and never suffer any kind of consequences for their actions - they simply retire and are let off the hook - it's got to change.

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