Ted Bundy: Evidence List Issaquah – comparison to Taylor Mountain & Tiger Mountain

Document #1:  ESAR finds Issaquah– September 1974 = [120 finds] – KCSO FILES

  1. Bone [found 20’ up search line 1]
  2. Depression [found 120’ up search line 1]
  3. Unknown substance
  4. Shoe [found 15’ up search line 1]
  5. Small bottle [found 40’ up search line 1]
  6. 2 bones [found 120’ up search line 1]
  7. Hair, black mold [found 150’ up search line 2]
  8. Bone [found on search line 4 66’ from search line 1]
  9. Shovel [found 30’ from base search line 2]
  10. Hair [found 162’ from base]
  11. Small bone [found 120’ from base]
  12. Small bone [found 7’ from find #11]
  13. Bone [found 20’ from search line 4 100’ mark]
  14. Lower jawbone [found 120’ from base]
  15. Small bones [dog] [in base]
  16. Loose dirt [found 160’ from beginning of search line 2]
  17. Small bones [found 2/20” from search line 1, and 30’ up from search line 2]
  18. 4 sections vertebrae [found above search line 4 in line with jawbone]
  19. Leg bone [found search line 1 40’ from search line 4]
  20. Leg bone and vertebra [found 30” from search line 4 in line with jawbone]
  21. Black Towncraft belt [found search line 4 100’ down road]

****     Sequence Missing

  1. Mold
  2. Mold
  3. Hair [found 110’ 3” from beginning of search line 2]
  4. Animal dung
  5. Steel wedge [found 66’ from beginning of search line 2]
  6. Small flat bone [found 66’ 11” from beginning of search line 2]
  7. Mold
  8. Mold
  9. Mold
  10. Mold
  11. Plant mold
  12. 16” diagonal patch mold
  13. Mold
  14. Hair [found 27’2” from intersection A]

****     Sequence Missing

  1. Small bone [found 35’ from intersection B]
  2. Spinal column [found 85’ from find#71]
  3. Small portion spine [found 8’ from find #72]
  4. Mold
  5. Hair [found 11’ from intersection A]
  6. Mold
  7. Hair [found 6’ from intersection A]
  8. Hair [found 5’ from intersection A]
  9. Tooth [found 13’ from intersection A]
  10. Hair [found 15’ from intersection A]
  11. Hair [found 17’ from intersection A]
  12. Hair [found 15’ from intersection A]
  13. Hair [found 20’ from intersection B]
  14. Jawbone [found 38’ from intersection B]
  15. Leg bone [found 29′ from intersection B]

****     Sequence Missing

  1. 2 teeth [found at location of find #79]
  2. Ribcage [found 6’ from find #101]
  3. Hair [found 10’ from beginning of search line 1]
  4. Skull without lower jaw [found 18’ from find #101]
  5. Tooth [found 36’ from find #101]

****     Sequence Missing

  1. AA old [found 47’ from beginning of search line 2]
  2. Toenail and small bones [found 56’ from beginning of search line 2]
  3. 2 small bones [found 77’ from intersection B]
  4. Vertebrae [found 47’ from beginning of search line 2]
  5. Decayed flesh [found 36’ from beginning of search line 2]
  6. Comb [found 44’ from beginning of search line 2]
  7. Decayed flesh [found 40’ from beginning of search line 2]
  8. Screwdriver [2nd] [found 24’ from beginning of search line 2]
  9. Book [found 38’ from beginning of search line 2]
  10. Mold
  11. Skin [found 57’ from beginning of search line 2]
  12. Mold
  13. Hair [found 60’ from beginning of search line 2]
  14. Cement
  15. Moldy matter
  16. Dung containing bone [found 113’ from beginning of search line 1]
  17. Hand bone [found 128’ from beginning of search line 1]
  18. Femur      [found 12’ from interior of main road and search line 4]
  19. Hair [found 24’ from search line 1]
  20. Tooth [found 38’ from find #317]

****     Sequence Missing

  1. Overturned earth [found 38’ from find #317, which is a femur]
  2. Brown camel hair coat [found on road directly above base going east]
  3. Animal dung with hair [found 87’ from the intersection of B]
  4. Rib bones [found 62’ from intersection of B]
  5. Brownish hair [found 71’ from intersection of B]
  6. Large flat bone [found 75’ from intersection of B]
  7. Women’s underwear  [found 26’ from upper end of the “J” shaped road]
  8. Pantyhose     [found 14’ from upper end of the “J” shaped road]

****     Sequence Missing

  1. Hair [found 25’ from 150’ mark from search line 2]
  2. knife sheath [found 22’from beginning of search line 2]
  3. screwdriver [found 35’ from beginning of search line 2]
  4. hair [found 18’ from 150’ mark from search line 2]
  5. hair [found 20’ from 150’ mark from search line 2]
  6. rib bone [found 13’ from 150’ mark from search line 2]
  7. hair [found 32’ from 150’ mark from search line 2]
  8. hair [found 13’ from 150’ mark from search line 2]
  9. hair [found 43’ from 150’ mark from search line 2]
  10. bone in animal dung [found 47.5’ NW 2 to old road and along it 140’]
  11. sweater and scarf [found 300’ beyond road for find #409]
  12. bone in animal dung [found near main road intersection]

****     Sequence Missing

  1. vertebra [found 21’ from find #502]
  2. plant mold
  3. plant mold
  4. gray hair not plotted
  5. animal dung [found 101’ from search line 1, 200’ mark]
  6. bone hip socket [found 19’ from find #502]
  7. fruit pit not plotted
  8. bone [found 79’ from find #504]
  9. hair in animal dung [found pipeline road above I-90]
  10. broken bones in dung [found pipeline road lower side above I-90]
  11. gold earring [found pipeline road – not plotted]
  12. arm bone [found 87’ from search line 1]
  13. hair curler [found near earring – not plotted]
  14. animal dung [found 81’ from find #504]
  15. large joint bone animal
  16. animal dung [found 19’ from find #513]
  17. green sock [found 48’ from find #517]
  18. bicycle shift cable [found 91’ from search line 4, 250’ mark]
  19. bone in animal dung [found 17’ from search line 4, 400’ mark]
  20. bone [found center of road 160’ north of Base]

Of note:  the black belt that was found is of a brand that in internet searches says is a man’s belt.  Is this a brand Bundy ever wore?  Has anyone ever asked this question?  Bundy had pantyhose in his “kits” and a witness stated in 1973 that Bundy had pantyhose in his glove compartment in the car; the sweater and scarf could have been tested, the brown camel hair coat, the curler, and the earring.  So many items of evidence that could have and should have been protected.  Linda Healy’s room per the original records had one gold earring found on the floor there.  It was taken into evidence.  Where is the full description of the gold earring found at this Issaquah site?  Why wasn’t the full extent of the two sites of Issaquah and Taylor/Tiger Mountain fully evaluated and talked of publicly instead of pretending that nothing was found at Taylor Mountain and that incredibly all the evidence was lost from Issaquah to the point where the authorities settled with the families of Ott and Naslund – but what about the other girls found there per skeletal remains as noted multiple places in the records and what about all this evidence?  It was just “lost”  in a major crime scene investigation?  What about the CAP reports of human remains found at Tiger Mountain during the same time that searches were done on Taylor Mountain [the CAP report clearly states Tiger Mountain even though CAP was also on site at Taylor Mountain and there are grid lines on the original maps of the search area across the road from Taylor Mountain on Tiger Mountain] and the bones sent to TX in 2005 stated clearly that Ott and Naslund were found at Tiger Mountain in its summary – a very different location than what has been described as Issaquah. Additionally, there is a listing of missing girls found and Hawkins, Ott, and Naslund are listed as Tiger Mountain and someone crossed this off and put Issaquah – the locations are vastly different – Issaquah area is north of I-90 and Tiger Mountain is across highway 18 from Taylor Mountain south of I-90 – so which was it?  Why all the cross offs and discrepancies?  How involved was the Republican Party and the FBI in all of this if at all?  I’d like to see a full scale independent investigation of not only all the case files but the shifting public stories over the years including the reasons behind King County buying up the land on Taylor Mountain where the kill site was found and turning it into public lands [thereby to me preventing any real discovery of other remains if it was developed into housing areas such as what was happening all around it] and also who owned the tiny plot of land in the center of the area when it was sold to King County that included a shack or shed or abandoned home?  It wasn’t clear by the land plot exactly what that structure was….

It just seems so incredibly lax and unprofessional even in those days to have treated evidence in a serial murder case so carelessly.  There was an abandoned home near the site at Issaquah and also near the site at Taylor Mountain.  Why aren’t these talked of publicly and why weren’t they fully evaluated back then instead of the “confession” tape of Bundy graphically stating what he did to Hawkins?  Not only was that terribly insensitive to the family and the public but it also to me is unprofessional in that an objective discussion of the two sites and the very real possibility there were other sites developed by Bundy was never explored either behind the scenes per the records nor to the public.   Additionally, the “decapitation” of Hawkins in that confession was NEVER proven by the evidence – there was never any corroborating proof and instead more evidence that none of the girls were dismembered or decapitated but rather buried on site or left for animals to disperse. There is even an original ME statement to that effect.  So why was this scenario put forward as “fact” and the cases shut down per the 1992 FBI report with statements “we’ll never know”.

Initially the focus was to essentially place blame on female victims:  Bundy was “traumatized” by his relationship with his CA girlfriend and was “acting out” – he “held victims” all night, had to bring a bottle of wine to drink to get his nerve up [the wine was to imbibe his victims and autopsy reports prove victims were imbibed with one having alcohol poisoning] and regretted his actions next day and so on.  Whether he claimed this behind the scenes or not is not relevant – the FBI BAU prides itself on profiling yet they’ve done nothing to correct the image of Bundy’s years in WA State based on the actual evidence found at the crime scenes of Issaquah and Taylor/Tiger Mountain and the original case files which do not support the public story.  The forensics were NEVER worked or correlated and that is evident by the actual street files which they took great pains to deny, hide and destroy. That is proven by the public story which denied the evidence for decades and all the media hype that was used for officials to individually profit from it career-wise and personally.

These officials who still to this day gloss over the evidence and fail to discuss forensics instead focus on Bundy and how charming and “mysterious” it all was and pretending they worked hard to identify him when the actual evidence seems to imply they did everything in their power to avoid having to identify him early on [only after DaRonch escaped was he caught] when they had him identified by Liz in the fall of 1974 and multiple witness statements as early as the disappearance of Susan Rancourt of a “Ted” with a VW approaching girls.  Many witness statements essentially all saying the same thing.  Sammamish was NOT the first time his activity and approach had been identified.

Is it possible Bundy kept some of his victims in WA alive for a few days like he did to a few in Utah and moved them between the abandoned homes?  Like he did to me only I was kept only for hours and not days and released only in a compromised state where I’d been drugged or imbibed while in captivity?   He told FBI behind the scenes he had left a survivor before he was executed and the female was “released”.  When I was coming forward talking of the abductions I was at first ridiculed even though my memories contained specific details which lined up to evidence they denied existed and then later on I was told I just thought I was a victim and it was consensual. But then, they also focused on trauma and how Bundy had been traumatized by a female so therefore he must have been killing.  Time has proven that scenario totally false in serial killing. How incredibly discriminatory for that assumption to be carried forward for decades.  Bundy was a serial killer – what I had been describing and what my severe PTSD symptoms showed beyond doubt was torture and the word “released” does not imply anything other than captivity.  You don’t “release” someone who went willingly.

There is also the proof of drugging on site at both Bundy kill site locations [thermos found by a skull, bong, chemical bottles], evidence the killer was on site with the girls, possible evidence of bondage and evidence that both Issaquah and Taylor/Tiger Mountain had been being developed over time – not “all of a sudden in 1974” as has been publicly claimed.

What a terrible travesty that none of these questions were ever asked of him before his execution…that 1989 interview was a lost opportunity.  Decapitation is never proven in any of his victims…instead it is the opposite.  There was no decapitation at Issaquah or at Taylor/Tiger mountain.  Full skeletal remains were found in both locations and evidence of animal activity and graves in both locations.  This is supported by the original documents of Search and Rescue and by the original ME report from Taylor Mountain that “heads were with the bodies” and the multiple notations in search records and in detective reports of skeletal remains found at Taylor Mountain.

Important to the case:  Not only WHERE items found and WHAT, but how were they grouped.  This analysis mirrors what was found at Taylor Mountain in terms of evidence and characteristics.  See the ESAR notes of that day and list of evidence. Doc #1:  Location of Evidence: Grouped Issaquah – Maps of Search Area

  1. Found within search line 1

Bone [#1];  depression [#2]; unknown substance [#3]; shoe [#4]; small bottle [#5]; two bones   [#6]; bone [#8];  small bones [#17 , noted as near search line 2];  leg bone [#19 also noted as near search line 4]; ribcage [#100]; hair [#101]; skull without lower jaw [#102]; tooth [#103];  dung containing bones [#315]; hand bone [#316]; hair [#318]; tooth [#319];

  1. Found within search line 2

Hair, black mold [#7]; shovel [#9];  loose dirt [#16]; hair [#52]; steel wedge [#54]; small flat bone  [#55]; AA old [#300]; toenail and small bones [#301]; vertebrae [#303]; decayed flesh [#304]; comb [#305]; decayed flesh [#306]; screwdriver 2nd [#307]; book [#308]; skin [#310]; hair [#312];

  1. Found within radius from Base

Hair [#10]; small bone [#11]; small bone [#12]; lower jawbone [#14]; small bones [#15]; camel   hair coat, brown [#322];

  1. Found within search line 4

Bone [#13]; four sections of vertebrae [#18 – noted as in line with jawbone #14];  leg bone and vertebrae [#20]; black Towncraft belt [#21 – noted as found on upper road of grid]; femur [#317]; overturned earth [#321] noted as near the femur find of #317.

  1. Found within intersection A

Hair [#63];  hair [#77]; hair [#78]; tooth [#79]; hair [#80]; hair [#81]; hair [#82]; hair [#83]; 2  teeth [#99- noted as found at same location as 79]

  1. Found within Intersection B

Small bone [#71];  jawbone [#84]; leg bone [#85]; 2 small bones [#302]; animal dung with hair [#323]; rib bones [#324]; brownish hair [#325]; large flat bone [#326].

If you compare the evidence found at Issaquah with the evidence found at Taylor Mountain the two sites are very similar in terms of types of evidence and consistency of evidence.  The Green River killings evidence list which is fourteen pages long and which was also released to me buried in the Bundy files also has evidence that is very similar to what Bundy’s sites contained.  It seems to me that rather than being unique or different in his methods, Bundy was very much similar in some ways to Ridgeway.  There were personal items of the girls found at both killer’s sites.  Bundy is similar to Hanson [serial killer Alaska who also chose young female victims and kept trophy items and had sites for killing that he took them to] and Dahmer, Gacy, the Toy Box killer [who also left a survivor who had been drugged] ….the list goes on.

The grouping of evidence at specific location points of a major crime scene find helps to understand in part what was occurring or could have occurred in each area.   The fact that both Issaquah and Taylor Mountain were only discussed in findings of skulls and other “shocking” details and were not immediately analyzed in depth suggests that the evidence finds were presented to the public in a manner that misrepresented what was found.  It isn’t just what evidence is found but how the evidence is distributed in the crime scene and its relationship to other evidence around it.  I am not a criminologist, but to me this type of analysis is just common sense.  I don’t understand why it wasn’t done at the time.  Keppel focused for years on sensationalism and his “super cop” role but that is not true to the evidence and his book “Riverman” is not at all reflective of the facts of the case.  It is a book that is embellished and with multiple and many inaccurate statements.

Rather than to correct this misinformation and with actions that supported a story that was false “nothing was found at Taylor Mountain and we were bringing out empty boxes…and so on” , law enforcement agencies in WA and the FBI acted in concert to attempt to hide it from the public, moving case files into the Archives and making statements that the cases were essentially “closed” in 1992 as “we’ll never know” and stating in 2011 that only DNA would be used.  DNA degrades over time.  The original witness statements and the original search and rescue documents of this time period are very important to the case overall.  The edict that nothing but DNA would be used is a sure-fire way to prevent anyone from ever evaluating the original records of the time period.  Additionally, forensics has developed to a very sophisticated science and there were multiple pieces of evidence in both of these crime scenes [Taylor/Tiger Mountain and Issaquah] to provide information using forensic techniques of today – families are still waiting for closure and that possibility has been taken from them by the failure of the officials to protect and preserve the evidence.

This movement of files into the Archives occurred from all entities in Washington State, from the Attorney General Office to the Seattle and King County police.  The FBI Seattle even refused to investigate the case when I came forward to them in 2011 complaining of being blocked by the police agencies, Keppel and the AG Office.  But then, the FBI statement of their involvement in this case publicly is also false:  they were working with Bundy on a project that involved recidivism in early 1973 which he finished the design draft of and filed a report on and he even states that his efforts to get close to the “feds” during his time in WA in the interview in 1984 to Keppel wasn’t intentional to learn about how they operated.  I doubt that – I think he knew very well what he was doing and his efforts to ingratiate himself into various aspects of the justice system was cunning and manipulative and apparently it worked as the authorities took great pains to cover up much of this evidence and even put forth a scenario/narrative that isn’t supported by the original case files.  Bundy also told a forensic psychiatrist while in prison in Utah [not Carlisle] that he had studied Chinese at Stanford that summer because he wanted a government job. Which to me raises serious questions about how Bundy afforded law school at UPS and at Utah when he had to borrow money to pay a Utah attorney and he only worked random low paying jobs in WA.  He also told Florida law enforcement upon his initial capture there that he had “powerful friends”.  Apparently he did.  The FBI according to Keppel’s statement to Bundy in the 1984 interview was on site before Bundy was transferred to Colorado from Utah – a time period when WA State had plenty of evidence to indict Bundy on murder charges and did not.  And why was an investigator sharing this information with a serial killer anyway?  Surely that violates legal standards.

Findings of additional remains of unidentified victim[s]:  Discussion of investigation is in the case files.  “At a location in Issaquah, the remains of Janice Ott and Denise Naslund were found on Sept. 7, 1974.  They both disappeared on July 14, 1974 from Lake Sammamish State Park but at different times.  Their remains were scattered by animals.  There were bones that did not match their skeletons, indicating a third or fourth victim was also left there.”  This statement is also supported by multiple other observations both internally in police reports as well as by the search and rescue teams on site during those days.  It correlates to the findings at Taylor Mountain, which also included the skeletal remains of at least one other unidentified victim [other than the four found there].  In addition there were 58 cases of missing/murdered young girls in a three county radius around King County during the years 1971 to 1974 whose cases at the time were not worked and not solved.  One of those girls was found only 10 miles from Taylor Mountain trail head at another location near a lake.  There are witness statements which put Bundy out in the area of Taylor Mountain as far back as 1972 – the police had these statements.   There are several witnesses in the files who identified Bundy as being in the area when Rancourt disappeared; when Ball disappeared; when Hawkins disappeared and at least 4 witnesses who specifically identified Ted Bundy as the person who walked off with Ott on the day she disappeared and these statements were all confirmed and taken in by WA State officials BEFORE Bundy was transferred to Colorado and where there was less evidence yet Bundy was never charged with anything in WA – he did, however, get the services of a state defense attorney in WA as a public defender per the records, John Henry Browne. How did that happen when no charges were ever filed against him?

Internal memos show that evidence was ordered destroyed in 1999 and records were also destroyed in 1981 and evidence was moved into a sealed area during a few years leading up to 2012.  With all the evidence that lines up to my experiences back then which document me as the survivor and all the evidence that documents actions authorities took to hide, lie about, and destroy inculpatory evidence against Bundy – and combine that with the concerted efforts to silence me over the years and it really begs the question of just exactly what was going on back then and who was Ted Bundy and why did so many officials work so hard to suppress this information?

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