Bundy Timeline As Per Original Case Files Hidden From The Public: Years 1969 leading up to 1973


  1. Witness statement that Bundy told people he was sick before he met Liz in 1969 – this is in Richard Larsen’s book but I also have the original case files and can corroborate the statement made in Larsen’s book
  2. Witness statement that Bundy stated he knew he was sick as far back as 1969 but that he started acting on it during 1971-1973 – the exact years I was coming forward – again in Richard Larsen’s book but I can corroborate that this is in the original detective notes of the time period.  This is also supported by other witnesses who state independently from each other that Bundy was out in the kill site areas of Taylor and Tiger Mountain as early as 1972. There was a witness subpoenaed to court to testify against Bundy about those early years.
  3. Rape complaint in 1972 against Bundy by a woman who stated he assaulted her while drinking and that he threw his arm over her neck during the attack and seemed absent – it was dismissed because she was imbibed – but imbibing his victims with drugs and/or alcohol is present in at least two of the girls he held captive per autopsy and per his statements and it is also documented in my memories preceding the records by years and Bundy talks of the Green River Killer using drugs or alcohol to reduce a victim’s ability to escape in his un-redacted interview in prison in 1984 with officials – these are in the original case files which I have and these were never incorporated into the initial story of that time period – instead the public story put forward by Keppel and Rule in concert was that Bundy was traumatized and it all started in 1974.  Bundy admitted in the final meeting before his execution that his first kill was in 1972 and there were “attempts” around that time period.  This lines up directly to my statements coming forward and this was never put out publicly.
  4. Bundy was the Assistant Director of the Crime Commission during 1972 and 1973 and as such studied rape and white collar crime in the Seattle area and wrote a rape paper in 1972 which is being posted on this site as it was in the hidden files.  That rape paper which details Bundy’s research, is like a road map to the crimes he was committing around the Seattle area, starting by his own admission in statements behind the scenes prior to meeting Liz in 1969 and by a rape complaint against him in 1972, my testimony and other witness testimony.  The rape paper is his and is corroborated by more than one person of that time period.
  5. From 1971 to 1973 around 58 young girls in three counties surrounding King County were found dead or missing and never found – these are in the original case files and agency reports of that time period – one was missing and murdered just 10 miles from the trailhead site of Taylor Mountain.  Some of the evidence found on Taylor and Tiger Mountain could have been related to some of these missing girls yet the authorities ordered some of it destroyed per internal records, denied its existence [“nothing found on Taylor Mountain”] and never worked it even though DNA was in its infancy before Bundy was executed and even though it should have been protected even by the protocols of that time period.
  6. Bundy knew the Issaquah and Taylor Mountain area well per at least two witnesses who had been out in the area with him in 1972 and 1973 – one female and one male – these are in the original files and one witness was called before a closed court to testify. No action by WA State was taken even though nearly 300 pieces of evidence were found and some had been forwarded to the superior court and then basically disappeared. It is noted in one record that John Henry Browne was assigned to Bundy as a public defender – how can you get a public defender when you have no charges pending?  This closed court hearing in a serial case where the perpetrator is never charged and the case put out to media for profit and multiple crimes occurred in that state [WA]is disturbing from a justice standpoint.
  7. A young girl was found dead/homicide around 1971 or 1972 near Echo Lake which is only 10 miles from the trail head of Taylor Mountain – did Bundy have a previous site that was never fully investigated – it should have been looked at once Taylor Mountain was discovered. Tiger Mountain across hwy 18 from Taylor Mountain was also searched in March of 1975 and it too had evidence per the original search and rescue notes of that time period so the question becomes was Issaquah really Tiger Mountain [they reference Issaquah as north of I-90 whereas Tiger Mountain and Taylor Mountain are south of I-90] or did Bundy have 3 sites and authorities kept that part under wraps?  Either way, Tiger Mountain is never discussed.
  8. Girls were missing and/or murdered in California in Santa Rosa area in 1971 to 1973 – Bundy was back and forth during that time period and so was I – he had been stalking me since I was 16 y/o and since I had moved to Tacoma in 1970 from the Bay area of San Francisco – I was taking highway 101 during that time and my last trip was in 1973 – the same year those killings stopped – was Bundy involved with at least a few of the Santa Rosa killings?  At least one girl never found looks like a twin to my best friend during that time period – a friend who helped me avoid getting taken by him even though at the time we probably did not fully comprehend the danger we were in.  My trips there were in the general time frames that he also traveled there.  I was frequently stopping at Stanford University before cutting inland to Modesto.
  9.  Bundy was working with the Republican Party officials from 1969 to 1973 behind the scenes including Ludlow Kramer, the Governor and other party officials and was in charge of a small precinct/reporting area – this is in the case files which were sealed and Bundy’s testimony before the committee investigating the Rosellini scandal of WA State also corroborated his involvement with the Republican Party high ranking officials as early as 1969.  I had stated to WA State AG Office that I had been to Ludlow Kramer’s office in 1972 [have a photo to support it] and that Ted had been stalking me in high school in 1972 and knew I had gone there.  The fact he was working closely with the AG Office and Kramer in 1972 was never publicly released.  I knew of it. It verifies my recollections. It is also coincidental that 1972 is the same year Bundy researched and wrote the rape paper; the same time frame he stalked and raped me which I reported prior to the records release and the same year 1972 he raped another woman by imbibing her and leading her into the woods.  Our accounts were very similar though our ages and the locations of these assaults by Bundy were different. My account was contradicting Keppel’s storyline that “it all started in 1974”.  It did not start in 1974.  Bundy’s practice of imbibing his victims while held in captivity had also never been released and I knew of it because he had been doing it to me.  Bundy stated in the final interview it started in 1972 and then quickly amended it to what Keppel kept reinforcing to him as a storyline.
  10.  Bundy was working with the Justice & Planning Commission on a Recidivism Project with the FBI regional office from January 1973 to April 1973, was paid around $4000 and completed and filed his report [officials claim he never completed it but he did – it ran multiple pages]. The payment records for the study show that each billing Bundy submitted was authorized by “Confidential Secretary I” or “Confidential Secretary II” .    The FBI states publicly they were not involved with Bundy until 1977 but that is not true – their name [FBI] and the agent’s name is on the internal memos and reports and testimony of the recidivism study.  They were facilitating the study for WA State Justice & Planning even though questions were raised as to whether this study violated the existing privacy laws of that time period.  Bundy’s report detailed how repeat offenders were able to beat the system. They were also in Utah BEFORE Bundy was transferred to CO per the original unredacted audiotapes with Bundy in 1984 in prison.
  11.  Bundy was working with the King County Crime Commission as Assistant Director during the years 1972 to 1973. Witness statements confirm and corroborate this as do publications of the time period which are all included in the original case files. Bundy was also active in a political action group in the Seattle area [point 12]
  12. Bundy was active in a political action group that included prominent members of Seattle society called the CHECC during these same years. Bundy was deeply embedded into the influential and legal and justice system of the Seattle area.
  13. Bundy worked for a legal delivery firm sometime 1970-1971 and had access to a car through that job and also worked for a medical supply company.
  14. Bundy per a witness statement had a light beige VW that he owned and drove in 1972 per a witness that was close to him. I did not have any other witness statements that corroborated this but in the police notes of that time period it did state Bundy was known to drive a VW in addition to the bronze one he drove in 1973 and 1974 in WA State but this report did not provide details.  Bundy also owned a white pick up truck that he purchased just before leaving for Utah.  How he did afford two cars and a residence in Seattle even while he lived in Tacoma the summer of 1974 and when he worked relatively low paying jobs.
  15. Bundy attended Stanford University the summer of 1970 staying with friends in the Bay area and studying Chinese. How was he able to afford that school?  Where are the actual transcripts?  Where is the financial report on how this was paid? Why was the public statement always that they didn’t know much about his early years?  Bundy told a psychiatrist in prison that he wanted to study Chinese in 1970 to get a government job.  Who paid for that schooling and his law school? According to the original case files of that time period there was plenty of opportunity to thoroughly research the cases and work with other jurisdictions but WA State withheld much of this information from other states and from the public story.  WA State had his SSN from his work with the Crime Commission and with the FBI/DOJ study on recidivism in 1973 so they could have run his financials to flesh out his background report and activity but they didn’t or they have suppressed this along with other critical documents and evidence.  The question is why and who were they protecting?  Themselves and their association with Bundy or Bundy?  Otherwise why take such obvious and drastic steps to deny so much of this?
  16. Bundy was a member, at least in 1973 via the publication of the roster, of a PAC group called CHECC which was a young professional group of bipartisan members who were seeking to improve the perception of Seattle area through political appointments in local government.  The group had many influential attorneys, policy makers and business people of both Democratic and Republican backgrounds and Ted Bundy is noted as a member representing the Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Commission.  1973 is a year Bundy would have absolutely been active as a serial killer and was per his own statements before his execution that he had killed in the summer of 1973.  The publication which lists him as a member was published in the summer of 1973 so he was still active in it at that time.
  17. There were reports of suspicious activity involving break in attempts at the apartments of young girls in the U-district in 1973 and early 1974.  Police were well aware of these reports. Several were within a few doors of Linda Healy before she disappeared.
  18. Bundy admitted to investigators before his death that he had killed in 1973 and at one point even slipped up and alluded to 1972 as being the first murder.  This was redacted from the information publicly released.  He also stated there were multiple attempts before he started murdering.  I had been talking about such attempts on me years before I knew of the statements in the files.
  19. Bundy went to CA in the spring of 1973 [not just in the summer as is publicly stated].  So did I with two girls from the sorority who were cousins – we went to Santa Barbara over spring break and took 101 and stopped at Stanford for a few days on the way down.
  20. Bundy did not have outstanding grades at UW, no scholarships, and no financial aid  yet he attended University of Puget Sound law school and applied and got into Utah law school – how did this happen in a competitive degree field and where is the documentation of how his law school days were paid for?
  21. A witness close to Bundy close to Bundy told police he had seen handcuffs in Bundy’s car trunk in 1973 and had wondered about it.  There is more to this case in WA State than “circumstantial” evidence and too many questions about conduct and evidence handling and public statements to let it go.