Early Victim of Ted Bundy 1970- 1974: The “She Said” of the Story

Photo:  taken 1972 when I was a senior in high school representing a pageant and was visiting Secretary of State Ludlow Kramer’s office in that capacity.  Ted Bundy was working with Ludlow Kramer during his re-election campaign assisting with strategy during the year 1972 and this fact had never been released to the public.  He started working on it much sooner than the fall of 1972 and had been affiliated with Republican politics as far back as 1968.   It is verified by more than one official record that was hidden.  I noted that Bundy was working there long before records were released to me and provided documentation of that when I reached out to King County police from 2001 on and also to the FBI in 2011 and again in 2012.  Both entities refused to give me a case number and told me essentially to go away.  I have proof of that statement.  The FBI report and behind the scenes interagency notes in 1989 also document a survivor of multiple kidnappings.  The supporting documentation is also in the street notes of detectives during the 1970s period that were released to me in 2015.  Many records support me:  think about it: all the officials ever do is talk about who knew Bundy best and how many hours they spent with him and they market him extensively over the past several decades.  They NEVER analyze the forensics in public discussions and they skirt important cases like Laura Aime’s where Bundy stalked her for nearly a month before the abduction and where there were eyewitnesses to him doing so.  They NEVER acknowledge me though they know I am telling the truth.  Very unprofessional and not at all true to the standards of a thorough, comprehensive and ethical investigation – and that goes for WA State officials as well as FBI.  Ted Bundy was known to FBI in 1973 as essentially a colleague and worked with an agent in Seattle on a confidential project and Bundy was also per notes “prominent” in Republican party politics behind the scenes.  What role did all of that play in how officials portrayed this case to the public even to this day?

The records they hid and denied support me:  the corruption they tried to conceal and destroy evidence of survived in records released to me after over a decade of fighting for them….immunity for justice system officials from the police on the street to the highest level of DOJ is a critical justice system issue in this country that needs to be eliminated…

There are two parts to this discussion: the first is an overview of several issues and events and the second part is a specific discussion of what Bundy did to me as a victim during the four years he stalked me and repeatedly kidnapped me.  My story is entirely supported by the evidence that was sealed away. The officials, especially Keppel, have known there was a survivor for decades and turned their backs on it – he denying it directly in multitudes of interviews just as he denied for decades all the evidence found on Taylor Mountain [nothing found]  while he pushed his “super cop” scenario [which is not supported  by the actual records] and his book, “Riverman”, which contains multiple instances of fiction and misrepresented evidence and scenarios [such as carrying out empty boxes and Bundy asked for him and would only talk to “one cop” – a scenario that Keppel talked to Bundy about in 1984 –  none of it is true].

My memories, time and date stamped. are irrefutable proof of my experiences back then.  The problem lies not with me as a survivor being able to be proven but with the officials who have lied about the case for decades.   I could not have known of the sealed evidence and it is impossible to retrofit yourself into situations and locations decades later.  I am that survivor Bundy talked of to authorities behind the scenes.  The problem is that they never wanted the “she said” part of the story to be heard by the public as it raises questions about the conduct of the authorities and their interpretation of the case.  Bundy was imbibing his victims before killing them in many instances especially those he planned to keep for a period of time before killing.  He did it to me.  He didn’t carry a bottle of wine in the car so he could drink and get his courage up to kill – he carried it so he could force his victim to drink until plied with enough alcohol to be of little threat to him – either to struggle or to remember.  That is what he did to me, releasing me into party situations or on dark streets about a block from home when I could hardly walk and my staggering and slurring would not be perceived as an assault but rather part of the party atmosphere of the 70s.  Additionally, his victims, those they found he kept and have autopsies of did have imbibing showing in their autopsy reports – one had alcohol poisoning and she had been kept for a week.  It is part of the reason I have trouble with shattered memories.

My emails date and time stamped precede the records by many years.  They line up directly to case facts many of which were in the sealed area – there are over 50 direct points of correlation in my experiences back then all of them predating the records release to me by years if not decades.  I am the only surviving multiple kidnap victim I know of that has multiple documents to support my statements and memories that contained details of the case that had never been publicly released.  Sealing away critical evidence in a homicide series of investigations when a potentially important surviving victim and witness is coming forward is called Spoilation of Evidence.  It is also considered corruption and I question whether it is a violation of the law for obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence. The movement of documents into a sealed area was occurring in 1981 [ordered destruction of files] and 1999 as well as 2012 per internal memos released to me.  WA State [also per internal memos] ordered evidence destroyed and failed to protect other evidence critical to the cases.

website high school photo

             Sara:  Ted Bundy Victim [high school, 1972]

I resembled closely Laura Aime, Georgann Hawkins, and other Utah victims and WA State victims – Laura Aime was the same age I had been and she had a very similar haircut and his actions towards her per witnesses were very similar to what he did to me per witnesses of that time period whose testimony was suppressed. I resembled several other victims and so did my friends at the time – eerily so.  I also knew Georgann Hawkins as a friend and he parked outside of my apartment window which faced the alley behind the Theta house the night he abducted her – he had been stalking me for months and was parking there regularly at night as the parking spot was hidden from view by a large bush that shielded the spot from the alley and it was away from the main street. He even mentioned this location exactly to authorities and questioned them whether anyone had “seen him” that night – there was a reason for it – he had parked outside of my window.  This location is mentioned in Keppel’s book “Riverman” at the beginning as being described by Ted and then by the end of his book Keppel shifts it entirely to a different location.  I’d like to know where that statement of Ted is as it confirms my experiences back then.  Keppel was given private ownership of the Bundy cases when he joined the AG office of WA State in 1981 and I’d also like to know why this isn’t considered corruption.  He also published “Riverman” a book with multiple falsehoods in it for personal profit while working at AG Office and still employed as a public servant and he profited off the case while the missing girls’ cases and the skeletal remains of Taylor Mountain were NEVER worked or sent for DNA verification.  That did not happen until 2005 with results in 2008 confirming the skeletal remains [and no decapitation] were found at Taylor Mountain in 1975 [Keppel had assigned numbers to these bones on site in 1975 and that allows them to be followed over the years and proves Keppel had knowledge way back then that skeletal remains had indeed been found and publicly lied about it].  Keppel also asked to get in touch with Bundy in 1980 after meeting with Michaud and Aynesworth something he felt his superiors would agree to.  Then shortly thereafter he moved to the AG Office and gained control of the case denying the evidence of Taylor Mountain for decades.  What happened between the years 1980 to 1984 when Keppel stepped in to take over the Green River investigation?  Why was my case suppressed to the point that I was being threatened if I dared come forward or speak out?  Why was I defamed, belitteld and ridiculed by Keppel and others while no one, absolutely no one, actually ever investigated anything of what I was saying?  It was highly discriminatory, personally devastating and to me a case of witness intimidation.  I can document all of this.

Stalking wasn’t anything we knew about in college back then – in my experience anyway I had no idea what the term meant nor the dangers – I knew I was in danger personally but kept silent out of fear of retaliation and out of fear of not being believed or supported as the stalking had gone on for years and his initial rape of me in high school was violent – I didn’t have a solid base of friends who’d known me a long time as new to the WA area and my family was dysfunctional and in the throes of a bitter divorce battle between the parents.  Ted intimidated me by an initial rape when I was new to the area and just 16 in high school, by an apology for it pretending it was “not intentional” and he was a “friend” and by using his psychology training to constantly keep me off balance, afraid of him, unsure of myself and my own instincts for nearly four years.  He is noted in my yearbook as me knowing him.  It may be part of the reason my memories are so shattered and scattered and out of alignment initially though some of that was due to repeated head trauma.  When Bundy was free in the summer of 1975 one of his actions was to try and find my room mate who had lived with me in that apartment that was behind the Theta house.  He was looking for me.  Her family reported his coming to their home but the police never followed up.  Again, that is another tie back to me and my statements. 

The following is a summary of what he did to me:  This is the “she said” of the story —  behind the scenes I’ve been accused as being “consensual” and discounted as only wanting publicity and publicly denounced as a survivor by Keppel and Rule and others – but they had their own agendas and reasons to protect their own theories especially Keppel who has misrepresented this series of Bundy cases for years…his story in Riverman and for decades is fraudulent.  I’ve been coming forward to authorities for two decades asking for their help in closing a few cases that I know to be associated to his stalking of me.  Bundy was a serial killer – not unlike any other; there are other serial killers who left surviving victims that they held in their possession even while killing other victims.  Robert Hanson of Alaska told investigators he had released a few victims who convinced him that they would never tell.  Other serial killers, including Bundy, used imbibing with alcohol or drugs to incapacitate victims and/or lessen their ability to testify or to be believed.  That is what Bundy did to me over that four year period and he even called out the imbibing and/or drugging to Keppel and Reichert in the 1984 interview as something that Ridgeway may have done. Neither cop followed up on it – but Keppel especially never put the pieces together even though he had access to many documents which ran counter to his publicly stated theories.  I am convinced that Keppel has worked the cases of Bundy for years so that he could personally profit from them and further his own agenda and career.  The fact that he stalked me behind the scenes, blocked me from an investigation and denied my existence is proof that he had something to hide.

Why serial killers release a victim, or why Bundy chose to release me over and over, is a choice the killer makes and the victim has nothing at all to do with it.  He specifically told investigators behind the scenes he’d been releasing a victim [releasing is the term used in the behind the scenes reports –the action of release indicates capture -you don’t release someone who is consensual – release implies by its nature captivity].

Why a killer releases one victim and kills another is anybody’s guess – their reasons are their own – perhaps to toy with the life of one victim or perhaps to not have to kill a victim knowing that the victim is so traumatized they are of little risk.  I know there is a quote by Bundy in one of the books or programs where he states that he was picking up a female to commit an “act of rape” and releasing her to avoid having to kill.  I found this long after the memories were returning and I don’t remember now where I saw it.  I don’t know for sure what Bundy’s motivation was with letting me live for the short term but he was trying to kill me during the summer of 1974 to summer of 1976 when I ran away from him, dropping out of school, and suffering severe trauma and shock.  In Bundy’s case and in thinking of the years he stalked me from high school on, I wonder about his statement to the FBI about going on a “dry run” and “releasing” a victim.  I never knew of it but it lines up to my experiences and my memories predate the records by many years.  I also question the FBI and its continued efforts to silence me – because that is what they’ve done and continue to do.  I am speaking out now against them.

Bundy’s actions towards me were driven by his own pathology and I was a victim of that pathology with no control or say in any of it.  I suffered tremendously back then and hid it from everyone – largely because I could not remember.  I had head injuries and he was drugging me in captivity.  My memories, the few I have left that are shattered and scattered, are time and date stamped and they provide irrefutable proof as they line up to the sealed evidence.  My symptoms of severe PTSD documented are also irrefutable proof that my experiences were real – the memories were shattered, broken like glass and out of order – scattered and out of alignment – these symptoms are common not only to severe trauma but also to moderate to severe head injury.  Some of the areas of memory still are though the progression of what happened and overall is now much clearer than what it was over 20 years ago.

Overview of my experiences:  Entirely supported by the original sealed case records

  1. Bundy did not constantly hit his victims while in captivity – at least he did not do that to me.  Bundy used drugging and alcohol imbibing in WA State just as he did in Utah and that is supported in my memories going back to 2001 as well as what was found on site in Issaquah and Taylor Mountain. He was using drugs and alcohol on me during the time I was held incapacitated – I was NEVER not bound during captures; only unbound right before release when I could barely walk and could hardly remember anything but bits and pieces and felt like I was coming out of a surgery.  In his interview with WA State officials in prison in 1984 related to the Green River killer’s ability to keep victims under control Bundy makes the following comment, “…maybe he’s using drugs to sort of take the edge off any retaliation and you asked….I’m sure you’ve looked at their autopsies to determine that and even that is not conclusive…”  Interesting comment in that Bundy had drugs in Utah that he showed Liz, I complained of it since 2001 and the autopsy reports of at least one of his victims in Utah showed the use of alcohol to imbibe her – she had alcohol poisoning.  This is a very important part of Bundy’s MO when girls were once within his possession and I believe it is at least part of the reason he would release me so he could recapture me periodically – he knew I wouldn’t be able to report him because I was imbibed or drugged during the capture and assaults. He worked with a medical supply company – he was actively thinking about his killing and using every resource at his disposal including manipulating friendships and allies. The rape paper he wrote also details the use of alcohol to lessen the ability of a victim to speak out against her rapist.  He was reported for rape in 1972 and the woman reported him for rape to police and they, including Keppel, didn’t believe her as she was imbibed. Something Bundy did on purpose.  But in my opinion also after these past two decades that is typical of Keppel….he blames the victim and the woman and that is evident by his comments behind the scenes and the scenario he promoted that if Bundy was killing he had to be traumatized by a girlfriend or a woman even though Bundy specifically told Keppel in 1984 the actions of a serial killer are driven by possession and not any specific trauma.
  2. He hit me on the head during the initial capture of me, usually coming up on me from behind; but once I was in his possession I was bound and/or restrained until release and I was never fully aware.  He also could have used a chokehold on me to cause a blackout as there were a few times where people who knew me saw bruising about the neck and back of the neck and thought I had been beat up on a “date”.  A few times he did hit me on the head while in captivity if I came to and jolted all of a sudden or if I was coming out of the unconsciousness state and was trying to stand or get away.  It was all about control and hitting me once I was restrained and contained during capture, at least by memory,  seemed to me by feelings associated to those memories, to be done out of anger and containment of me or out of frustration.  I was young and active back then and metabolized any drugs [even antibiotics] rapidly.  His dosing of me didn’t always work the way he intended.  He also brought me out when there was activity he wanted to do and he needed me to be semi-aware of it and able to be responsive.  But I never had control ever – and I was never free, never unbound, until I was eventually released – and there was never any talking.  It was always silent. He never told me ahead of time what he was going to do – he just did it.  I was never fully aware of all that happened to me when I was released – I could barely walk and my memory was severely impacted. I was coming forward for decades.
  3. I was in and out of consciousness nearly all the time while held by him and bathed and wrapped in blankets to revive me at times.  I remember feeling the blood in my forearms being ice cold.  It makes me wonder if I was in shock and he was bathing me to revive me or to try and eliminate evidence.  The capture location is hazy at best but I remember a lot of wood, bare sparse furnishings, very little lighting and it smelled musty.  This is all in the memory bits and pieces that were given to authorities over the years.  It lines up to abandoned homes that were found near each of Bundy’s kill sites in WA.  Bundy kept several of us in captivity for several hours if not days – in my case, hours. Some victims were kept in WA and some in Utah that are documented in the records.  He told FBI he was repeatedly picking up a woman and releasing her to test his skills and as a dry run.  That is evidence of a survivor of multiple kidnappings – I had been coming forward with shattered memories for two decades.  My memories date and time stamped going back years refer over and over to loss of consciousness while in captivity and to his actions with me as a victim which included bathing and repeated types of sexual assault which were very repetitive and organized in terms of progression and what he did and how he did it.  It was ritualistic. Autopsy reports on a Utah victim show that she also had been bathed and kept for days – another Utah victim was held overnight and another victim from Oregon held overnight.  My memory was correct in that regard – it surfaced before I had the records.
  4. Records sealed away for decades support me in the above statements.  There was no decapitation in either of Bundy’s WA sites that were found and to my knowledge no decapitation of victims in Utah – and I doubt, based on the actual case files, if there was ever necrophilia.  His intent to me, having lived through it multiple times, was to keep the victim alive somewhere secured, out of view, and immobilized by drugging or imbibing.  There were times when the girl abducted was not drugged or imbibed but bound – such as the ski instructor in Utah per the behind the scene record – but in my case and at least three other cases never publicly discussed we were bound and forcibly imbibed with alcohol or drugs.  I personally was never held captive long enough to arouse alarm in terms of a police notification but I came close to it.   I was also never fully conscious during all of it and I was released in a manner where my slurring and staggering would be perceived as part of a party atmosphere and not as anything suspicious.  There  were abandoned homes near each site in WA. These homes were searched, red matter collected from basement walls as evidence and sent forward as evidence – yet Bundy was never charged and this evidence was never worked and denied as existing in the public story where much was made of Bundy being “traumatized by his girlfriend” and leaving no evidence – none of this is true.
  5. Small bottles were found at the sites of both Issaquah and Taylor Mountain where the victims were found [skeletal remains] – at Issaquah they are noted as small bottles and at Taylor Mountain they are noted as chemical bottles.  There was NO decapitation at either site but there was evidence of animal activity and scattered remains. Liz found him with a date rape drug in Utah and that is in her book.  A thermos is found by a skull, snug tie and rope, chemical bottles and skeletal remains of girls are found –  all suggesting strongly that imbibing and bondage had occurred at his kill site of Taylor Mountain.  It was NOT a dumping ground as Keppel claimed over the years….and investigator worth anything would have known that.
  6. There was evidence of the killer on site at each location and evidence of potential bondage and that the victims had been kept alive possibly for at least awhile.  At Taylor Mountain a lean to had been found, a thermos, food wrappers, chemical bottles and girls’ clothing including bras.  Further, some of the clothing items collected at Taylor Mountain and sent forward to Superior Court of WA were nearly identical in description to what a few of the girls were wearing. And the large amount of evidence clearly showed a long period of criminal murder activity.  At Taylor Mountain a thermos was found in close proximity to a skull.  Bundy dressed me in outfits while in captivity.  I don’t know for sure what they were, I believe one was some kind of teddy but I do remember being dressed and undressed while semi-conscious.
  7. In the autopsies of victims in Utah,  there was evidence of plying with alcohol and one victim at least per autopsy was shown to have alcohol poisoning and she’d been held for several days in his possession.  There was evidence of bathing per a victim autopsy in Utah, something I had been stating for years before that information had been released.  There were abandoned homes nearby – I question whether they were ever thoroughly checked for evidence that the missing girls had been held there.   My memories clearly included a location that “smelled musty” and this had been stated years before the records were released to me.  Evidence of bondage, evidence of drugging or alcohol [even bongs which raise suspicions of marijuana use something Ted was known to do].  A lean to was found in addition to the homes.  And then there are the multiple witness statements that Ted knew the area well as far back as 1971 and 1972 and that by his own admission he was “sick” before he met Liz in 1969 and he “acted on it” in 1971, 1972, 1973.   In fact in one of those witness statements the person described Bundy driving with him past the exact entrance to the Taylor Mountain kill site in 1972.   These are all in the original case files and they corroborate each other as do the official findings of those searches of Taylor Mountain and Issaquah.
  8. My experiences that I had been coming forward with were mirroring what he’d done to victims in Utah and WA State knew it.  He had been using me as a repeat victim, toying with my life and releasing me in a state of awakening where I was unable to remember what had happened to me and barely able to walk and the release of me was always at night and around parties where people would think my stumbling was due to alcohol and not due to kidnapping and sexual assault.  Bundy told Hagmaier behind the scenes that he was picking up a woman and releasing her unharmed but he never named the person – that is documented in the original transcripts:  it was me and I wasn’t a woman but a girl of only 16 when it started and 19 when in spring of 1974 I began fearing for my life and was already suffering from severe rape trauma, stalking trauma and PTSD.  WA State had the autopsy reports from Utah, they knew the specifics, they knew there was a survivor somewhere and they knew all the evidence found at Taylor Mountain including skeletal remains.  My locations lined up; my characteristics and proximity lined up;my memories time and date stamped matched the sealed records.  And above all, the officials KNEW there had been a survivor of multiple rapes.
  9. Bundy was known to have weapons.Contrary to what has been put forward by WA State, he was known to have a knife and had been reported to have a gun by at least one witness who was credible at the time.  He also used a weapon for strangulation. That strangulation type of weapon was found in Utah at the crime scenes of at least two victims and is documented in their autopsy reports. That specific type of strangulation weapon was taken into custody in the spring/summer of 1975 by WA State officials and forwarded to the Superior Court – it was taken and recorded as coming from Bundy.    Evidence at the scenes also showed weapons. He used imbibing to control and weapons to control.
  10. A knife sheath was found on site in WA State at one location.  An oriental knife was reported as stolen in WA State the summer of 1973 and then returned and the person implicated was Bundy.  There was a knife sheath found at one of the WA Sites.  There were gun shell casings found at Taylor Mountain and witness statements that gun shots were heard in that area.  Victims had evidence of wounds in very specific spots in their anatomy when found – their skeletons showed these wounds.   A weapon had been used on them, more than strangulation.  Strangulation also was done not manually but with a weapon used for that purpose– a very specific type that is noted in the records as found in Utah and also one was found in WA State. That ligature weapon was taken into custody in spring or summer of 1975 in WA State and associated to Bundy.  It matched by description a similar ligature noted with at least one Utah victim.  Again the correlations – WA State had the evidence and failed to act. This is never discussed publicly.
  11. I told a person connected to this case that I had an unnatural fear of knives long before I received the records which verified weapons associations to Bundy.
  12. Bundy talked behind the scenes to authorities about a woman [I was a girl of 16 when this all started] that he had been kidnapping and releasing to test his skills. These statements are in the original transcripts and had been given to the FBI. I was that woman [only I was just a girl]  and I line up to the case in over 50 points of reference, characteristics and proximity and locations over four years.
  13. I had been stating for years that he had been surveilling my parents’ home, that we’d had things stolen, including pots and pans which were expensive and a set of such pots and pans was noticed by Liz and also was found at Bundy’s apartment in Utah. Bundy was known to surveille some of his victims before abducting them and entering their homes ahead of time clandestinely. I could not have known of this back in 2001 when I started coming forward.
  14. Records sealed away indicate that Bundy may have been researching victims he took in 1974 earlier than 1974.  Evidence shows that there was activity in Linda Healy’s area within a few doors of where she lived before she disappeared.  There were break in attempts at several locations on young girls and one time it was called in to the police to come out as there were fingerprints on the window ledge that could have been collected but they did not come out.  There was activity in that area noted by police as far back as 1973.  There were over 50 girls missing and murdered or unidentified in a three county area around King County during the early years of the 1970s and one of those girls was found at a lake only 10 miles from the trail head of Taylor Mountain where Bundy’s kill site of 1975 was found.  How many of these sites had he been developing?  We’ll never know since they violated public trust and contaminated the evidence and destroyed evidence and lied about evidence.  Bundy was calling me in the fall of 1970 when I was 16 y/o and stalking me and actively making attempts to kidnap me [using both the phone to develop “friendship” and lure and also using stalking methods].  He wasn’t new at it when this started with me.  I was telling police and Rule this in emails which document time and date stamp and I was doing so long before the records release to me and at a time when everything I was saying contradicted Keppel’s public story.  In looking back I wonder how Bundy found out some things about me, how he knew where I lived, how he knew where I would be sometimes. He was experienced.  It is so important that my experiences back then be believed and independently and objectively worked as I was frequently in locations where he killed [known victims] and there are girls missing but never solved in locations I had been in when he was stalking me.  I can’t prove that it was him but my gut instinct based on all that happened to me over those escalating four years makes me realize, now that the broken memories are back as much as they ever will be, that what I know and experienced is very important.  Keppel knew of these missing girls in other counties as he had the records of that time period but these records were with the Seattle police and he was with King County and there were some political competitive issues between these jurisdictions back then that make me wonder whether the Bundy cases were compromised in WA State long before the 1974 series of disappearing girls began.  But Keppel seized an opportunity and he politicized it more by gaining control of the cases and limiting the scope of the cases and misleading the interpretation of the evidence and doing it all I believe now with the blessing of the FBI.  I think they were involved.  But it doesn’t excuse the lies perpetuated over the years, the lack of preservation of the crime scenes of Issaquah, Taylor and Tiger Mountain and the preservation of the evidence including the remains of unidentified victims.
  15. And then on top of all of this, you have the political ramifications of a serial killer being embedded into the justice system of at least 2 states [WA and Utah] and developing friendships with the very people who would be trying to solve his murders and find him.  He was forming friendships in the legal, justice and political system of WA and also in Utah.  How fortunate for him that so much evidence was destroyed or “lost” so that his real total will never be actually known.  It may not have ever been anyway, but there were many girls thrown away with that evidence whose voices for justice are now forever silenced by the very justice system that should have been working to protect them even in death.  Records suggest strongly that Georgann Hawkins was found during the initial searches and that her remains were either “lost” or deliberately thrown away and yet for decades WA State has denied this without any consideration of her family.  Keppel even mentions this to Bundy in the unredacted original conversation in 1989. There are multiple references to it in other documents and there are multiple references to human remains and skeletal remains by search and rescue teams who were present on Taylor and Tiger Mountains.
  16. For specific correlations related to locations I lived in, my movements during the four years 1970 to 1974 and 1974 to 1976 please see that blog post.

Some may feel at this point it is a lost cause to revisit Bundy cases but the truth is, it is very important.  The evidence sealed away raises questions about policy and procedure and cases that are still open in WA State and elsewhere that are not closed.  WA State issued an edict stating that only DNA would be considered in 2011 but DNA would degrade in any remnant of a site or remains and evidence found now unless it was in a property room and WA State made sure that would never happen when they ordered evidence to be thrown away per internal memo.  Per the records there is not much that remains.  In other states and cases forensic science has advanced to the point where DNA is only a tool – there are many other types of forensic science in use and if evidence in the Bundy cases had been preserved and protected as well as the case information then the unsolved cases around him could have been worked effectively.  This is a travesty of justice.

WA State has continued to silence me over the years, coming in behind media, attorneys and other even while it puts out its false narrative. But there is a story here…and it is very important to the understanding of what Bundy did to victims while he held them in captivity during those years 1970 to 1974 because that is what he did to me and it started not in 1974 but in 1970 when I was 16.  That activity in 1970 is also supported by the records that were in WA State possession and which should have been worked.  He stalked me continually for four years, he abducted me, he followed me out of state and around WA State and he killed someone I knew.  He terrorized me to the depths of my being and it took me decades, absolutely decades, to even begin to heal.

He was active as a killer and rapist long before 1974.  Not only was he raping me during that early time period but records show he had been reported for rape by another woman in 1972 and that he was already using the imbibing with alcohol at that time.  That imbibing too was in my memories and earliest recollections of him in 1972.  Our statements support each other even though I never knew of her nor she of me and even though I’ve never met her.  I knew what car he was driving in 1971 [never released] and I knew other important details never released.  These cases should have been worked.  There may have been another kill site in WA that was never found because officials stopped looking.  There was the body of a young girl found at Echo Lake, earlier than 1974, who was never identified and that location is only 10 miles from the Taylor Mountain trail head.  The authorities have damaged this case beyond belief.  It is tragic.  I don’t know if Bundy killed her but he was active before 1974 and to deny that is not only counter intuitive to solving cases, but is callous to the many girls whose cases are not solved – in three counties alone in the early 1970s there were 58 girls missing and murdered and cases not solved per the records.

I started this blog to reach out to the public because the issues of this case are critically important to the health of our justice system:  it’s bigger than Bundy.  This cover up needs to be public discussion because it is a case which can create changes in the laws and accountability of agencies like AG Offices and the FBI.  I wrote to the FBI and to the DOJ begging them to investigate it and they responded to me that they were not going to do it as it “wasn’t their area or responsibility”.  So whose responsibility is it to investigate internal corruption?  Abuse of power is abuse of vulnerable victims.  [see that blog post] I am grateful to everyone who reads my blogs and reaches out to me or who writes to authorities to obtain justice in these cases.  To me the faces of this case who have perpetuated lies to the public and failed the girls represented by the evidence they threw away and destroyed need to be accountable.  I need your voice to stand up for the victims – not just me but the girls who were unknown at those kill sites as evidenced by unidentified remains and multiple items of clothing and jewelry that they callously turned their backs on…

                                                      They were somebody’s children….