Ted Bundy Evidence Taylor Mountain: 158 items – Denied, Destroyed, Discounted For Decades

The alterations, redactions, and cross off/whiteouts on documents of original street files and records of the cases of Bundy in WA State are not those typically seen as defined by law.  These are done on critical elements of the case that change the interpretation of the data to what it became publicly and which, if revealed, contradict the public story and would raise serious questions about ethical and legal conduct in an investigation.  At least the public story that was originally put before the media shortly after Bundy’s execution.  They KNEW, they LIED to the public and they attempted to cover it up.  This is NOT files “found” or “lost”.  The actions were intentional and that too can be proven by the actual paper trail and records.

Examples:  the whited out area of the original search map that showed Tiger Mountain in addition to Taylor Mountain being an area of significant finds; the original unaltered search and rescue reports that proved skeletal remains of the girls were found; the areas crossed off Bundy communications and witness statements that contradict the publicly stated scenario defined by Keppel and which prove authorities were trying to cover up Bundy’s cases in WA State, references to critical and incriminating evidence taken in early by officials against Bundy and denied publicly even to this day, and back dated records by Robert Keppel to change the storyline to “nothing found”, and so on.  This isn’t an example of one or two occurrences but many throughout the over 1000 pages of files released to me and the over 10 hours of original recordings. Robert Keppel even laughed with Bundy about finding victims in the Green River killings on the unredacted tapes.  Laughed.

Robert Keppel, per the AG of WA in writing to me, was given private ownership of some of the Bundy case files.  There are several legal issues I have with this:  violation of FOIA laws in existence as files in private possession are not governed by disclosure laws and this was a multi-state, multi-victim serial case; since when is a cop under color of law and with obligations to the public, given private ownership of case files and allowed then to profit from it and spin the story and lie about the evidence; and lastly these cases were not solved or closed so why was a single cop allowed to control a case that impacted many states and many victims and families?  And Keppel was supported by the FBI in this private ownership when the FBI declared in 1992 that investigations were halted as “we’ll never know”.  It came from the top and was repeated again by FBI as a directive to shut down cases except for DNA in 2011 while they moved all the evidence that was incriminating to the officials themselves into an area where it could not be accessed or destroyed.  They claimed they had “found” a blood sample of Bundy in 2011 in Florida but when exactly was it found and how exactly was it acquired [where is the original record of the draw and the court order for that draw and why if this evidence existed wasn’t it used to analyze the semen samples found at the crimes in Florida – of course they never disclosed any of that just relied on the fact that the public would take their word for it].   Imagine their consternation when all this evidence was ordered released to me.  But no one ever helped me with this evidence not to even to this day.  I have been blocked at every turn for nearly 20 years.

To address some of these questions someone with power and authority needs to dig deeply into the records, and the money trail – just how was Ted Bundy affording law school, a private apartment, one or two cars, and all the money needed to travel to kill when according to the public story he had trouble holding a job and no financial scholarships or loans on record.  The only money Bundy was making was either working for FBI on a project in 1973 or with the Republican Party in positions in government in WA; and in Utah, somehow he was attending a party at the Republican prosecutor’s home with a date [not Liz], had a private apartment, and no job but traveled to kill.  If he was employed what kind of job paid that much and allowed him that much freedom to travel to kill and afford to kill at whim?  How did he go to law school and work and have that much time?

The cases of girls missing and to this day never solved are dependent on the protection of evidence.  Not only is this a moral violation but it is to me a legal violation.  Yet to this day, the government, DOJ, media and all entities who position themselves to protect the public have done nothing to fully investigate this and bring justice forward.  They have put forward multitudes of “documentaries” that are filled with misinformation and outright lies relying on the protections of “omissions of error” usually embedded in such contracts.  The evidence listed below is a testament to what was covered up.  It wasn’t “lost”, it wasn’t accidentally “misplaced”, and it was never worked in a timely manner.  And this only represents a snapshot of all that was covered up and with held from public disclosure while the cases were shut down and never worked.  You don’t “work” cases and protect evidence while you are out before the public lying about the cases and pushing falsehoods in books and media programs and actively working the media not for solutions but for personal gain, profit, and drama.  You don’t order evidence destroyed in 1981, 1999 and 2011 buried if you are working a case and these were serial killer victims that were compromised by the corrupt way in which evidence was handled and denied and destroyed.

Important point:  Investigators always have more information than they release publicly but in the Bundy cases in WA State, this wasn’t with holding of information to work the cases, but rather the manipulation of evidence and destruction of evidence.  They not only refused to tell the truth to the public [and lied blatantly] but also refused to help other jurisdictions and states with their missing girls’ cases saying they didn’t know anything and this is also true of Bill Hagmaier representing FBI in the interagency discussions behind the scenes of Bundy’s execution.  He refused to help the investigators from Oregon and California who had missing girls cases by telling investigators that Bundy kept heads [Bundy was interested in whole girls not parts per the records and what was actually found or talked of and in autopsies] and telling investigators who wanted answers that  “Bob was sensitive about the heads” and nothing was found on Taylor Mountain when he knew that the information was false. It was a roadblock to investigators.   If he did not know of all the evidence back then he certainly knew the evidence had been destroyed and altered and misrepresented in the 2000 decade so his silence is proof of complicity.

Skeletal remains had been found in 1975 and verified as such by an ME at the time who examined them [in Keppel’s notes] and it proved that Bundy was traveling out of state and out of jurisdiction to kill along the I-5 corridor [Rancourt and Parks].  Skeletal remains from 1975 were also sent to TX and identified as found in 1975 so law enforcement was fully aware the girls and not just heads were found on site.  Hagmaier and Keppel both profited from the lies professionally and personally over the years.  That is corruption.  No matter what Bundy claimed in his behind the scenes interviews with them the evidence held in FBI and WA state possession at the time that was denied is more important and more truthful.  Shame on them for spinning it into a story that benefited BAU and Keppel personally instead of focusing on fact and evidence. Instead of focusing on the victims instead of on Bundy and themselves.  Shame on the FBI for closing the cases of a serial killer with “we’ll never know.”  The clothing that was never preserved and found on site in WA was destroyed  – who knows how many girls were represented by that and by other evidence never protected by chain of custody in a major serial killing case.  Don’t their lives matter?  58 girls were missing and unaccounted for in a three county radius around Seattle and the kill site of Taylor and Tiger mountain was very evident in being one that had been established for a long time and that others may be yet undiscovered.

Here is the list of evidence found on site in the searches of Taylor and Tiger Mountain in March of 1975.  This list is taken directly from the original files and is documented in the search notes of the people on scene.  These were not “kids” as Keppel claimed in his book, “Riverman” but professionals who drove many miles to assist and included not only Civil Air Patrol but also police from other counties and jurisdictions…There were several hundred people on site and countless man hours of investigation.  Keppel spun it as though he was the only one who found anything critical and that nothing was found and empty boxes were carried out to fool the press.  Many professionals were carefully collecting the evidence found on Taylor Mountain and working it in a grid to preserve the crime scene that Keppel essentially tossed away.

The whole Bundy story back then was false and contrived even while over 50 girls in WA State alone remained missing within a 3 county area around King County and all while officials knew Bundy was traveling the I-5 corridor to abduct and kill and bring victims back to Taylor/Tiger Mountain.  Bundy stated in his “confession” never published that his killing started earlier than 1974, alluding to as far back as 1971 and 1972 when he knew he was “sick” and “acting on it” and he mentions killing at least one victim to Keppel in 1973.  Bundy mentions a surviving victim [me] behind the scenes in the records documented by the FBI that he used for “dry runs”.  A dry run is against a target yet behind the scenes Keppel was trying to blame me – to claim it was consensual.  Was that directive also a group effort to contain the story?  It’s so condescending to the public, so untruthful and insulting given the gravity of the situation that it makes me wonder why it was empowered and supported by those higher up in authority.  It’s also highly discriminatory.

  1. bone fragments
  2. little piece white moldy stuff
  3. plant mold
  4. hair [found at 55’ in 1000/1000] hair was sent to FBI for analysis
  5. blond hair [found at 60’ in 1000/1000]
  6. piece of bone
  7. piece of bone
  8. bones
  9. nylon cord [found 56’ 1000/1000]
  10. clothing [find is not noted as to type or location]
  11. bone (animal)
  12. animal dung
  13. clothing [find is not noted as to type or location]
  14. some large bones [find is not noted as to type or location]
  15. ladies blouse, bright yellow print [find is not noted as to location – Rancourt was noted as wearing a yellow short sleeve sweater at the time of her disappearance – summer sweaters, short sleeved, can be mistakenly called blouse]
  16. flesh [find is not noted as to type or location]
  17. bone [1’ long] [find is not noted as to location]
  18. bone
  19. hair (black) animal
  20. jawbone (animal)
  21. bone
  22. skull [found at 13’ A]
  23. bones and animal remains
  24. part of yellow coat, white sweater [Rancourt was wearing a yellow coat at time of disappearance – it is noted in her missing persons report]
  25. chemical bottles [Bundy showed Liz a date rape drug he’d made in Utah]
  26. bones
  27. thermos bottle [found near a victim skull – could have been used for imbibing – should have been preserved for DNA]
  28. bones, arm rib [find is not noted as to location]
  29. T-shirt/blue cloth, blue sock [could have been tested for DNA if protected and preserved]
  30. blue jean material [several girls missing were in jeans – on map near #55, a tennis shoe]
  31. bone
  32. bone [found at 130’ in 1000/1000]
  33. bone [found at 130’ in 1000/1000]
  34. part of skull [found 6’ from #22]
  35. 10-12” bone [found 31’ D]
  36. bone fragments [location not noted but found by CAP – Civil Air Patrol]
  37. jawbone [found 36’D] by CAP (Civil Air Patrol)
  38. bone fragment
  39. scapula [found 46’ D] by CAP (Civil Air Patrol)
  40. bone 1” long/1”wide
  41. fragment bone – fresh?
  42. bone fragment 4” long [found 145’ D]
  43. jacket (purple) Keppel find [found 30’ from base truck on list – on map near creek and #57]
  44. hair short blond [hair samples were sent to FBI for analysis]
  45. clothing [what kind of clothing – in one notation bras were found – why weren’t they protected and tested?]
  46. bone 4.5” long [found 71’ line 50 – No to A]
  47. clothing [location not noted/CAP – again what kind and description?]
  48. rodent hair in dung
  49. bone animal? [found 75’ D – CAP] CAP = Civil Air Patrol
  50. blue scarf/red oilcloth [was the oilcloth from the type of a backpack]
  51. chewed bone 10” [found 75’ line 50]
  52. bone animal? CAP
  53. flesh decayed area [location not noted]
  54. shoulder blade CAP
  55. tennis shoe, black or dark blue [Bundy wore white tennis shoes abducting Ott and Naslund – were these men’s or women’s and why weren’t they tested and preserved] Bundy was interviewed by police wearing those white tennis shoes
  56. 2 vertebrae [location not noted]
  57. clothing [location and type not noted]
  58. green coat [location not noted in list but on map near creek and find #43, #57]
  59. wedding invite
  60. leaf mold area
  61. red cloth [location not noted] – should have been preserved for DNA
  62. receipt shell casing 30/30 [location not noted]
  63. jawbone [CAP – found at 33’ E]
  64. jawbone [CAP found 2’ from find #63 in E]
  65. hair 2 clumps [CAP – found 3’ from find #63 in E]
  66. skull fragment [found 38’in E]
  67. tooth [found 15’ in E]
  68. lean-to shelter, plastic line tarp, soup can [found together in 136’ F]
  69. animal vertebra [found 199’ in F]
  70. animal jawbone [found 60’ fence in F]
  71. animal vertebrae [2] [found 70’ fence in F]
  72. light brown hair                 [found 21’ in E]
  73. light brown hair [found 19’ in E]
  74. light brown hair [found 23’ in E]
  75. hair divided in 2 segments [found 28’ in E]
  76. hair light brown [found 26’ in E]
  77. rubber fragments – orn – balloon? [found 88’ in E]
  78. silver jewelry clasp [found 52’ in E] [some girls were wearing silver jewelry when they disappeared]
  79. shotgun shell [found 195’ in G]
  80. bone (leg? 10”) [found CAP 126’ in E]
  81. bones and hair (dung) [found 48’ in G]
  82. hair (dark brown 3” x 8”) [found 57’ in G]
  83. human hair [found by CAP at 76’ in G]
  84. 5 x 0.5” bone                                 [found by CAP at 76’ in G]
  85. shotgun shell [found at 143’ in H]
  86. hair light color [found by CAP at 60’ in G]
  87. bone fragment [found at 55’ in J]
  88. bullet, 22, slug only [found at 88’ in G]
  89. bone small [found at 62’ in H]
  90. shotgun shell [found at 51’ in J
  91. many bone fragments [found by CAP at 74’ in G]
  92. bones (animal?)
  93. bone fragment [found at 65’ in J]
  94. hair in dung [found by search dogs no location noted]
  95. bone fragment [found at 12’ in H]
  96. bone 8” x 1” [found by CAP at 74’ in G]
  97. blond hair [found by CAP at 72’ in G]
  98. black pen [found at 145’ in H]
  99. bone fragment [location not noted]
  100. hair blond                                 [found by CAP at 74’ in G]
  101. bone fragments [found at 142’ in I]
  102. bullet slug [found at 157’ in I]
  103. bolt, nut and washer [found at 275’ in F]
  104. jaw fragment [found at 36’ in J]
  105. 22 slug [no location noted]
  106. cork, shoe material [found at 165’ in J]  Hawkins was wearing clogs – were they cork material?
  107. hair blond [found by CAP at 74’ in G]
  108. bone fragment [found at 212’ in F]
  109. hair in dung [found by search dogs, location not noted]
  110. bone, small [found at 111’ in H]
  111. skull [found at 48’ in 1000/1000]
  112. jawbone with teeth [found at 88’ in 1000/1000]
  113. jawbone [found at 70’ in 1000/1000]
  114. skull [found at 114’ in 1000/1000]
  115. brown hair [found at 114’ in 1000/1000]
  116. blond hair [found by CAP at 146’ in G]
  117. not identified [found by search dogs – no location given]
  118. bone fragment [found at 56’ in I]
  119. 38 and 22 hollow bullets [found at 124’ in I]
  120. 22 bullet [found at 115’ in I]
  121. jar
  122. bone [found at 57’ in H]
  123. (2) 38 cal casings sp. [found at 57’ in H]
  124. woman’s underwear [found by dogs at 156’ from Int. of A and B]
  125. empty potato chip box [not noted as to location]
  126. plastic baggie [not noted as to location]
  127. bone fragment in dung [found by dogs not noted as to location]
  128. possible grave [found at 56’ in F- very important as similar find to Issaquah]
  129. rubberlike material [no location given]
  130. plastic snug tie Keppel [found 16’ from find #124  Int. of A and B – could be evidence of bondage of the captive girls]
  131. 22 slug [found at 79’ in I]
  132. 22 slug [found at 57’ in H]
  133. 3 slugs 22 caliber [found at 146’ in I]
  134. small bone [found at 173’ in J]
  135. shotgun shell [found at 108’ in I]
  136. 4 beer caps, sandwich wrapper [no location noted]
  137. fur, skin
  138. bone fragment [found at 123’ in H]
  139. screwdriver Keppel [found 177’ inter. A & B – a screwdriver was also found at Issaquah]
  140. bone and fragment [location not noted]
  141. bones, rib, teeth [location not noted]
  142. explosive device [location not noted]
  143. bone in animal dung [found at 53’ in K]
  144. bone 10” long [found by search dogs]
  145. bones [found by search dogs]
  146. blue suitcase [no location noted]
  147. sweater [location not noted]
  148. no item listed [find noted at 78’ in K]
  149. bone 0.5 x 6” [found by CAP at 104’ L]
  150. bones [found by search dogs, no location given]
  151. bone [found 54’ in M]
  152. small bones in dung [found by CAP at 9’ in L]
  153. 4 small bones [found 170’ inter. A & B]
  154. part of a tooth [found 155’ in M]
  155. bone chips [location not given]
  156. toenail in dung? [found by CAP at 66’ in L]
  157. bones [no location given]
  158. small bones [found by a detective on scene, location not noted]

Bones found on Taylor Mountain and noted in these finds and on Tiger Mountain in the original searches were not sent for DNA testing until 2005 and were confirmed in 2008 to be the girls originally found on Taylor Mountain [3 of them with one set of remains never identified in 2008].  Officials knew back in 1975 when the evidence listed here was discovered that there were full skeletal remains on site – that fact is present in multiple records.  The original ME stated the remains found were human and belonged to the girls in 1975 and officials also stated that they knew this back then when the bones were sent to TX for final DNA confirmation.  But Keppel’s lies to the public that “nothing was found” continued apparently with the blessing of officials and FBI.  They all capitalized and profited from the case at the expense of justice and the victims.  Even after 2008 they proceeded with their story about how they tried to capture him [they did everything they could to look the other way], how Bundy was traumatized and so he killed [it had to be the fault of a woman for him to kill], and that no witness statements or hard evidence against him existed beyond “circumstantial” – that denial of evidence is simply not true.

When you evaluate the locations of all these finds in relation to each other you also  begin to see a clearer picture of what could have been happening at the kill site. There is evidence of burial and animal dispersal of remains, human remains documented on site that are skeletal, clothing, evidence of the killer and possible bondage and more. When you compare this evidence at Tiger/Taylor Mountain with Issaquah there is a pattern.  Issaquah evidence is also posted on this site:  officials denied the existence of Taylor Mountain and Tiger Mountain evidence for decades and they claimed the evidence of Issaquah was “lost” and settled with victim families but what was really going on?  It is very evident that the evidence at Taylor and Tiger Mountain was important as the skeletal remains found there in March of 1975 were confirmed as the girls known to be missing and talked of publicly via DNA run in 2005 to 2008 so why deny it to the public? Why did Keppel go with decapitation in Bundy’s confession knowing it wasn’t true and that Bundy wasn’t throwing anything out of the window and much was found.  Keppel’s own detective notes prove he knew that skeletal remains had been found on site [and confirmed by an ME back then that there was no decapitation] and in addition it is his numbers on the remains that allow them to be tracked over the years. Keppel also documented the multiple items of clothing [some of which matched by description clothing of missing girls] and he knew other critical evidence was also found such as evidence of bondage [snug tie] evidence of drugging or imbibing [skull near a thermos; bong; chemical bottles].  The drugging and imbibing lines up with what was talked about with Bundy in 1984 and with items found at the Green River killer sites. The drugging and imbibing also lines up with some of the autopsies never publicly discussed of Bundy’s victims.  It was all there but it was denied and suppressed.  There are also multiple references in notes that Hawkins was indeed found in the initial search on Tiger Mountain.

Some of the evidence noted above lines up to what missing girls were wearing at the time they disappeared. Evidence was marked on site as being intended for Superior Court.  Regardless of Bundy’s execution, much of his movements and kills in WA and elsewhere remain unknown and for officials not to have preserved this evidence and worked it thoroughly is a testament to their misconduct and irresponsibility.  They had 15 years between 1974 and 1989 to have protected and preserved the evidence as DNA was in its infancy and beginning to be used in the courts prior to Bundy’s execution.  Yet instead, evidence was ordered per internal memos to be destroyed in 1981, 1999 and 2011. Instead they moved critical evidence into the archives where it couldn’t be worked anymore and they chased media for the next several decades.

There is hard evidence that could have been correlated to the presence of the killer being on site and of bondage and possible plying with drugs or alcohol [bong, thermos, chemical bottle and snug tie].  Bundy was known to smoke marijuana and had been found in Utah by Liz with a date rape drug.  This was an important part of Bundy’s MO and it wasn’t trauma driven.  Autopsy reports of several victims show this drugging and/or imbibing and Bundy talked of such a tactic by a serial killer to control his victims to Keppel in 1984 even stating that surely officials had looked at the autopsies of victims.  Interesting in that Bundy’s autopsies showed imbibing and Keppel knew it as he had been apprised of all that was occurring in Utah.  Keppel also knew Bundy had been accused of rape by a woman in 1972 and that cops had not taken the charge seriously claiming she was “imbibed” and all the while that imbibing was Bundy’s MO with girls he kept to kill and all the while Bundy had written a rape paper [that authorities had in their possession prior to his capture] that he had written in 1972 stating that when victims of rape were imbibed they had a more difficult time pressing charges because police didn’t believe them.  I had been coming forward for years, decades, saying that it felt like Bundy was drugging me when he was abducting me only to be ridiculed by Keppel, Michaud and Rule and other people associated to that circle that continue to put forward misinformation and lies.  It is not only discriminatory on their part but it flies in the face of the facts of the case that were in possession of authorities the whole time.

There is nothing in the records or in Bundy’s statements behind the scenes that even suggest trauma.  Bundy states to Keppel in 1984 that much of what he gave to Michaud in the interviews Michaud and Aynesworth did was “fiction” done to “pander to a reading audience”.  He stated to Keppel over and over in 1984 and again in 1988 that serial killing in his opinion was driven by several factors primarily by possession and that trauma wasn’t part of it.  If you think about it, serial killing is planned and executed to avoid being caught and those actions are proactive not reactive.  Keppel focused on Bundy being driven by trauma and due to the girlfriend when putting the case forward to the public for decades but that interpretation didn’t even line up to the evidence or the actions – Bundy was abducting young girls and both of Bundy’s girlfriends back then were older than him.  They hadn’t known him in high school.  They weren’t sorority girls.  Keppel knew all of it and still misrepresented the facts. Bundy also wrote a 33-page single spaced document refuting Ann Rule’s depiction of events in “Stranger Beside Me” – disputing accuracy – something Keppel gave to psychiatry rather than evaluating it for any factual and case related evidence. Keppel and Rule were working together behind the scenes – Keppel told Bundy Rule was a “cooperating agency” [she was an author] and she wrote his foreword for “Riverman”.   Keppel asked his supervisors to get in touch with Bundy as early as 1980 after meeting with Aynesworth on that project.  Keppel, Rule and Michaud often appeared in documentaries about Bundy over the years misrepresenting case facts.  There was evidence of quid pro quo and purposeful manipulation of the case for profit but my question and concerns still are related to the girls who remain missing and just who exactly authorized all this misrepresentation to the media and this creation of fact rather than actual accounting of facts and evidence.

There is a significant amount of evidence that may have been a testimony to other unknown victims of Bundy brought to the site of Taylor and Tiger Mountain to rape, hold in captivity and kill.  Just because it didn’t match known victims doesn’t mean it wasn’t evidence of other girls.  It is a travesty of justice that the original evidence was never protected by proper chain of custody. It is proven by the evidence found on Taylor Mountain and Tiger Mountain and tested for DNA in 2005-2008 that girls from out of the jurisdiction of King County [Rancourt] and from out of state [Parks-OR] were on site.  It is proven by behind the scenes records that Bundy confessed to holding Parks alive for awhile before killing her.  He did this to me in captivity only for hours and releasing me in a state of being drugged and/or imbibed.  He did this to Laura Aime and to Melissa Smith and this is in the records.  He traveled out of state to abduct and kill while in WA and he did it also in Utah.  Why does the FBI claim they were not involved until 1977?  It is clear by the actual records that they were involved as they are mentioned by name before Bundy was transferred to Colorado over the objections of a Utah judge [per the records].  They are mentioned in detective notes from Utah that they were taking in evidence in 1974.  FBI was working with Bundy on the recidivism project in 1973.  Official statements that they did not become involved until 1977 are false and that they did not know anything and that he was “mysterious” are false.

With all this evidence at the kill site of Taylor and Tiger Mountain alone, and all the evidence found at Issaquah, it is very obvious that not only did WA officials fail the public in not involving a task force that included extensive investigations in other jurisdictions but they also acted suspiciously in not involving FBI or by denying FBI involvement to the public.  Bundy was traveling the I-5 corridor to abduct and kill and they knew with the find of this site that victims were there from out of King County jurisdiction and out of state with Parks of Oregon being found there.  Skeletal remains were documented by trained search and rescue teams and by several detectives on site at the time and by the requisitioning of leg x-rays by detectives [in the notes of that time period].  Skeletal remains were found and documented decades later by DNA:  Keppel lied to the public for decades about the significance of the finds at Taylor, Tiger and Issaquah and he was never challenged or corrected by the FBI during all those years.  Google searches show Keppel working with both FBI and FBI BAU in the years following the execution. So was Kathleen McChesney who also took in critical evidence [taped jack handle and bead and leather necklace – such a necklace by description anyway was found on victims in another state per their autopsies].  The governor of WA at the time was a former FBI agent.  Does it all tie together for why Bundy was positioned to the public as mysterious and so “different” from other serial killers when he was very much the same….or is it coincidental?  It seems too riddled with investigative issues to be coincidence but I am not sure how and why it all evolved in such a way…only that the focus on Bundy over the years and what he says or doesn’t say over protecting and stressing the importance of existing factual forensic evidence and the focus on Bundy with media repackaging the case for profit over the years developing “super cop” and “super profiling”  is far outside the norm of a valid investigation and due process of justice and law in my opinion.

Ted Bundy was working with the FBI on the recidivism project in 1973.  He worked with the Crime Commission studying serial rape in 1972.  He worked with DES in a position given to him by a state office of WA State in a position where he handled cash allocations all the while he often used cash to hide his movements.  Officials ran DMV records on all persons named Ted shortly after Issaquah and before the end of 1974 they had him identified by name, location by a credible witness and that information was called over to Utah where more killings were occurring.  He afforded law school, a private apartment and one or two cars in Utah and he brought girls home to that apartment to kill unhindered and aided by privacy.  Where did the money that empowered this behavior come from?  What kind of job allowed him so much freedom to travel to kill all while attending law school and enough money to afford such a lifestyle.  Why did WA State deny the evidence of Taylor/Tiger mountain and “lose” the evidence of Issaquah and never charge Bundy?  No working history to support Bundy’s independence [own apartment, car/gas and ability to travel distances to kill] is on the public record for Utah.

The Bundy cases need to be fully investigated for corruption and a public explanation provided for why all of this happened and the case as a whole in all of its multi-state impacts needs to be independently evaluated by people capable of reviewing what remains of the evidence objectively and not by those who currently represent the faces of the case who have marketed the case for personal profit and continue to do so well into 2020.  Not by those who professionally benefitted from it.  Not by those with political agendas.  The public deserves some answers and not just silence.  Silence is guilt.  Bundy’s cases are not closed because not all his victims are known.  Yet their selfish and self serving exploitation of his cases continues to this day in so-called documentaries.

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