Ted Bundy: Evidence List Taylor Mountain: 3 victims never identified; The Official Story Shifting Over the Years

According to witness reports filed in the records released to me Ted Bundy was positively identified by witnesses in the following cases:  Janice Ott – witnesses identified Bundy as the man with Ott the day she disappeared – at least 4 made positive IDs and one of those was an undercover DEA agent at the time who also gave the composite drawing of him;  Bundy was identified positively from a photo in Nov 1975 as the man who was seen on campus the night Rancourt disappeared; all of these occurred during the time Bundy had been identified as the suspect in the attempt on DaRonch and he could have easily been charged in WA State before ever being extradited to Colorado – WA State had more evidence and more witnesses against Bundy than Colorado did.  Several people also saw him around the area the night Georgann Hawkins disappeared and they had witness reports from Brenda Ball’s disappearance.  In Utah, Bundy could have been identified by a girl who escaped him in Murray where a key matched the handcuffs found on DaRonch; but there is not much discussion about that case; in Utah a witness/friend of Laura Aime had seen him with Laura, knew he was stalking her and also could have identified him but to my knowledge she was never explored as a witness against him.  Richard Larsen documented these in his book and these original statements by witnesses are part of the records. WA State and Utah both could have, and should have, put Bundy into a line up with these witnesses as early as spring of 1975 – but they did not.

Other witness statements in WA also documented Bundy’s Jeckyl/Hyde personality – this included a person in law enforcement who’d known him personally.  The name “Ted”, the VW and color, and multiple witness statements taken from Sammamish in addition to a witness statement giving his name, car and location in the fall of 1974 and his current location in Utah were all in police hands BEFORE Taylor and Tiger mountain kill sites were found.  So why did officials purposefully look the other way?  They had more than enough evidence to charge him and did not.  People are in prison now for much less. They had all this evidence from Taylor and Tiger Mountains as well as Issaquah and the bodies/remains of multiple girls, some of which were never identified and yet they never acknowledged this evidence publicly and in fact instead, denied that this evidence existed for decades.  The essential question is why and that question has never been answered.  The evidence of Taylor and Tiger Mountain wasn’t “lost” and neither was the evidence of Issaquah.  You don’t “lose” over 300 pieces of evidence.  Records show the evidence was moved around behind the scenes purposely and that some of it, referred to as “crime scene junk” in an internal memo, was ordered destroyed.

An example of evidence being suppressed:  On October 5, 1975, Detective Kathleen McChesney took in from “owner” Ted Bundy the following pieces of evidence:  One axe – brown handle and brown cover [items he carried in his car]; one jack handle with white tape; and one bead and leather necklace.  The origin on the evidence document was clearly stated as owner identified as Ted Bundy.  The crime scene location was noted as Taylor Mountain.  It was noted as signed over to Sweeney [criminologist] on 10-6-75 [the next day] and then signed over to Andy Cooper evidence room notation on 4-27-1976 [months later].  What happened to this critical evidence in between the time it was taken in and the time it was last noted in its chain of custody.  A bead and leather necklace was found on the bodies of at least two victims killed by Bundy per the records never released.  McChesney has never talked of this evidence nor was it used against Bundy in correlating any of his multi-state victims and McChesney appears frequently in documentaries about Bundy to support Keppel’s storyline and she built a career with FBI as did Keppel.  Keppel is noted as working with FBI and FBI BAU in online searches.  Bundy wasn’t executed until 1989 and there is all this evidence that was simply ignored.  His cases were closed by FBI in 1992.  Yet a vial of his blood was remarkably found in 2011 by FBI allowing his cases to be officially closed again [for the second time in 2011] and only DNA used.  This was around the time records were being actively moved to a sealed area. This was during the time I was coming forward to FBI for the first time complaining of a cover up.

In the actual original records of that time period, Keppel talks to Bundy in the final interview about finding Georgann Hawkins remains at Taylor Mountain but states the ME “lost” them – it’s astounding to me that he knew this and still continued to put out a public story decades later that her body was never found and decapitation had been involved – officials knew and Bundy knew she had never been decapitated.  Her remains were more than likely the tibias and fibulas that were moved to the ME office at the same time the AG office, under Keppel, took over the Green River investigation..this association comes from a person directly in the ME office at the time in an internal memo….and they were moved there in a box of elk bones per internal memos without official paperwork at the time.  Other remains were moved over also in a different bin and those were labeled but only as “Bundy bones” – that a trained crime scene investigator,even if not Keppel it was someone, of any level of experience would move critical evidence without paper work is astonishing. The remains, [in the bin which were labeled only Bundy bones and which were moved over with evidence numbers assigned by Keppel on scene in the original March crime scene] were confirmed in 2008 to be three of the four girls initially found on Taylor Mountain in 1975 – implying those families were never notified for decades that their girls were found as whole remains and not just the heads that the official story became. There were also several bones that did not match the DNA of the families submitted associated to missing girls and these were never retested.  They were simply left unidentified.

There are several documents sealed from those years that show Hawkins as found on Taylor/Tiger mountain during the initial searches. Keppel also knew there were two sex books taken in related to Bundy or his kill sites and one was found at a kill site.  In a meeting with officials after Bundy’s execution Keppel told other detectives that the rumor of a sex book was just that – that a Utah detective had coerced that information from a witness knowing full well that King County took in these books and that he {Keppel} had asked Bundy about a sex book in 1984 saying that there were “powerful” people that would not like Bundy talking about pornography as a causative factor. The records clearly show Keppel has been manipulating the case for decades.  The result is that much of what is in the public domain is not true per the original records.

Document #1:  ESAR finds Taylor Mountain– March of 1975 =  [158 finds]  these are copied here directly from the Original documents in the Search and Rescue files and reports of that day in 1975.  These were not “kids” as claimed publicly but professionals — many of whom drove many miles to help on site.   There was much more found than simply skulls and jawbones.  Hair found on site was sent to the FBI.  Other evidence that was never protected and never worked – broken chain of custody problems in multiple places. Additionally, there was an unidentified young girl found at Taylor Mountain whose remains did not match those of the other victims found there – that is in the original files in multiple places.  There were bones sent to TX that were never identified and just “assumed” to be one of the victim’s known there.

Tiger Mountain:  In the search and rescue records of that day, real time, on -site, there were searches conducted at Tiger Mountain and finds from Tiger Mountain and notations in the records that indicated victims were found at Tiger Mountain.  In a victim summary document in the files, Tiger Mountain was crossed off and “Issaquah” was hand written in and Issaquah is what the public account has always been.  What was the reason for the cross off of Tiger Mountain and this location never mentioned?  Was it simply semantics or something else?  Is Issaquah a cover for the real site which was Tiger Mountain?  It’s fair to ask the question.

Tiger Mountain is across highway 18 from Taylor Mountain [which was a major site of Bundy despite public statements to the contrary].  Tiger Mountain on the original map shows what appears to be string lines from the search grid encompassing a mirror type of grid to Taylor Mountain with string lines marked.  This original map shows the grid lines of search areas of Taylor Mountain, with the grid lines of Tiger Mountain -both areas and both filed by search and rescue teams. There would be no need to identify the string lines and grid if the Tiger Mountain area, smaller apparently in circumference than Taylor Mountain per the map drawn, was never searched.

It is interesting in the files that this same map appears to have the Tiger Mountain grid lines whited out and someone has hand written off to the side “LIJ” with a question mark.  Why was the original map altered?  Why is Tiger Mountain listed several times in the records as the site where Ott and Naslund and one other unidentified girl was found?  Why were tibias and fibulas sent to the ME on 3-8-1984 unlabeled in a box of elk bones without paperwork?  Other bones were also sent there [skeletal remains] on the same date and these have the K numbers [assigned by Keppel during the initial Taylor Mountain search] which identify them as the original finds taken from Taylor Mountain in the initial search. These were later confirmed in 2008 as the human remains of victims originally found there.  But some of the bones sent to TX from Taylor Mountain were never identified and yet never followed up on.  The officials simply closed the cases in 1992 per an FBI report.  Why weren’t the bones put in with elk bones labeled?  Why was the finding of girls bodies at these sites in 1975 never talked of and instead a public story put out that was false? [public story: nothing was found there but jaws and skulls and a few bunches of hair, and it was just a dumping ground and Bundy was practicing decapitation and necrophilia and moving body parts around – nothing like that scenario is supported by the actual original records].

In addition, a young girl was found in a nearby area to Taylor Mountain who fit Bundy’s characteristics of victim selection much earlier than 1974 not less than 10 miles from the trail head of Taylor Mountain.  Witness statements from 1972-1974 put Bundy in the area of the kill sites as far back as 1972 and also state that on one occasion he was at the exact location that was later found to be the entrance to the crime scene of Taylor Mountain.

Bundy also asks detectives during the 1984 interview very subtly about a location which seems to be Tiger Mountain and also asks about an unusual method of blood loss [which is documented in the autopsies of two of his victims] and even though detectives were informed of the blood loss by Utah and Keppel was present at the searches in March of 1975 and knew human remains were indeed found there,  he never presses Bundy but continues to ask him questions about the Green River Killer, using Bundy for profiling but never working the existing cases in WA.  If the intent had been to actually work the missing and murdered girls cases in WA, the actions would have been much more directed to correlating the clothing to the girls [and some of the clothing found was consistent to what they had been wearing and in fact was taken in as evidence at the time] and to following up on all the leads of witnesses who could have identified Bundy from a line up and there were quite a few.

Whatever the reason, it is alarming given the gravity of the situation of those years.  It is alarming to me that the cross offs and “X”s are found on several critical documents of those years, not just the search and rescue reports but many documents and that the interviews in prison with Bundy are not true to what was publicly released about them and that within those unredacted tapes are multiple instances where the interview taping was purposely shut down in order for something to be discussed between Bundy and the officials – there are outright comments in there related to “shut down the tape for a minute” and then the taping resumes.  Bundy’s attorneys are never present and only designated officials are with him.  It is alarming to me that these original records are still to this day being discounted and suppressed and the false public story still reiterated in programs and “documentaries”.

Bundy had been working with the FBI in 1973 on a project and with high ranking officials.  That project was paid by “confidential secretary” and he got the DES job in 1974 due to the AG Office.  He told investigators upon capture in Florida that he had powerful friends.  Was he being given special consideration? He was paid approximately $4000 for his recidivism study design and report and he seemed able to afford a lifestyle that doesn’t add up to his reported random job history.  College and rooming quarters are expensive.  How did he get the money?  FBI was meeting with him behind the scenes and helping facilitate his communications with the Green River Task Force despite public comments to the contrary – no matter what the official position was at that time, it circumvented normal justice policy process in many ways.

Tiger Mountain Civil Air Patrol findings of March of 1975, conducted simultaneously to the search being conducted at Taylor Mountain included per their formal reports:  March 6, 1975: 0430  First units en route to pickup and proceed to site Tiger Mountain; finds  for the day 7 with possible human remains 5.  March 7, 1975, finds for the day 8, classified as good, or possible human remains.  March 8, 1975, finds for the 9 probable human remains.  Site: 1/2 mile from milepost 24, state route 18.  Man hours put in by CAP – 1386.3.  One skeletal bone identified by its evidence number was logged in by CAP and also assigned an evidence number by a detective on site and noted in his record and that bone was sent to TX in 2005 and was determined by DNA to be human remains, though I do not know by the records if that skeletal bone was one that was confirmed to be one of the missing girls or one of the 12 skeletal remains sent that was never identified in TX and there were a few that did not match the girls known to be missing and found there.

Here are the stats directly from the original search records/documents for the people who were on site at Taylor Mountain from 3-3-1975 to 3-8-1975:  Persons total: 567; Man hours total: 13, 376.75; Number of vehicles driven to the scene:  176; Number of miles persons traveled to get to the site total:  18,990.  Additionally, DNA was in its infancy before Bundy was executed –  it was being used in a trial in Florida just down the road from where he was held and so authorities cannot claim being naive that forensics was advancing.

 There is also a corresponding map which shows locations of many of the finds – there are two maps actually of that time period and both were altered later.  The map that has been put forward for years publicly was significantly edited from what the original contained. The original map shows the location of the finds of some items and their associations to each other.  There were several critical evidence finds which went to the Superior Court WA and then disappeared from the records. No sign in – or sign off.

Search teams included units that traveled from Skagit County, Pierce County, King County, Dayton County, Spokane County, and others as well as Seattle police and Civil Air Patrol Washington National Guard.  They were professionals.  

  1. bone fragments
  2. little piece white moldy stuff
  3. plant mold
  4. hair [found at 55’ in 1000/1000]
  5. blond hair [found at 60’ in 1000/1000]
  6. piece of bone
  7. piece of bone
  8. bones
  9. nylon cord [found 56’ 1000/1000]
  10. clothing [find is not noted as to type or location]
  11. bone (animal)
  12. animal dung
  13. clothing [find is not noted as to type or location]
  14. some large bones [find is not noted as to type or location]
  15. ladies blouse, bright yellow print [find is not noted as to location]
  16. flesh [find is not noted as to type or location]
  17. bone [1’ long] [find is not noted as to location]
  18. bone
  19. hair (black) animal
  20. jawbone (animal)
  21. bone
  22. skull [found at 13’ A]
  23. bones and animal remains
  24. part of yellow coat, white sweater [Rancourt was wearing a yellow coat at time of disappearance]
  25. chemical bottles [Bundy showed Liz a date rape drug he’d made in Utah]
  26. bones
  27. thermos bottle [found near a victim skull – could have been used for imbibing]
  28. bones, arm rib [find is not noted as to location]
  29. T-shirt/blue cloth, blue sock [could have been tested for DNA if protected and preserved]
  30. blue jean material [several girls missing were in jeans – on map near #55, a tennis shoe]
  31. bone
  32. bone [found at 130’ in 1000/1000]
  33. bone [found at 130’ in 1000/1000]
  34. part of skull [found 6’ from #22]
  35. 10-12” bone [found 31’ D]
  36. bone fragments [location not noted but found by CAP – Civil Air Patrol]
  37. jawbone [found 36’D] by CAP (Civil Air Patrol)
  38. bone fragment
  39. scapula [found 46’ D] by CAP (Civil Air Patrol)
  40. bone 1” long/1”wide
  41. fragment bone – fresh?
  42. bone fragment 4” long [found 145’ D]
  43. jacket (purple) Keppel find [found 30’ from base truck on list – on map near creek and #57]
  44. hair short blond
  45. clothing [what kind of clothing – in one notation bras were found – why weren’t they protected and tested?]
  46. bone 4.5” long [found 71’ line 50 – No to A]
  47. clothing [location not noted/CAP – again what kind and description?]
  48. rodent hair in dung
  49. bone animal? [found 75’ D – CAP] CAP = Civil Air Patrol
  50. blue scarf/red oilcloth [was the oilcloth from the type of a backpack]
  51. chewed bone 10” [found 75’ line 50]
  52. bone animal? CAP
  53. flesh decayed area [location not noted]
  54. shoulder blade CAP
  55. tennis shoe, black or dark blue [Bundy wore white tennis shoes abducting Ott and Naslund – were these men’s or women’s and why weren’t they tested and preserved]
  56. 2 vertebrae [location not noted]
  57. clothing [location and type not noted]
  58. green coat [location not noted in list but on map near creek and find #43, #57]
  59. wedding invite
  60. leaf mold area
  61. red cloth [location not noted]
  62. receipt shell casing 30/30 [location not noted]
  63. jawbone [CAP – found at 33’ E]
  64. jawbone [CAP found 2’ from find #63 in E]
  65. hair 2 clumps [CAP – found 3’ from find #63 in E]
  66. skull fragment [found 38’in E]
  67. tooth [found 15’ in E]
  68. lean-to shelter, plastic line tarp, soup can [found together in 136’ F]
  69. animal vertebra [found 199’ in F]
  70. animal jawbone [found 60’ fence in F]
  71. animal vertebrae [2] [found 70’ fence in F]
  72. light brown hair                 [found 21’ in E]
  73. light brown hair [found 19’ in E]
  74. light brown hair [found 23’ in E]
  75. hair divided in 2 segments [found 28’ in E]
  76. hair light brown [found 26’ in E]
  77. rubber fragments – orn – balloon? [found 88’ in E]
  78. silver jewelry clasp [found 52’ in E]
  79. shotgun shell [found 195’ in G]
  80. bone (leg? 10”) [found CAP 126’ in E]
  81. bones and hair (dung) [found 48’ in G]
  82. hair (dark brown 3” x 8”) [found 57’ in G]
  83. human hair [found by CAP at 76’ in G]
  84. 5 x 0.5” bone                                 [found by CAP at 76’ in G]
  85. shotgun shell [found at 143’ in H]
  86. hair light color [found by CAP at 60’ in G]
  87. bone fragment [found at 55’ in J]
  88. bullet, 22, slug only [found at 88’ in G]
  89. bone small [found at 62’ in H]
  90. shotgun shell [found at 51’ in J
  91. many bone fragments [found by CAP at 74’ in G]
  92. bones (animal?)
  93. bone fragment [found at 65’ in J]
  94. hair in dung [found by search dogs no location noted]
  95. bone fragment [found at 12’ in H]
  96. bone 8” x 1” [found by CAP at 74’ in G]
  97. blond hair [found by CAP at 72’ in G]
  98. black pen [found at 145’ in H]
  99. bone fragment [location not noted]
  100. hair blond                                 [found by CAP at 74’ in G]
  101. bone fragments [found at 142’ in I]
  102. bullet slug [found at 157’ in I]
  103. bolt, nut and washer [found at 275’ in F]
  104. jaw fragment [found at 36’ in J]
  105. 22 slug [no location noted]
  106. cork, shoe material [found at 165’ in J]
  107. hair blond [found by CAP at 74’ in G]
  108. bone fragment [found at 212’ in F]
  109. hair in dung [found by search dogs, location not noted]
  110. bone, small [found at 111’ in H]
  111. skull [found at 48’ in 1000/1000]
  112. jawbone with teeth [found at 88’ in 1000/1000]
  113. jawbone [found at 70’ in 1000/1000]
  114. skull [found at 114’ in 1000/1000]
  115. brown hair [found at 114’ in 1000/1000]
  116. blond hair [found by CAP at 146’ in G]
  117. not identified [found by search dogs – no location given]
  118. bone fragment [found at 56’ in I]
  119. 38 and 22 hollow bullets [found at 124’ in I]
  120. 22 bullet [found at 115’ in I]
  121. jar
  122. bone [found at 57’ in H]
  123. (2) 38 cal casings sp. [found at 57’ in H]
  124. woman’s underwear [found by dogs at 156’ from Int. of A and B]
  125. empty potato chip box [not noted as to location]
  126. plastic baggie [not noted as to location]
  127. bone fragment in dung [found by dogs not noted as to location]
  128. possible grave [found at 56’ in F- very important as similar find to Issaquah]
  129. rubberlike material [no location given]
  130. plastic snug tie Keppel [found 16’ from find #124  Int. of A and B – could be evidence of bondage of the captive girls]
  131. 22 slug [found at 79’ in I]
  132. 22 slug [found at 57’ in H]
  133. 3 slugs 22 caliber [found at 146’ in I]
  134. small bone [found at 173’ in J]
  135. shotgun shell [found at 108’ in I]
  136. 4 beer caps, sandwich wrapper [no location noted]
  137. fur, skin
  138. bone fragment [found at 123’ in H]
  139. screwdriver Keppel [found 177’ inter. A & B – a screwdriver was also found at Issaquah]
  140. bone and fragment [location not noted]
  141. bones, rib, teeth [location not noted]
  142. explosive device [location not noted]
  143. bone in animal dung [found at 53’ in K]
  144. bone 10” long [found by search dogs]
  145. bones [found by search dogs]
  146. blue suitcase [no location noted]
  147. sweater [location not noted]
  148. no item listed [find noted at 78’ in K]
  149. bone 0.5 x 6” [found by CAP at 104’ L]
  150. bones [found by search dogs, no location given]
  151. bone [found 54’ in M]
  152. small bones in dung [found by CAP at 9’ in L]
  153. 4 small bones [found 170’ inter. A & B]
  154. part of a tooth [found 155’ in M]
  155. bone chips [location not given]
  156. toenail in dung? [found by CAP at 66’ in L]
  157. bones [no location given]
  158. small bones [found by a detective on scene, location not noted]

When you evaluate the locations of all these finds in relation to each other you also  begin to see a clearer picture of what could have been happening at the kill site. There is evidence of burial and animal dispersal of remains, human remains documented on site that are skeletal, clothing, evidence of the killer and possible bondage and more.

I don’t believe, based on evidence it was a dumping ground nor do I believe he kept body parts anywhere in WA.  There is no evidence or proof anywhere in the records of decapitation or him keeping body parts.  His statements to Michaud and Aynesworth, that have been put forward as “fact” over the years implying certain activity are in question as to how much fact those statements really contained. In the 1984 unredacted interview, Bundy tells Keppel that much of what he gave Michaud and Aynesworth at the time was “fiction” done to “pander to a reading audience” and that he [Bundy] had an agreement with them that per Bundy they did not fulfill.  I do not know the terms of the agreement if such a one existed but the records clearly show that Keppel knew of the statements and that he’d been working with Michaud and Aynesworth behind the scenes as far back as 1980 when he asked his superiors if he could start corresponding with Bundy.  When Keppel moved over to the AG Office in 1981 I was told he was given private ownership of case materials something he has often referred to publicly as “personal files”.  What was happening behind the scenes during the years 1980 to 1984 when Keppel stepped in over Reichert and took over the Green River investigation?  In 1981 per the internal memos records of the Bundy case were ordered destroyed.  Cases were not solved and Bundy’s charges were still moving through the court system, so why would evidence be destroyed? In my opinion, these are serious questions and they need answers.  There are families without closure and I have been suppressed, stalked and threatened over the years. I deserve an answer as well.

The clothing was on site, the girls bodies were on site and if you compare the original records to the list of evidence of the original Green River killer sites, which was also released to me buried in the Bundy evidence they are similar in scope and what they contained not only to the Green River killings but also to Bundy’s other site of Issaquah.  Bundy was known to have kept some of his victims alive for several hours to days in Utah [and admitted this behind the scenes in the records I have] and based on what he did to me [holding me in captivity for hours at a time at a location I can barely recall] and with abandoned homes near each site in WA, I believe strongly that he kept his victims alive in WA also at least for several hours.  He did not just abduct, rape and kill – he prolonged the torture, because that is what it was.

There is evidence of animal activity and evidence of possible burial and evidence the killer was more than likely on site multiple times for undetermined lengths of time.  Bundy didn’t evolve into a killer overnight and even in the records there is evidence of prior rape in 1972 and that he was out in the Taylor Mountain and Issaquah areas as early as 1972 and 1973.  There is also my account which though scattered and shattered as memories, lined up exactly to details which had never been released to the finds at Taylor Mountain, the location, and the detective notes and records of the original case files.

In addition to these finds, a group of detectives went out to the crime scene one month approximately after the initial search and rescue teams were out there.  This was on 4-9-1975.  One detective, per his notes of that time period, found two bones he noted as 35 feet one inch west of the 1000/1000 mark on string line 50.  It was assigned an evidence number and that evidence number is on bones sent to TX in 2005 that were human remains and from the girls originally found on Taylor Mountain, confirming that skeletal remains were found there and begging the question as to why this was denied to the public for decades.  Detective notes of that search also reveal that there were several real-time, on site investigation notes, of requisitioning leg x-rays from missing girls families at that time. If no skeletal remains were found on site why were multiple detectives requesting leg x-rays?  Also only one known victim had a deformity of those leg bones and that was Georgann Hawkins.  She had a deformity of the tibia and fibula [not noticeable except on x-ray].  Her dental records would not have been needed.  A human tibia and fibula were sent to the ME office in March of 1984 in a box of elk bones marked only “Bundy bones Taylor Mountain” with no paperwork.  It raises a red flag: what kind of police department or professional would send remains of victims over to the ME office in a serious investigation of multiple homicides against young girls without paperwork? What kind of professional of any level would put those human remains in a box of elk bones unmarked?  March of 1984 is also coincidentally the time that the AG office of WA took over the Green River investigation.

Taylor Mountain was found in March of 1975 before Bundy was picked up in Utah.   Evidence was being cataloged and forwarded to Superior Court of WA – a federal branch – BEFORE any charges were put forward and before charges against Bundy were done.  Is it customary procedure to remove evidence from a crime scene and forward it to the Superior Court? Detective notes of that time period state on the record that this is where the evidence was being sent.  But no charges against Bundy were even pending for evidence to be sent to federal superior court – the evidence then goes “missing” – it is not noted anywhere in the records as being logged in and in fact, internal memos show that evidence was ordered destroyed in 1981 and 1999.  What was the evidence that was destroyed and who ordered it and why?  In an open series of murder investigations you destroy evidence?  That needs to be publicly explained in my opinion.

There are places in the records where evidence is noted as being entered into King County evidence rooms from “other” and dates and times do not line up.  For instance sign in of evidence is one day later than find of evidence and/or one day earlier than noted.  There are sign in’s that evidence came from “other”.  Is “other” the FBI?  If so, that would put their involvement as far back as early 1975 and they claim not until 1977 but records already show FBI working with Bundy on a confidential recidivism project in early 1973 and FBI was in Utah before he was transferred to Colorado where he escaped in Colorado under very suspicious circumstances when you hear Bundy tell his side of how he escaped to the Florida authorities in the interview that was also released to me.

Further, there doesn’t appear to be a chain of custody following any of this evidence through normal routes.   i.e. they disappeared into a “black hole” of evidence where no chain of custody was ever implemented.  How long had the federal officials known that Ted Bundy was the killer?  He had to come up on the DMV report of 4-1975 and he was identified to them back in October 1974 – the reporting officer at the time called the information over to Utah – he followed through although officials deny it [that is in the records despite the public statements to the contrary which continue to this day such as 20/20] – and Bundy matched all the points of witness descriptions of Lake Sammamish and they had the two kill sites of Sammamish and Taylor Mountain by March of 1975.

There was never any antagonistic conversation with Bundy in the original recordings that they tried to hide – it was the opposite – Bundy was treated like an insider and a colleague and they were deferential to him.  Much different than the public story and much different than they claim – so were the recordings they released officially to the public about decapitation and other misdirection somehow planned?  Bundy and officials are on tape several times in these documents with comments such as “we talked” and then the account changes a bit in the recording and also the many cross offs in documents of important information and the very fact that orders came down to hide evidence and seal it away for 75 years.

There were also multiple witness statements who were approached by him when Susan Rancourt disappeared so they had descriptions there [not a name] [and could have put him in a lineup long before Carol DaRonch was assaulted].  They had witness statements from Brenda Ball [not a name but consistent to earlier sightings] and they had several witness statements from the night Georgann Hawkins disappeared [again not a name but consistent to earlier sightings and by July 1974 they had a name from witnesses “Ted” – people who had seen him in the area. The police were NOT out immediately following Hawkins’ disappearance. They did not show up until over 24 hours later after a news report was done by a father of one of the girls in Hawkins’ sorority.  By then, many of the students had left having finished finals, and I was one of those.  I had no idea she was even missing.  We didn’t have cell phones and immediate access to news back then and we rarely watched news in college anyway.  There just wasn’t time.

Bundy was only routinely picked up in Utah after DaRonch escaped and by a routine patrolman mid August 1975.  In Utah, he had attended a party at a prosecutor’s home in the fall of 1974 with a woman he was dating at the time who had a child much like his situation with Liz in WA.  There was a young girl he attempted to kidnap right before he took Debbie Kent in Murray and according to the local newspaper report there was a key on scene and that key matched the handcuffs DaRonch had on. That key per the newspaper was sent to the FBI – what happened to it?  Why wasn’t it used in DaRonch’s trial?  why wasn’t the WA State evidence correlated – they had his name, his vehicle, his description and eyewitness testimony by summer of 1975.  FBI was present in Utah before Bundy was transferred to Colorado under a judge’s reluctance to do so at the time.  He was empowered to keep killing for months when WA State had all the witness statements from Issaquah which clearly stated a bronze/tan VW [or simply a VW] accurate descriptions of what he looked like, and multiple reports of people who could have identified him and a name “Ted”.  They also had all the Utah evidence – yet he was sent to Colorado?

Meanwhile on August 1, 1975 a detective in WA State back dated a record to March of 1975 stating that he’d asked the ME what would be needed to have a finding of decapitation and the ME’s answer was what the public story became. However, the original ME who examined the evidence of human remains from Taylor Mountain when it was originally removed from the crime scene site stated that the heads were with the bodies, indicating no decapitation and multiple detective and police notes of that period indicate human remains and skeletal remains were indeed found on Taylor Mountain.  The action to make the official story one of decapitation was deliberate: it over rode the actual evidence that was there all along.  Why was the finding altered?

Two weeks later approximately after the record was back dated about what was needed for decapitation to be found at the scene, Bundy was picked up.  Was it because DaRonch had lived and so authorities had no choice?  Was the push back at me which was deliberate and extensive over the years done because I had lived?  The officials knew there was a survivor all along and my story and my characteristics lined up and Bundy even talked of “following” a sorority girl behind the scenes – following is stalking.  I was deeply traumatized and severely damaged by all that happened back then.

Later in the spring or summer of 1975, another detective was taking in a taped jack handle, an axe and a leather beaded corded necklace that was Bundy’s in WA.  A leather beaded type of necklace was also found on one of Bundy’s victims per their autopsy report in Utah.  These were critical items of evidence – some matching the murder “kit” Bundy had in Utah.  That detective went on to have a career with the FBI.  What was going on back then for officials to go to such great lengths to prevent the public from knowing the truth about the WA State activity by Bundy? Was it simply the fact that Bundy had been working with the FBI and Law & Justice on a project in 1973 per the records or is it something else?  He was a prolific serial killer just like any other serial killer but he has been turned into a legend by the officials who have used this case to build their careers and profit from it. The focus is always on disseminating multiple random stories of Bundy but NEVER have they systematically and thoroughly discussed the evidence, the misrepresentations, the outright lies, and the destruction of evidence that was done in this series of murder cases associated to Bundy.

Several people from WA State went on to have careers with the FBI after the Bundy cases stopped being worked.  The public sees and hears a lot about the Bundy “tapes” and the officials talking about him on TV and in media but never has there been an in-depth review of the actual original records of the investigations in multiple states during that time period.  There has been very little discussion of the forensics of that time period that is at all based on fact and the records of that day.  There has been very little about all the evidence that was present all along – instead it was “mysterious” that Bundy got away with everything.  The people talking about the case are not the actual attorneys who represented him in the trials who would have knowledge of what evidence they had and possibly what was going on behind the scenes.  I have been told off the record it was “political” whatever that means.

Note:  On the maps of the search area of Taylor Mountain, across the stream from where find #30 [blue jean material], #55 [tennis shoe], #80 [bone], #57 [clothing] and #58 [green coat] there is an “x” labeled simply “clothing pile”.  This is not noted on the finds list. Is this something they found as a “pile” and did not note it as deemed it insignificant or is this where they tossed any clothing items [in a general pile] -?  Regardless, in a serial killer case where many young girls were missing, any clothing or evidence found would be critically important to preserve – even if it is ruled out later and even if it is a “pile”  ?Just because some of it did not match known victims doesn’t mean it could not have identified victims that were NOT known at the time.  Bundy was known to transport victims from other locations to Taylor Mountain and even if this was confirmed later the evidence and the cases should have been protected from disclosure and actually worked instead of being released immediately to media in a manner that misrepresented the findings.

Also of interest is the tennis shoe – Man’s or woman’s?  If a man’s tennis shoe, Bundy was wearing white tennis shoes by witness descriptions when he abducted Ott and Naslund.  Two cases where police had multiple descriptions, evidence at Issaquah [where the girls were found] and could have charged him.  If his tennis shoe, or another of his tennis shoes,was found at Taylor Mountain [and DNA confirmed it later] for evaluation of the case it could indicate several things:  that he wore these when he abducted other girls, that he may have moved living captive girls in between the sites of Issaquah and Taylor Mountain for awhile using the abandoned homes nearby to conceal and contain them [much like in my memories of where he kept me at times].  How do you lose and fail to work so much evidence and witness statements?

Yet instead, they always talk about Georgann Hawkins, who was never found [no remains] and Bundy’s “final confession” where he never talked about anything else and when there is no proof at all of decapitation in Bundy’s sites and when Bundy specifically asked them to go back and rework the Hawkins case on those tapes [which would have brought them to me as a survivor and I desperately wanted the help and needed the help due to the trauma] —when they had mountains of evidence that could have conclusively put him directly connected to missing and murdered girls.  Is Robert Keppel charging for the use of these tapes?  They were not gathered as an independent citizen but as an officer of the law.  Why was he empowered to write a book for profit [which is full of inaccuracies and misdirection of case facts] before he left employment of the state and before cases were closed essentially by the FBI in 1992?  Why the scenario in the first few years after Bundy’s death of his actions being associated to trauma from his girlfriend when nothing in the evidence supports that and when Bundy himself in the interview in 1984 states it was possession and talks of serial killing behavior as an aspect of personality that is not per him arising out of anything specific and those comments seem to bear out to what is true in other serial killings per the reports and evaluations.  So why was a computer program credited for his identification in WA when it is apparent that it was the public who identified him very early on.

Officials say they solved the Hawkins case due to Bundy’s “confession” – but there’s no proof of that.  They put his “confession” out to the public shortly after his death with media sensationalism without any corroborating evidence whipping up public outcry and media storm and creating “interest” in the superficial impact of a serial killer instead of diligently working the actual case facts and the still missing and murdered cases of young girls.  Hawkins was initially listed as case closed in 1992 when the initial FBI report came out stating “we’ll never know” and Bundy’s cases were closed in WA State and then later, around 2005 or so, she was again listed as missing as there were no corroborating statements that he’d been with her.  But Hawkins is also listed as found during the initial searches and in internal memos there are questions whether some of the remains were indeed her.  Why the multiple stories – why wasn’t such important evidence treated with the respect and professionalism it deserved?  There is no excuse.

Hawkins remains officially missing and in the records she is listed as Taylor Mountain, not Issaquah. Nothing has ever corroborated his statements that he decapitated her at Issaquah.  That Taylor Mountain was just a dumping ground and Issaquah had little usable evidence.  Nothing supports the public statement by Keppel that Taylor Mountain was a dumping ground and only skulls found there.

Rather, it is the opposite:  skeletal remains were found at Taylor Mountain, that were proven in 2005 to be three of the four girls found there; and an unidentified skeleton of another girl was found; and lastly the tibias and fibulas put into a box of elk bones and moved to the ME office in 1984 could have been identifying factors for Hawkins [she had a deformity of these] if they had protected the evidence.  I can corroborate I saw him with her that night but that is all I can corroborate.  The critical evidence was never protected and I personally wouldn’t believe anything they release now as so much was contaminated and nothing was ever done for decades and no chain of custody was ever implemented.  By their own public story, nothing was found at Taylor Mountain but a few skulls and jawbones and bunches of hair and the evidence of Issaquah was “lost” by the ME.

Note:  Chemical bottles [find #25] were found within the crime scene at Taylor Mountain.  Bundy told Liz in Utah that he had date rape drugs.  It is noted in her book.  He worked with a medical supply company and would have had access to these drugs.  He also talked of the possible use of drugs and alcohol to ply victims while they were held captive by the Green River killer.  One Utah victim’s blood tests showed alcohol poisoning in her autopsy report. I also complained of feeling drugged and could not remember most of the rapes and what happened while I was held in captivity and this is documented in emails going back to 2001 as well the memory lapses in my recollections which remain even now.  A woman reported Bundy for rape in 1972 but was dismissed and discounted by cops at the time for being “imbibed” and yet this imbibing is part of Bundy’s MO with the women he assaulted and killed in captivity per at least one autopsy, this prior rape report and my statements which preceded the records by years.

These chemical bottles found on site at Taylor Mountain and possibly at Issaquah were important to the crime scene.  Bottles were found at Issaquah but were not noted as to type.  Both Taylor Mountain and Issaquah crime sites were near to abandoned homes as well as these are noted in the police records.  In those abandoned homes there was red matter collected from the walls of the basement as evidence potentially.  It is not noted what happened to this red matter/evidence in the records that I have.  There are many items of evidence that have very questionable chain of custody tracking on them – items signed in a day earlier to evidence than when they were noted as being found; items sent forward to Superior Court before any charges were ever levied against Bundy and then that evidence simply “disappears” and so on.

There is a lot here in these original records [all stamped original] that raise serious questions about conduct back then– I personally would like to know why all of this information was suppressed from public knowledge and an account made public which denied its existence.  I’d like an answer as to why authorities exploited this case over the years in media instead of working it – many young girls were missing or murdered without resolution to their cases.

Bundy was a prolific serial killer and the FBI report in 1992 essentially just gave up on all of it with a statement of “we’ll never know” – perhaps -but we certainly never had a chance to know when they concealed all that they did and released so much publicly that isn’t supported by the actual case files.  The fact that the FBI and State of WA issued an edict that they would only use DNA in Bundy cases in 2011 [after “finding” a vial of blood in Florida that failed to get destroyed per a preexisting order to be destroyed – raising another series of questions] – is to me an attempt to continue to hide the original records – when I was trying to come forward and they were denying me an investigation – this edict for only DNA was told to me and also is in the files in a confidential memo to law enforcement agencies and it again raises questions. With all the other state of the art forensics techniques available, witness accounts that were never fully reviewed or incorporated, and the fact that DNA degrades over time especially when chain of custody isn’t implemented raises more questions than it answers. I have been continually blocked for years and aggressively blocked once I received these records with my character being defamed and my attempts to be heard blocked and attempts at attorneys blocked.

No, it’s time for a new look by independent professionals who are capable of challenging what is “known” about the Bundy cases.  I was terrified of Ted Bundy back then for what I had endured and when my memories came back I was terrified of the memories and of being ridiculed and not believed even though my memories time and date stamped lined up exactly to what had been hidden away – and then I was terrified again by law enforcement when I tried coming forward with documentation and again was threatened and ridiculed and bullied.  I am through being traumatized and I am through with having to be fearful for wanting the truth.  I put this blog series up to stand up to them and reclaim my self esteem as a survivor and to  call them out for the bullies that they are.  There are good law enforcement people out there but the people who have perpetrated these lies about the Bundy years are not among that group.  In my opinion the Bundy cases are an example of abuse of power and corruption and it is time that officials [and the laws they are supposed to abide by] are held accountable and laws changed to make that happen.