Fact Check: Ted Bundy book, “Riverman” embellished, inaccurate, fraudulent

I would like to make a public statement about the following documents and reasons for putting this up on the internet.  The story/narrative about the Bundy years has been misrepresented for decades per original records [street files] authorities hid from the public.  This book, “Riverman”, as originally released is not an accurate depiction of that era, but rather an embellished account fraught with multiple statements that are inaccurate, contrived, and which alter the actual findings as represented by the original documents and case files of the King County and WA State archives [street files were ordered sealed, destroyed per internal memos].  It has been updated over the years but that does not negate that the original publication was a fraud [Keppel had knowledge of what was found on Taylor and Tiger Mountain and misrepresented it for his own personal profit all while still employed by AG Office of WA and responsible to the public] and it was purposefully orchestrated and written to present misleading interpretations of the Bundy cases.  That statement can be proven by the actual original unaltered street files and original audiotapes unaltered of the interviews with Bundy in prison.  For one thing the evidence of Taylor Mountain was categorically denied as existing when the skeletal remains of the girls were found there and that is proven beyond any doubt by the original detective notes, ME report, and search and rescue records of that era.  It can be proven fraudulent by Keppel’s own notes during that original time period.  I’d like to know why it has never been publicly corrected by other officials.  I question why he wasn’t charged.  The misrepresentation of the case was taught at Universities.

The bottom line for me is that much of the case has been misrepresented for decades.  Not just in terms of Taylor Mountain but in many aspects.  Skeletal remains were removed from the Taylor Mountain/Tiger Mountain crime scenes in 1975 [not just heads and a few items, over 158 items] and in fact, Georgann Hawkins was apparently identified from those sites according to the original records but how she was identified I am not sure – her remains were “lost”  – bones that could have lined up to her were appearing to have been moved to the ME office in March of 1984 per internal memos without paperwork at the very time Keppel took over the Green River investigation. That finding of skeletal remains and possibly her remains has been denied for decades by Keppel.  She is noted as found in several documents by several different officials.

There were also 3 girls found on Taylor Mountain, Tiger Mountain and Issaquah who were never identified and their remains are forever lost:  they were not “unknown” because officials didn’t know where they were – they were “unknown” because officials failed to protect them in death.  It is interesting that three sets of skeletons are noted in pencil under the list of Green River victims in the files released to me that have little information and do not appear to be entered at the same time as the rest of the remains found.  When I saw this Excel spreadsheet in the Bundy files and it was Green River data, I wondered why it was there and immediately wondered if these were the remains of the three missing girls.  Were they moved over there and placed into the Green River list on purpose?  I’ll never know as officials have refused for years to investigate any of this including my case even though it lines up to the original street files they sealed.

Keppel also states in the unredacted original tapes with Bundy in 1989 that Hawkins was found and that her remains were lost so why did he proceed with interviewing Bundy on the supposed scenario of decapitation of her [which he played often to media and perpetuated for decades] when he knew that decapitation had never been proven by the evidence and that what was more apparent was that the bodies were there on site at the crime scenes?  He also knew that Bundy wasn’t tossing any clothing out of his car window [as Keppel repeated as fact for decades] as clothing was found on site and that evidence of weapons, bondage, drugging or imbibing, and girls from out of state [Parks] and out of jurisdiction were found at Taylor Mountain.  It wasn’t a sterile crime scene.  So why the public lies?

In the original detective files [street files] it is noted that an ME report at the time of the findings on Taylor Mountain stated that remains were examined and the heads were with the bodies.  That finding is noted in Keppel’s report at the time.  Later, on 8-1-1975 Keppel back dated a record to March of 1975 [the date Taylor and Tiger Mountain were discovered] and stated he called an ME to determine what would be needed to have a finding of decapitation.  That is an inquiry from him to the ME.  Later after Bundy was picked up in August of 1975 Keppel’s story from that day forward was that decapitation had taken place.  Bodies being found on site at Taylor Mountain, Tiger Mountain also prove that Bundy traveled the I-5 corridor bringing out of jurisdiction victims and out of state victims to that spot to rape and kill.  This should have triggered a multi-jurisidiction investigation and FBI investigation for out of state abduction but it did not.  I can state it did not because in the files is a document transcription of an interagency meeting after Bundy’s death with officials outside of WA state including California and Oregon and those other states were desperate for information on Bundy’s possible involvement in cases of missing girls in those areas and Keppel and Hagmaier both downplayed what was found in WA with Hagmaier echoing Keppel that only heads were found in WA – something that is entirely not true and not evidentiary supported.  The task force related to Bundy in 1974 and 1975 was restricted to King County only – this is not according to standards of law enforcement practice and combined with all the evidence denied and hidden raises serious questions about violations of state and federal laws.  WA state withheld critical information from other states.  The cases were never worked for decades.

And why did Keppel direct investigators at tax payer expense to a site that was north of I-90 to find Hawkins after the execution [and then he left and didn’t stay for the search] when he knew a] Hawkins was found and b] that wasn’t where she was found?  Tax payers paid for that search, investigators wasted a lot of their time, and later in internal memos no one could find the report on that search. [It was released to me in the files along with the internal detective notes and internal memos]. Keppel also had the search conducted by the Green River Task Force instead of the King County police or Seattle police. And it was never coded with Hawkins case number but instead the case number of Issaquah and a generic death investigation by a lesser officer.  Multiple notes in the street files indicate Hawkins as found on Taylor/Tiger Mountains searches.  The question is why did Keppel make sure the public story was decapitation and why did he put the search in that location and not even mark it as for Hawkins and not even stay on site….if it was a critical search for a specific victim why was it conducted in such a manner as to make its results difficult to find and file correctly….not even his peers understood it per internal communications.

And why did the AG office of WA with all this knowledge there, list Hawkins as missing in the databases when there were still questions arising as to whether her remains had been found?  And why did they allow Keppel to immediately after Bundy’s execution  play audiotapes of Bundy confessing to “decapitating” Hawkins when absolutely no evidence of any kind of decapitation was present on any of Bundy’s kill sites.  There was instead evidence of animals interacting with remains and evidence of burial.

And why did the officials, including FBI BAU, collectively state for decades that Bundy was traumatized, [they knew the extent of the sadism] and that no clothing was found [when it was and some articles of clothing were forwarded to Superior Court which matched the description of what a few of the girls were wearing] and that only kids were present in the searches when they knew conclusively how many professionals had traveled to WA to conduct those searches and that none of them were kids?  Why the public lies?  The case against Bundy in WA State was strong – the public claim now [again another spin on it] is that it was “circumstantial” but they had over 300 pieces of evidence and multiple witness statements that positively identified Bundy in the area of the missing girls, some witness statements actually putting Bundy with a missing girl, before Bundy was ever transferred to Colorado.  Some of that critical evidence could have been used and correlated before he was executed.  He could have and should have been put into a lineup and wasn’t.

Keppel is not the only person involved back then who has withheld information from the public about evidence:  at least two other investigators from that era know that a]skeletal remains were removed from Taylor Mountain; b] critical evidence was logged in from Taylor/Tiger Mountain as well as taken directly from Bundy or another witness.  Several people in WA State who were involved in the Bundy cases went on to have careers with the FBI including Keppel.  Internet searches show he has also worked with FBI and FBI BAU.  But he published “Riverman” for his own personal profit and he did it while still employed in the AG Office and he continued to espouse false information for years.

Title 42 posted on AG website:

Chapter 42.20 RCW



42.20.020 Powers may not be delegated for profit.
42.20.030 Intrusion into and refusal to surrender public office.
42.20.040 False report.
42.20.050 Public officer making false certificate.
42.20.060 Falsely auditing and paying claims.
42.20.070 Misappropriation and falsification of accounts by public officer.
42.20.080 Other violations by officers.
42.20.090 Misappropriation, etc., by treasurer.
42.20.100 Failure of duty by public officer a misdemeanor.
42.20.110 Improper conduct by certain justices.

Point:  there was nothing “failure of duty” about much of the Bundy case in WA.  Whiting out of records such as Taylor and Tiger Mountain maps, altering findings by back dating records is purposeful, moving remains about without paperwork raises serious chain of custody issues.  Not all of these actions may have been done by Keppel but they were all done within the context of the Bundy investigation and they were never corrected over the years, not in all the 30+ years those cases should have been worked.  I have been told that the actions weren’t able to be charged as misdemeanors – but misdemeanors are crimes.  And again, altering evidence is not failure of duty.

In addition to these very valid concerns, you have the tremendous amount of individuals present at both crime scene locations where bodies were found:  At Taylor Mountain alone there were, per the records of that day, and I quote:  “from 3-3 to 3-8 [1975] the number and type of personnel included KCP:  38; WESAR:  378; SAP:  103; GSSD: 20 [German Shepherd search dogs]; WNG: 17; DES: 1; Boeing Co:  1; Seattle police:  7; KCEMS: 2.  That does not include the separate personnel logged in for Civil Air patrol nor does it include all the vehicles and the helicopters which are also noted in Keppel’s reports of the day.  That’s just under 550 people on site at Taylor Mountain. How and why would all those people stay silent all these years unless the FBI was indeed somehow involved?   After all Keppel’s public scenario has never lined up with what those search and rescue teams saw and found on Taylor Mountain.  There is one person noted as being DES in the people on site:  DES is Department of Emergency Services and that is where Bundy worked during May through summer of 1974 having obtained the position through the AG Office of WA despite per coworker assessments of him being little qualified for it.

The tragedy of these documents is that the kill site of Taylor Mountain [it was not a dumping ground] was a thorough and well done search and rescue and recovery – so why jeopardize good police work with a false public scenario?  Why essentially defame so many good people with an inaccurate and embellished recording of events?  Where is the accountability of our justice system to those professionals who did their jobs and did them well?  Not to mention the victims and families and myself a survivor of that time period.

Records also indicate that searches were conducted in the area of Taylor Mountain as well as Tiger Mountain which is right across the highway from Taylor Mountain.  In fact evidence is noted as found on Tiger Mountain and someone crossed this location off on the original documents. Tiger Mountain is identified by Civil Air Patrol searchers by its geographic coordinates and also by an original search and map of that time period which shows clearly that the grid lines of the search on Taylor Mountain extended across highway 18 into Tiger Mountain and that exact map [duplicate] is in the files with the Tiger Mountain area whited out apparently and the question mark on this as LIJ?  The public statements in years prior to now that nothing was found on Taylor Mountain is simply not true to the records.

In an internal report document of missing girls whose cases were not solved in CA and WA and OR, the following WA State girls were listed with the following stated as condition of their find:  this document was put together from the input of all police in these states:  Linda Healy [condition: skeletal remains; Taylor Mountain transmission line nearby]  Susan Rancourt [condition: skeletal remains, Taylor Mountain]; Roberta Parks [condition:  skeletal remains, Taylor Mountain] Brenda Ball [condition: skeletal remains, Taylor Mountain – also noted that she was talking to a “Ted” lookalike] Janice Ott [condition: skeletal remains, found Issaquah, also noted that she went to parking lot with “Ted” with her bike] Denise Naslund [skeletal remains, found Issaquah, also noted that “Ted” approached 3 other girls before she disappeared in the same spot] #43 unknown, King County PD,  Issaquah, a third set of bones without a skull or mandible was found with Ott and Naslund and also appeared to be a young female]. They had witnesses, a car description and many pieces of evidence before October of 1974. They had the Taylor Mountain and Tiger Mountain search results by March of 1975.  They had the name Ted Bundy, his description, his vehicle and his location in Utah where more girls were disappearing and they had witnesses and statements which could have been used by the summer of 1975 to charge him in WA but they did nothing but deny much of this for decades.  Bundy was working with the FBI in 1973 [Jan-April] on a recidivism project and stated in a prison interview behind the scenes that he had wanted to work for the government and that is why he wanted to attend Stanford in the summer of 1970 to study Chinese.  He was embedded via jobs and contacts into the justice system of both WA and Utah while he was killing.  Did they look the other way to protect their reputations and embarrassment or to protect him?  When you look at the evidence that was never publicly discussed and the actual letters back and forth to Bundy from Officials and the original tape recordings in prison never redacted it really creates serious questions.

In addition, there are two other girls, aged 19 on this list found in Grays Harbor killed with wounds very similar to two Bundy victims in Utah. It is noted on this list of these two girls that the FBI had the cases. The dates seem off as they are listed as found April of 1974 but missing in April of 1975 so not sure.  But I believe it is 1974 based on the detective interview where a Seattle/King County detective met with the local police on the cases.  There also is a girl listed on this sheet as missing 12/26/1974 who was 13 y/o and 5’2″ and she was from Montlake Terrace which is 37 miles from Taylor Mountain.  She was never found.  There is also another unknown girl on this list in WA State from July of 1973 whose body was found at Lake Desire WA State.  She was five feet to five feet two inches and estimated to be about 100 pounds.  Her evidence and condition has been blacked out but she fits the size profile of his victim preferences.  He was in the Seattle area in 1973 and he stated to police that he had killed a victim in 1973.  Lake Desire is only 10 miles from the Taylor Mountain trail head.  Why were these cases closed and the evidence of Taylor and Tiger Mountain denied?  Those pieces of hard evidence could have been DNA tested and proven to be other young girls never attributed yet to Bundy.

My purpose in bringing all of this out is to force a public acknowledgement of a narrative that is not supported by the actual case facts and to try and bring justice and closure not only to the victims at Taylor Mountain and Issaquah who were never identified but to the families and to myself as well. When you look at all this evidence in perspective to that time period it raises concerns about public responsibility and accountability.  People I guess can write me off as I lived but those girls who the authorities callously denied their existence don’t deserve it.  Neither do I frankly.  There is a key underlining principle in all of this:  these were open homicide investigations and the cases were not protected but put out to media for profit and career building – if the cases and evidence had been protected I would not have encountered so much resistance and doubt over the years…it would have been readily apparent that I was the survivor Bundy had talked of only the “she” side of the story has never yet been told publicly in the context of all that happened back then.  The cases also would have been diligently worked instead of being neglected for decades.

Bundy was an experienced serial killer in 1974 – it didn’t start then – Keppel may have taken control of it then but Bundy had been killing longer than 1974.  Original case files show clearly that he was in the area of Taylor Mountain as far back as 1972 and had been reported for rape in 1972 and was involved in high level politics [with Republican party] as far back as 1968 and he worked in the office of Ludlow Kramer in 1972 where coincidentally I had been in 1972 as a representative of a high school pageant and I had told authorities that [had photos of me there and that he knew I was coming there and that fact of his working in Kramer’s office had never been released].

They only discovered how extensive his killing was after Sammamish [in fall of 1974]. In all the information and misinformation people forget sometimes that in 1974 the Issaquah crime scene was found with multiple bodies there – and one-to-two young girls unknown so it is highly doubtful that his killing started in 1974. Those young girls were not unknown to officials as not knowing their location but rather unknown as officials never protected the evidence and identified them.  They essentially threw those unknown girls away and Bundy admitted there were at least 3 girls he didn’t identify to authorities before he died.  They also had witness statements from people who had run into Bundy the night he had abducted Rancourt, Ball, Hawkins and Ott and Naslund.  They had the evidence of Tiger Mountain, Taylor Mountain and Issaquah [unless Issaquah is in fact Tiger Mountain as the records seem to suggest Ott and Naslund were found at Tiger Mountain across the highway from Taylor Mountain and not Issaquah].

He told Keppel in 1984 that no one [serial killer] wakes up and starts killing one a day [referencing the Green River Killer] – that there is a progression and that the first case found is rarely the first victim for the killer.  If you look at the extensive amount of evidence at Issaquah when it was found and the multiple bodies there, and you combine Issaquah with the true findings of Taylor Mountain which also included multiple bodies and unknown young girl[s] – it is pretty evident that he had been at it for quite awhile.  He also mentions in his final interview in 1989 [cut from the public version] that the killing started in 1972 and that he’d done things prior to that.  His killing was planned and executed in a precise type of manner or he would have been caught sooner.  But authorities also had ample information and crime scenes to have worked to have caught him.  He was identified to them by name in October of 1974 and that information was called over to Utah and Utah also had another survivor other than Carol DaRonch and a handcuff key that fit DaRonch’s handcuffs but the FBI intervened and took possession of this key and it was never to my knowledge used at his trial in Utah for Carol’s kidnapping.  This young girl is in Murray and it was reported in the papers there at the time and this clipping is in Bundy’s files that were released to me.

His own statements behind the scenes in the records and echoed in Richard Larsen’s book are that his “sickness” started before he met Liz and that he “acted on it” in 1971, 1972, 1973.  I can corroborate Larsen’s statements in his book because I have those records.  My experiences documented in emails going back to 2001 also corroborate his stalking and predatory activity as far back as the winter of 1970/1971 when it started with me when I was in high school in Tacoma, WA.  What was found at Taylor Mountain corroborates Bundy’s statement of earlier activity and verifies again that his found sites in WA State were not dumping grounds as Keppel states, but active crime scenes/murder scenes.  Parks and Rancourt prove he was killing out of jurisdiction and traveling the I-5 corridor to abduct and kill.  They knew it.  They ignored it. They published a false scenario for profit and professional gain.

  1. Page 10 of book:  “Issaquah…no clothing, wallets or jewelry – items commonly used for preliminary identification – had been found on site.” [Keppel is referencing the first day on site]
  2. Refuting document: ESAR list of finds:  a shoe is find #4; Detective Hahn who is in charge, states in his official summary report that many items of evidence were found; all told quite a few items to victims or unknown victims were found at Issaquah per the overall records of those initial search days – items such as a comb, book, brown camel hair coat, pantyhose, sweater, scarf, gold earring, green sock, bicycle shift cable. The area was secured and the search and rescue teams were all professionals and logged in every day along with their team supervisors.
  3. Page 11 of book:  “Sergeant Randall ordered me to return the next day with Explorer Search and Rescue [ESAR] personnel to scout the area for any additional bones.  It was pickup work.  The more senior investigators had obviously thought it was a shit detail for the rookie homicide detective.  Even my colleague Detective Rolf Gruden chuckled and commented – with a snobbishly superior attitude – that I probably wouldn’t find anything.  He said they had searched the hillside and had found nothing but bones.”
  4. Refuting documents:  ESAR Mission Data Sheets; supporting SAR reports and original search documents show that extensive personnel, professional were on site every day that searches were conducted and that care was being taken to preserve and protect the evidence that was removed each day.  Keppel was not in charge – other officers were.  Logs of who was on site, when, how many hours worked and how far each search team member had traveled were kept.  These documents were coded with separate search and rescue case numbers so other investigators may not have seen these over the ensuing years as they had been moved to the sealed area but Keppel knew as he was on site.  He misstated the efforts of these professionals and embellished his own role in the search efforts of that day.
  5. Refuting documents:  9-7-1974;  Detective Mackie ordered the evidence search and Hahn was in charge.  On 9-8 it is noted that Keppel was on scene at 8am. This was the start of the search after the discovery of human remains on 9-7. Hahn’s report of that day states “through the day ESAR found many items of evidence which were processed by KCP, H&R”.  On 9-8-1974 it is noted that the officer in charge for the day was Donald Lundine.
  6. Page 14:  “ESAR is a voluntary rescue organization whose members are trained in search techniques for locating lost hikers and downed aircraft.  ESAR’s 50 or so teenagers, who were supervised by a small cadre of adults, had never participated in a police evidence search before.”
  7. Refuting documents: ESAR logs show that most personnel had assigned Department of Emergency Services numbers – these would not have been issued to minors. Logs were kept and and many had recorded bringing their cars to the site and had driven from 20 to 50 miles to get there. Logs were kept of all ESAR personnel every day and signatures of team members  and injuries while searching were also noted.  Several police jurisdictions from all over WA State were represented in the searches of Issaquah and Taylor Mountain.  The officers listed in charge on several of the original documents were Lee Hahn and Donald Lundine – Keppel was only noted as there, not in charge.  The ESAR team leader was Les Janz.
  8. Page 16:  “Unfortunately, we didn’t even consider that they could have been buried.  We had found so many bones on top of the ground we didn’t even think the killer’s modus operandi involved burial.  Our inexperience was telling and it favored the killer.”
  9. Refuting document:  ESAR evidence finds; On day 1 a shovel was found [find #9].  It was located 66 feet from search line 1. A depression in the soil was found 120 feet up search line 1.  There were human remains scattered and animal evidence [dung; bones with scat].  There was evidence of possible burial:  depression in the ground [find #2; shovel find #9; overturned earth find #321]. Some bones were found near the findings of possible graves.
  10. Page 18:  “The fresh physical and circumstantial evidence such as eyewitnesses, lead bullets, bullet casings, and weapons were noticeably absent from this scene.  The area had been stripped of all these usual forensic clues.  It was a scene of great mystery.  In the history of the King County homicide investigation, no murder case had a crime scene with so little evidence as this one.”
  11. Refuting documents:  ESAR lists from their original records: brown camel hair coat [find #322]; book [find #308]; women’s underwear [find #327]; knife sheath [find #401] sweater and scarf [find #410]; pantyhose [find #328] [Bundy had pantyhose in his “kill tool kit” that was in his car]; gold earring [find #510] hair curler [find #512]; note – the hair curler was found near the earring – green sock [find #516]; bicycle shift cable [find #517]; shoe [find #4]; cement [find #313] screwdriver [find #307] note – a screwdriver was also found on Taylor Mountain – small bottle [find #5] – note – this small bottle was found near bones and the shovel per the original ESAR notes.  Bundy was known to ply his victims with alcohol and/or drugs per the autopsies of two of his Utah victims and also he had shown Liz a date rape drug in a small bottle in Utah according to Liz’s book.  My memories preceding the records release by years also stated that I had felt he was imbibing and drugging me.  There was also a chemical bottle and a thermos found on site in the initial search of Taylor Mountain.  The thermos on Taylor Mountain was found near a skull.
  12. There were several finds of possible graves:  shovel [find #9] which Bundy talked of being carried in serial crimes; a depression in the earth [find #2]; overturned earth [find #321] which was located only 38 feet from find #317 which was a femur.  This proximity of the finds relative to each other was in the original records of the ESAR professionals.  Knowing the proximity of the evidence relative to each other is very important to analyzing the crime scene and I can’t imagine any investigator even at that time period not realizing its significance.
  13. Page 19: “The killer probably saw for himself the results of predators scavenging human remains, since one body was there for over a month before the other two were discarded”.
  14. Lack of a citation document for this by Keppel:  where is the proof of this statement?  There was nothing in the records at all about it.  It is noted in the records that parts were found of at least one to two individuals whose skeletons did not match the known missing girls Ott and Naslund.  Where is the ME statement that proves these remains were there for that long and that there was a difference in the aging of the remains between one victim and the other two?  Only Ott and Naslund are ever discussed so where is the third and possibly fourth victim from that site?  Any statement that it was Hawkins or other cannot be proven and is conjecture only as WA State has claimed publicly that remains were “lost” of Issaquah.  What happened to the over 100 pieces of evidence collected from the site?  This was a major crime scene.
  15. Page 25:  Under the Georgann Hawkins discussion:  “[Ted Bundy…] hoped that he had concealed forever her most identifiable characteristics – her teeth.”
  16. Refuting documents:  Georgann Hawkins detective notes on a deformity she had of the tibia and fibula of one leg – a characteristic that would have identified her remains by x-ray.  It would only have taken an x-ray and DNA would not have been needed nor the teeth.  Two bones were found at Taylor Mountain that were sent to the ME office marked only as “Bundy bones”.  They were identified by the ME as tibias and fibulas.  They were in a box of elk bones.  Police at the time were very aware of the deformity and there are detective notes of that time period where they were requisitioning leg x-rays of the victims found on Taylor Mountain.   There is also a notation on the original map of Taylor Mountain of a leg bone possibly being recovered near the stream where other items of evidence were found. If there were no skeletal remains and no evidence of any value found at Taylor Mountain why were pieces of evidence forwarded on to the Superior Court [clothing and bones] and why would leg x-rays be requisitioned?  No, the evidence at Taylor Mountain was as important if not more significant in volume and in bodies than Issaquah and the two crime sites, not dumping grounds, mirrored each other.  There were also abandoned homes near each of the crime scenes.
  17. This is the exact quote of an internal memo from the ME Office in 2005 referencing a box of bones from Taylor Mountain being sent to the ME in March of 1984: “there is at least one human tibia and fibula in this bin and possibly one more human tibia.  [She]thinks based on the description that Bundy gave to Keppel in an interview that these may be bones belonging to Georgann Hawkins.  If I remember correctly Hawkins went missing from Seattle.  She says the only paperwork she has with the bin was signed over to the ME on 3-8-1984.”
  18. In 2005 skeletal remains were sent to TX to confirm that three of the four girls found there were identified by the skeletal bones.  The other bones did not match the three girls whose DNA had been sent and did not match Hawkins.  These skeletal remains were removed from Taylor Mountain during the days of the initial search and assigned evidence numbers.  Those evidence numbers allow them to be tracked through the records over the years.  There is no doubt they were found originally on Taylor Mountain and refute the decapitation theory that Bundy decapitated victims.  In the records that were sealed Hawkins is always listed at Taylor Mountain and not at Issaquah.  Hawkins remains missing.  Knowing skeletal remains were found at Taylor Mountain why did Keppel put forward the theory of decapitation and so willingly accept Bundy’s rendition of it with Hawkins when her remains were never found and there is no evidence to support that Bundy decapitated his victims in WA State or elsewhere that I can find.
  19. Page 27: “We had learned from Issaquah that there was a pattern established by small animals when they carry remains along animal trails away from the original dump site where the major decomposition takes place.  Animals that tugged away at a decomposing skull pulled the remains as the skull was being dragged along the ground.  At Issaquah, some teeth and a mandible, as well as the mass of hair, were dislodged and fell off along the trail.  We learned that if we searched in logical directions along known animal trails after the discovery of the skull, we would discover the dislodged parts.  We also had discovered that it was important to sift through the dirt along the animal trails for teeth, bullets, fingernails and jewelry that had been dislodged from body parts.”
  20. Refuting document:  List of 158 Original Finds by ESAR at Taylor Mountain [this is posted in another blog on this site in its entirety as originally recorded]  Everything described above is found in that original list.  The two sites were nearly identical in the types of evidence they contained.  Taylor Mountain had 158 pieces of evidence:  weapons, skeletal remains, remains of several young girls, signs of animal activity, possible graves, possible evidence the killer was there on site, and other evidence that suggests the killer may have spent time there.  The scale of evidence was nearly the same if not larger at Taylor Mountain than at Issaquah.
  21. Refuting document:  From Detective Hahn’s report per the ESAR Mission Data sheet and report:  3-3-1975:  “Enough bones and skulls were found to identify three of the many missing females of the NW.” His report clearly states bones and skulls.  This report is backed up by several others of that day including other jurisdictions who were helping on scene and the Civil Air Patrol reports as well.  It is also corroborated by the evidence numbers assigned to the skeletal remains which has them eventually sent to TX and confirmed to be skeletal remains of at least three of the missing girls.
  22. Page 29-30:  “The day after the initial discovery of Ball’s cranium, six German shepherd dogs, their handlers, and I combed Taylor Mountain site, hoping to find more bones…unfortunately a day earlier, I hadn’t paid much attention to the markers placed on the trees by foresters.  Their red flags were too far apart, and the density of the forest made it difficult to determine where the next one would be.”
  23. ESAR search and rescue documents of the day show the area was well cordoned off and marked clearly as to search quadrants.  Keppel was not alone on the site:  There were close to a total of 500 people actively working that crime scene during the days the searching was conducted.
  24. The actual testimony of the forestry professional about the site is as follows: “We left it [skull] right where it was and then finished our field work.  We called King County police last night when we got home sometime around 5pm.  Today, 3/2/1975, we directed the police back to the skull and assisted with compass coordinates and measurements from where we found the skull back to the 1/4 corner of South Section line of Section 20 and 21.  We measured the distance back to this point, taking several compass headings.  We gave the exact measurements to the officer.”  There is no mention anywhere in the site documents of the use of red flags.

More to come…more will be posted but it could run pages – the original documents do not support the public scenario presented in the book.  The FBI was involved with Bundy before their posted statement of 1977….original documents show Bundy worked on a project with FBI regionally in WA State in 1973 and that an FBI agent was present in Utah before he was extradited to Colorado.

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