Sara: Survivor of multiple abductions by Ted Bundy Proven By Hidden Case Files

The following blog is supported 100% by documents which were sealed away per internal memo and never publicly revealed, as well as by my memory fragments, scattered and shattered, which emerged over a 12 year period without counseling directing them and which contained very specific details that matched those hidden documents.  That is key:  my memory fragments matched never released information and those key facts of the case never publicly disclosed were direct ties back to the fact that I did indeed survive.

Those memory fragments were in writing, time and date stamped as far back as 2001 and sooner.   Some of what I say is actually supported by comments in Keppel’s book, “Riverman” such as my location behind the Theta house in an apartment, the location where Georgann Hawkins [who I knew] was abducted and Bundy’s comments that someone “might have seen” him [it was outside my window] and Bundy’s comment to Keppel to go back over that scene which Keppel never did.

Keppel also has been the person who has shadowed me over the years I was coming forward, blocked me from the police with false claims that I only wanted publicity when I NEVER initially wanted any, I only wanted to testify to Ted’s stalking of me since it was directly correlated to several potential victims such as Hawkins.  I couldn’t initially come forward.  I had severe memory issues back then associated not only to psychological trauma but also to physical injury and these are all documented in my medical records back then and also by people who knew me and observed bruising and panic attacks but did not understand the reasons for them as I couldn’t and wouldn’t share what had been happening.  I was afraid not only of him but of my memory issues.  He was using drugs and imbibing in captivity which rendered me very vulnerable and I knew he was close to police and working in government affiliated positions. I knew because when he was stalking me in high school and calling me on the phone as a “friend” leading up to a violent rape that nearly killed me, that he was working with the government offices in Olympia with Ludlow Kramer and Dan Evans and that he was active in the Republican Party.  I was new to the state of WA, I had parents that were not involved in their children’s lives instead focusing on their own problems and an impending divorce at the time and that I knew no one and had no support system.   That imbibing that Bundy did to victims is documented in the hidden street files in multiple places not only in WA but also in Utah.  The FBI documents of those years mention a survivor that Bundy used as a “dry run” – a survivor.  That dry run comment is by definition a move against a target.  If you look at my characteristics [looks, size of very small, nursing student, sorority girl, father a doctor, broken home, etc] it all lines up as well as my locations not only in the University District but also around WA and in other states such as Oregon and California –it is irrefutable.

Robert Keppel’s treatment of me as a victim in combination with Ann Rule’s exploitation of my memory struggles and others in FBI is appalling.  Especially given that the fragments of memory I was conveying to all these people lined up to the evidence they KNEW was hidden and that it verified me all along.  The bullying and discrimination and public defamation [in books and media] as well as blocking my attempts to get attorneys to help me by denying me any investigation is inexcusable and to me amounts to breaking witness intimidation and victim laws.  The FBI prides itself on victim laws and its involvement in Bundy cases and that is a joke.  The FBI has done nothing over the past 20 years except to support the public lies being put forward by Keppel and others who served in its own capacity. An example of such lies are the denial of evidence lists of Taylor and Tiger Mountain which include skeletal remains [not heads as Keppel has claimed] and evidence of Bundy imbibing, abandoned homes near the kill sites in WA, and so on.

Photo above is of me at Ludlow Kramer’s office in March of 1972, a time when Bundy was employed by Kramer behind the scenes to assist in the development of Kramer’s re-election campaign.  I am pictured on site in the very office where Bundy worked and that fact was never public and it is very specific in my accounting to these faces of the case over the years.  I was in high school at the time and newly turned 17 at the time and Bundy had been stalking me since I arrived in the state of WA in Tacoma at age 16.  Not only was I stating a fact in existence behind the scenes [Bundy working with Kramer in early 1972] but it is supported by that photograph and by more than one government official account testimony in the records.   According to the Rosellini investigation documents, Bundy was working closely with Republican high level officials in several capacities since 1969 forward.  He was working with Kramer’s office since early in 1972.  That is supported by two different accounts/statements of Republican officials in the street files.  This was never publicly released and I had been putting this forward since early 2000s. I was in high school in Tacoma at the time and in the same pageant Georgann Hawkins had been in a year after me.  That experience was something we had both shared and it was a bond.

There is a list at the lower portion of this blog of some of the correlations.  You can skip to that if you want. I also would like to emphasize that the faces of the case in general – the authors, officials etc – were not part of the environment at the time Georgann Hawkins disappeared.  They didn’t experience things first hand – for Keppel to interpret events he only had second or third hand knowledge of and to follow what Bundy told him to the letter as though it was fact when Bundy was a known serial killer and a liar is not the sign of a good investigator. Keppel was always stating early on that he knew Bundy best; that Bundy told him this or that and/or would only talk to him.  The entire emphasis was on Bundy and Keppel and not on the forensics of the case.

There were many apparent holes in Bundy’s story about what he stated to Keppel in talks and about Hawkins that night he abducted her including where he walked her and so on that are simply not believable if you knew and lived in that area at the time.  Keppel’s account follows Bundy like Bundy was truthful all the time – Keppel and Rule claimed police were out there the next morning but they were not – I said that repeatedly – even Georgann’s mother stated that they were not out there for over 24 hours.  The public who are interested in learning of these cases of Bundy need to stop taking at face value everything that officials want you to believe and start questioning some of it and looking at the simple facts of the case – the documents of the case they’ve denied and the logistics because the scenarios put forward are wrong.  Law enforcement listened to, and took as fact, too many things that Bundy stated as fact when Bundy was lying to protect his true kill count and true actions and they fell for his manipulation of them.  Or, they empowered and allowed it because they did not want the public to know the truth of how close Bundy had been to officials the whole time he was killing young girls.  He was a trusted colleague and a friend to some of them.  Is that why there has been so many public lies about this case?

My account that he was in the office of Ludlow Kramer in 1972 and knew I was going there with a local pageant [he was indeed per hidden documents employed there and working behind the scenes with Republican officials since as far back as 1969 per the Rosellini investigation documents and other official statements] and my recollections of an abandoned home [which indeed existed near each WA kill site] and my accounts of his stalking me in Tacoma and elsewhere – all line up exactly.  I have saved all the emails and evidence that correlates directly to the cases.

I was within blocks of him at the University of WA during the years 1972 through 1975, I lived only 3 blocks from Liz on the same side of the street during 1972 to spring of 1973, his movements per surveillance records led to my locations at the time from 1972 through 1975, and I lived in Tacoma during high school and skied the same resorts that Bundy did.  My father lived less than one mile from his parents and my father, a doctor, rotated through a hospital where Bundy’s mom worked.

I also knew Georgann Hawkins, lived behind the Theta house in an apartment that faced the alley when she was abducted [he had been parking there] and my friends looked like mirror images of some of his victims.  I was in a sorority, I was modeling at Nordstrom in their tea room, a store Bundy shopped in, and I had told them he was calling me when I was in high school in Tacoma and he is mentioned in my year book as “Teddy” from Wilson.

These memories, in fragments and out of order initially due to trauma [both physical and emotional] are time and date stamped to precede the release of the records by years if not decades.  They precede the updates and the corrections made in published materials by the faces of the Bundy case.  They are irrefutable proof that what I remembered and experienced was real as the memories match sealed documents and the actual case documents never in the public arena prove beyond doubt that authorities covered up critical information in the case that was incriminating to Bundy in WA.   And most importantly to me, there is factual evidence there was indeed a survivor that authorities have known of all along:  the 1992 official FBI report on Bundy states that he mentioned kidnapping a female and releasing her multiple times to test his skills and that she was a “dry run”.  A dry run is against a target.  If you analyze that statement to my looks, characteristics, memory recovery that lined up to actual case documents and locations never released publicly, and my history with him over a four year period beginning when I was 16 the facts are indisputable.  If you compare what I was telling them, combined with the factual evidence that supports my statements and the correlation of my experiences to what Laura Aime experienced in Utah it all lines up. It is irrefutable.  They continue to belittle and berate me to others, ridicule me and put me down – but it is bullying and discrimination on a grand scale to silence a victim [me] that threatens to expose all their lies simply by living.  This bullying still occurs in the present time in some blogs by people connected to the Bundy cases.

Officials refused to recognize me I believe based on the cover up of those years by the FBI and WA state. There have been years of concerted push back at me to the point of silencing me as a victim.

Hagmaier has publicly supported Keppel’s contentions over the years about how the case unfolded in WA and how nothing was found.  Both Keppel and Hagmaier emphasize repeatedly their relationship with Bundy [how many hours they talked to him and how well they knew him] instead of in-depth discussions of the evidence and forensics.  Both men have known of me for years and repeatedly and quietly silenced me – knowing full well the critical case evidence that was suppressed.  There were several instances back then of quid pro quo activity behind the scenes of some of the principal players including Ann Rule, who was a media personality and not law enforcement, and who aligned with Keppel and who developed friendships in the FBI representing “victims” when all she did to me was to work to discredit me despite having proof that my memories were lining up to concealed evidence.   I’d really like a public explanation as to why so much misinformation was put forward and continues to be put forward.  I’d like a review of this case for its behind the scenes alliances and quid pro quo activity and the concerted effort to assassinate my character, defame me subtly in public programs and media, and block my attempts to get an attorney.  Because that is what has been done to me.

Bundy told Hagmaier of the FBI he’d been kidnapping and releasing a victim to “test his skills” [this is in the official case files] and Hagmaier mentions the survivor of those kidnappings in the investigator meeting held after the execution yet Hagmaier never even investigated this fully or attempted to get a name – an FBI official who prides himself in psychological profiling yet failed to press Bundy to reveal where and who this person was -Bundy was telling Hagmaier he had left a living victim and apparently implying it was “consensual” something all rapists claim [look at the Cleveland perpetrator in court claiming the girls enjoyed their captivity] and Hagmaier never even attempted to integrate that information into the overall profiling of the case – an important element?   When I came forward, Hagmaier told me “I won’t tell anyone”.  Why wouldn’t he?  Is that what you normally say to a surviving victim? Never investigate it or acknowledge the survivor who is suffering still and he knew it? That’s a professional profiler, an FBI official?  Doesn’t say much for the BAU in its ability to remain objective and profile, turning its back on new information when cases are still open?

It is in the records that Hagmaier knew there was a survivor of repeat kidnappings – unknown to me at the time I initially approached him.  For him to try and suppress it indicates to me unprofessional conduct – seeming to align himself with Bundy [talks of how he knew him how he spent time with him much like Keppel rather than focusing on the victims and the evidence].  The BAU seemed to focus entirely on psychology but the forensics and in depth cross correlation of evidence and data was never done and never integrated within states and across state lines.  Forensics is just as important if not more so than psychology since science is not subjective and I question whether this major flaw or oversight or direct will to suppress [whatever the reason] hasn’t set back in general other investigations on serial killings in general for years. Serial killings have not stopped in our society yet you rarely hear about new cases anymore.  How many of these killers are getting away with their crimes now?

Was Hagmaier concerned the cover up of the FBI involvement in the case before 1977 would be known by the public if my claims and supporting documentation was investigated?  FBI was involved in the Bundy case since 1974 not 1977.  Another public lie.  Or….Because he believed Bundy that it was “consensual” and I enjoyed being stalked, hit over the head, tied and held captive and raped and threatened? That if true indicates discriminatory actions towards a woman and doesn’t reflect objective profiling or analysis of a case especially given the evidence Bundy was drugging and imbibing victims and not moving body parts around.  Either way, for a trained profiler to refuse to look at a victim with documentation and to continue to espouse a storyline that is false is astonishing. Robert Keppel has done the same thing; McChesney has done the same thing:  Keppel’s  book “Riverman” is false in many places; McChesney’s comments that it was so “mysterious” is not true at all.  Their actions in moving things into a sealed area for 75 years and seeking to move it away from public discovery speak to their knowledge that what they were with holding was important.   Their actions in hiding incriminating evidence against Bundy makes me wonder if they had reached some kind of plea agreement with him early on that involved hiding how long his activity had been ongoing and how many victims he really killed over those many years.  Nothing these people have put forward as a public storyline is accurate to the actual, original case files.  Never have the forensics been thoroughly independently reviewed and it’s impossible now to do it thoroughly since much has been destroyed over the years.  In my opinion, purposefully….Bundy’s cases, his total count, were NEVER fully investigated.  And the FBI is thorough?  And Keppel is a great investigator?  Not in my opinion.

I’ve been coming forward since before Jaycee Lee Dugard’s recovery and other such cases so maybe they all made up their mind that it could never happen and to believe whatever it was Bundy told them back then and whatever Bundy claimed behind the scenes I don’t have notes of –but other girls who were held and killed by him showed in autopsies signs of alcohol or drug poisoning and Bundy asks officials in behind the scenes notes about the Green River killer whether autopsies show the girls were drugged by that killer to “take the edge off”.  Something I had been telling people for years – long before the records were released to me.  Part of being a good investigator, of understanding criminal action, is the ability to be objective and to thoroughly examine all aspects of a case.

“Group think” is a very dangerous situation that can happen in a case – when people align to a common belief even in the face of overwhelming evidence against it and in the justice system this “group think” or tunnel vision can damage a case and hurt many of the secondary victims:  families, survivors [me] and professionals who want to learn from the case.  The officials of the Bundy case, busy courting media over the years have never fully examined this case from the forensic evidence – possibly because they threw so much of it away and never held proper chain of custody with it.  {Possibly because they fell for Bundy’s charm and intelligence and believed he was “traumatized by a woman” instead of what he told them over and over in 1984 in that the actions of a serial killer are driven by possession and not necessarily rooted in anything that can be blamed on someone else.} There are many people who feel that someone is to blame for a serial killer’s actions or that it is always trauma driven but that is not always true.  BAU built its initial reputation on being able to “predict” serial killing and also that serial killing was trauma driven when they had evidence in their hands prior to Bundy with cases like Hillside Stranglers and Robert Hanson in Alaska that trauma had nothing to do with it and that these killers often hide in the very “normal” fabric of society.  Keppel claimed a computer program helped catch Bundy but that is not true:  the public and descriptions of Bundy were consistent and the police looked the other way.

Time has proven that the influence on serial killers is many factors and predispositions.  In the Bundy cases, they’ve twisted the facts and talked a lot about him and what he says or doesn’t say but almost nothing about the actual forensics of the case that show Bundy could have, and should have, been caught as early as the end of 1974.  It is always so “mysterious” and they didn’t know about the advance of science forensics [Really?  DNA was used in a trial down the road from where Bundy was in Florida before he was executed so they were fully aware of the advances].

All of these men accepted some kind of theory that I wasn’t a victim even accusing me of it in person while failing to look at the memory recall elements that lined up to the case.  Memory recall elements time and date stamped and proven to be there before any of the critical evidence related to Bundy was released to media.

Science supports my memories now and the actual evidence supports me and what happened to me more than it has ever supported their public theories and discussions.   Their accounts of those years are biased, discriminatory, and influenced the direction of the case even to this day as they all hide behind their public personas and pretend it doesn’t exist.  They use media alliances still to this day to perpetuate their false scenarios.  One person even told me he didn’t need to look at my case or the evidence that supports it because it wasn’t “known” – that’s a real professional reason.  The person controlling the public story has been Keppel and Keppel has been patently lying about much of the WA evidence and cases.  So why are they continuing to put out the public story and focus on everything about Bundy rather than the specifics of the multi-state investigations?  The answer to that lies in the actual records themselves.  Bundy is not the media legend they have hyped him to be:  when you strip away their lies and you focus on only the forensics you begin to see him as he truly was….a killer.  He’s never deserved all the documentaries and media focus.  Shame on all of them.

And as for my surviving Bundy,  I was lucky beyond belief because he did try several times to kill me – he just didn’t succeed in catching me alone to make that move.  But he did choose to let me go for a period of time using me as a repeat victim and that also is not as shocking as the officials would like the public to believe.  It has happened before in other serial cases.  As Bundy told Keppel in 1984, every serial killer makes a conscious decision at some point as to whether to kill an intended victim or whether to either let them go, or not proceed with the attempt.  Bundy is not the only serial killer who let a victim in their possession live by a decision they made and which the victim had nothing to do with it.  There are documented instances of other serial killers willfully releasing a victim that they originally intended to kill and Bundy even talks of this to Keppel in the interviews.

Bundy also told the FBI behind the scenes that he had been kidnapping and releasing a “woman” as a “dry run” and she was “unharmed”.  A “dry run” by definition is against a target.  That “targeting”  lines up against my memories of being stalked those four years, from age 16 to 20 and it also lines up to Bundy’s pattern and his victim selections which mirrored my characteristics. “Release” which is a word used to describe the actions of Bundy towards the living victim [me] in the records also implies captivity – you don’t “release” a consensual partner.  Bundy also stated behind the scenes that he was capturing a victim to commit “an act of rape as it were”.  These people have been discriminatory towards me for years and actively blocked any and all attempts I’ve made over the years to get an attorney to protect myself from further defamation – even into organizations such as national help centers for rape victims. They have even gone so far as to threaten me if I ever dared make media programs. That is a true statement and in my opinion they should all be investigated and prosecuted but the FBI hides behind itself and refuses even though they are corrupt in this instance.  The FBI is not a perfect organization – it is large and within its ranks there is and there can be corruption and illegal activity and the Bundy cases are an example of such problems.  Where I have lost respect for this agency is that they play the power card and simply cover it up and never address it.  They enable it.  They promote it by continuing the lies.  That’s their shame.

As to me I have suffered tremendously for years because I never got help for the severe trauma, physical and emotional.  Perhaps by “unharmed” Bundy meant I was alive but I was very much harmed, not only psychologically but also, especially in the spring of 1974 when the behavior was escalating, physically.  He  was imbibing me to keep me in and out of consciousness while in captivity, he was threatening me, he could always find me, and he knew my family was in the throes of divorce and dysfunctional and that I was new to the entire area of WA State, and I knew very little people that I could safely confide in and had lived in WA a very short time – I had nowhere that I felt safe to go and no one that I felt I could trust except my own wits and reason – I was an ideal victim, tiny and very vulnerable.  I also knew Georgann Hawkins, lived in the exact location where she had been taken [he abducted her while parking outside of my apartment window at the time where he parked when stalking me] he knew that I knew her, and he wanted to start his “confessions” with Georgann Hawkins.  That all leads back to me and he told Keppel and it is there in the documents to go back over that particular crime and Keppel never did.

Bundy also stated to witnesses that he had been “following” a sorority girl and that “nothing happened”.  It did happen and I was that sorority girl and not only are there multiple points of correlation and memories supported by evidence the authorities hid and which emerged on its own without counseling and date and time stamped to precede the records release by years – – but there are also his statements which have never been fully weighted in the investigations that were done.

It would be difficult for anyone, other than me, to line up to this case in so many ways and I can’t retrofit those times.  I’m not claiming to be someone who survived, I AM that person.  I also am not motivated by publicity but by a need to set the record straight, to get the truth of those years out there, and to hold the authorities who have used this case for their own profit and media attention accountable to the evidence that has been denied and hidden for decades.  Abuse of power and tampering with evidence in a criminal case to me should be a crime.  It is abuse against a vulnerable group of people: victims, families, and accused.  It is not reactionary like police on the street – rather this type of cover up is intentional and predatory – they know people can’t find out about it because internally they can keep it hidden and deny it, transferring it into areas where the public has no access or ordering its destruction and thereby covering up all trace of the incriminating evidence against them.

There are many correlations in my experiences and memories and in his pattern of behavior over that time period and in my travels which overlapped his as well during 1970 to 1974.  Once June of 1974 came his intent with me was not to use me repeatedly but to kill me so as to not leave any victims alive in Washington when he moved to Utah.  He made several attempts on my life between June of 1974 and June of 1976 when I fled Washington in a state of shock and severe PTSD with memory loss.  He just didn’t succeed.  I never knew of his statements to the FBI that he had been kidnapping and releasing a “woman” unharmed when I was coming forward.  I didn’t know that until years later.  And I wasn’t a “woman” – I was just a girl of 16 when it started.  And I wasn’t “unharmed”.  Maybe in his mind because I was alive I wasn’t harmed but the truth is, he was drugging me to do things that created internal injuries and I wasn’t unharmed psychologically – I suffered severe PTSD and what I refer to as severe captivity trauma.  It still impacts me severely to this day – I cannot even to this day get into a car with people, not even friends or people I know.  I can with only a very few people mostly a few family members and I cannot fly and cannot go into meeting situations at work if a door is closed.  I start shaking violently and it isn’t something I can control – it is body memory.  Much like war vets with battle trauma and severe PTSD I carry the scars forward and manage them by acknowledging they exist and negotiating my way through them as best as I can.  I never got help – I asked for help several times [high level counseling for captivity trauma] never wanting public recognition from the authorities and was denied all access to victim programs.  I was told to find someone “pro bono”. It is important to let the public know that the help I was desperately asking for from officials was primarily the verification and validation of my memories as they ran counter to what law enforcement, in particular Keppel, who was malicious towards me and blocking me and defaming me publicly along with Rule, that those memories were accurate to case facts.  I was denied an investigation.  I was blocked from actually talking to police and was instead referred to “the book authors” the trio of people who controlled the case for decades and some of those interactions were geared at nothing more than discrediting me as a survivor.  The reason this happened now in hindsight is very clear:  the corruption behind the scenes and the evidence that was tampered with, lied about and destroyed.  I was refused a case number even by the FBI – this whole cover up had to have had their sanctions.  I have never been empowered by authorities to talk about what happened to me – a very critical and important part of healing.  Instead, I was threatened behind the scenes with being “refuted” if I ever dared trying to speak out or come forward.  Shame on them.  I think anyone and everyone connected to this cover up should be charged – they don’t deserve a title in the justice system.

The following is a list of points of alignment in terms of characteristics of victimology.  This is not the entire list: in all, there are over 50.

  1. My age during the time I knew him was consistent with that of his victims: 16 to 21.  Ted Bundy was 8 years older than me but in his initial contact with me when I had just turned 16 he told me he was only a year older.
  2. My physical look: small build, 5’3”, long brown hair to my waist parted in the middle, brown eyes, brown hair, slender build at 105 pounds.  I wore juniors clothing when I was a freshman and sophomore in college as could not fit into most women’s clothing labels.  He could carry me easily when I was unconscious.
  3. I wore pants nearly all the time in college due to the distances I had to walk between classes.  Most of his victims in WA State were wearing pants.  That is consistent to his MO.
  4. I lived in proximity to him in Tacoma and in college at the Univ of WA. I was often in the newspaper in high school for modeling and school activities and he was following my movements through the newspapers and would call me about the articles.
  5. I tried out for cheer leading in high school and didn’t get it but I did get on the drill team. He was in touch with me during that time and calling my home using the name “Teddy”.  He was setting himself up as my friend [telling me he was a year older when in reality he was 8 years older] before luring me out for a violent rape and kill attempt.  I fit the profile characteristics of his high school victims – I looked a lot, even down to the hair style, like Laura Aime and his actions towards her mirrored his actions towards me and I couldn’t have known. He surveilled and stalked Laura Aime [a case they rarely mention] and had contact with her friends who could have identified him and like me he also held her captive for a period of time, though he killed her and I was released.  I had stated to authorities for years that he had been calling me in high school and that he’d lured me out and raped me during that time – this preceded release of his surveillance activity prior to abductions and his targeting of high school girls that was not random but planned.  I begged them to pull my phone records.  I knew what car he was driving in 1971 [never released] and I knew he was working at Ludlow Kramer’s office who at the time was Secretary of State of WA.
  6. I had pierced ears. [Many of his victims and girls missing but never found had pierced ears]
  7. Like Georgann Hawkins, I was in the Daffodil pageant representing my school.
  8. As part of that pageant I made a trip to Ludlow Kramer’s office and to Governor Dan Evans’ office.  I knew George – she was a friend.Ted worked with Ludlow Kramer and I have a photo of me there at Kramer’s office – this fact had never been publicly released. This documentation of Bundy’s close association to Kramer is in the files and is exactly during the time period [him working there in the office] that I had been claiming all along. It is documented in more than one record. He parked outside my window the night he abducted her as I lived behind the Theta house that year at college in an apartment that faced the alley. There was a large bush outside of my window that shielded a car from being seen and he would park there when he was stalking me.  It was terrifying.  It was where he parked the night he abducted Georgann Hawkins.
  9. I was in proximity to him in Tacoma and in Seattle and in all of my travels in WA, OR, CA, from the years 1970 to 1976 when I ran away from him in a state of severe shock and trauma and suffering fragmented extensive memory loss.
  10. The name “Teddy” an alias of his is in my senior yearbook and in conjunction with that the note also states Teddy and Wilson and the class I was in at the time referenced in the note was psychology.  It was noted in the yearbook as “Teddy’s class”.  Bundy was a psychology major at the time at the Univ of WA.
  11. My father moved out of our home in Lakewood to an apartment near UPS the summer of 1971. Ted was known to frequent parties there. I used to frequent dances there with a girlfriend.  This too is noted in the yearbook. My father’s apartment was about a mile from Ted’s family home in Tacoma per the records which had not been released during the time I was coming forward. My father was a doctor and rotated through hospitals – Ted’s mom worked at one of the hospitals.  My father later in 1974 moved to a home that was even closer to Bundy’s parents home, less than a mile away.  My parents had a set of expensive pots and pans stolen from their home the summer of 1974 and Bundy had an expensive set of pots and pans that showed up in Utah that Liz noticed.
  12. I skied frequently at Crystal Mountain, Alpental, and Snowqualamie ski resorts: the same resorts Ted skied at. I have several memories of running into him there.
  13. I stated over and over in my emails that Ted had raped me in high school and that it was violent and I felt I had been nearly killed. That was in the summer of 1971 and possibly again in 1972 as he continued to call and monitor my whereabouts.  Ted was reported by a woman in 1972 to the police for a rape.  Her complaint was not taken seriously as she was described as “imbibed” but records show that Ted imbibed his victims that he held in captivity before killing them.  At least three of his victims are documented as being forced to consume alcohol while in captivity.  It’s been stated that Ted carried a bottle of wine in his car when he was out to abduct a victim and that this wine was for him to drink.  It wasn’t.  That wine bottle was to use against his victims, to imbibe them, to drug them so that they would be easier to control and if by chance they escaped or like me, were released imbibed to the point where I could hardly walk, the ability to report and be believed and to remember anything would be prohibited.  Bundy drank and smoked dope.  I don’t dispute that.  But that bottle of wine in his car in my experiences  of living through it was for the victim.   This too is in my memories of that rape event.  That I had felt drugged. These memories emerged years before I got the records and I can prove it.
  14. I also reported during that rape in high school and his stalking of me during 1970 to 1972 that he was driving a VW. In the records that car usage in 1970-72 was confirmed. There are two cars he drove earlier than 1973 and both were VWs.  My accounts matched both vehicles.  It had never been reported publicly.  My complaint and report of the rape mirrored some of the accounts in his earliest killings and also the account of the woman who reported him for rape and who they discounted.
  15. I went to the University of Washington for my college education, starting in the fall of 1972.  I ran away from him to Southern California in a state of shock in the summer of 1976. I was in a sorority at the University of Washington that was on the corner of 45th and 18th a mere 3 blocks from where Liz lived at the time and then I moved from there to a sorority annex three blocks away that was on 16th, between 45th and 47th and which faced an alley that ran behind the Theta house and Greek Row.  Then I moved to campus for the summer of 1974 to the McMahon dorm while in nursing school and then I moved in the fall of 1974 to an apartment I shared with an older sorority sister that was near the hill on 45th that ran to the University District Shopping Center and there was a pathway that ran behind my apartments to that Center.  Ted was documented in surveillance records as moving in all the locations that I had been living in. Ted told people behind the scenes that he had been following a sorority girl.  How many coincidences do police need before they begin to break out of their preconceived belief systems?  There are over 50 in my case.
  16. Ted stated to investigators that the Green River killer may have used a drug or alcohol to “take the edge off the victims” while he had them in his possession and my account lined up exactly to this and this is something Ted did also to his victims.  That has never been discussed publicly but the autopsies show this.
  17. Bundy showed up at my former room mate’s home the summer of 1975 – his actions were indicative of him looking to find me.  At the time I had moved out of the annex [apartment behind the Theta house] and for the summer of 1974 to the McMahon dorm on campus for nursing.  Then the fall of 1974 I moved to an apartment that was at the point on 45th where the road descended to the shopping center of University Village.  There was a pathway that ran behind my apartment and went from the greek row area to the Village.  Surveillance records not only show Bundy returning again and again to my locations at the time but also going to the pathway that led to the Village.  I have repeatedly asked for my phone records to be pulled as he was calling me over those 4 years.  It was a very intense, confusing, frightening and distressing period of time for me.  But knowing Bundy and his meticulous planning and set up of me, he probably called me from pay phone locations as I never called him that I remember.

From the records, an internal document, states that Bundy was known to have been out in the area of Taylor Mountain and knew it well as far back as 1972, 1973.  From the witness statement:  “[Witness] impression was that Ted may know the [Taylor Mountain] area very well.  They used to drive through the area in 1972 and 1973.”  This witness statement is also corroborated by another witness who stated Ted knew the area well. One of the witnesses told authorities that they [with Ted] had driven to the very entrance of what was to become the crime scene of Taylor Mountain – this was provided to authorities and they had all the evidence yet WA State failed to charge him when they had more available to do so than Utah or Colorado.  One witness to his whereabouts near Taylor Mountain was subpoenaed to the court to testify.  It has never been released what he said or why officials did not charge Bundy.

My emails are time and date stamped and saved to original servers – they precede the records by years and they PROVE beyond any doubt that my experiences are accurate to the details authorities hid of the case but these memories were also interfered with by Ann Rule and others because authorities referred me to book authors rather than investigating the case – they exposed me to unethical manipulation by Keppel and Rule and did not provide the protections I should have been afforded as a surviving victim.  This is all documented.

16]  I pledged a sorority at the University of Washington that was just three blocks from Liz’s home on the same side of the street.  In the records, a witness statement mentions that Ted stated he had followed a sorority girl on several occasions but told the witness at the time that nothing had happened.  This lines up with my stalking memories and I could not have known of this statement -Liz’s exact address was not published at the time I was coming forward back in 2001 to 2012.

17]  My room in the sorority my freshman year was on the second floor, down the right hall and to the right and there were four of us in there. The window faced 18th There was a door in the back of the sorority that was often left open for the house staff.  It opened directly into the stairway which led upstairs and had been used by fraternities for “raids”.  This mirrors or is similar to the layout of the Florida sorority.

18]  I went dancing at Dantes Tavern frequently with friends. At least two of these friends resembled two of Ted’s victims. Ted was known to hang out at Dantes and I had stated multiple times I’d seen him there.  My best friend in high school looks like a twin to a missing girl in CA who disappeared around the time when Ted was making abduction attempts on me in high school and my friend at the time had interfered with his attempt without understanding necessarily what had been transpiring – neither of us understood the full danger of it.  That missing girl in CA has never been found.

19]  I mentioned in an email to authorities that Ted had sent a porno book to me via a nurse on the floor when I had been hospitalized [had given it to a nurse as he was restricted from the floor]. I described it and I stated it frightened me not due to violence but to what it implied. The porno book had never been made public but it is documented in the records and such a book was found at one of the kill sites. The porno book found at the kill site also makes me wonder as the character in it was named “Ted” and he was taking girls home to his residence. I wonder what happened to that book and why it wasn’t evaluated.  Where was it published and by who and if not published but hand written was it a manifesto? This book is mentioned in detective street notes that were in the sealed files but I don’t see any other mention of it anywhere. This mention of the porno book by me in my memories preceded the records release to me and I stated multiple times that if such a book were in evidence I could identify it by the two pages I still remember to this day – not all the words, but I still see the pages in my head, I know what they said, and I know how badly they frightened me.  I slept all night in the health center with the lights on and facing the door in case he tried to kidnap me from that setting. Yet they never investigated anything I’ve said nor the evidence I’ve provided.

20]  I talked of feeling drugged multiple times and being always bound in my memories and chemical bottles were found on site at Taylor Mountain during the initial searches as well as a snug tie, thermos, lean to and other items. There were abandoned homes at each of the WA State kill sites. I could not have known of this information as the public story about Taylor Mountain has always been that nothing was found there but skulls, jawbones, and a few bunches of hair. My memories of drugging were accurate to what was found at his WA kill sites.  My description of an abandoned home was accurate.

21]  I talked in emails of being held captive in a place that had a lot of wood in it and which smelled “musty” like a room in my grandmother’s home which was never used near the attic upstairs. There were abandoned homes near each of the Issaquah and Taylor Mountain kill sites. Red matter was found on the basement walls of one such location and was removed as evidence by police.

22]  In the fall of 1973 I moved to the sorority “annex” which was an apartment building which faced an empty lot, an alley, and was on 16th behind the Theta house. There was a large bush outside of my window [which faced the parking lot and alley] that shielded a car from observation as it wasn’t lit due to the bush. It was where Ted parked the night he abducted Georgann Hawkins.  He had been stalking me and parking outside my window – something I had been telling authorities to no avail for years.  He parked in that spot outside of my window the night he abducted George.  This apartment complex where I lived was also per internal records, only two blocks from where Ted had lived at one time on 16th Avenue.  Coincidentally, in my memories I mentioned this location[ where Ted had lived – did not know he’d lived there but mentioned the exact location] specifically even though it had never been published.

23] My memories contained specific details of where he parked during the time he was following me [stalking] and these exact locations were in the surveillance records of that time period and I had been coming forward years before any of these surveillance records were ever released or published [by authors].  My information in the broken and scattered bits of memories was accurate to the case details which had been sealed.

There are many more correlations.

Locations also correlate in multiple points of alignment: These support my contentions that he was stalking me during that time period [this list is not complete; there are many more instances]

  1. I lived in Tacoma and in Seattle at the University of Washington.
  2. I lived in the Bay area of CA in the city of Modesto until summer of 1970.
  3. I traveled to Modesto in 1971 during the summer with two friends and we took the 101 highway along the coast and cut inland in San Francisco after visiting Stanford. I went again to Modesto in December of 1971 for two weeks during Christmas break to visit friends and flew there. In the records Ted is noted as hitch hiking north of San Francisco – this was never released that I know of.

I went again to Modesto in the spring of 1972 to visit friends and flew there.  I went again to California in the spring [spring break] of 1973 to Santa Barbara with two girls from my sorority.  We drove 101 to get into San Francisco to go to Stanford where one of the girls had a friend there and then continued on to Santa Barbara.    I went again to Modesto in the summer of 1973 and we drove along the coast highway again and again went to Stanford.  The Santa Rosa killings started in 1971 and ended in 1973.  Summer of 1973 was the last time I went to CA to visit the Bay area as I was starting nursing school.  I ran away from Ted in the summer of 1975 under severe stress and returned fall of 1975.  I quit nursing school and dropped out and ran to CA again to Los Angeles in the summer of 1976 and stayed away for 2 years.

I could not remember at that time anything that had happened to me and was in a severe state of traumatic amnesia.

  1. During high school in the summer of 1972 I went camping to Chelan. I went again to Chelan over Memorial Day in 1973.
  2. I went hiking around Point Defiance in high school and to Rainier several times in high school and in college.
  3. I went to Canada, to Vancouver, in 1973 several times with a girl friend.
  4. I went to Oregon multiple times during the years 1972 to 1974, to games and to parties, and I was in both Corvallis and in Eugene.
  5. I was modeling and traveling all over western WA during 1971 to 1974. I was in Olympia, Longview, Bellingham, Redmond, and others.  A girl disappeared from Bellingham after being approached by a “Ted” in a similar manner to other disappearances.
  6. I was in Spokane in the summer of 1974 to the World’s Fair. In the 1984 interview Bundy asks authorities about that summer, specifically stating summer of 1974 and Spokane when he was talking about the Green River Killer but his comment about the year 1974 was off from the 1980s that they were discussing and so they asked him and he quickly amended it to the 1980s.  But I listen to it and I wonder if he stalked me to Spokane that summer as he was actively stalking me frequently during that time period.
  7. I lived in McMahon dorms during the summer of 1974 and was in nursing school. Caryn, a victim in CO, was a nurse.  He attacked girls in the sorority in FL and then went a few blocks away and attacked another in a ground level apartment. I had moved from the sorority location on 18th my freshman year [1972-1973] of college to a sorority “annex” or apartment, a few blocks away which was behind the Theta sorority which my room faced the alley where Hawkins was taken. It was a daylight basement level apartment.  My view from that apartment was about one foot off the pavement and the pavement at that time came right up to the building.  Now there is a deep well there but it wasn’t there back then as people were often climbing in windows late at night to visit girlfriends or boyfriends.
  8. I had been telling authorities that Ted started stalking me in high school and my locations during that time line up in proximity – his behaviors towards me back then in high school were very similar to Laura Aime and I had a hairstyle like hers [layered shag] and looked very similar.  He held me in captivity to assault me and he also held Laura:  he imbibed both of us with drugs or alcohol – mine felt like drugs and Laura was imbibed with alcohol per her autopsy.  I was 17 y/o when he raped me and so was Laura.   Melissa Smith in Utah was in cheerleading – he had known I was trying out for it as he was in contact with me initially in high school as a “friend” telling me he was a year older when he was in reality 8 years older.  Luring me out in the context of friendship only to assault me violently.  When I didn’t tell anyone as my family was new to the area, I was essentially captive from that point forward and he knew it.  He’d written a rape paper [yes, they deny it but he did research and write a rape paper for the Crime Commission and I have a corroborating witness statement, his superior, that verifies it – I also have the rape paper in its entirety].  The only reason I am not known is that for years I did not want to be – I only wanted authorities to act on my information and help work the case of Hawkins and a few other unsolved cases that I felt may be related.  I didn’t know until I got the records how much damage they had done to the case and how much about the case had been public lies.  The only response I got from them was intimidation tactics, veiled threats, silencing tactics and frankly abuse of power maneuvers.  Now I am speaking out.

These are only a few points that line up and I can’t reinvent where I lived, what I looked like and where I traveled.  It corroborates my contentions of stalking and that I had been a victim. I think now, in hindsight, and with the wisdom that comes from assimilating all the evidence that was hidden and my broken memories, that I may have been one of his earliest victims and one he chose to develop as a prototype – his tactics worked on me largely because of my circumstances, and he may have felt that my behavior gave him insights into other victims of my age group.  There are many many documents that were sealed away by authorities that support my memories, my experiences, and the details of the shattered bits of memory as well as the injuries I sustained. The authorities have denied my existence for decades and tried to steal my voice.  This website and series of blogs is my way of regaining my voice and fighting back.  I was never strong enough to go public with all of it, without support of law enforcement and/or an attorney, and without the records which prove beyond doubt that my experiences are factual and real – but after over 50 attempts of getting such support and failing from attorneys and law enforcement, I finally am going public.  Some continue to ridicule me and doubt me and defame me….but truth and fact is on my side and I still believe that such things are enough to stand up for.