Ted Bundy: Document List #1 [files show “Ted” was active before Sammamish]

Officials in WA State were fully aware that a “Ted” was approaching girls in multiple locations where girls were going missing at least as far back as early 1974 though they claim in their documentaries much later on and still to this day that Sammamish was the first time he used his own name.  It wasn’t and these records prove that.

These are only a few of the facts from the actual case files – more will be added:

“Events at Washington state college involving a suspect approaching girls following Rancourt’s disappearance tie in with Ted’s description as well as his vehicle.”  Detective note 3-3-1975 while documenting Taylor Mountain search and finds.  Ted Bundy wasn’t picked up until 8 of 1975.  This is proof they had prior knowledge that witness accounts of Ted were present BEFORE Lake Sammamish and that those accounts should have been correlated and worked. The name “Ted” the VW were all consistent. In the 20/20 program the officials claim it was so “shocking” Ted used his own name at Sammamish yet evidence in multiple places shows clearly that he made similar approaches at each location, used his name “Ted” and also that a multitude of statements including Liz’s in the fall of 1974 should have put Bundy at the top of the list by the end of 1974.  He was identified by his real name, VW and his location by the end of 1974.

On 3-5-1975 detective notes state a statement was taken from a girl at Central Washington college that a “Ted” had approached her injured and said he injured his arm skiing at Crystal Mountain.

[Ted Bundy skied frequently at Crystal Mountain and that is in detective notes, including Keppel’s] This is a supporting note to the note of 3-3 [above]which clearly states the correlation to Ted as described by witnesses at Sammamish. They had this information at the time Bundy was picked up in Utah and prior to that arrest.

3-6-1975  a detective calls Crystal Mountain and requests a printout of all persons named Ted who may have reported an injury as described by the victim Ted approached.  It was requested from 1-9-1974 to April 17-1974.  Why was the time frame limited to just 1974?  The ski season is from November to April. No record of what the report showed nor any record of the report itself was in the records given to me.  With missing girls in a 3-county area around King County totaling 50+ as far back as 1970 the request should have been expanded.

3-12-1975.  Detective notes state a call made to the Hawkins family for x-rays that may match bones found at the Taylor Mountain crime scenes. This is further proof that Keppel and others knew that skeletal remains and not just heads were found on Taylor Mountain yet for decades Keppel denied that anything but heads and jaw bones were found and put forward the notion that body parts were being moved or decapitation was occurring. [this detective note is referencing leg bones found at Taylor Mountain in 3 of 1975]  Skeletal remains on site in a major multiple crime scene combined with prior evidence of Ted’s name and approach documented should have been used to actively work the evidence to charge him – instead they denied the evidence of Taylor Mountain, misrepresented it and lied about the time frames of when they had witness accounts.

Note: this detective note cross correlates to an internal memo that states a tibia and fibula were sent to the ME office in March of 1984, the same general time frame Keppel took over the Green River investigation.  Hawkins could have been identified by these types of bones- DNA would not have been needed.  The bones were marked only “Bundy Bones Taylor Mountain” per internal memo and were sent without paperwork.  Other human bones from Taylor Mountain were also sent over in a bin to the ME and these other bones were marked with evidence numbers that Keppel had assigned to them the day they were removed from the original search of the Taylor Mountain crime scene in 1975.  There is no chain of custody present in the records for the tibia and fibula sent over without any paperwork.  They had no evidence numbers assigned.  Their trail goes cold in the records.  The only possible cross correlation of the tibia and fibula is that other detective notes and documents in the files refer to Hawkins as found on the original Taylor and Tiger mountain searches and in some places it is stated she was found on Tiger Mountain along with Ott and Naslund. In the official document sent by King County to TX for DNA in 2005 with the remains, it also states Hawkins was found in 1975 on Tiger Mountain along with Ott and Naslund.  Did Issaquah ever exist as a separate site north of I-90 or was Issaquah in reality Tiger Mountain?  Is that why they hid the existence of Tiger Mountain and denied the forensic evidence of Taylor Mountain for decades?  The original search and rescue map of the search at Tiger Mountain was physically altered as well as denied. Tiger Mountain is across the road from Taylor Mountain and from the original unaltered search record it is nearly a direct line across the road and appears to indicate that searches were conducted there in March of 1975 along with Taylor Mountain.

In another March 1975 detective note:  A western Washington state coed was approached by a similar Ted suspect in the spring of 1974.  This was reported to the campus police at the time and also published in the school paper.  It indicates another college may have been involved during 1974 besides the ones publicly discussed.  Western Washington State is located in Bellingham and Central Washington State is in Ellensburg.  Bundy actually mentions a killer traveling to Bellingham when talking to Keppel in 1984 about the Green River Killer stating the killer could move up and down the I-5 corridor.  Keppel never integrated any of this information into the total picture of Bundy’s activities or to the evidence found at his kill sites and its similarity to the Green River Killer evidence nor did any of the other officials including the FBI BAU officials.  The skeletal remains at Taylor and Tiger Mountain proved conclusively that the killer was abducting and bringing girls from out of the King County jurisdiction to the Taylor/Tiger mountain location to kill them and that should have triggered a multi-state investigation task force and FBI involvement but it didn’t.  It seems to me that these officials always in the documentary programs rely heavily on what Bundy told them behind the scenes and their relationship with him rather than objective assessments about the forensics. They talk of him being traumatized in those original press conferences forcusing on psychology instead of on physical evidence. Even in hindsight there has been ample time to correct the public misinformation and sensationalism that continues even to this day in their “documentaries” [even into 2020]. They had 15 years until his execution to involve other jurisdictions and tragically per the interagency meeting notes right after his execution  other states were desperately asking for information and they did NOT share anything with these other investigators in other states.  Not at that time anyway.  They withheld critical information even from peers in other states.

3-19-1975  A King County detective met with representatives of Olympia [WA state] DMV and gave them witness descriptions of Ted and his VW vehicle.  The meeting was to run a state-wide list of names of men who matched the description of the “Ted” [height would have been from witness accounts 5’9″ to 6’1″] and who had VWs. Ted Bundy should have shown up on these reports not only by description but by vehicle. They also already had his name of Ted Bundy by the end of 1974 after a meeting with Liz. They knew he was in Utah where killings were occurring as per the record the information was called over to Utah by the detective who personally interviewed her.

4-9-1975 A detective clocked mileage from Issaquah crime scene to hwy 18 and 90 intersection as 7.1 miles and 4.1 from Taylor Mountain to I-90 intersection and 18.  What was the mileage from the Tiger Mountain site [never talked of publicly and I -90?]  Why did Keppel lead a search of an area north of I-90 but near 18 after Bundy’s execution when he knew all along that Hawkins’ remains had more than likely been found south of I-90 [per several internal memos and notes] and this search area he called out had not been close to the Issaquah site per mileage noted on the reports.  Further notes in internal emails and in a separate filing in a different binder show that Keppel asked the Green River Task Force to do the search instead of the King County Ted task force and that he reported back to an official in the police department instead of to the AG Office where he was employed at the time and that no one could find the actual search records that Keppel ordered.  The search records were never filed under the case numbers of the Bundy cases at Taylor Mountain [which I have in the files] but instead under the general death investigation case number of Sammamish. The search for Hawkins was filed under the Issaquah code number [for the disappearance of Ott and Naslund] and was filed as an Officer Report for the Department of Public Safety with no correlation to Georgann Hawkins’ case number.  Yet it was a specific search supposedly for Hawkins.  Over the years, this search and report could not be found [per internal memos] by other officers looking for it.  In the records, it is noted in several places that Hawkins was found at Tiger Mountain and that location is south of I-90 and not north of I-90 nor at the intersection of 18 and 90 as this search indicated. According to the record Keppel did not stay for the search but left right after the search party started.  Did he know they would find nothing?  Keppel’s name was also not on the document as the filing officer but a different lesser officer filed it and again no reference was made to either Taylor Mountain or Georgann Hawkins case numbers yet that was the whole reason the search team was sent to that location.  It was specifically a search for Hawkins directed by Keppel at a location he claimed Bundy told him about.  So why did he order a search in an area at taxpayer expense, why did he not stay, and why did he order it knowing that she’d been found somewhere else [Tiger Mountain] or at the very least that Bundy was lying about decapitating people if in fact Bundy ever even stated that he did willingly and these statements were not coerced?  Why was the Hawkins case number never assigned to the search for her after Bundy’s execution and instead it was coded only as a death investigation using the Issaquah code number – a code number that was irrelevant to her case?  Why were the tibia and fibula sent to the ME without paperwork?  Why wasn’t the search coded with Hawkin’s case number – she had her own missing persons case assigned in the file?  And lastly, why was it classified only in its title as a nondescript officer death investigation in a case where Bundy specifically started with Hawkins [implying importance] and where Keppel knew already that critical evidence had been found at Taylor and Tiger Mountain crime scenes – why wasn’t Keppel’s name on it since he was supposedly in charge of it as it was only done at his direction?

4-9-1975.  A detective walks through Taylor Mountain crime scene [one month after initial search] and finds two more human bones.  He logs them in as R96.  They were found 35 feet one inch west of the 1000/1000 marker on string line 50.  These bones were later confirmed in 2008 in TX to be human remains.  They were photographed by and packaged as evidence at 1:00 pm in April of 1975 long before Bundy was executed. Several bones from Taylor Mountain did not match the known missing girls and the submitted DNA at the time in 2008 but they never retested them or continued to work the case.  Keppel continued to deny publicly that anything was found while he worked the media for personal profit. Why wasn’t the crime scene of Taylor and Tiger Mountain protected longer when bones were still being found AFTER the initial search period and why did King County buy the property later on to turn it into a “park” when all around it development was occurring?  According to the park documents, a small area of private ownership was in the middle of the park.  Who owned it and why?

4-10-1975  Data is received daily on license plates and Teds and detective states no one is confirmed yet as a suspect.  [But this is after Liz came forward in fall of 1974.  They had Bundy’s name on file from the Detective who interviewed her in person in the fall of 1974 and he did call it over to Utah – they had all the evidence from Taylor and Tiger Mountain, and Issaquah plus witness statements from multiple abductions.  The license plate on Bundy should have been part of that printout and at the very latest this should have been directly correlated to him].

5-22-1975  John Murphy was put in charge of developing the computer alpha code for the information associated to the cases of Ted Bundy/missing girls.

3-10-1975  Sergeant Schmitz was assigned to supervise the task force that was assembled after the finds of Taylor and Tiger Mountain.  Nine officers were on that initial task force.  Dunn and Keppel were assigned to follow up on pertinent leads.

5-29-1975  Task force was disbanded and four officers remained to work it.  Dunn and Keppel were still assigned to prominent leads and outside agencies.  The following is the written words of Schmitz in his report which tragically seem to indicate that he either devalued the evidence found at Taylor Mountain or he did not get a complete accounting of all the evidence that was found there nor of the witness statements that lined up to Ted Bundy from cases earlier on than Taylor Mountain.  Some of the clothing and personal effects found on the mountain did indeed mirror the clothing descriptions of what the missing girls were wearing and these items were marked on scene as going to Superior Court of WA.  Did he not receive the interview detective notes of witness statements related to Ted Bundy?  Did he not receive a copy of the detective report from the first interview with Liz?

Schmitz:  “The major factors that continue to hamper efforts are that there is no crime scene evidence, no date or time of death established, no witnesses to a crime, no means of death known, no positive suspect description or identity other than “Ted” who is only a strong possibility, and the witnesses to “Ted” are hampered as they saw no crime occurring but only rely on recollection of a man talking to a girl and a massive rock group at a park.  “Ted’s” Volkswagen is an unverified supposition.  Clothing and other personal effects of the victims has not been located and remains the only means by which to verify a suspect confession.”

Comment on the above statement:

  1. The witness statements are devalued even though multiple people at multiple crime scene locations from Rancourt to Hawkins to Ball to Ott and Naslund and finally to Liz, all gave the name “Ted” and a VW.  The witness description of height varies but the name Ted, VW, and approaches are consistent in witness descriptions and the police had these statements in the files before Bundy was picked up in Utah in 8 of 1975. Liz who in the fall of 1974 talked in person to a detective at a fast food location and gave him a full description, Bundy’s location in Utah, where more girls were disappearing also provided the piece of information that correlated all these other statements and proof of her statement is in the files even though Keppel refuses to acknowledge it in his books and movies and documentaries.  He put forward to the public his own theories, held private case files, and profited while the forensics of the case were never worked.
  2. Clothing was indeed found on site at each of the crime scene locations of Issaquah and Taylor/Tiger Mountains. Some of it matched exactly what the missing girls were wearing.  That clothing was forwarded on to Superior Court and logged in as evidence.
  3. Damage was done to the victim heads and the WA State cops had the full accounts of the girls missing in Utah and the autopsy reports to work with.  [This was a concerted effort to look the other way from Ted Bundy.  How much influence did the Attorney General Office, the Republican Party and the FBI have on this decision?  Why are they continuing to go forward with a public scenario that they know is false and superficial without any forensic accountability.  It’s been years and there has been more than enough time for them to go back and re-evaluate the case yet they have never done it – if they had, they wouldn’t be out there still espousing the same old sensational approach of how well they knew him, what he said, how charming he was and so on, glossing over and ignoring any in-depth forensic discussions.  He’s dead…his crimes are over…but his cases are a mess and a travesty to justice as those who are the face of the case make money on poorly investigated and evaluated evidence.  He wasn’t much different than other serial killers who have come along so why do they continue to idolize him with their media play on his killings.]

More will be added in other pages to follow….

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