Ted Bundy: Evidence List #2; More Financial Evidence, Raises Even More Questions

State of WA Emergency Services Payment Voucher, Sept. 10, 1974, approved $66.64 be paid to Ted Bundy for airline travel on Airwest from Salt Lake City Utah to Sea-Tac airport.  But why was this paid? Ted no longer worked there as of August 1974 and was living in Utah and only returned to pick up his car which was in Seattle. This ticket was issued near the time his kill site of Issaquah was discovered.  A kill site where all the evidence was conveniently “lost” by the State of WA.  How do you lose over 100 pieces of evidence?  [Is the State of WA Emergency Services always paying for ex-employees to fly back to the state?  This voucher clearly states the payment is for Utah to Seattle.]  If traveling prior to September how convenient that the travel was to Utah the every place he would be relocating to?  In a position at the time that was assisted by the government offices of WA State.   What possible reason even if earlier in the summer would Ted have for flying to and from Utah on behalf of WA State to coincidentally the same place he would be living?  And the question becomes even more critical if that flight was close to the time his kill sites were discovered.

[I have a question:  Is the Department of Emergency Services the federal branch of the AG Office that is responsible for search and rescue procedures of homicide multiple crimes? If so, how convenient for Bundy that he was appointed to this department in the early spring/ summer of 1974 which essentially would have been watching over any of his crime scenes in the serial killings….and why was the DES paying for his plane fare from Utah in September 1974 when he wasn’t an essential employee anyway often missing days and considered by peers to be unqualified?  He flew back to Seattle in September 1974 the very month that his first serial killing crime scene of Issaquah was found to get his car, a VW….there is also a “hearsay” statement in the records almost obscure that a police officer from the Seattle Police Department had told Bundy ahead of time in the fall of 1974 that the police knew he was coming back to either pick up or sell his car.  If true that seems to me like a warning – why tell him.  If the ticket was earlier in the summer but then paid in September it would also raise questions as public statements claim Ted flew back to Seattle in September of 1974 to get his car after he had moved to Utah and drove the white truck over there.  And where was he getting all this money to afford law school and two cars and a private apartment in Utah?

State of WA Emergency Services Payment Voucher, Sept. 1974 of $66.64 airfare from Seattle to Salt Lake City in which Bundy’s submission for payment states he was required to be in Seattle for a budget conference.  However, he wasn’t even living in Seattle and employed by DES at the time.  There appear to be two separate tickets paid. He was in Salt Lake City to attend law school there.  They paid for his trip to Utah.  What would he be doing in Utah on their behalf when he wasn’t even employed there any more? Why then, did they also pay for the return ticket to Seattle again when he picked up his car? [per payment above]  This payment clearly states the trip was airline from Seattle to Salt Lake. What were Bundy’s sources of income in Utah that empowered him to afford law school there, a private apartment, money to travel to other states to kill [Colorado] and other jurisdictions [outside of Salt Lake in Utah].  Why has the FBI and WA State and Utah for that matter denied so much of this evidence in the Bundy cases and failed to work these cases?  The disappearances, murders and abductions by Bundy spanned multiple jurisdictions and states and yet FBI closed his cases in 1992?  I think the public deserves an investigation [full and independent] into these years and the key players who have become the faces of the case in the media.

A King County court subpoena was issued 12-3-1975 to the State of WA Employment Security Division to release all employment records associated to Ted Bundy to two detectives:  Robert Keppel and Kathleen McChesney.  This included the airline ticket information given above. The very same people who have denied for decades the evidence of Taylor and Tiger Mountain and who also went on to work with the FBI – who claim his movements were mysterious and nothing was really known about him.  They were gathering information on him long before his transfer to Colorado.  They knew he was working for the federal government [DES and appointment to that position through AG Office] and his close ties to the Republican Party and the FBI.  Yet they have claimed to the public it was “mysterious” and all they had was a few credit card receipts.  It’s a lie.  It deserves an in-depth investigation by an independent body and full disclosure of why so much information was put forward to the public over the years in a misleading and often fraudulent manner.

3-4-1974 record shows that Ted Bundy was being paid unemployment by the State of $81 a week and that this compensation would terminate April 6, 1974.  Again, my question is how did Bundy afford to keep a room at the University of WA while working in Olympia in May and losing unemployment in April and how did he get into law school without the ability to pay and without any known record of scholarship or student loan?  It takes more than recommendations to get into law school and there isn’t any notation anywhere in the records I have of Bundy’s LSAT scores which were a requirement in the 70s because of the competitive nature of law school.  Other documents show people who worked with him in Olympia stated during the summer of 1974 he was living at home most of the time in Tacoma while still maintaining his room at the University of WA.  How could he afford that room and why did he keep it? With all of his documented absences at DES during summer of 1974 why did they pay those plane tickets to and from Salt Lake City and why did they give him so many days of working cash allocations over the summer of 1974 and why weren’t his movements around Pierce County, other WA counties and other states even evaluated instead of hidden by Keppel and McChesney?  Records clearly show other jurisdictions and states asking King County for help and Keppel refusing to provide any of this background information, often claiming it was just “unknown” when in fact it was known.

State of WA Employment Security Division record shows that a claim was made that Bundy was working with the Republican State Central Committee from dates 9 of 1973 to 11 of 1973 as a research analyst and administrative assistant but pay is not noted on the record.  In another record for the same time period it is stated he was paid $1000 cash.

A 12-19-73 employment security adjustment form noted as “controversy” noted that some kind of requirement was waived in April of 1973 – the same time frame Bundy finished the confidential recidivism project that involved participation from FBI and law and justice DOJ [state level]. This document was signed by Bundy as the plaintiff.  The hand written statement by Bundy was that he wanted to claim benefits for the weeks November 17, 1973 through December 15, 1973.  Again, how was he affording his lifestyle and law school?

11-5-1975  Records of Bundy playing on a baseball team for the Department of Emergency Services, Attorney General Office, were given to Kathleen McChesney.

4-16-1973  Invoice from Bundy for work on the recidivism study totaling $400 were paid as a last invoice and a note stated he was supposed to work on it until the 30th but his plans changed.  He did file a recidivism study design that ran for several pages and that is in the files.

State of WA Dept of Civil Defense originally dated 6-31-1974 and then crossed off and dated 7-1-1974 for a leave without pay by Ted Bundy.

Department of Emergency Services workload analysis report Ted Bundy:  May of 1974 shows federal contributions of 8 [May: 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31].  June 1974 workload analysis report shows no federal contributions but instead fuel allocations of 8 on days: 3, 4, 5, 6 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28]  These were assigned as for example council meetings, public hearings etc. Public hearings are noted as being on the 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28.

Department of Emergency Services workload analysis report Ted Bundy:  July of 1974 shows no federal contributions listed but fuel allocations on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30 again for the varying council meetings and public hearings.  I am not sure if the 8 is for hours or coding purposes.

In an undated summary report in police files it is noted that a witness placed Ted Bundy in the area of Taylor and Tiger Mountain as early as 1972 and 1973 and this is typed in the context of the report. It is later apparently crossed off by hand with a series of “x’s” through it.  This statement is also found in other documents.  This particular witness also was subpoenaed before the King County court to testify.  The statements and testimony of this person were denied for decades and they tie Bundy directly to earlier activity than 1974.  There are quite a few of these cross offs in hidden documents all the way through the Bundy files.  My question is who did this and why – it does not seem like standard police procedure even back then.

In the same summary report, in the writeup on Georgann Hawkins it is stated that Ted Bundy was employed at Department of Emergency Services as a political appointment by the Republican Governor’s office at the time and that he did not know a lot about the position and was deemed unreliable by coworkers.

This same report also documents that Bundy had a Nordstrom charge card – the same place I was frequently modeling at in the tea room from the years 1970 to 1975.  I had told police this over the years I was coming forward. It is yet one more tie to support my experiences back then.

It is mentioned further in this report that Bundy had lived at one time on 50th and 16th – the same location I had described though I do not know when he lived there and the exact time frame is not given in the report.

It is mentioned in this summary report that Ott and Naslund were found at a location in Issaquah with the remains of a 3rd or 4th victim. Those remains were never identified. [Note: the evidence of Issaquah was “lost” and the families of Ott and Naslund were settled with by the State of WA, but the girls who were never identified and yet found on site, never got their justice].  Why weren’t the forensics worked? Why wasn’t all this evidence worked?

In June of 1974 [6-23-1974] friends of Bundy documented in police statements Bundy’s Jeckyl/Hyde personality and one of them noted he’d seen pantyhose in Bundy’s car in the summer of 1973.  This is also noted by another witness in another account that Bundy had handcuffs in 1973 in his car.

In the same report, it is documented that Bundy worked with Pedline from 6 of 1971 to 12-3-1971 and had access to medical supplies such as splints and casting and slings.

Three witnesses [as per same report above] identified a man using the same ruse on the same night that Susan Rancourt disappeared.  The descriptions matched Bundy and so did the MO.  On 11 of 1975 a man who also witnessed Bundy on the night Rancourt disappeared positively identified him as the man he’d seen.  This is long before Bundy was transferred to Colorado and also long after Liz and others had identified him or had described him – all accounts in separate locations quite closely mirroring each other.  Again, in the report of Rancourt and where she was found on Taylor Mountain was the statement of the witness who said Bundy knew the area and had been out there and it was crossed off by hand.  Rancourt was found on Taylor Mountain and had been wearing a yellow jacket when she disappeared and a yellow jacket was found on Taylor mountain and is noted in the evidence list and Keppel was aware of it.

In the writeup on Susan Rancourt the records show Bundy was Arthur Fletcher’s driver in 1968 which took him to Ellensburg in that capacity.  There were additional connections noted which also took him to that area so that he was familiar with the Ellensburg community and college.  Much has been made by the public faces in documentaries that either officials didn’t know much at the time [which they did] or that his movements were not known [but many were] and if they did have evidence it was just so circumstantial that they couldn’t charge him in WA which is why he was transferred to Colorado.  But that is simply not true to the records at all.  There was a preponderance of evidence.  It further raises corruption issues when it is noted multiple times in the records that evidence was ordered to be destroyed and that other evidence was back dated, altered, and denied.  Remaining evidence also contains many areas where things were crossed off by hand – information that was important.

Bundy attended a Republican meeting in Ellensburg in July of 1973 per witnesses and officials of the Republican party.  He was also a precinct committeeman for the Republican Party in the summer of 1974 for precinct 43-155 and was supposed to attend a meeting on 6-1-1974 which he did not attend. Brenda Ball disappeared 6-1-1974.  A friend of Brenda’s saw her leave the Flame Tavern with a guy with his arm in a sling.  This is all in the department reports and on file in the records.

Bundy bought a pair of white Adidas sneakers with his Nordstrom charge card on 5-14-1974.  Witnesses at Sammamish noted the person with Ott as wearing white tennis shoes.  Bundy per the records was interviewed on 12-3-1975 and noted as wearing Adidas white tennis shoes. His shoes could have had DNA from victims’ on them.  Should they have been taken into evidence at that time?

Work records for Bundy show he was off June 24, 1974 sick; July 1 off without pay

[more will be added]

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