Ted Bundy & Pornography: He talked of it years before the execution- I still remember 2 pgs of the book he gave me

Ted’s cause and effect excuse of pornography could have been just an attempt to blame someone else and it could also have been an attempt to try and explain influence on a susceptible mind.  After all, we are all influenced to some degree by outside sources, be it friends, family, books, movies, games, whatever.  No matter what the influences, most of us don’t hurt anyone else and we don’t commit serial murder.  So pointing the finger at pornography as a cause is not justified.  Nor is the elimination of it as a contributing factor helpful to understanding behavior.  Behind the scenes it is noted that in FBI studies some serial killers do have problems with pornographic materials being too influential in some of their behaviors.

Nevertheless, officials have been quick to discredit Bundy’s interview as a “last ditch attempt” to save his life or allay his guilt and that last ditch reference simply isn’t true to the records behind the scenes.  There are multiple references and statements to pornography in the records of that time period related to Bundy including at least 2 porno books taken into custody which have never been talked of publicly – one in particular.  He talked of pornography’s influence on himself as well as on other offenders who could be serial killers….it’s shifting blame but there is also an element of truth in that we are all influenced by many things in life and those influences are reflective of our own receptiveness and personality.

The following is an excerpt from the 1984 interview in which Bundy talks to investigators at some length about pornography and sexually explicit violent movies as both an influencing factor and possible trap for serial offenders or those on the brink of such actions….

“Ted Bundy:  ….the first step I would take to control something like sexual assaults and serial killings like the type you’ve had in Green River and those kinds of things would be to close down all the peep shows and porno houses and outlaw movies that link sex to violence…that would be the very first step I’d take…and I think it wouldn’t be the sole solution but I think it would go a long way to …

Investigator:  You’re talking about taking money out of people’s pockets that are in high power…

Ted Bundy:  But some day I’d like to talk to some of those people because I know as sure as I’m sitting here that it may not be every guy that comes down the pike is going to have himself influenced or pushed or allowed to gratify themselves to the point where they went over the line from fantasy to reality where they went over the line from fantasy to acting out those fantasies and the kind of material that’s available and has been available for years out there in society exploits those kinds of weaknesses or predispositions in certain individuals maybe it’s through luck or randomness in predisposition but it has this link between violence and what I’m seeing in hatred, anger, sex or whatever…it can take and push the person over the line and feed that sickness…feed that sickness…and it wouldn’t take care of the whole problem…”

In a box of detective street notes from that time period of the search after the Issaquah site was found is the following notation hand written on a piece of paper with no detective signature: “Brought in a book in evidence…regarding Ted…(Sex book)”  that is all it said.  There is no notation of where it was sent, or what happened to it.  It was buried in a bunch of copies of driver’s licenses that had been run on potential suspects.  Bundy should have come up in this DMV run as he checked all the boxes in the witness descriptions of what happened at Sammamish.  He was in WA State at the time.

There is also another sex book mentioned in a detective street note.  I need to still find it in the records that I have here because they were released to me very unorganized and things are all over the place – but that sex book was about a guy named “Ted” who brought girls home.  The note never said if it was a published book [if so, by whom] or a handwritten book [was it a manifesto?] only that it was associated to one of Bundy’s known kill sites and I believe by memory of that note that this book was found at Issaquah.  I have to look it up and will.

This particular sex book to me was eerily similar to the fact that Bundy kept several victims alive for a period of time before killing them per their autopsy reports and that is what he had been doing to me repeatedly over a four year period using drugs and alcohol while in captivity to contain and disorient his victims.  In my case I lived but could not remember everything that happened and was severely compromised and in the case of other victims who did not I would suspect, like my own memories of captivity, that they were in and out of awareness during the captivity period.  My kidnappings are supported by Bundy’s comments to the FBI and investigators behind the scenes and which I could not have known of and my experiences that I had been stating for decades mirrored the autopsy reports which I could not have known of.   My experiences are all supported by the hidden documents:  but they actively and aggressively blocked me and Keppel was foremost among those doing that – I had been told that by many people including other investigators.

Bundy also imbibed a victim he raped in 1972 and her complaint to the police at the time about him was not acted on because of that “imbibing”.  It was instead turned against her credibility.  I think it was common back then to blame the woman.  Bundy knew that because he wrote a rape paper that researched it and that rape paper is on this site and Bundy writes about several means in which rape perpetrators can reduce the victim’s ability to fight back and remember events or be credible when coming forward.  He was moving in the direction of serial rape and serial killing for a long time and approaching it very methodically in my opinion.  WA State had all the elements they needed to charge Bundy with a crime even before he was charged in Utah in the summer of 1975 and they did not – instead hiding and denying evidence and witness statements and other evidence for decades even while monopolizing the public narrative about him.  It should be of a great concern to the FBI [who refused to act on my complaints about it over the years] and of great concern to the media and to the public.  I have released the records to the media in the hopes that they will act in their capacity of a watch dog and bring this to attention and stop giving the old narrative air time.  It doesn’t deserve it.

I don’t know if either of the two sex books associated to Bundy in the records are the one I remember him leaving for me at the nursing station that fall of 1972 at the University of Washington Hall Health Center. It was in a paper sack and it wasn’t very thick from what I recall but I do, as I’ve stated, remember vividly those two pages.  They are burned in my memory and if I ever do see a copy of that book I would know it in an instant if I find those two pages.