Ted Bundy & The Financial Questions That No One Is Asking Of Authorities

The following are questions I’ve had and I have never yet received any kind of explanation or response to them.  I was only ever interviewed once and during that interview the investigator was hostile and shoved my evidence back at me and essentially told me I was wasting his time – that the DOJ didn’t have time to investigate anything that I had been saying.  This was in 2014 before I had found the smoking “gun” in the records of the evidence of Taylor Mountain and all the other evidence that proved a cover up during those years.  And I say cover up because they knew that evidence at Taylor Mountain was important and they lied about it to the public.  I also find it difficult to believe that coincidentally the evidence at Issaquah was also “lost” and conveniently that all evidence connecting Bundy to missing and murdered girls in WA State was never used to charge him and was instead lost, denied or destroyed.  Underpinning all of this are financial questions related to how did he obtain the ability to go to college at major universities and law schools without a pre-existing family wealth or top grades or financial aid.  Ted Bundy was working with the FBI regionally and DOJ/AG Office of WA as a paid consultant in 1973 and he was active in many levels of politics and regional government.  He was essentially a colleague – when you listen to the original unredacted tapes while Bundy was in prison talking to officials, they talk to him like he was insider not at all like the sadistic killer that he was.

  1. Ted Bundy’s parents were hard working people but were not rich. Bundy is only known to have held random, part-time jobs during the years 1970 to 1974 when he left WA State.  Somehow he afforded college yet no known scholarships or financial aid is on the record. The public story is that they just didn’t know all of his whereabouts during the time period of 1970 to 1974.  How is that possible with DMV registrations and IRS filings? When he was paid by the DOJ/FBI study on recidivism, they paid him and had his IRS SSN – it is in the records. Yet the paperwork per the original record was noted as “confidential – Secretary”.  How did that detail never make the public story?  Was he paid while he was on the Crime Commission as its Assistant Director?
  2. How did he afford the tuition fees at the University of WA during those undergraduate years in addition to a rooming house where he had his own room? He didn’t have scholarships and he didn’t have financial aid…. that kind of housing isn’t cheap in general and neither is tuition.
  3. How did Bundy afford law school without proof of ability to pay and without financial aid? Where are the records of how his tuition was paid at UPS and at Utah?  UPS is a private school – how did he afford law school at a private school?
  4. Where are the IRS returns and filings that people have to do and which should have given authorities an indication of where he was working and with who and how often? Why were these records not pulled?  In the records provided to me I have his social security number.  If I can get some some financial help from the public I can start researching more of these questions.  The authorities aren’t doing anything but keeping silent and denying their role in the cover up of those years.  I have requested an investigation steadfastly since 2001 and actively protested their refusal since 2011 when I first came forward to the FBI.  FBI told me they didn’t have the resources to investigate and so did the DOJ via the Attorney General Office of WA.  Really?  A major serial killer case where evidence was tampered with, destroyed, lied about publicly and denied isn’t important enough?  They investigated the disappearance of Dorothy’s shoes from the Wizard of Oz…they’ve investigated other random cases, apparently missing and murdered girls are not worth their effort nor internal corruption questions within their own ranks.
  5. How did Ted Bundy afford Stanford for a summer in 1970 to study Chinese and why would he choose Chinese? Was he being groomed at the time for work with the US government?  Bundy stated to a prison psychiatrist [in the records] that in 1970 he had wanted to work for the government.  It is like a footnote to the whole story but I wonder in hindsight how important that statement really was when it is combined with Bundy’s other statement to Florida investigators that he had “powerful friends”.  My son went to Stanford – it is expensive and it is difficult to get into even if you have the money and we were helped by a family friend with the financials and my son had very high grades and was an outstanding scholar so he did that part on his own – but the cost is prohibitive.  How did Bundy afford it when he has little work record, at the time had not graduated from University of WA, and was often borrowing money from other people and didn’t have a long history of top tier grades or academics.   Who paid for this summer at Stanford or even influenced his acceptance?  Shouldn’t all of these answers be found in the tax filings of his jobs and his applications to universities?  Why isn’t that part of the story public?  It is important to his travels and the authorities let the public down by not thoroughly evaluating all aspects of these cases associated to him…or by hiding them.
  6. The records indicate he had only piecemeal jobs from working with a medical supply company to a delivery person for a legal delivery service, to working with the Republican Party and DOJ, to working on the Crime Commission studying rape and white collar crime, to working with the Department of Emergency Services…all jobs which were able to put him into an “insider” position with access to medical supplies that he used in abduction and killing, with access to friendships and knowledge from working with authorities in those positions, to forming friendships and professional relationships with the Republican Party and the department of justice and legal arm of the justice system. This needs investigation as to the full range of information he had insider access to at the time as his job at DES in the summer of 1974 was given to him by the AG Office of WA per the records.
  7. How did Bundy afford the legal services of John Henry Browne, an attorney in WA State?  Browne states it was because he [Browne] was a public defender but Bundy was never charged in WA State.  Public defenders are paid for by the tax paying public so why was Bundy allowed to have a public defender in WA?  How many other people being potentially charged, but never charged, during that time period got a public defender?  Who was on the docket for public defense at the same time and did they get an attorney?  Nowadays, you have to apply and be qualified as indigent or meet certain criterion but what were the governing directives back then that enabled Bundy to retain an attorney in WA State without any charges EVER, not once, filed there.  Even with countless witness statements identifying him and over 300 pieces of evidence – and some pieces not at all circumstantial as they claim in documentaries.   Bundy had to borrow from friends to pay legal fees when arrested in Utah and yet he was never even charged in WA State?  Why did Browne accept such a case when/if Bundy never had resources to pay him and if Bundy did have resources where did those resources come from?  How much did Browne make off the representation of Bundy at that time?  Why wasn’t Bundy charged while he was still in Florida – WA State had plenty of evidence against him.  Kathleen McChesney and Keppel both took in very critical evidence that was incriminating to Bundy.  Why aren’t the attorneys who actually defended him in Utah and Florida [not Browne] featured in all these documentaries talking about the evidence and investigations?  Not one has ever talked in detail publicly about evidence and disclosures and process during those years.  These are fair and probing questions that need to be asked, especially given Bundy’s friendships and working relationships within the FBI regionally in WA State and in the DOJ via the Attorney General and Governor offices and Republican Party affiliation and all the evidence and public narrative that has never lined up over the decades – i.e. the public story is not supported by the original case files and records.
  8. Bundy was hired by the Department of Emergency Services in May of 1974, a division under the Attorney General office of WA.  In the records of that time period, his employment records, which I have in my possession due to the records release, it is noted that he was given cash nearly every day for travel yet Bundy had a desk job.  Where are the records supporting that he was traveling that much and where is the accounting of his travel to receive that cash…i.e. logs of those trips.  The exact amount of cash is never identified in the record so where are the actual records of cash and how much cash was being moved over to him?  This was during the time period he was actively killing.  This is during the time period where he was making a concerted effort to find me and kill me before he left for Utah. This wasn’t just one or two weeks of cash moving over to him but many weeks of the summer of 1974 that he worked there. He was living at the time with his parents in Tacoma per witness statements even while continuing to maintain his residence at the UW during summer of 1974 – why would he do that when the killings were known, he had no real reason to be there,and supposedly little money and was moving to Utah anyway at the end of the summer?  Why were missing and murdered girls in Pierce County during that time period not investigated thoroughly in 1974?   In addition, after he moved to Utah and no longer worked at DES in WA, when he flew back to WA State to retrieve his car in September of 1974, he filed an expense report with DES to pay for his flight back.  Why would he do that and why would they pay for it? They did pay per the records.  He wasn’t even working there and hadn’t been since the middle of August.
  9. I’d like to see Bundy’s tax returns for the years 1970 through 1978. I’d like to know how he paid for the room in Seattle, law school, where he worked, and how he got cash during that time period.
  10. I’d like to know why the IRS records weren’t pulled back then, and why the IRS records were not used in combination with his driver’s license to thoroughly evaluate his movements and his financial situation. They claim he left no paper trail except a few credit card receipts but I find that hard to believe. Bundy lined up to witness accounts at Sammamish [Issaquah]and it is clear in the records that several people could have identified his VW and himself, but he was never elevated to a witness lineup identification even though he was identified to authorities in October of 1974.  He was actually in the records noted as positively identified by multiple witnesses:  he was identified as in the area when Rancourt was abducted; when Ball was abducted; when Hawkins was abducted and at least 4 witnesses positively ID’d him with Ott at Sammamish.  All of this before he was transferred to Colorado and yet still they say in their documentaries that it was all “circumstantial”.  People are convicted every day on less.   Officials had his name, vehicle, description and were running WA state driver’s license checks on males named Ted with VWs.   It’s highly suspect. Especially given that Taylor Mountain as a crime scene was denied its full existence and Issaquah evidence was “lost” and with both locations having the remains of unidentified girls.  There is also the matter of Tiger Mountain being a crime site of Bundy’s and searched the same time as Taylor Mountain.  In the records there are notes that girls were found on Tiger Mountain and that evidence including human remains were found on Tiger Mountain.  The sites were clearly crime scenes and over 50 young girls were missing or murdered in a 3 county radius around Seattle yet nothing towards Bundy was done.  In Utah, the killings were continuing – Bundy went to a party at a prosecutor’s home there with a woman he’d been dating [with a child similar to his situation with Liz and that is also in the records].
  11. How did Bundy get the cash to escape Colorado and how was he able to get a plane ticket to Chicago?  In the records Bundy talks of having a hacksaw and of how he got access to the ceiling where he escaped in Colorado and these details are never in the public discussion.  How could he hide that cash in the prison before his escape – don’t they check prisoners regularly?  It would have taken a significant amount of cash to make it to Chicago via plane and get to Florida driving.  I say significant because the public story is that Bundy didn’t have cash and was always borrowing from friends and if someone gave him that cash who was it and was that person ever questioned when he escaped?  Just how were all these situations paid for?
  12. Bundy’s employment records for 1973 show him being paid several thousand dollars [$4k] for the recidivism study design for Justice Law and Planning. In those records the approval of his payments is shown only as “Confidential Secretary I [or] Confidential Secretary II”  – why the secrecy attached to this aside from the fact that the FBI was also involved in the study per internal memos.  Were the payments to Bundy for the Recidivism study also coming from other places besides the Law and Justice Planning such as co payments from FBI or Attorney General office?

There are a lot of very serious questions about that time period as well as the “investigation” that need to be addressed publicly as to me it is problematic at least and disturbing at what it implies.  There are several people and agencies who have made a lot of money on a public story that does not line up to the actual case documents and who left behind victims who were deceased and could no longer speak up, myself a victim who was left seriously traumatized and with life long injuries, and families who will never have closure.  The facts of those years, which were hidden, need a public revelation and a thorough discussion and laws need to change to hold officials more accountable for their actions.