Ted Bundy & The Financial Questions That No One Is Asking Of Authorities

The following are questions I’ve had and I have never yet received any kind of explanation or response to them.  There are reasons I ask the questions:  Bundy had no known source of high income; his parents were not rich; yet he was able to afford housing [and in Utah a private apartment that allowed him to bring victims there and hold], tuition [law school isn’t cheap] and a car [or two – VW and white truck].  Bundy traveled a lot to kill: to Oregon, around WA State and while in Utah not only around Utah, but into Colorado as well.  He traveled to see girlfriends.  He took them out even if for cheaper dinners. He dated in Utah in addition to maintaining a relationship with Liz.

How did he afford the law school, the cars, the apartment, the gas and most importantly the time off work if he worked [that empowered him to travel to kill girls] – where did he work?  Bundy worked with, and had friendships in, the Republican Party, the DOJ and the FBI while he was in WA.  They never prosecuted him or fully investigated his cases [per the actual records] in WA State and even though they knew per witness statements he was active earlier than 1974 they still narrow the window of his killing down to 1974 in many of the documentaries and programs which is far from the truth.  [It all started in 1974 – which may be true for Keppel but it wasn’t true for Bundy and it shouldn’t have focused the case solely on Keppel’s involvement of it.  The missing girls were about Bundy, not Keppel or FBI BAU and they had evidence in the possession of WA State that showed Bundy was active prior to 1974 as well as evidence he was traveling the I-5 corridor to kill so why didn’t they use it and thoroughly apply that knowledge to other jurisdictions and other states – the records prove they did not].

Narrowing down that window eliminates the need for the public to question his activities during the time he was working closely with entities in the AG Office, the DOJ, the FBI/Justice & Planning and Crime Commission.  There are reasons I have serious questions about all of this:  not only is it clear in the records that the WA police were deliberately looking the other way from Bundy in several instances but also there is an obscure note buried in a witness statement that Bundy stated he had been notified by a police detective named Cathy per statement who was with PD in Seattle that the police knew he was flying back to Seattle from Utah to get or sell his car.  Per the records, WA State DES apparently also paid for Bundy to return to WA that September of 1974 [around same time Issaquah kill site was found coincidentally] and he didn’t even work for them and hadn’t since mid-August [the payment is noted as “meeting” related].

That whole scenario to me sounds like Bundy was being forewarned. WA State ran a search on all VWs registered in WA for the summer months at least of 1974 where the owner was a Ted and Bundy’s name never came up?  The sketch of Bundy at Lake Sammamish in WA State possession put together by a sketch artist the summer of 1974 in Seattle matched closely the sketch of a man seen at a time later in 1974 in Utah who had approached girls before one was abducted with the exception that the Utah man had a mustache.  It could have been drawn by the same sketch artist with the same eyewitnesses but instead of it being WA it was in Utah where girls were disappearing.

WA State had evidence in their files that Bundy carried a fake mustache with him since before he met Liz and that he had been seen with it.  This information was in both states’ files long before Bundy was shipped out to Colorado where there was less evidence than either Utah or WA and Bundy was sent to Colorado over the objections of a judge in Utah.  Yet that mustache in his possession and those nearly identical police sketches were never analyzed or applied to Bundy?

WA state had knowledge via credible witnesses that Bundy was in Utah at the very time where girls were disappearing at an alarming rate.  The unique wounds [very unique] never discussed publicly found at autopsy of two Utah victims were also found in two victims in WA State who to this day have never been discussed as being Bundy’s.  Perhaps they were not but it is interesting that across from their names in the list compiled by authorities of missing and murdered girls in WA numbering over 50 in a three-county area around King County, the FBI is noted in pen (hand written) and those two WA girls had those wounds. It is also noteworthy that a detective actually went to that area of WA to meet with other detectives about those two girls with those wounds.  But the follow up is sparse.

Bundy also asked Keppel specifically in the Green River interview whether any of the girls found being attributed to Green River killings had “unusual wounds” and “loss of blood”.  Bundy’s victims did.  Keppel never acknowledged the inquiry even though he knew Bundy left such wounds as he had access to the autopsies. So too did Hagmaier as Hagmaier discussed it at the investigator meeting after Bundy was executed pretending he knew little about it.  Hagmaier and Keppel also blocked investigators from other states after the execution from having access to information that yes, Bundy had been traveling the I-5 corridor to kill and that the full skeletal remains and not just heads were found at his kill sites in WA State.   The ME report is in the files and most notably in Keppel’s personal detective notes that there never was decapitation of victims at the WA sites and that “the heads were with the bodies”.  It was Keppel who later, two weeks before Bundy was picked up in Utah, back dated a record to include that he asked another ME [different from the one that actually examined the remains] what would be needed to find a diagnosis of decapitation and that is what Keppel ran with to the public as “fact” and that is what Hagmaier supported behind the scenes and what the FBI BAU ran with publicly in their media hype.  The ME Keppel back dated the record for never ever said that he examined the remains or that his response was factual:  the ME was addressing a question by Keppel only as to what was needed not about what was actually found.  For Keppel to run with that response from a back dated record supported by FBI BAU and Hagmaier for years to me is fraud in the very worst way:  it prevented cases from being worked in a timely manner.

If these states had been given honest and real data that was there all the time at the time, they may have been able to solve some cases there that were believed to be related to Bundy but the facts and the truth were blocked by WA and FBI.  What happened in the years 1980 to 1984 when Keppel was granted access to Bundy through the AG office of WA and FBI and given private ownership of that period of time?  It’s obvious that the “confession” of 1989 is rehearsed as Bundy knew and Keppel knew there was no decapitation of victims.  Bundy knew and Keppel knew and so did Hagmaier that there was no tossing out the window of victim clothing as multitudes of clothing were found at the kill sites along with the bodies.  Clothing in some instances that did match by description what some of the missing girls found at the WA site had been wearing when they disappeared.  This is contrary again to Keppel’s public story.

In my opinion, this kind of action should be criminal.  There are still cases that cannot be worked fully in other states because the FBI BAU and WA State blocked access to critical information and never pressed Bundy on actual crime details using the evidence that was found at his kill sites in WA State.  Bottom line:  Bundy should have been charged before ever being turned over to Colorado.  Eikenberry, the Attorney General in 1981 when Keppel moved over to that office was originally with the FBI as a special agent before assuming the AG post.  Keppel and McChesney worked with FBI and FBI BAU after the execution.  Keppel was given private ownership of case materials apparently by WA State AG criminal division.  The AG Office of WA today is fully aware of the fraudulent conduct back then and still dedicated their criminal division to bear Keppel’s name.  It doesn’t say much for their ethics or values.  It doesn’t stand for much in my opinion.   Keppel even defamed and ridiculed other WA state law enforcement personnel and emergency services workers in his original book “Riverman” by implying they were incompetent and only he, Keppel, was capable of conducting an investigation.  The people he ridiculed were far more competent and thorough per the records than Keppel ever was but somehow he gained control over public perception and the case.  The fact that WA State honors him at all or that this false version of events is still put out by the media and by FBI just shows how deeply corrupt and self serving some of these justice system cases can become.  What was the impact of all these associations behind the scenes in how Bundy cases were handled and interpreted for the media and why?

Combine that with the way Bundy was talked to behind the scenes [like a colleague] and the fact that he participated much more than publicly disclosed in the Green River killer profiling [with the FBI even forwarding a letter of his to a judge in Tacoma] and also he actively helped Keppel develop the questionnaires for HITS or possibly VICAP when Keppel “snuk” over to see him in 1988] —all without his attorneys and all when he was on death row with appeals pending. Is it common practice for FBI BAU to meet with criminals without their attorneys present like Hagmaier did?  Like Keppel did?  Is it common practice now for law enforcement to not only work cases but also get to hold on to case documents privately so that they can profit from those documents? What about conflict of interest?  What about the concept of public service? Why has law enforcement continued to promote Bundy cases falsely and for profit in so many ways over so many years?

Critical evidence in the cases in Utah and WA which was incriminating to Bundy was suppressed and in one instance even blacked out [or tried to] by law enforcement when it could have connected Bundy to killings in both Utah and WA.  I can understand blacking out a witness name but this was an incriminating piece of evidence by a witness who had seen him with it and stated he carried it in his car and that piece of evidence had been taken in by McChesney in WA who was working the case and who later worked for FBI.  There were also very unique wounds Bundy left on some of his victims – very distinguishing that correlated to both Utah and WA victims and the authorities had this information and his name and location by the end of 1974.  Something is not right with the Bundy cases and the financials need to be scrutinized to try and get to the bottom of it.

The disregard of the laws and protocols of typical law enforcement proceedings was present in many of the documents of the Bundy years never put forward publicly.  Bundy was on death row with appeals and yet he was meeting with Keppel on the Green River killings helping more than initially admitted and he was also helping with the questionnaires related to either HITS or VICAP and again never admitted and his attorneys were never involved.  Keppel even talked to Bundy about other cases besides Green River and Bundy’s own cases.  What kind of interrogator talks about another case he is handling that has nothing to do with serial killing or the suspect to the suspect in another crime series?  It is so outside the normal investigative processes that its alarming given the money Keppel has made over the years repackaging Bundy cases for profit and the misleading and false statements made to the public by the FBI.  They have weaponized my memory loss against me even in the face of the science that supports it and have failed miserably to utilize forensic science in all of its applications to work the cases over the years when there remains missing and murdered girls whose cases were never solved even while they worked Bundy cases for profit.  And to me the FBI BAU is as much to blame as any other person or entity, focusing on psychology and “trauma” and the perceived importance of profiling as a primary investigative tool instead of cross correlating any psychological theories on the evidentiary components and hundreds of pieces of evidence in Bundy’s crime scenes that deserved to be worked and correlated.  Keppel also was empowered to sue the state of Florida for Bundy’s notes after his execution even though he could have had copies – I’ve never heard of such a thing.

In 1973 Bundy was working on a confidential research project for DOJ and FBI that involved having him get unsupervised access to court records and following approximately 1000 people who had been released from prison to see if they reoffended and what loopholes existed in such releases – a recidivism project.  In 1972 he was researching rape and the loopholes that allowed it to go without prosecution for the Crime Commission as its Assistant Director.  In 1972 he also worked behind the scenes with Ludlow Kramer, Secretary of State, in Kramer’s re-election campaign.

In the Rosellini investigation records, it shows that he stated he had been working closely with the Republican party since as far back as 1969 and at one time he was even in charge of a small precinct.  In May to August of 1974 he worked for the DES in charge of cash allocations, a position given to him by the state government office per the records when his qualifications for the job were questioned by colleagues and when he had no financial background.  This was yet another job that empowered his serial killing through exposure to cash handling by government officials [he used cash to fund some of his travels to kill] and DES employed him that summer and DES was the department on site when his crime sites in WA of Taylor/Tiger Mountain and Issaquah were worked and discovered and subsequently denied and misrepresented to the public.  How was the cash allocation position Bundy did for DES tracked and where are the records for it? How convenient for Bundy that nearly all of his work experience put him in a position to develop contacts and relationships with all aspects of the justice system who would soon be hunting him.  How convenient for him that all these entities that were sworn to protect the public were the very ones who withheld from the public critical information on his crimes even to the point of “losing” evidence, destroying evidence, and denying evidence existed [such as Tiger Mountain and Taylor Mountain findings].  DES also paid for his plane tickets to and from Salt Lake City apparently when he was in process of moving there – citing a “meeting” but it just doesn’t add up.

I find it difficult to believe that coincidentally the evidence at Issaquah [over 100 pieces] was “lost” and conveniently that all evidence from Taylor and Tiger Mountain was denied over the years by primary case spokesman Robert Keppel when much of it was incriminating and some could be correlated to evidence found in his killings at Utah.  Underpinning all of this are financial questions related to how did he obtain the ability to go to college at major universities and law schools without a pre-existing family wealth or top grades or financial aid.  And with all of this why did the continual take on Bundy’s whereabouts by high profile people such as Keppel, McChesney, Hagmaier all associated to FBI always fall back to it was “mysterious” and psychological discussions or discussions on what he said rather than on precise analysis of forensic data using every forensic tool available to them over the years.  They still, as of 2020, have never had any program that delves deeply into the science of Ted Bundy’s kill sites and victims as it pertains to specific evidence. They still have not correlated the hard evidence forensically not only in WA to other missing victims in other jurisdictions but also across state lines into Oregon and California – they had proof in 1975 with the finding of Taylor and Tiger Mountain crime scenes that Bundy was traveling the I-5 corridor to abduct and kill [the skeletal remains as well as skulls and fragments of both Roberta Parks and Susan Rancourt and they had clothing from those kill sites that could have been DNA tested if protected for other girls killed there who are not yet known].  They leave out important victims such as Laura Aime and Melissa Smith who were held by Bundy alive and in Aime’s case [much like what happened to me back then] she was also stalked for a period of time prior to being abducted and witnesses saw him who could have identified him.

Not once in the fifteen years before Bundy was executed, not even after over 300 pieces of evidence back in 1975 from his sites sat unworked, and not once, when the remains of his victims [skeletal] and not just heads, DNA tested and proven to be found originally on site in 1975 were proven in 2008 via DNA as well as multiple witness statements, were in depth forensics discussed across multiple state lines.  I think the public should take this neglect and misrepresentation very seriously because it has negatively impacted the cases.  It also represents an alarming dismissal of the importance of evidence preservation and the protection of criminal cases by comprehensive and thorough chain of custody.  The Bundy cases are a mess and to hear them talk in documentaries you would think they all did a great job and thorough job and it simply isn’t true.  They never did their job – that’s the bottom line.  They pursued media at the expense of the cases.  They focused on psychology instead of protecting evidence and working evidence forensically.  They lied to the public.

Ted Bundy was essentially a colleague – when you listen to the original unredacted tapes while Bundy was in prison talking to officials, they talk to him like he was insider not at all like the sadistic killer that he was. They talk to him without attorneys, have him help with profiling [much different than Keppel’s public story about it] and often shut down the taping to talk to him.  There are also areas in the street files of doctored documents [white outs and scratch offs]; back dated records to change the direction of the case in WA and evidence that just goes missing and is never worked.

Robert Keppel, per emails to me from FOIA requests at the AG Office of WA State and per statements to me behind the scenes from that agency was given private ownership of some of the Bundy case files when he moved to the AG Office in 1981.  He also requested to get in touch with Bundy himself as far back as 1980 before he moved to the AG Office.  I was told by the AG Office when I requested files seeking documentation for my experiences that they had nothing and I needed to contact him.  The FOIA federal law was in effect from 1966 to the present time and I am questioning now whether this represents a violation of federal law.  I would like a full inquiry into that time period and a full accounting of all the evidence that was given to Keppel for his private use [moving it out of any reach of public disclosure] and also a full accounting of all evidence that was destroyed in the orders of 1981, 1999 and designating it sealed for 75 years as well as who ordered those actions.  I don’t care if the occurrences were years ago…they are relevant today as girls cases are still not solved and the people involved in this cover up are still making Bundy into a media windfall for themselves even into 2020.  It needs to end and they all need to be put under intense scrutiny and some of these multiple issues and transgressions need to be independently and thoroughly investigated.

  1. Ted Bundy’s parents were hard working people but were not rich. Bundy is only known to have held random, part-time jobs during the years 1970 to 1974 when he left WA State.  Somehow he afforded college yet no known scholarships or financial aid is on the record. The public story is that they just didn’t know all of his whereabouts during the time period of 1970 to 1974.  How is that possible with DMV registrations and IRS filings? When he was paid by the DOJ/FBI study on recidivism, they paid him and had his IRS SSN – it is in the records. Yet the paperwork per the original record was noted as “confidential – Secretary”.  How did that detail never make the public story?  The contract for recidivism gave him [per the records] unsupervised access to court records.  Was he paid while he was on the Crime Commission as its Assistant Director?  Additionally, his work records were subpoenaed by the AG Office of WA State to be given directly to Keppel and McChesney, two people who ultimately worked with FBI and two people who have greatly diluted the findings of those years in terms of forensic evidence.
  2. How did he afford the tuition fees at the University of WA during those undergraduate years in addition to a rooming house where he had his own room? He didn’t have scholarships and he didn’t have financial aid…. that kind of housing isn’t cheap in general and neither is tuition.  How did he afford his own apartment in Utah as well as law school?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a discussion on just how all this was paid for.  Especially since Bundy was going to law school and had to support that apartment and was still traveling around the state to kill.  Just where did he work to have the time to take off and still earn enough money to support all that financial cost?  None of this adds up.
  3. How did Bundy afford law school without proof of ability to pay and without financial aid? Where are the records of how his tuition was paid at UPS and at Utah?  UPS is a private school – how did he afford law school at a private school?
  4. Where are proof of Ted Bundy’s LSAT scores with his applications?  LSAT scores were required in the 1970s due to the sharp spike in people applying to law school.  The test was a way for law schools to qualify applicants and in most accredited law schools per articles that reviewed the history of LSATs required the LSAT to be submitted.  Ted Bundy took a long time to finish undergraduate studies and didn’t have honor roll status and didn’t have financial means.  It takes more than recommendations to get into a law school so how did he get into a private law school like UPS and how did he get into Utah law school?
  5. Where are the IRS returns and filings that people have to do and which should have given authorities an indication of where he was working and with who and how often? Why were these records not pulled other than what was given in the court order?  In the records provided to me I have his social security number.   The authorities aren’t doing anything but keeping silent and denying their role in the cover up of those years.  I have requested an investigation steadfastly since 2001 and actively protested their refusal since 2011 when I first came forward to the FBI.  FBI told me they didn’t have the resources to investigate and so did the DOJ via the Attorney General Office of WA.  I have the paper trail to prove that statement. Really?  A major serial killer case where evidence was tampered with, destroyed, lied about publicly and denied isn’t important enough?  They investigated the disappearance of Dorothy’s shoes from the Wizard of Oz…they’ve investigated other random cases, apparently missing and murdered girls are not worth their effort nor internal corruption questions within their own ranks.  In Bundy’s employment records in the files during the time he worked with DES, a job given to him essentially by the AG or Secretary of State Office of WA and noted in the records as such [so it is not me just saying that], he is noted as gas allocations nearly every week the summer of 1974 for meetings which appear to be daily yet in accounts by coworkers he had primarily a desk job that he was poorly qualified for.  Gas allocations could be his job but how convenient that Bundy [per authorities] traveled a lot using gas rather than credit cards to hide his movements.  Was he also learning how to hide his serial killing by working this job – again all jobs with government and politics that he carried seemed to put him in a position to better work his own twisted serial killing efforts.  DES also paid for his trip to Salt Lake City in September of 1974 and his return trip to Seattle in 1974 yet he wasn’t even living in WA and he wasn’t employed by them any more. This was very near the time his kill site of Issaquah and the bodies of Ott and Naslund were discovered along with one or two other still unidentified girls per the records. DES was also on site during the searches of his crime scenes of Issaquah and Taylor /Tiger Mountain….where evidence was conveniently “lost” or destroyed per internal memos and denied for decades.
  6. How did Ted Bundy afford Stanford  to study Chinese in June to August of 1967 and why would he choose Chinese? How did he get accepted [he hadn’t finished college level studies yet and hadn’t finished his Univ Of WA degree].  How did he afford it? Was he being groomed at the time for work with the US government?  Bundy stated to a prison psychiatrist [in the records] that in 1970 he had wanted to work for the government.  It is like a footnote to the whole story but I wonder in hindsight how important that statement really was when it is combined with Bundy’s other statement to Florida investigators that he had “powerful friends” [which is in the record of the original interview done with him by Florida police].  My son went to Stanford – it is expensive and it is difficult to get into even if you have the money and we were helped by a family friend with the financials and my son had very high grades and was an outstanding scholar so he did that part on his own – but the cost is prohibitive.  How did Bundy afford it when he has little work record, at the time had not graduated from University of WA, and was often borrowing money from other people and didn’t have a long history of top tier grades or academics.   Who paid for this summer at Stanford or even influenced his acceptance if he indeed did attend?  Shouldn’t all of these answers be found in the tax filings of his jobs and his applications to universities?  Why isn’t that part of the story public?
  7.  Why is it noted in his DES records that the first week he was there – there were federal contributions and then this area is blank on the sheets through the rest of the summer of 1974 which show gas allocations [but not the amount or if attributed to his job further detailed in the job sheet] every day that he worked there?  Bundy paid gas for his killing travels.  I’d like this gas allocation job he had thoroughly researched and not by people in the FBI who have questionable ties to all these records.  I’d like an independent and thorough investigation of some of these discrepancies.  It is important to his travels and the authorities let the public down by not thoroughly evaluating all aspects of these cases associated to him…or by hiding them. Bundy was not mysterious like the authorities claim…he was known…he was identified multiple times by people who saw him with missing and murdered girls, not necessarily by name but by description and by his vehicle.  He was identified to them in WA and Utah by name and by location by the end of 1974.  The authorities looked the other way and denied all this evidence over the years. That too is very clear in the records – authorities repeatedly and consistently looking the other way in WA State even going so far as to investigate people who didn’t look anything at all like what witnesses were describing. I’d like answers.
  8. The records indicate he had only piecemeal jobs from working with a medical supply company to a delivery person for a legal delivery service, to working with the Republican Party and DOJ, to working on the Crime Commission studying rape and white collar crime, to working with the Department of Emergency Services…all jobs which were able to put him into an “insider” position with access to medical supplies that he used in abduction and killing, with access to friendships and knowledge from working with authorities in those positions, to forming friendships and professional relationships with the Republican Party and the department of justice and legal arm of the justice system – not to mention a degree in psychology that empowered him to understand human behavior and how to manipulate that behavior and deceive others.  Bundy filed for unemployment and was granted it repeatedly.  I haven’t researched this yet but I am curious how someone who works only part time for a few weeks at a time qualifies for unemployment.  I thought you had to be full time.  Bundy’s requests were approved.  This needs investigation as to the full range of information he had insider access to at the time and to the treatment of him as a criminal and the cover up of his crime scenes in WA and the throwing away of unidentified girls remains from his kill sites in WA [in the records].  I want the financials investigated fully because even if they do not relate directly to the killing he did they may very well be connected to the reasons why Bundy’s cases were never thoroughly worked forensically and were in fact misrepresented publicly and even lied about publicly.
  9. How did Bundy afford the legal services of John Henry Browne, an attorney in WA State?  Articles about it state it was because he [Browne] was a public defender but Bundy was never formally charged in WA State.  Public defenders are paid for by the tax paying public so why was Bundy allowed to have a public defender in WA?  If the alliance was personal again how was the attorney billing paid for?  If public defender then…How many other people being potentially charged, but never charged, during that time period got a public defender?  Who was on the docket for public defense at the same time and did they get an attorney?  Nowadays, you have to apply and be qualified as indigent or meet certain criterion but what were the governing directives back then that enabled Bundy to retain an attorney in WA State without any charges EVER, not once, filed there.  Even with countless witness statements identifying him and over 300 pieces of evidence – and some pieces not at all circumstantial as they claim in documentaries.   Evidence from his kill sites went to Superior Court per the original files or were noted as such and yet officials claim publicly that all the 300 pieces of evidence from his kill sites was either “lost” or in internal memos, it was ordered destroyed and called “crime scene junk”.
  10. Bundy had to borrow from friends to pay legal fees when arrested in Utah and yet he was never even charged in WA State?  Why did Browne accept such a case when/if Bundy never had resources to pay him and if Bundy did have resources where did those resources come from?  How much did Browne make off the representation of Bundy at that time?  Why wasn’t Bundy charged while he was still in Utah and/or Colorado and Florida – WA State had plenty of evidence against him.  Kathleen McChesney and Keppel both took in very critical evidence that was incriminating to Bundy.  It correlated not only to the kill sites in WA, which mirrored each other in amounts and types of evidence but some of it also to the autopsies of girls he killed in Utah. Why aren’t the attorneys who actually defended him in Utah and Florida [not Browne] featured in all these documentaries talking about the evidence and investigations and in depth forensics?  Not one has ever talked in detail publicly about the forensics of the evidence and disclosures and process during those years.  These are fair and probing questions that need to be asked, especially given Bundy’s friendships and working relationships within the FBI regionally in WA State and in the DOJ via the Attorney General and Governor offices and Republican Party affiliation and all the evidence and public narrative that has never lined up over the decades – i.e. the public story is not supported by the original case files and records.
  11. Bundy was hired by the Department of Emergency Services in May of 1974, a division under the Attorney General office of WA.  In the records of that time period, his employment records, which I have in my possession due to the records release, it is noted that he worked cash allocations nearly every day for travel yet Bundy had a desk job.  It is not clear if he was given the cash or if he was monitoring the cash as part of his job but again, how interesting that he used cash to conceal some of his travels to kill.   Where are the records supporting his cash handling or cash tracking during that time and his record keeping of such and where is the accounting of how that cash was allocated…i.e. shouldn’t that have been part of a police investigation given the serial killing that was occurring.  The exact amount of cash is never identified in the record so where are the actual records of cash and how much cash he was tracking and/or handling at the time is unclear?  If cash was being moved to him for disbursement to others, where are those records and why would he be put in such a position given his background was in psychology and not finance? This was during the time period he was actively killing.  This is during the time period where he was making a concerted effort to find me and kill me before he left for Utah. I was still alive and he had inadvertently left a living victim, albeit traumatized and with head injuries.  This wasn’t just one or two weeks of cash allocations but many weeks of the summer of 1974 that he worked there. He was living at the time with his parents in Tacoma per witness statements even while continuing to maintain his residence at the UW during summer of 1974 – why would he do that when the killings were known, he had no real reason to be there,and supposedly little money and was moving to Utah anyway at the end of the summer?  It was a financial drain because people who lived in the rooming house at the time per witness statements said he was never around so why did he carry that expense and more importantly HOW did he carry that expense?  Why were missing and murdered girls in Pierce County and around Olympia during that time period not investigated thoroughly for that time period of 1974 [1970 to 1976] during that time period before his execution in a timely manner?   He lived with his parents in Tacoma during that summer of 1974 per witnesses.  In addition, after he moved to Utah and no longer worked at DES in WA, when he flew back to WA State to retrieve his car in September of 1974, he filed an expense report with DES to pay for his flight back.  Why would he do that and why would they pay for it? They did pay per the records.  He wasn’t even working there and hadn’t been since the middle of August.  The kill site of Issaquah was found within days of him flying back to Seattle.
  12. I’d like to see Bundy’s tax returns for the years 1970 through 1978. I’d like to know how he paid for the room in Seattle, law school, where he worked, and how he got cash during that time period.  In his employment records for the summer of 1974 it is noted he worked the cash allocations but only one record notes he made federal contributions.  It doesn’t add up.  I’d like to know why they subpoenaed his work records when they never used those to help charge him and instead denied some of his work history such as the project with the FBI and his work on the crime commission.  I’d like to know how he paid for his apartment, law school and travels to kill while he was in Utah.  I’ve never heard of him having a job in Utah, especially one that could support such independence  [having a private apartment and attending law school and traveling to abduct and kill girls] which empowered him to kill and bring girls home to the privacy of his own apartment to torture and kill. [that he brought them home to the apartment in Utah is in the records]
  13. I’d like to know why the IRS records weren’t pulled back then, and why the IRS records were not used in combination with his driver’s license to thoroughly evaluate his movements and his financial situation. They claim he left no paper trail except a few credit card receipts while killing but I find that hard to believe – they subpoenaed his work records, they lost the evidence, they denied the existence of Taylor and Tiger mountain evidence for decades. Bundy lined up to witness accounts at Sammamish [Issaquah]and in several other locations where girls disappeared per multiple statements and it is clear in the records that several people could have identified his VW and himself, but he was never elevated to a witness lineup identification even though he was identified to authorities in October of 1974.  He was actually in the records noted as positively identified by multiple witnesses:  he was identified as in the area when Rancourt was abducted; when Ball was abducted; when Hawkins was abducted and at least 4 witnesses positively ID’d him with Ott at Sammamish.  All of this before he was transferred to Colorado and yet still they say in their documentaries that it was all “circumstantial”.  People are convicted every day on less.   Officials had his name, vehicle, description and were running WA state driver’s license checks on males named Ted with VWs.   Police were investigating men who didn’t even match the witness descriptions and who didn’t even drive VWs.  It was such a concerted effort to look the other way and redirect the entire investigation away from Bundy.   And again, raises questions – Especially given that Taylor Mountain as a crime scene was denied its full existence and Issaquah evidence was “lost” and with both locations having the remains of unidentified girls.  There is also the matter of Tiger Mountain being a crime site of Bundy’s and searched the same time as Taylor Mountain.  In the records there are notes that girls were found on Tiger Mountain and that evidence including human remains were found on Tiger Mountain.  The sites were clearly crime scenes and over 50 young girls were missing or murdered in a 3 county radius around Seattle yet nothing towards Bundy was done.  In Utah, the killings were continuing – Bundy went to a party at a prosecutor’s home there with a woman he’d been dating [with a child similar to his situation with Liz and that is also in the records].  What jobs was Bundy working in Utah that empowered him to have his own apartment and attend law school and travel as much as he did to kill?  An important question.
  14. How did Bundy get the cash to escape Colorado and how was he able to get a plane ticket to Chicago?  In the records Bundy talks of having a hacksaw and of how he got access to the ceiling where he escaped in Colorado and these details are never in the public discussion.  How could he hide that cash in the prison before his escape – don’t they check prisoners regularly?  It would have taken a significant amount of cash to make it to Chicago via plane and get to Florida driving.  I say significant because the public story is that Bundy didn’t have cash and was always borrowing from friends and if someone gave him that cash who was it and was that person ever questioned when he escaped?  Just how were all these situations paid for? Where on earth did he get a hacksaw in prison?
  15. Bundy’s employment records for 1973 show him being paid several thousand dollars for the recidivism study design for Justice Law and Planning. In those records the approval of his payments is shown only as “Confidential Secretary I [or] Confidential Secretary II”  – why the secrecy attached to this aside from the fact that the FBI was also involved in the study per internal memos.  There were questions back then about whether this project violated existing privacy laws.  Bundy had unsupervised access at the time to court records.  Were the payments to Bundy for the Recidivism study also coming from other places besides the Law and Justice Planning such as co payments from FBI or Attorney General office?
  16. How did Bundy afford a plane ticket in June of 1973 to fly to San Francisco and how did he afford lodging at the Mark Hopkins Hotel?  It was a prestigious hotel even back then.  Where did this money come from?  Why did the WA state law enforcement community from investigators on up through AG office fail to investigate all this information ….or more seriously, why did they fail to apply the knowledge and arrest him.  They had more than they needed by the time he was transferred to Colorado  Again, people are arrested and charged every day for much less.

There are a lot of very serious questions about that time period as well as the “investigation” that need to be addressed publicly as to me it is problematic at least and disturbing at what it implies.  There are several people and agencies who have made a lot of money on a public story that does not line up to the actual case documents and who left behind victims who were deceased and could no longer speak up, myself a victim who was left seriously traumatized and with life long injuries, and families who will never have closure.  The facts of those years, which were hidden, need a public revelation and a thorough discussion and laws need to change to hold officials more accountable for their actions.  There also need to be changes in the protocols in place for detective level on up that record and time stamp anyone accessing evidence and where that evidence is located and so forth for permanent public record.  People’s lives are on the line.  High profile cases are not about making “stars” of the men and women who are working behind the scenes on the cases but rather about honest investigative practices and thoughtful, fact-driven analysis.  None of this happened in the Bundy cases no matter what they say in their documentaries.

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